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News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo In Migori Town.

The next bilection campaign battle in Suna East constituency is expected to be the touch stone of the entire Southern Nyaza region. THe constituency is a cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word. The residents are people of mixture tribal background.

He Luos are arguably the majority,but other In ethnic groups such as Luyhias, Maragolis, Kisiis and Somalis makes this electoral area a true cosmopolitan in the real sense of the word.

The incumbent MP is the controversial and outspoken Mohammed Junet, a man of Somali origin whose leadership style appeared to have been weaken by his links with political goons and hirelings. The MP who has been bragging to be the eyes and ears of the ODM and CORD leader Raila Odinga in Migori is full of political antics and gimmicks, which has so far made his popularity to wane as fast as he had won the seat in 2013 elections..

The residents accused the MP of being fond of making political rhetoric in Nairobi, but doing absolutely nothing tangible in helping the electorate overcome myriads of problem at the constituency level. On several occassions the youthful legislator has been in brawls in public, and even at one time wrestling with his perceived opponents while scrambling for microphone or address system before the huge crowd of mourners.

The man who is giving Junet sleepless is Patrick Odipo a business magnate in Migoritown who is running chain of businesses including transport and estate agency. Odipom hails from Suna Kadika in Wasweta East in Suba East Division of Migori district. Is a member of the indigenous Jo-Suna sub-clan

Another Junet’s challenger is Hezron Ondigo who is a Maragoli. His parents are living in Uriri sub-County also withi Migori , but he lives in Kakirao area. He is a former school teacher-turned businessman.

During last week burial of a retired teacher the late Angira Angira, at Nyabisawa village, it was Ondigo who turned the heat on MP Junet when he bravely challenged as the legislator to account for what he has done to to his constituents ever since he was voted into parliament two and half years ago.

His sentiments infuriated the MP prompting him to grab and switched off the micraphone as the hundreds of mourners chanted “Junet Must Go”. Sensing the danger the priest conducting the burial prayers moved in and grabbed the microphone and took it to the graveside. He then asked the mourners to move to the graveside and to leave the brawling politicians to fight on.

It was one of Junet’s opponent Patrick Odipo who calmed the situatiion and saved it from getting worse as youths supporting the waring parties were getting ready for a fight, while many mourners scampered and fled the funeral home for their safety.

Suna East is one of the richest constituencies in Migori County. The County has seven parliamentary constituencies, namely Rongo, Awendo, Nyatike, Uriri,una East, Suna West, Kuria East and Kuria West. Its economic dynamic are minerals, highly valued cash crops, which included Tobacco and Sugar cane residents of the lower parts like Nyatike and parts of Uriri sub county, but he is a resident of Kakirao on the Suna-East constituencysde.

Speaking to this writer in his Migori townm Oatric Odipo said that every generation in this country faces unique challenges. Obkthuiatory is able to judge how well they respond to it. Many residents of Suna East were raised in the context where underdevelopment and poverty were pervasive.

Odipo said, “almost every year we faces unique hard economic times. THe population in the area comprises of majority with only primary education or “O” level school dropouts with many seeking manual jobs. Their parents are left to the mercy of nature as they deliver far from the safety of hospitals.

The business tycoon went on saying, ”there is leadership, apathy and the Suna East residents must now question the circumstances and demand leadership to account for their responsibilities and resources utilization.

He added, “changing the course of history is never easy task and only the brave and committed men like myself, he said adding that there will always be some elements of antics who will say how it cannot be done and give million reasons as to to why it would be possible to achieve this. If men listen to them we would have not set foot on the mont, Odipo said philosophically., adding we “We would only pride ourselves for having walked to the next village. The great leaders not not only ask the question why but also why not.

HE said the electorate I Sua East constituency have asked him to rise up and lead them to the next level of development, and in response to the numrous requests he has accepted the challenge and decided to change the course of the constituency’s development trajectory.

Odipo said he was sure of besting the incumbent legislator and his mai agenda would be to create the wealth. He intend to launch wealth creation programme which will transform Suba East into the hub wealth and business activities to be envious to other constituencies in the region. The area lacked fresh water for heath and sanitation. It needs serious youth economic empowerment programme, major healthcare programs, introduction of new method and technology in agriculture, increase in livestock, especially graded dairy cows to increase milk output.

SUNA East constituency is partly in Migori town which it shared equally with Suna West constituency. The town’s proximity to border trades makes it a major hub for business acclivities that attract customers and business people from across the Kenya-Tanzania border

He said the current MP has been sleeping on the job. He lacked commitment to poverty eradication and has been threatening the electorate while using the name the CORD leader Raila Odinga as his protector, and his performance is lukewarm. His performance is dismal and reads zero.



from: Charles Banda


There comes a time when courage and faith must be given an opportunity to function. Since the demise of our beloved President Mr Michael Sata on October 28th, 2014, we have witnessed a major struggle for power across the board. We have witnessed how human ambition would rather choose expedience than the rule of law. Our Party MMD has reached yet another defining moment in our on-going process of renewing and re-branding ourselves. The events of the past two weeks have prompted me to face the nation today.


For many Zambians across the nation, the debate on the possible return of Mr Rupiah Banda, was considered as a rumor until yesterday when it is now in the open that Mr Banda has indeed declared his interest to contest the Presidency in the forthcoming by election. While we have no objection to President Banda’s democratic right to contest any election, we do have a position when the MMD is mentioned to be the platform he wishes to use.

We are deeply disappointed as a party at the unprecedented damage that this quest for power has done to the party. Instead of approaching the leadership of the party, he went into our structures and used unconventional means to destabilize our party by promoting divisions.

On 17th November 2014, our National Executive Committee mandated me to:

1. Explore the option of an alliance with another party

2. To meet President Banda and explore means we can engage him to see which role he could play in the forth-coming by election

Yesterday, I fulfilled the first obligation and met President Banda and discussed several options on how he can get involved in our campaign. It is however unfortunate that during this time some individuals have been working to destabilize and undermine the leadership of the party by sponsoring crowds that have both disrupted meetings and divided the party to such proportions that it will take the party many months to stabilize.

While I was meeting with President Banda, our opponents had started collecting signatures from unsuspecting NEC members to petition for my expulsion from the party because, there was a feeling that I am standing in the way of President Banda’s return. This petition is an illegality and founded on greed and a lack of understanding of our constitution. Brown envelopes are being used to extract these signatures.

I am fully aware of almost all schemes that have been employed to divide the party. Let me state here and now that MMD is not for sale. It is unfortunate that President Banda has tried to use the back door to usurp power in order to contest the presidency.

I wish to state that no one has endorsed Mr Rupiah Banda as the Candidate on the MMD ticket. MMD has one president and that President is myself. I was elected at the last convention with a five year mandate. Our constitution is clear that there is no provision to elect a presidential candidate outside the sitting president. Some have cited how the NEC chose presidential candidates, Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda, but in both these two cases there was no sitting president who automatically qualified to contest. In 2001, President Chiluba was in illegible to stand and in 2008, President Mwanawasa had died.


I wish therefore to declare my unwavering commitment to our constitution. As long as I remain President, the rule of law shall remain supreme. I therefore advise that those who have vowed to bend the provisions of our constitution shall not succeed but are free to start their own party and fulfill their aspirations.

It is unfortunate that this development has happened when the party desperately needs unity in order to face the by-election. I therefore wish to dispel the rumor that Mr Banda is our candidate. There is no vacuum in the Presidency of MMD.

We remain committed to exploring all options meant to further strengthen us including that of respectful alliances with other political parties and we have made great progress in this regard.

I wish to appeal to all members across the nation, whose commitment is to the party and not an individual to focus on this coming election.

I appeal to all Zambians, the Church, youth and women to stand with us in this critical hour.

Zambia shall be saved.



By our reporter

ODM politics in Nyanza the home turf of Its leader Raila Odinga over the weekend revealed a party in deep internal crisis .

