Welcome to Economic Investment with the Luo people.
If you are interested in investment opportunities in our communities, please feel free to contact
Odundo jaKarateng’
President, Luo Communities Everywhere (Luocome)

The firms below have invested with our people and they are very satisfied with their investment.


220 thoughts on “INVEST WITH JOLUO

  1. Lydia Nyar LUO

    Nyar Luo moro osomo loso BIO-GAS oloso ne jokenya tee. You buy tools she makes for you free because Government is sponsoring the project. It is valuable because you get free cooking gas and lighing so that we save our forests. serious guys please call 0727966772 for details.

  2. Opondo

    Borehole proposals dwarore e ofis mag water e districts e kenya. Tudreuru gi jo water kaka community to ibiro kunyonu pi nono.

  3. Oluoch Wasonga Joab

    Adwaro initaite gero community Libarary egweng’ ma Seme Koker. This will benefit the new Kajulu Secondary School, Orunga, Kaloka and the twelve primary schools around. Anybody who knows how I can get helping hands especially on resource mobilization can get me on Nyar Biogas…an kodi immediately.

  4. Paul Ondeng

    We will help anyone who is seriously looking for business opportunities in Nyanza and Western Kenya. There are emerging opportunities so if you want to be sure where there is long term return, please get in touch. We provide advice and we carryout feasibility studies.

  5. khaled omondi

    looking for aplot or house in ahero nyando who has some ideas live abroad for now any idea pliz

  6. michael jacob

    jaluo ni ongeyo loso fish pond, garden ponds and fish aquarium konya yudo tich.

  7. Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo



    Hello everyone, I trust that all is well with you. Please refer to the above underlined words for the good / bad news relating to COMPULINK in Tanzania who seems to offering Computer trainings with some hidden agenda.

    I will describe my doubts numerically:-

    1. Is this a registered company/ NGO / Church Organization for Computer trainings in Africa? And do they reach the standards required?

    As a Tanzanian Compulink Africa came to Tanzania through Kenya being headed by a Kenyan who claim to be a pastor, through this grounds he said to have registered it in Tanzania as COMPULINK TANZANIA.

    My doubts whether this Organization is registered in Tanzania for Computer trainings are due to the following reasons…

    First they claimed to establish a center for only 3 months then move to another area? That means you won’t get them in the same center after that three months.

    Secondly, is three (3) months enough for a person to grasp Nine (9) programmes, two hours daily except Saturdays and Sundays ?

    Third, they taught and set exams in both swahili and English…is this the standards required? At which office a person will be interviewed in swahili for computer applications? And how about the terminologies?

    Fourth, certificates issued on 2/6/20011 to 98 students out of 270 read as Compulink Kenya with the same Grades, I questioned some of the students if they were all equal in all exams? Some said no according to their marks… is this certificate valid in Tanzania or Africa in general?

    Fifth, is the drop out of students, I came to discover that it was due to poor management…could you imagine 98 issued certificates out of 270

    Sixth does it pay tax to Tanzania, it claim to offer free computer training but it charges for registrations ,exams , certificate and graduation????

    2. Do they fulfill thir objectives in regards to their Constitution?
    One of their objective is giving free computer training programme for the pastors, Government and community resources persons till 2025. Moreover helping community to be computer literate by giving free training and working together as residents regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation

    BUT they charge the community and ready to dismiss or not to issue a certificate to any community resource person who fails to pay admission fee, exam fee, graduation fee…
    Are these people serious to their objectives??

    3. Why fake promises.
    By revealing one of their fake promises upon registering students… they said to be offering free computer course for any pastor who will bring above 20 students plus 1 computer set…moreover the center which acted as a host will be given 10 computers…..up to this moment nothing have been offered, when questioned he said to be only looking one computer for a host center……Is this a real pastor who doesn’t keep to his promises…..

    4. Lack of training facilities… Could you imagine a center of 270 students with only 9 old model computers…they lack projectors, training manuals…..i wonder how will they go forth??May be they have a hidden agenda behind all this.

