WikiLeaks is an internet information resource worth visiting by those interested in an added channel for disclosures about policies and behaviors of various governmental and corporate organizations in the world today.

On wikiLeaks, in section titled -About- , the topical coverage for some of the news stories which have broken there are listed:

– War, killings, torture and detention
– Government, trade and corporate transparency
– Suppression of free speech and a free press
– Diplomacy, spying and (counter-)intelligence
– Ecology, climate, nature and sciences
– Corruption, finance, taxes, trading
– Censorship technology and internet filtering
– Cults and other religious organizations
– Abuse, violence, violation

Currently featured areas are:
* Archives;
* USA military records concerning current war in Afghanistan & Iraq;
* CabelGate.

The Cablegate collection is for USA state department cablegrams to and from its many embassies worldwide. It is searchable by date, by embassy (name of capitol city for a given host country). Over a multiple month period, their plans are to release 1/4 million document copies. Dates coverage is 1966 through Feb. 2010.

Cablegate links


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  1. fredrick


    Am a kenyan leaving abroad and i really like your blog i was wondering if you can help me to understand more about this march 4 movement and the devolution.


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