Raila held a delegates conference at Oyugis community centre , which is located at the Sikri School of the Blind. while the Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero conducted a very successful fund drive at the Homa – Bay High School in Homa – Bay Town.

The two functions were only separated by 40 Kilometers apart .

A good number of elected ODM MPS from both Homa Bay and Migori counties skipped Raila’s meeting .This was after the rumours had gone round that those elected party MPS who are perceived as rebellious would be roughed, heckled and perhaps beaten up by the political goons who were ferried into the area from as far as Kibira , Langata ,Nyakach ,Busia and Kisumu would be deployed to deal with the rebels .

And the rumours turned out to be credible in a way because when the Kadondo – Kasipul MP Silvance Osele turned up at Sikri he was roughed up by the goons .

Raila , however intervened and restrained the youth mating more punishment to the youthful MP.

Usele later defended himself saying he was late for the meeting because he was left by the morning by Kisumu – Nairobi flight .He reaffirmed the unshaken loyalty to CORD and ODM.

About a dozen Luo ODM MPS are said to have been identified and classified as rebels .Their only sin is independently speaking their minds and advocacy for constructive engagement between the CORD opposition and the jubilee government headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Those regarded as rebellious included Silvance Osele (Kabondo -Kasipul ) Agustine Neto (Ndhiwa ) Miillie Odhiambo (Mbita )James Rege (Karachuonyo ),Dalmas Otieno (Rongo)David Ochieng (Ugenya )Ken Obura (Kisumu Centra l )Jared Kopiyo (Awendo )George Omer (Rangwe ) and Oyugis Magwanga (Kasipul )

Those in attendance at Railas’s Sikri meeting included Sen Otieno Kajwang (Homa – Bay )Senator James Orengo (Siaya )Millie Odhiambo (Mbita )jjohn Mbadi (Suba ) Oburu Odinga (nominated )Fred Outa (Nyando)Junet Mohamed (Suna East ) Governor C. Awiti (Homa – Bay ) Jack Ranguma (Kisumu ) Cornel Rasanga (Siaya)

However there was a brief stand of between the battery of journalist at Raila’s function political goons known as

‘The men in Black ” made spirited Attempt to block the reporters and threatened to eject them out despite the plea by Raila’s communication man Dennis Onyango. The goons shounted at the pressmen “Hatutaki mabo yenu Hapa .”This came after some politicians in thier addresss accused the media of fueling trouble in ODM .The youth made an attempt to block jounalists from Focusing their cameras at the main dais

MPS who attended Dr. Kidero’s fundraising meeting include Peter Kaluma….(Homabay Town )George Oner (Rangwe )former Rangwe MP Martin Ogindo)James Rege (Karachuonyo ) who later hosted the internal security cabinet secretary at an SDA Church Harambes in Kanyaluo in Karachuony o where over Ksh 2 million was rasied .The MP also hosted Ole lenku at another meeting held also Rachuonyo near KendU bay .;

Dr. Kidero fundraising meetign raise Ksh 7 million for construction of the burnt 3 dormitories Raila Sent Ksh 200,000 through Mp Kaluma Kidero only that he was a member of ODM .But emphasized the need of politics instead of Rhetorics and empty slogans stressing that his fundraiser activities have since raised Ksgh 200 million in aid of socio economic project in Nyanza in the last year



USA; President Obama

Dear Readers,

Last night, extremist Republicans and their anti-woman ideas took control of both houses of Congress. They are led by politicians who pledged to enact sweeping abortion bans, take away women’s right to birth control coverage, and do away with equal pay legislation.

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Tell President Obama: Promise to veto any anti-woman legislation the Republican Congress puts on your desk.

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Kenya: Cotu wars



Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli has dismissed his immediate former Deputy George Muchai as a worst betrayer he has ever met in the trade union circles.

He also took on the registrar of trade unions Elizabeth Gicheha for turning down the executive board resolve to suspend the besieged deputy.

“Gichehas move is a clear confirmation of our initial fears that he has been a spy and a project of outsiders out to divide cotu”,Atwoli said.

Any serious government should embrace trade union movement for faster economic growth Atwoli said.

He praised President Uhuru Kenyattas Government for good working ties with trade unions but castigated a few clique of his cronies for sabotaging his efforts by condoning corruption and creating confusion in the unions to make a kill.

Atwoli was speaking in Tom Mboya Labour College Kisumu during a workshop dubbed Trade Union unity and principles of freedom of association in Eastern Africa -Sub regional in collaboration with I T U C and O A T U U. It was a follow up meeting after a major one which was held in Nairobi early in the year.Vice President of O A T U U Alex Bony from Ghana ,Wellington Chibebwe from Zimbabwe and Kweshi Amakwah were in attendance.

Muchai was replaced by Ben Okwaro and another second board meeting is slated on monday 27th to further ratify the same.

The registrar had argued that muchai wasnt served or given time by the board to defend himself as required which is repugnant to justice,

the board has however maintained he was served.A powerful clique within Jubilee is said to be behind Muchai and it will be interesting to see who will blink first between the once best friends turn foes.During the last polls The entire Cotu brigade rallied behind Muchai and ensured he captured Kabete parliamentary seat.

He was suspended by 28 out of 29 board members and one wonders why he couldnt use his financial muscle to divide the board deep in the middle.

His sudden wealth and mean ness seems to have played a part in his ouster and isolation.

Three executive board members confided to this writer that the now rags to riches unionists is building multi million apartments and a state of the art mall around Jkia Airport a move which seems to have made them to be jittery and suspicious with him.



By our investigative reporter In Homa-BAY Town

The CORD leader Raila Odinga’s weekend trip to the Southern Nyanza region met with a mixed reception that the ODM supremo would very much like to forget quickly.

Raila’s team of his close confidants and political crones visited Homa-BAY county last weekend. They were among the thousands of mourners who attended the burial of ex-senior Chief Omolo Anditi at Wanyama village in Rusinga Island last Friday.

The team also attended the burial of the former Planning Minister Dr Paul Adhu Awiti at his pala Kanjira village in Karachuonyo within the Homa-Bay County in west Karachuonyo.

While en-route to Karachuonyo, Raila and his companions made a brief stop in Homa-BAY Town There, he made a futile attempt to endorse the ousted former County branch chairman of the ODM, Sen. Otieno Kajwang’, and met with the wrath of the rowdy youths who shouted anti-Kajwang’ slogans, forcing “Agwambo” to climb down from the makeshift dais and dash to the waiting car.

The youth shouted “Ogin, ogin”. Ogin is the name of the former Hoima-BAY mp Martin Otieno Ogindo, the man who was recently elected and crowned by delegates from all eight parliamentary constituencies that forms Homa-BAY county.

The group then drove on to Karachuonyo and made another brief stop at Kadel and Kandiege to drum up support for the ODM candidate Kennedy Ondiek who was an ODM official candidate in the KibirI Ward by-election. The shouting match had intensified in all the two stop-overs, with some of the youth being heard saying “Ok Wadwar Bado Kuna Mapambano” [we don’t want the inventor of Bado kuna Mapambano lyrics].

AS if the three incidents of heckling were not enough for Rala to learn that the Homa-BAY senator was not popular with the party supporters, Raila repeated the same calls to the residents to endorse Sen. Otieno Kajwang’ to continue as the County branch chairman as CORD was preparing to battle with its rival Jubilee in the forthcoming referendum.

While the CORD leader was witnessing the change of attitudes displayed by the party hitherto very loyal youth in HOMA-Bay town, Raila former Chief of Staff at his former Prime Minister’s office Karoli Omondi was firing his first salvos at his former boss at a well attended Harambee meeting at Magunga in Suba South constituency within the same Homa-Bay County.

Omondi once served as the top aide of Raila Odinga, when the latter was the Prime Minister in the LDP/PNU coalition government, headed by the retired President Mwai KIBAKI. Omondi proclaimed that the Cord coalition alliance will not lead Kenya unless it cleanses itself internally first. He added that Raila will not be the President of Kenya unless he drops his dictatorial tendencies to pick unpopular candidates without allowing the electorate to vote for the men and women of their own choice.