    5. RECENT NEWS: the same group of people have claimed to have yet registered a new institution under VETA for Computer maintenance within Mwanza which rolls for 6 months…..As for me I don’t advise anybody to go for their training if they cannot stick to their initial objective……

    By Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo
    P.O.BOX 10024 MWANZA
    +255-768-684790 , +255-788-887172, +255-713-959834

    These data were collected from March 2011- June 2011 at Kangaye-Tanzania one of their centers. 7th Graduation in Tanzania and 88 Graduation in Africa according to their Director who is also a pastor from Kenya.

  8. Lee Makwiny

    Lydia Nyar Luo,

    Give me your email address. Or you can email me at amosogal @

  9. Dalmas Oleko

    Am proud of you Jo Luo. But how can we pull our resources together to make use of the potential in te lake Victoria.I think we have the resources we only need to put them together

  10. Paul Ondeng

    Nyoro ayudo simo moro moa kuom Janaam ma nene o invest e hardware business gi a fellow jaluo. Jaluo no ogonge propa. Ngato oro pesa ka oa loka to omiyo ngatma pok nene otimo ohala nyaka ne nyuole mana nikech otiyo e bank. Please jothurwa, tim uru feasibility before investing. We are losing opportunities e yo marach. Jo pinje moko odwogo Kisumu gi fujo kendo very very soon, gibiro dominate mana kaka negidominate chon. Good day uru

  11. chiaji michael

    where did omuogo go coz its the one deyewa used for riombo kech lets revive this food in large amount even for exportation

  12. omutsanis

    @lydia;Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo and others.
    i have 2 plans that can help set up a kisumu/kakamega based real estate development company; and cottages/rest stops along teh whole western circuit.
    i have 3 potential arab investors willing to co-venture, aslong as we promise that we dont do nigeriasm, and can be in for the long haul.
    if it tickles your fancy, get to me at

  13. sbon

    @ the guy who wants aplot in or around ahero kindly contact me as soon as you are ready to view the property

  14. Ogwell Bengu


    Ere Jo Karachuonyo moa machiegni gi Kendu Bay taon?

    Nitie a very serious opportunity adwaro ni wa exploit by drawing tourists into the western circuit.

    Email if you are from in and around there! My idea is tied to Lake Simbi. Only serious jotelo pliss!


    I belong to a women’s group based in south Africa and we want to identify ways of konyo jothurwa. We are having a function on the 23rd of December at Nyanza club. everyone is welcome but there will be a small entrance fee to be paid. proceeds from the function will go to a few schools we have identified We have also done the same in S. Africa. We need your support. TOGETHER WE CAN DO MUCH FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

  16. Tom Otieno

    Lydia, yie imiya quotations mag materials, aparo ni ka ase loso achiel e dala eka umb ber bio-gas biro keyore egweng’

  17. Maurice Juma Ndege

    I am linked to a University in Halifax who would like to have a tourism and recreation research exchange program with a university operating in Kenya.

    Any interested party should get in touch with me Tel: 902-420 0323 Halifax or by email given above.


    I am looking for business partners cum shareholders tobuy and operate NYANZA AIRLINES , Regional Liner 100 assenger Dornier and Embraer, minimum ksh 2 Million pper investor, first come first serve, , ENG OCHIENG JAMUGIRANO,

  19. Jerry ojulu

    This is a very noble program mostly to guys like me who leave abroad and unfortunately parents have passed on and all I want is some genuine to deal with who I can trust. Any ideas? My mobile is +447766692264. please contact me. I have some items in Kenya which is worth but just don’t have contacts. Been here too long thus lost contact with guys

  20. Patrick Konyino


    An kod kambi machiwo LANDSCAPING SERVICES kaka design mar garden, waterfountain, waterfall gi moko mang’eny. Sama wayaro chiende piny Luo mag ohala, dwaro ni waduok pesa e lwet jowa eka wateg gi. Kuom mano an bende adhi kaw nonro mar bio gas.