He rubbished Raila’s close political confidants, especially those who have been polluting the air with the now stale and endless lyrics of Bado Kuna Mapambano, adding that the party lost the last year’s elections to JUBILEE because those close political associates of Raila had became irrelevant to the electorate and lost touch with the Wananchi.

At the Kanjira home of the fallen former Karachuonyo MP, it was a total display of political might of the Odingas cronies that Raila brought with him, the entire Odinga family, members of the cronies and close political partners and associates from Siaya County. Among them were his elder brother, the nominated MP Dr Oburu Odinga, his wife Ida, his sister Ruth Adhiambo Oginga, who is the deputy governor of Kisumu County, his cousin the GEM MP Jakoyo Midiwo, his close friends Oduor Ong’wen, SIAYA Senator James Orengo, Homa-Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’.

Speakers at the MP’s funeral were discriminatingly selected. They were not chosen by the bereaved family, but by Raila’s political surrogates, who seemed to have had instruction to sideline all the MPs from the Southern Nyanza region who were present. The exemptions were the area MP Eng. James Rege and one ward representative and Kabondo Kasipul MP Silivance Oselle. Those excluded from the list of speeakers included Madame Millie Odhiambo {Mbita}, Opondo Kaluma {Homa-Bay town} , George Oner {Rangwe], Rege the area MP , former MP Mrs Phoebe Asiyo.

Also ignored were Martin Otieno Ogindo, the man who had ousted Otieno Kajwang’ from the County ODM branch chairmanship. His branch team attended the funeral, but they were also ignored.

At the rowdy HOMA-bay meeting, dissenting voices of those objecting to Raila’s dictatorial leadership in ODM were heard loud and clear. Most of them also shouted that they were ready to ditch the party for another.

It will be remembered that about three months ago, after refusing to call the County ODM branch executive committee meeting, a group of politicians from all the eight parliamentary constituencies met at the HOMA-Bay Farmer’s Training School and voted Kajwang’ out. But in defense of Kajwang’, Raila put up a spirited defense of Kajwang’, arguing that the meeting that ousted him from the branch leadership was unconstitutional because it was called only by the branch secretary, ENG. Rege, whereas the party constitution is clear that it is the responsibility of the chairman to call such a meeting and not the secretary.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Migori Town.

The time is ripe for the Cabinet Secretary for the internal security to work in collaboration with the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo to collaborate together to ensure that all funeral gatherings in Luo-Nyanza are officially licensed by the police for security reasons.

This suggestion is very valid and in time. The government should act much faster before innocent blood of the peace-loving Kenyans are spilled at such gatherings. The police should be informed in advance of the individual personalities expected to deliver eulogies.

The event of last weekend when Nyanza politicians turned funeral homes into a political platforms and forums is pointing out clearly the new political dimension now taking shape inside Luo-Nyanza. And as such the government should not wait until after bloodbath is witnessed. It should act now before it was too late.

It would be too late to consider licensing all funeral gatherings in Luo-Nyanza only after some people have already been butchered to death, The Migori incident should be an eye opener. It is believed that millions of shillings was spent in hiring drunken goons and vehicles that ferried them from distant places to the funeral home at Kakirao, while some of the thugs were sounding war-cries while praising their masters and insulting their perceived political enemies.

What happened at Kakirao village near Migori on the weekend could have resulted in bloodbath had Migori OCPD and his team not acted swiftly and with speed. in averting the bloodbath.

Political goons were ferried into the funeral home in Matatus, pick-ups and hundreds of boda boda motorbikes from as far field as from Kaler in southern Kadem near the Kenya-Tanzania borders. Some of the goons looked drunkard and heavily intoxicated menacingly threatening mourners.

Others were brought in hired vehicles from the nearby Uriri district, Rapogi trading centre, Ranen market, Awndo and Rongo towns

Hundreds of motorbike taxis arrived at the funeral home while the Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo was addressing the mourners and the commotion that followed forced him to cut short his speech for close to 40 minutes.

Most of the VIP arrived while the area MP Mohamed Junet who was the master of ceremony was giving his speech. It appears as if governor Obado was not pleased with the ceremony being conducted by the MP. He took the microphone and made it clear that in accordance to the constitution, the governor was superior to the MPs in line with protocols. He said in the presence of the governor the MP should not conduct such ceremony.

Governor Obado invited Siaya Senator James Orengo who in a brief address told the mourners that Migori County was one of the areas which is under the ODM influence, and that most of the important jobs within the Migori County government should be held by the ODM members.

These remarks by Orengo did not go down well with Governor Okoth Obado who shot up from his seat and told Orengo in face to stop inciting people

Orengo’s security details sensing that their boss was in danger drew their guns at ready. Governor Okoth Obado’s body guards also moved menacingly closer with their guns at ready.

Speaking with the rage of anger governor Obado told Orengo that some of the people who have come here while claiming to be close to Raila Odinga ere the same people who were once opposed to Raila’s presidential bid in 1992. They are the same people known to be misadvising Raila and that is why he had lost the presidential race twice.

At this juncture Charles Oyugi Owino {alikowa} the host pleaded with the crowd to maintain calm and be orderly in vain. He was joined by the Migori OCPD. The pleas by both men went unheard as scuffles broke out an chairs started flying as the mourner fled in all direction.

Someone grabbed the public address system and disappeared with it, forcing governor Obado to drive to Migori town about 12 kilometers away and bought the new microphone, with which he continued addressing the mourners while Owino Jalikowa ushered most of the guests into his house.

The police threw a cordoned and created a de- militarized zone between the VIP tent and other tents to ensure that none was hurt as chairs and other missiles and objects flew all over the expansive compound.

Governor Obado supporters sung derogatory and insultive songs against Orengo referring to him as “raitor’ repeating the same words used by governor Obado.

The police were forced to call for reinforcement of more police officers from the nearby police stations in Awendo, Rongo, Kihancha andMacalder.

It was later established that the hired goons and thugs carried hoe-sticks, and stones stones in readiness for any eventualities.

The majority of goons had traveled from Uriri, the governor Okoth Obado’s home district and appeared to have received the briefing of the impending troubles before they were ushgere into the funeral home stead.

LAst Friday, a similar situation was witnessed at konyango Jieri village near Kendu bay town during th buria of Mrds Pamels Odondi Opar the former managing director of the Big Five chans of hotels in Kendu-Bay town. Fighting broke out and one local politician Whcliffe Odhiambo Ojijo was beaten up to the ground.

The hell broke out when the Homa-Bay governor Cyprian Otieno awiti had just arrived in the company of a number of VIP, mostof them members of the executive of his county government.

Hedais was parked to capacity and a local MCA Julis Gaya of Central Karachuonyo requested the local individuals to give the room so that guests from distant places could be settled at the VIP podium, Ojijo who appeared to have taken one or two and was tipsy flatly refused to give room for the visitors,

Tom Dola the rachuonyo North ODM branch chairman moved to the podium and politely requested ojijoto be have like a gentleman and move a bi so that the VIPs could be seated. Ojijo again refused and insulted Dola, As the two exchanged fists punches, ODM youth joined the fray and Ojijo was beaten up. THe commotion sent mourners scampering for their dear lives.



Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo

By sanctioning for the registration of Posetu as the second new umbrella of trade unions this country to rival the central Organizations of trade unions[ COTU{k},The Jubilee government has erroneously shoot itself in the leg.

COTU[K} under its ablest leadership of Francis Atwoli has served the Kenyan workers diligently TO Cot ever since its inception in the middle of 1960s and after its transformation from the all powerful Kenya Federation of Labuor {KFL} to Cotu {K}, COTU{K} was established by an act of parliament, which had mandate it as the sole representatives of the Kenyan workers.

All the previous holders of its coveted position of secretary General were the most illustrious sons of Kenya. They included the late Clement Kalani Lubembe, Peter Kibisu, James Karebe and J.D.Akumu.

These were the giants who had contributed immensely towards the liberation of Kenyans from the colonial yokes.

Moreover, the Cabinet Secretary for KLabor Kazungu Kambi appeared to unfit and totally a politically mediocre and not fit to the task and heavy responsibility bestowed on him.

In this context, I maintain by allowing for the registration of Posetu to destabilize the workers organization, the jubilee government due to lack of foresight has unknowingly destabilizing itself and hence risking rejection by Kenyans.

Judging from his utterances and actions, it appears as if the Labour’s CS is not fully conversant with his role in the government, hence the uncalled for conflict of interests between the ministry and the COTU [K}’

Kazungu Kambi is openly displaying his political mediocrity and the sooner President Kenyatta shown him the exit door the better. The CS is totally ignorant of the task before him. He is more of a liability than being an asset to the government.

From the look of things, Kenyans have resolved to work closely with the jubilee government under the leadership President Uhuru Kenyatta and his equally ablest Deputy President William Ruto. This is the main reason why Kenyans from all walks of life irrespective of their political party of affiliation supports fully the government effort to stamp out terrorists groups, which has become the real menace to the peace loving Kenyans.

However, the time is ripe for President Kenyatta to crack the whip and remove the rotten eggs from his cabinet in order to restore the confidence of Kenyans and the investors alike.

There are two rotten eggs in the jubilee cabinet who should be kicked out for the sake of good governance.. These are in the names of Kazungu Kambi and Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

Why should the two be indispensable whereas their performance appear not to be up to the standard/?

The messes seen in the ministry of Lands, particularly in its district offices countrywide, which operates on photo copies without not even one single official stationery forcing the staff to install photocopying machines of their own. These offices lacked the official land transaction form or any official documents. He staff uses their own photocopying machines to produce filthy forms and document, which they are charging exorbitantly therefore fleecing the poor taxpayers, and yet the ministry has its annual allocations in the budge to cater to stationeries?

Distraught and frustrated staffers ever asking for bribe money for typing any simple document without which a member of the public may spent the whole days waiting for a simple document to be typed out and signed by the designated official. In fact the ministry of Lands offices looked like the government ministries in Ugandan government during the reign of Idi Amin in the early 1970s

Why should Kenya, a country which has trained and turned out thousands of highly educated men and women since it attained its political independence in 1963 continued to be served by inefficient and incompetent people like Kambi and Ngilu.Is it for political expediency/’ It is is indeed for regional balancing purposes, can’t President Kenyatta find suitable persons from the regions where Kambi and Ngilu hails from and appoint such persons to the cabinet.?

Many Kenya are now left wondering as to what has happened to the law of the cabinet reshuffle?

The on-going controversy whether it is COTU {K} or Posetu which workers organization should host the Labour Day celebrations is another source of shame on Kenya.

COTU[K} is a workers organizations which is recognized all over the world. It is affiliated to major world workers organizations, which have funded socio-economic projects such as the construction of the magnificent building Solidari Building now standing on the Digo road in Nairobi,and the multi-billion shilling Tom Mboya Labuor College in Kisumu. Thousands of Kenyan workers have benefited from these institutions




News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo.

What was originally thought to be a simple matter and an internal political wrangling within the ODM appeared to have taken a new dimension which could consign the party to its political dustbins and doldrums unless a quick solution.

It all started last when the officials from seven sub-branches from seven parliamentary constituencies that forms Homa-Bay County converged at theHoma-Bay Farmers Training School and unanimously voted out the branch supremo Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang’

Sen. Kajwang’ was kicked out together with his acting vice chairperson Mrs Monica Amolo. And a new branch executive commitee was formed headed by the former Homa-Bay MP Martin Otieno Ogindo with a Kasipul politician Charles Ong’ondio Were as his deputy.

Homa-Bay County has eight sub-branches representing eight parliamentary constituencies of Mbita, Suba, Ndhiwa, Karachuonyo, Rangwe, Homa-Bay Town, Kasipul and Kabondo-Kasipul. Only Ndhiwa sub-branch was notably absent at the meeting.

The original agenda of the meeting was meant to welcome back to the party those members who had crossed over to other parties and contested the March 4, 2013 elections using those parties nomination certificates. Members had taken the nomination certificates from parties which preconceived to be friendly to CORD Coalition. The exodus was caused by the much flawed ODM Primary nomination system which was so chaotic.

However, the mood at the meeting abruptly changed and the name of Senator Otieno Kajwang’ featured prominently when some delegates accused the former Immigration and Registration of Persons minister in the Kibaki-Raila coalition government.

The songs of “Kajwang’ Must Go” rent the air with some of the delegates accusing the Senator of bad-mouthing other elected leaders. The other key position in the branch which was left untouched is that of the branch general secretary the position which is held by the Karachuonyo MP Eng. James K Rege.

Racting to the move the ODM acting leader Prof. Anyang Nyong’o was quick in dismissing the ousting of Kajwang’ as illegal and not in line with the ODM constitution. Nyong’o said that the headquarters will under no circumstances ratify the removal of the Senator from the County branch leadership. countered Prof Nyong’o’s remarks by issuing a threat that if Otieno Kajwang’is indispensable then they would walk out of ODM en mess, and leave the party to its owners who included Otieno Kajwang’.

Signs of Otieno Kajwang’ surfaced last weekend when hundreds of mourners at Konyango Jieri village near Kendu-Bay violently heckled and booed his deputy Mrs Monica Amolo forcing her to cut short her speech. He had made a veiled criticism of the Nairobi governor dr. Evans Odhimbo Kidero who waves is sweppng the luo-Nyanza region like tsunami. Mrs Amolo had cautioned the Luos against readily accepting the money whose sources is not known to them.”If one of your children brought home a huge sums of money please do not just accept it blindly without quarrying about its original source. It could turn out to be stolen money.” She thundered amid massive murmuring of disapproval.

The charged crowd jumped to their feet and began heckling, booing and making wild-cat calls.

The incident occurred during the well attended burial of Mrs Pamela Atieno Ezra Odondi Opar the managing director of the Big Five chain of hotels in Kendu-Bay town. She was buried at her family home at Konyango Jieri village about one kilometer from the town. The burial ceremony was attended by Homa-Bay County governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti in the company of dozens of his County executive members, the Area MP James K. Rege, the chairman of the Luo Council of Elders Mzee Meshack Riaga Ogalo and many ODM local and regional luminaries.

Those in attendance felt that Mrs Amolo was directing her veil criticism to the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero who of late has been criss-crossing the the entire Luo-Nyanza conducting high profile and successful fundraising for the various socio-economic development projects.

The huge crowd appeared to have been worked up when Mrs Amolo told the mourners that she was representing Senator Otieno Kajwang’ who was unable to attend the function himself. Earlier on during the week, Senator Kajwang’ had faced a near violent street demonstration by ODM youth at Rodi- Kopany town about 10 kilometers south east of homay-Bay town. The youth danced and blocked the junction of the road which is linking Ndhiwa, Rongo, Rangwe and Homay town forcing motorists to stop for close to two hours and sung anti-Kajwang’ songs using unprintable words.

Kajwang’ is a confidant of the Luo political kingpin Raila Amolo Odinga kicked off his anti-Kidero crusade last December during the end of the year get together party at the Opoda Bar Opuka rural home of Raila Odinga in Bondo when he said that people of Nyanza must question the source of the colossal amount of money the Nairobi governor was dishing out extravagantly at his Harambee fund raising meetings in Luo-Nyanza. Raila did not respond to Kajwang’s remarks, but the chairman of the Luo Council of elders {splinter Group Mzee Eli Otondi caution the people to be wary of those who might be using huge sums of ill-gotten money to divide the Luos.