    @jERRY,,CAN YOU PLS SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS,,OR WRITE TO ME THROUGH THIS ADDRESS..( can call me this my number +250722479117,

  22. J.O ROMANS

    I’m a retail management expert with long term experience in developing and managing Supermarket specialty outlets as hardware Shops.I’m finalizing my PHD Program on the same field. As a consultant,I’m behind the establishment of business processes of a number of leading supermarket Chains in Kenya, two of them operate in Kisumu Town. I’ve also done similar consultancies in Uganda(Kampala),South Africa(Jo’burg) and Repblic of South Sudan(Juba) through JICA’S Basic Skills Development Support.

    Without being descriminative,I’ve noticed with concern that these businesses in which I have expert interest exist in Nyanza but are not owned by the indegenous citizens.It’s on this background that I wish to call upon the NYANZA WILLING INVESTORS(AT LEAST 10) TO CONTRIBUTE AT LEAST 6M EACH TO START A 300M STOCKED SUPERMARKET WITH A HARDWARE OUTLET UNIT. Our vision is to expand to all countiies within Nyanza region in the next 5 10Yrs. I have suppliers to support the stock of our merchandise to the targeted tune of 300m. JOKANYANAM,IT SOUNDS BIG BUT WE CAN DO IT. If you help mobilize funds and help to mobilize jokanya to wake up on this venture,you stand a chance to own shares. Doing it alone never benefits all!!!!


  23. Juma Ndege


    Good idea. You need to register a company, draw up adetailed busness plan and circulate it to enable us buy in the concept. Please do so as I am very much interested in the project.

    Regards Juma Ndege, Halifax, Canada

  24. mark omondi milayi

    Jothurwa 2012 osechopo kendo kaka ungey’o tv channels biro dhi digital an agent mar smart tv ,ka iyudo decorder mar smart tv to ibiri loko analog channels bedo digital, smart tv decorder nikod over 20 free channels kod 15 pay channels.nyiew decorder kuom beyi mayangre maen ksh 3500 moriwre kod one month pay channels free chako chon loyo dhi ajuoga .kain kod dwaro tudri koda enamba 0720950983.we offer delivery services within nairobi

  25. Jakayada

    THo Joluo, Uroma. Wang’ni to uyuda kama nyocha apondoe.

    An bende an Jaluo, to an bende an amemba!

    Ayie kodu

    Koa Kuom Japuonj wach mag Kompiyuta
    Ei Nakuru Kae.
    Ja- Kanyiekela Gilop tiende ( Ndhiwa E pacho)

  26. Rose Adhiambo

    E rumo mar higani (2011) jo thurwa mani e diaspora wapar jodalawa to moloyo somo mar nyithindo mabiro tin’go thurwa e ndalo mabiro. Nyiewnegiuru solar reading light/lump now at 1500 each moriwo nyaka transport cost.Taya mar nyagile/koroboi ok ber nikech olungo wang to mafuta bende beche rach sani. solar to nitie nono. Call Rose on 0722788624 or email Erokamanouru jomanene okonyo projectni last year 2010. Nyasaye ogwedhu.

  27. Solomon Ojoo

    Parona en ni ang’o ma wabiro timo ka jo wasigu omiyowa black out ndalo kampen mar 2012 nikech gin ema gin gi media houses. Onge kata media house ma wan godo.

    Mar ariyo joluo onego opar wangni ongiw bas ma tero ji kisumu. wase miyo jopiny maoko oala to kochopo chieng luto ombulu to polise mako jowa iketowa ka polis nyaka luto ombulu orum bange to giweyo mitoka. mago kuch Jakom kende ema giketho.

    Onego wang’i wechegi matut nono to jogi biro zimo tv gi redio bas gikwalo kuch Agwambo nikech onge kaka wabiro ngeyo.

  28. john wuod seme kadero..

    amanyo yawuot seme duto… nyithi kadero somo gi msuma…. an loka to amanyo lwedo ma dikonya rienyo taya ogona primary kod secondary… baba na noloso skul maber to onindo ka taya pod kotudi…. ndikna uru owetena konyruok e teko…

  29. J.O Romans

    Dear Juma Ndege and my other brothers and sisters,

    Thanks so much for your ideas on the Nyanza Supermarket cum Hardware Outlet project. As Juma Ndege suggested,I have already registered a company to run the business.What is left is for the interested individuals to send me their respective email addresses for circulation of the project’s business plan.My email address is,my Tel. +254728831430(Kenya),+211955891187(South Sudan)

    J.O Romans

  30. Magigo Opere


    In kod idea maber kabisa. Gima rach en mani ni jothurwa winjo mana ohala mar bar kuma gimethe to kendo giyude mon. Juma Ndege kende ema osegolo pache maber. Jomoko modon’g torito idea mar ohand bar. Email na,orna plan mondo wadhi mbele.

    Magigo Opere

  31. Magigo Opere

    Dear Juma Ndege and others,

    Thanks for your responses. As suggested by Juma, the registered company is already in place.I just need the interested individuals to send me their email addresses for circulation of the business plan. My emai address is:,Tel. No. is +254728831430(Kenya),+211955891187(South Suda)


  32. phillip nyambok

    we undertake real estate developments and using alternative methods of construction and approved by the ministry of works we are looking for potential financial partners who can have jointventure agreements with us. our website is www pvikenya co uk . those interested can communicate with me on my mail address.or call +254 725 714 701

  33. kitmikai

    URGENT – Contract

    Pass this to somebody on the ground if you know any who can do it .

    Send quaotation ( format below ) to not later. Plot is around SOS in Kogony ( Riat Hills )

    Can you send me a quotation for fencing 1 ha (2.5 acres ) in Kogony in the format show below .

    Google Earth ( GPS ) co-ordinates latitude 0° 3’29.07″S longitude 34°44’3.96″E

    1. Recorgnized survey and putting up gorvernment approved beacons.

    2. Fencing – how many poles and cost per pole.

    3. Cement – how many bags required and cost per bag for the holes.

    4. Ballast – quantity required and the price for the holes

    5. Barbed wire fencing – price per roll and quantity required for perimeter.

    6. Woden security gate.

    7. Clearing of land on site – (uprooting bushes and shrubs)

    8. Erecting warning signpost – THIS LAND IS NOT FOR SALE.

    9. Time required to complete the work.

    8. Any other additional charges – eg nails etc (Please specify costs & quantity)

    10. Total labour charges

    Please send quotation including full names , email and or phone number for call back.

  34. Juma Ndege


    I am preparing the quotation and will send it over in due course


    Juma Ndege
    Majalinzi Limited

  35. Amos Omondi

    WHY SHOULD WE BE FOOLED BYCyrus T.J Okolah Omolo;

    I wonder what is not happening with my brother called Cyrus T.J Okolah Omol. I am one of the students of compulink Africa Mwanza Tanzania who graduated April last year. After I lead what you wrote about compulink Africa on dated July 6th 2011 is completely lies. I my self, I investigated about compulink Africa and I found that, compulink Tanzania under Compulink Africa is a registered body non profitable organization with the aim of helping people in Africa.
    Mr. Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo; don’t lie to people of Tanzania.
    Compulink |Africa is savior in Tanzania.
    Because of:
    1. I have never seen anybody in Tanzania trains nine computer packages for Tsh. 27,000.
    2. I have never seen an organization helps police station with computers. eg Bunda police station, Sinyanga prison.
    3. I have never seen an organization helps school with computer in remote areas, like Mbogi secondary school. For the first time in Mala Mbogi being the first school to register computer studies in national Examination.

    I investigated and I found that you applied a job at Compulink but you were not qualified that is why you’re destroying compulink Africa names.
    N/B kama ningekua ni mimi mkurugenzi wa compulink ningekujukulia atua kisheria. Take note.

  36. adero

    we should encourage our brothers in high offices to be posting job vacancies to jokanyanam through this wonderful site…koso akoso

  37. Abagi

    This is a very very usefull site not only to onagi but also to other people around the globe.


    Dalaka nyaka wabed gi chuny mar dongruok eka wanyalo dongore.Jaluo jaraha,ero giwacho kamano.Why can’t we identify raha marwa ni as an opportunity to mondo wa-invest eyor raha mondo wawe miyo jorabuon pesa wagi.Hotel & Lodges,Disco & bars,Clothing and shoe making(design wuoch mag nyiri kata chuo te)wayaw uru wang’wa mondo wane gigi.To nono anona,jaluo pod biro siko mana misumba ji.

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