So far Dr. Kidero and Raila have shared three plate forms on two occasions. and the two appeared to be getting well with no signs of suspicion on their faces. The first such meeting was the Harambee held in Kisumu City’s Kaloleni Ward and the second such meeting came last month during the fundraising in aids of the Jua Kali artisans in which close to Kshs 16 million was realized last month.

Anti Kajwang’ sentiments is so rampant in many parts of Luo-Nyanza, and if Raila Odinga cannot intervene in time and bring back sanity in the Orange party, it now threatens to split the community into two major political camps hostile to each other. The majority of Luos from the greater Southern Nyanza could easily jump the ship and join Dalmas Otieno in his still yet to be named new political party.

Raila must also instill some amount of discipline in his party by cautioning those members with loose tanks.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo

THE Homa-Bay ODM County branch chairman Gerald Otieno Kajwang was last Sunday kicked out of the branch leadership and the immediate former Homa-Bay MP Martin Otieno Ogindo elected in his place. Also kicked out was Mrs Monica Amolo, who has been the acting County branch chairperson wile Kajwang’ was contesting for the coveted office of the party’s chairman during the aborted party national elections. Mrs Amolo, however, will remain the branch treasurer.

Also named the branch vice chairman is the Kasipul politician Charles Ong’ondo Were, while the Mbita MP Miliie Odhiambo was named the branch organizing secretary. The position as the branch secretary is held by the Karachuonyo MP Eng.James K Rege whose status quo remained the same.

Delegats from all the eight parliamentary constituencies covering the entire homa-Bay county converged at Homa-Bay town where they carried out the elections to fill most of the vacant positions at the branch.

The officials also resolved to forgive all those party members who for one reason or the other had contested on March 4, 2014 using nomination tickets of other political parties and welcome them back to the ODM from now onwards.

Last Friday Mrs Amolo had faced the hostile crowd of mourners at Konyango Jieri near Kendu-Bay when she made veiled criticism of the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero questioning the source of millions of shillings, which he has been dishing out at the numerous fundraising meetings in Luo-Nyanza. Apparently angered by the unwarranted attack on Dr Kidero the hostile mourner heckled Mrs Amolo booed her forcing her to cut short her speech.

The incident took place during the well attended burial of Mrs Pamela Ezra Odondi Opar,the managing director of the Big Five chains of hotels in Kendu-Bay. Mrs Amolo who had reported that’s he had gone to the funeral home to represent her boss Otieno Kajwang’.

The ball was set rolling by a hard hitting and electrifying speech by the chairman of the Luo Councilog elders Mzee Meshack Riaga Ogalo who questioned the rationale of branding those who have ditched the ODM TRAITORS.

Mzee Ogalo said that Kenyans had fought the bloody war in the second liberation battle while fighting for the democratic space and he was disturbed to hear other saying that those with diverse opinion were dividing the Luos The community has remained united for close to fifty years, but gained nothing from such unity if purpose except abject poverty.

He told the mourner to jealously guard against those who are hell-bent to destroy democracy in the country and also at the same timeto preserve the devolution system at all costs.


Malawi will benefit a lot with the People’s Party Government in place , Dr Joyce Banda

From: Charles Banda

My fellow Malawians

Today I feel happy and optimistic to say that our beloved country will benefit a lot with the People’s Party Government in place, given the fact that the past where we all have come from hasn’t been as good as we had wished particularly on issues of human rights and freedom of expression. But now under my leadership everyone is experiencing the true meaning of democracy, freedom of expression, respect and a sense of belonging.

Under my leadership, I have made it possible for people to enjoy their freedom and democracy without statutory interference as previous leaders did. This is because I have so much respect for the fundamental ideologies to promote democracy and human rights in our nation.

Besides this, I know very well that we all want a Government that is of the people; respects the people; and serves the people. We want a Government that guarantees the freedom, dignity, and pride of every Malawian.

This is the reason why I urge you all my friends to vote for my leadership and the Peoples Party MPs and Councillors in your area, these people are my messengers who will be now and then directed by myself to make sure they promote, peace unity, equity and developments in your urban /rural areas and villages

And by voting for the People’s Party you are actually saying to yourselves and every Malawian that this nation will not be going back to the past of political intimidation, suppression of press freedom and no more going to the past of gender discrimination, tribalism and segregation of others.

Your vote is a guarantee that, first and foremost as a Malawian citizen, whether old or young, where male or female and regardless of wherever you come from, you will be treated with respect and dignity. This is your country and People’s Party will put you in charge of your nation.

Vote for People’s Party and I thank you for your support and prayers.

Good morning and have a blessed day.

Dr Joyce Banda
President of the Republic of Malawi


Political feature analysis By Leo Odera Omolo

POLITICAL power brokerage has always been the major cause of discomfort among members of the larger Kalenjin community ever since early 1960s

The practice got heightened during the early part of the reign of the retired president Daniel Arap Moi in early 1980s and immediately after the latter’ accession to power and in 1978 following the death of the founding president Jomo Kenyatta on August 22, 1978.

These political brokers become part of life particularly among the residents of the South and North Rift especially among the Kipsigis and Nandi sub – tribes.

It becomes the source of discontent and instability among the members of the most populous Kipsigis sub-tribe .This is the most populous sub-tribe of the larger Kalenjin ethnic groups.

There was one time when emerged one by name of Isaak Kipkorir Salat a former junior clerk with one of the multinational tea companies operating in Kericho and Bomet Districts .

At first he become the brief case carrier of Moi when the latter was serving in the post – independence cabinet as the vice President and minister for Home affairs another person to emerge as the political power broker during Moi’s time was the former Belgut MP Ayub Chepkwony who happens to be related to Moi by marriage – After Chepkwony then emerged another political broker in the region in the name of Prof. Jonathan Ngulalu Arap Ng’eno while during the same period of time in the North Rift emerge one Mark Kiotarbei Arap Too in Uasin Gishu and Nan district In the same region also emerged the former soldier Ezekiel Bargetuny as another powerful political broker also in Nandi and Uasin Gishu regions

Anyone who rubbed shoulder the wrong way with these gentlemen was in for big trouble .The four had entrenched themselves in the Moi KANU regime and were the one calling shots in almost every political issue affecting the Kipsigis and the Nandi communities

One memorable act committed by Salat was when the Moi regime had envisaged a multimillion shilling plan to have the LondieniKikellion, Muhoroni and Kisumu road termacked . The road if constructed could have cut down the Kisumu-Nairobi by distant nearly close to 40 kilometers short.

The project was designed to branch off at Londiani junction on the main Nakuru- Kericho road at Londiani and traverse through this agricultural region through Kipkelion Railway station, Chulwa , Kenya all, Fort –Tennan , Koru Muhoroni and to link up with Kericho – Kisumu road at Awasi.

Acting at the behest of Kericho town wealthy Indian traders Salat publicly advised President Moi in a public address that the road was not viable and would be a waste of money because the road project would only benefit the Luos of Nyanza who were in opposition to the KANU government.

The project was abandoned and never saw the light of the day.Salat won Bomet parliamentary seat in the 1974 general elections and was appointed by Moi to be an Assistant Minister in the office of the President.

In the 1979 Moi called for snap elections .This time around salat and Prof Ngeno had decided that early , Kipsigis nationalist Dr Taaitta Araap Toweett who had featured prominently during the struggle for independence must vacatehis Buret parliamentary seat and go home. Dr. Arap Toweett who was then the Minister for Education, and perhaps the best Education Minister Kenya has ever had must go Toweet twas then the KANU MP for Ruret.

Moi went to Kapkatet an area which is the heart-beat of the Kipsigis politics and to surprise and shock of the mammoth crowd made an announcement that it was time for Taweett to rest or to vacate the Buret Seat and pave the way for a new blood .Moi told Dr. Tawett in his face to have a rest Inspire of the loud murmuring of disapproval by the huge crowd in attendance at the rally.Moi went and stood his ground. Toweett who looked shocked and disappointed reluctantly accepted the verdict and went home and quietly went home a disappointed man.

Prof Ngeno who was by then working for the Nakuru Millers a company asociated with Moi got the KANU ticket and was elected the new Buret MP and consequently appointed the new Education Minster in place of Dr. Towett though he performed dismally and was later relegated to the Housing Ministry

However, Prof Ngeno did not last longer in the seat. In the response to the protest of the elected as the treatment meted out on Toweet Moi later half heatedly made him a nominated MP. It is indeed imperative to remember that Moi and Toweett were age-mates, and there was no way theother became tired while the latter was still going strong snd serving as the head of state. Therefore Moi’s reasoning for the removal of Toweett from his job was irrelevant in this case.

Ngeno was himself in 1983 kicked out of the Parliament and in his place came the farmer Kapsabet Resident Magistrate. Timothy Arap Mibe an ex school teacher t Getarwet primary School who was later trained as a lawyer at the Dar Es Salaam University. At the time around Salat was gradually phased out and then emerged Ayut Chepkurony the Belgut MP who was made an Assistant Minister for Housing. Chepkwony was related to Moi by marriage .He was the husband of the younger sister to Mrs Lena Moi

Meanwhile Mibei who served in the cabinet briefly as the Minister for Works was hounded out of the Buret seat paving the way for for the return of Prof Ngeno in who later represented the constituency until in 1992 when he was he was beaten hands down by the former Tengecha High school’s principal Paul Arap Sang (Chamian Buch)

It was during the late 1997 when Donald Kepkamoe Arap Kones emerged as the most powerful politician and a power broker in Kipsigis and after winning the Bomet parliamentary seat and Kones was appointed by Moi as the minister of state in the office of the president.

Kones emergence saw Ayub hepkw being phased out. Kones and Moi parted the compnay and this gave the way for the return of Ngeno his cousins. Both Kones and Prof Ngeno were member of the Kapecherek sub-clan meaning the people with mixed of Kalenjin – Kisi blood.

As for now a Kericho Senatr Charles KETER who is a political associate DP William Ruto HAS Emerged as NEW power broker in Kipsigis land to the chagrins of the elected leaders of Kericho and Bomet Counties.Keter’ is allegedly openly displaying his dislike and hatred of the two governors, namely isaak Ruto of Bomet and Prof. Paul Chepkwony.

Like the late Kones who with others who were reported to have financed and fed the now infamous Kalenjin Warriors of the 1992-1997 launched simultaneous armed attack against the Luos, Kisiis and Luhyias because these communities were in opposition to the Nyayo KANU regime of Moi. Keter recently faced scathing criticism from the Nyakah MP Aduma Owuor who linked him to the recent out break of tribal skirmishes between theLuos and the Kipsigis along the Kericho-Nyakach borders. Which left six uos dead and close to 50 houses set ablaze destroying property worth millions of shillings.

THe Kericho Senator, however, has yet to come out with the convincing reasons of innocence to the problem,and has only rudely challenged the Nyach MP to make his allegations in report to the police.


Other known power broker had a group her during Moi’s 24 years president included Mark Mark Kiptarbei Arap Too Ezekiel Bargetuny also in Nandi and Hosea Kiplagat in Baringo,Nicholas Kiprono Kipyator Biwott who was acting as the principal political strategist of all the time during Mois 24 years presidency and was credited of all and was credited to have been the highly educated power broker in rule the North Rift where other were semi literate outfit.



News Analysis By a special Correspondent.

The last week’s Appeal court disqualification of the firmer Migori governor Zachary Okoth Obado was an act of blessing in disguise for the Oranga party {ODM}, which is the party of choice in the mineral rich County whose relationship with the governor is known to have gone sour ever since his first day in the office.

Immediately after the court’s judgment delivered in crowded court room of Kisumu, Obado rent his anger at the ODM by way of arrogantly launching scathing criticism of the party and its leader Raila Odinga while reiterating his decision to work with the Jubilee government.

Governor Obando who personally attended the court and brought a large number of supporters all the way from Migori to Kisumu in four hired vehicles, which included school buses and sleek cars immediately made it known that he would be lodging an appeal in the Supreme court of Kenya to challenge the decision.

Also present in Kisumu was the petitioner Prof Edward Akong’o Oyugi and his running-mate in the March 4, 2014 election Mrs Anne Omodho Anyanga, the firebrand who is the wife of the Nyatike MP Edick Omondi Anyanga who expressed her satisfaction with the judgment by saying that justice has been Observers of Migori politics and political pundits were quick in saying that the huge crowd of people transported to Kisumu from Migori to cheer him up was an act of the governor’s arrogance and a display of his financial mightiness which might boomerang and work against him should his much touted appeal fail in the Supreme court and a fresh by-election ordered to be held.

There was a brief commotion outside the court when a group of Prof. Oyugi’s supporters made a spirited attempt to block governor Obando from entering his official vehicle, arguing that since he was no longer the governor he was not supposed to used the County vehicle. However, Obado supporters retaliated and protected him from being molested. Police had to intervene and restored orders before the two groups dispersed.

Obado had won the Migori governor’s seat on the ticket of the little known People’s democratic Party {PDP}, which is led by the former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara after loosing to Prof Oyugi in the {ODM} flawed primary nomination. Th PDP was one of the many amalgamated political parties allied to the CORD’s coalition But the Mgara’s party since bolted out of the CORD coalition and joined the jubilee. This latest move has no exposed Obado to be at the mercy o the ODM and now own

Anothger credible and important politician has also gone sour following reports that he is in the process of launching his own political party to rival the ODM in Luo-Nyanza and the wide spread allegations tha he was dividing the Luos of South Nyanza from their cousins in Central Nyanza for selfish interests.

The dismissal of Obado by the appeals Court has created a new political dimension in Migori County politics. It could see many political big guns joining the race for the vacant governor’s seat in the event of the fresh elections are called by the ICEB. On March 4, 2013 election, Obado had banked on his strategy to win over the M candidate the support and backing o the minority voters in two Neighboring Kuria districts and had enlisted the support and the backing of a Kuria man from Kihancha as his running mate and eventually made him the Deputy governor. This came at a tie when members’ o the marginalized Kuria minority community had problems with the ODM over its direct nomination of the former Kuria MP Dr. Machage to contest trhe Migori Senate seat at the chagrin of both Kurias and Luo voters.

Among the big guns whose names are being floated by the electorate In Migori as the possible succors of governor Obado in included that of the former cabinet Minister George Ochilo Ayacko, who was one time two times the Rongo MP and the former Mathare MP Gilbert Ochieng’ Mbeo who had also served as the Kenya’s representatives to the East African legislative Assembly [EALA} and Eng. Mark Nyamita.

Ayacko and Mbeo, which might work against Obado is his reported worsened relationship with the elected Migori MPs. He is said to be at loggerheads with the MPs over allegation of poor governance and favoritism and nepotism other contentious issues in the terms of recruitment of the County workers. The former governor, as the allegations goes, Obadon has employed his own brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-law in the County services at the expense off other job seekers. There are also unconfirmed claims and allegations that for one to be short listed for an interview for employment one must cough out a cool Kshs 300,000

Other shocking allegations included the rumors that the businessmen and traders who submitted their tenders to be contracted by the County on its development project agreeing required to dish out cash money as part of “kick-backs”.

The on-going construction work for at the Awendo sub-district hospital and the MTC In Migori were described as the ”milk cow”.

THE OTHER Migori MPs included Mohmed Juneet [Suna East], Joseph Ndiege n[SunaWest}, Eng Kobado {Uriri}, Jared Kopiyo {Awendo} Edick Omondi Anyanga {Nyatike} and Dalmas Otieno who is being counted as having gone out of ODM. Kopiyo who is also an PDP MP is reported to be allied to the governor. In Kanyamkago where Obado comes,thereis sharp division between the Jokawere sub-clan with his own JokaAtieno and the Maragolis and the Luhyias.The area current MP Eng. Kobado is a member of the Jokawere sub-clan.

For Obado to make it back to his plum governorship job would be an up-hill task and a pipe dream, because he has any questions to answer from the electorate.





A CROSS section of ODM leaders in Nyatike constituency, Migori County have come out very strongly in defense of the area MP Edick Omondi Anyanga and advised the MIGORI GOVERNOR Zachary Okoth Obado to desist forthwith from pursuing destructive and retrogressive politics of malice..

Instead of pursuing the outmoded malicious politics of using hired power brokers and discredited political hirelings to discredit other elected leaders, the governor should fulfill his mandate of initiating more development which are beneficial to the residents of the region.

The group comprising of three leaders from Nyatike were reacting to an article which appeared this week in a section of media criticizing the MP on what they described as far-fetched uncalled for and unwarranted attacks.

In the article, according to the group purporting it to have been written by Natike professionals, they charged the work is by an individual masquerading as professional, but is instead a common Nairobi street broker who is Eric Oloo Kinyaga whom they accused of peddling rumor and writing slanderers articles against their hard-working MP.

The group identified the man as one of numerous power brokers and political hireling who has never visited his rural Nyatike in Kanyuor Kadem for long after getting embroiled in protracted land cases with his kinsmen. He is therefore not conversant with the goings in Nyatike.

Kinyaga is running an insurance brokerage firm which almost has gone burst and as such is not qualified to criticize their hard-working MP. The group comprised William Okello {Macalder},. Tobias Ocholla, Joakim Okoth {Got Kachola },Tobia Ocholla {North Kadem} and madam Zilpa Orwa [Karungu Kachieng’}

Speaking in Migori Town the group expressed their anger at what they described as mischievous attack against their MP which is devoid of even an iota of truth. They cited numerous projects initiated by the MP such as rural electrification, the installation of solar panels now providing street lights to all schools, trading centres, and other public institutions covering the entire constituency.

They advised Migori governor, whom they accused of having sponsoired the destructive and maliciously damaging article against their MP, that Ho.Edick Omnondi Anyanga is not interested in taking over the position of governor and was satisfied with what the public had bestowed on him.

During March 4, 2013, it was Mrs Anyanga and Pro. Edward Oyugi Akong’o who contested the governor position against governor Obado and not the who has so far expressed his wish to continue representing his Nyatike constituents and only to retire as an MP when the time comes.

The group told governor Obado to come out clean over the allegations of nepotism in the recruitment of County workers the allegation of massive corruption including taking of kick-backs from those contractors who have tendered to construct various projects including medical theatre at Awendo sub-district hospital and MTC.”He should clean his house first before embarking on hiring other people to make unfounded allegations against the MP,” they said.

Unconfirmed Rumors making the round in Migori and its environs says governor Obado has employed his brother, sister in-law and brother in-law in the services of Migori County. and to the chagrins of the electorate and these are some of the job seekers are being asked. “This are some of the vices which the governor should spare his energy and efforts in fighting,” they said.

Other rumors and speculation which are rampant in Migori is that governor Obado who was elected on a ticket of the PDP party of the former South Mugirango MP Oming

The Migori governor is also being accused for not being cohesive wit his fellow elected leaders and is working in isolation. The region is the ODM stronghold and unless he changed jhis tactics and humble himself to the dominant party he should count himself out of political leadership come the next elections.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kericho town

DISCONTENT is high in Kericho County after the word went around that the area Senator Charles Keter has acquired a brand new Helicopter at a staggering price of Kshs 90 million to the chagrins of the electorate who feels that the colossal amount of money spent on this machine could have been put to proper utilization towards socio-economic projects in the region.

Those interviewed were of the opinion that the County is too small and has all – weather roads, therefore a helecopter not an urgent need for the Senator .They further termed the acquisition of the Choper by the Senator as an act of excessive arrogance.

Among those who raised vehement opposition to the frequent use of the Choper by the Senator as a waste of resources is a Kipkellion politician Pastor Hezron Cheruiyot who said that owning a Choper by an elected representative of the people is not be the priority and yet thousands of Kericho electorates are currently wallowing in abject poverty due to skyrocketing prices of the basic commodities.

The acquisition of the new Choper by the Kericho Senator is viewed local as an act of mischief.

Senator Keter who is known as a spanner-boy for the Deputy President William to is also being accused of using his closeness to the DP to intimidate other elected leaders in the two Counties of Kericho and Bomet. He is roaming the full length and width of the two regions on mischief missions mean to undercut and undermine the two county governors Prof.Paul Chepkwony { Kericho} and Isaack Ruto {Bomet}.

Another Kericho politician who requested for his anonymity said a drunkard MCA representing a wqar in Belgut recently publicly disclosed that he had been paid cash money to the tune of Kshs 40,000 and advised by unnamed politician to use the cash to undermine the Kericho governor by way of moving a motion in the assembly for a vote of no confidence in the governor. He alleged that the excessively drunk MCA displayed the bundled of currency note in a public joint.

Senator Keter attended a Harambee fundraising meeting at Chamagosu in Ainamoi constituency, Kericho County two weeks ago and disclosed the gathering of how he had attended the DP function in Nyeri in the morning of the very day, and in the midday he was in Eldoret with the DP William Ruto where they jointly deliberated in ASK meeting before he flew on to Kericho for the Harambee date.

Those who attendedthe fund raising meeting, which was forthepurpose of raisingmoney for medical treatment of a ailing young man estimated the cost of the Choper flight covering Nyteri, Eldoret and Kericho to be approximately in the region of Kshs 200,000in one day and saw the exercise as a waste of resources. As long as we love our Senator, we feel he should change tact and be coercive and work in unity and harmony with other elected leaders in the the region in the real task of nation building in general and development of Kericho County in particular. He should stop the bad habit of working in isolation as a lone ranger,” commented another Kericho MCA.

One local Kericho politician recalled the old days of power brokers” during the Moi era, which saw when the late Isaack Salat used his close connection to the power that be and polarized the region undercutting and undermining almost every elected leader. The same kind of power brokerage politics was witnessed during the reign of the late Ayub Chepkwony.

The question as to who should be the spokesman of the Kipsigis people; all agreed unanimously that the Kuresoi MP Zakayo K.Cheruiyot deserve that position considering his experience in the public service as one time Permanent Secretary in-charge of internal Security and Provincial Administration and as an MP. Cheruiyot is also considered san achiever, who created Bureti district and singled handedly built the district headquarter a magnificent building standing outside Litein town and accommodating all district heads of department. He has also established the most ultra modern Valley College in Litein.

However, the community only recognized the two County governors Isaack Ruto {Bomet} and Prof.Chepkwony of Kericho as the joint official spokesmen o the Kipsigis people.

The Kipsigis is the most populous sub-tribe of the larger Kalenjin ethnic groups. This community occupied the fertile highland region of Kericho and Bomet where green tea bushes is grown in abundance making its members to be relatively wealthier than their cousins in the North rift.

The two regions also boosted the best brains among the other Kalenjin sub-tribes with a large number of technocrat’s ad professionals. The previous regime of the retired President Daniel Arap Moi stands blamed for having marginalized the community by using its members at convenience time and dumped them in preference to numerous power brokers.

In the 2007 general election members of the community gave Raila Odinga and the ODM close to 1.3 million votes. It was almost a man-to-man. However, when the ODM supreme formed a coalition government of PNU/ODM Raila appointed three cabinet Ministers from the minority Nandis wh0s3d=combined voting strength was about 400,000 voters as opposed to 1.3 votes, which the party harvested in the Kipsigisland . Many Kipsigis people also lived in diaspora and they voted for the ODM wherever they were at the time.

Raila dished only one cabinet position to the kisigis when he appointed the late Kuipkalia Kone the Bomet MP as the Minister for Roads with the late Ms. Lorna Laboso asan Assistat Minster for Home Affairs in the Office of the Vice President. The community felt it had been shortchanged and ditched ODM en mess. The mass sacking of Kiopsigis people who had served in the senior position during the Moi era by the PNU/ODM coalition was anther contentious issue which contributed to the community parting company with Raila. The other issue which contributed greatly to Raila burning his finger ws the mass eviction of the Kalenjin illegal squatas from the Mau Forest.



ASK Leo Odera Omolo in Kisumu City

THE six million question currently being asked by many people in this City and its environs is the whereabouts of the several dozens of Moi-made Luo millionaires who were created by the regime of the retired President DanieL Arap Moi before his regime was hounded out of the office in 2002.

The Moi made millionaires were individual professionals, business tycoons, politicians and KANU operatives who were then the ones calling shots inside Luo-Nyanza. The majority of them have died mysteriously leaving behind huge bank debts said to have overburden their families.

Only a few are still surviving, who have kept very low profiles. Leading the pack was Kassim G Owango, an economist who had established an enterprising land valuers business enterprises in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumuj, John Linus Aluoch, joel Nyaseme, Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi,Isaack Omolo-Okero, Okumu Aroko, Eng. Maxwell Otieno Odongo, Sam Okello, Edwin Ochieng” Yinda, Tom Okello Obondo Dalmas Otieno.Peter Castro Oloo Aringo, Ouma Okendo, Orwenjo-Umidha, Mijoma a trade unionist, Arap Onyango, David , Paul Demaco GogoDavid Okiki Amayo, Hertbert Ojwang”,Tom Okello Obondo ,Okumu Aroko, W. Onyango Ayoki, Eng.Phillip Okoth Okundi, Z\blon Owigo Olang and other political luminaries of the KANU regime under Moi.

Some of the Moi-Made millionaires traversed the full length and width of Luo-Nyanza dishing our hefty donations toward many socio-economic projects, while at the same time delivering Moi hefty personal donations.

Other had become excessively arrogant and bullies to an extent that anyone who crossed swords with them were in for hot soup. The group polarized The region and even made the D.C.s who were serving in the various administrative district in Nyanza wetting on their trousers on simple phone calls from the men

However, only a few of these Moi’s men made it to the August House inspire having made numerous attempt to garner votes in heavily funded election campaign in various parliamentary constituencies. These were John Linus Aluoch {Rongo}, DalmasandDalmas Otieno.Otieno{Rongo}, Tom Okello Obondo Ndhiwa}, Ot. Edwin Ochieng’Yinda{Alego-Usonga}, David Okiki Amayo{Karachuonyo}, W. Onyango-Ayok,Okumu Aroko {Kisumu Rural} JOHN henry Okwanyo {Karachuonyo} {Karachuonyo Peter Clever Otieno Nyakiamo {Mbita}, Wyciffe Onyango Ayoki [Kisumu Rural}, Sam Odoyo {Nyakach}.Eng Philip Okoth Okundui

Our research has revealed that out of dozens of the Moi-Made Luo millionaires who are still thriving in active business are quite a few. The Moi|s men who had the easiest access to the State House were treated by so many lucrative government tenders,in some cases with payments in advance before the work is done and completed contrary to the government procurement regulations.They were known to be dishing out in return colossal amount of money earned from these contract back to the KANU campaign kitty each tie the election were called.

Those whose businesses are known to be still thriving on and enterprising include Paul D. whom is the CEO Sifa Insurance, Peter Nyakiamo who is a retired CEO of the Barclays Bank of Kenya, Edwin Ochieng’Yinda who is a business magnate in the coastal city of Mombasa and perhaps one of the wealthiest Luo,Eng Philip Okundi whose Asego Investment business flagship is running and managing enterprising Cotton Ginneries, real estates and other businesses. Orwenjo Umidha, the former Siaya mayor who is running real estate businesses in Siaya town, and perhaps controlling had of the business premises in that town.Herbert Ojwang” who is running and owning several businesses in Nairobi and Kabondio-Kasipul as well as in Kisumu.including road transport. Zablon Owigo Olang/ is also reported to be still in business.

Reports emerging fro Siaya say Mijoma died about ten years ago a pauper, the same could be said of the late Mathews Ogutu the former Tourism Minister,the late Ouma Okendo the generous man from Uyoms died while living moderately and an average rural life. Henry Okwanyof9rer Minister for Water Development left behind a well organised family who included the County Commissioner for Pokot Peter Okwanyo and a large family ,living well in hid Migori home, and the same could be said of Samson Odoyo a humble man and forme Nyakach Mp. His son Peter Odoyo served in the Raila -Moi meger government ads an Assistant Minister for Foregn Affairs and he is still an active ODM politician though of limited influence in Nyakach.the former long-serving Minister for Power and Communication is living comfortably in his palatial Ulumbi-Gem rural home, The rest either died in mystery or perished while wallowing in abject poverty

Those Moi”s men who made into parliament only succeeded in their ambition after defecting to the either the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s Ford Kenya, Rala ODM dinga’s LDP and ODM , but not on a KANU ticket.


News analysis By Arum-Tidi Ogonglo, A Special Correspondent

The ODM leader Raila Odinga could have shot himself in the leg when he tried to look neutral and impartial telling the party followers and members that he had nobody whom he preferred to be elected in any position during the last Friday aborted NDC election meeting at the Safaricom Sports ground Kasarani in Nairobi.

Many people did put to question Raila neutrality and impartiality. The party members took it that “Agwambo“ is a double speak man who can go to the extent of fooling his loyal supporters with no regards to his political feature.

Lack of impartiality and neutrality was exposed naked when Raila’s younger sister Ruth Adhiambo accompanied Dr. Agnes Zani who was gunning for the coveted position of Secretary General during her campaign tour of Migori and Homa-Bay Counties and jointly addressed the delegates from the two counties. Could it happen that Raila had no idea that own sister was actively campaigning for Dr. Zani.

Ruth Adhiambo is a very important family member of the Odingas. She is the Deputy Governor of Kisumu County an as such a very significant member of the inner and kitchen cabinet of Raila. Adhiambo was also accompanied by Ms Prisca Auma Misachi, the Ward Representative of Kaloleni/Shauri Moyo Ward in the Kisumu County assembly and former Kisumu Mayor and another confidant of the ODM”s supremo.

It is instructively to say that no sane person in his/or her true frame of mind would agree that Raila sister Adhiambo was campaigning for Dr Zani in Nyanza and elsewhere without full knowledge and blessing of the party leader.

The question about who was responsible for the chaos that erupted at Kasarani ground forcing the ODM leadership to call off the election. The majority of the men “In Black Suts” who caused the mayhem has the simplest answer. Most of the goons had travelled from Kisumu to Nairobi on a special mission. If the team in the election line up does not favor the one preferred by “Jakom” then there should be no election. This is the same tactics and style which was deployed in Thika Stadium when Raila fought the late Wamalwa Kijana tooth and nail in the struggle for power in the Ford-Kenya after the untimely demise of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in January close to twenty years.

The true architect of last week’s ODM election debacles, according to rumor-meals were Reuben Ndolo former Makadara MP, Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor, Homa-Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ and the former Nyakach MP, former Nairobi Mayor J.Aladwa and Peter Ochieng’ Odoyo. The hired goons from Kisumu were joined by hundreds of job-seekers and idlers, especially ODM youths who hang around Parliament building in search of handout money from the MPS, but always turn out during the party functions clad in black in black suits similar to those won by security personnel charged with the task of guarding the VIPs and MPS’

According to the rumors making the round in Kisumu and its environs Peter Odoyo was tasked with the responsibility of manipulating the names in the lists of delegates from Luo-Nyanza.

The common saying is that these political hirelings had saved Raila from being ashamed due to the fact that his favorite team was heading for humiliating defeat, something which could have caused him a lot of embarrassment. A number of Luo MPS who are usually the staunchest supporters of Raila both inside and outside parliament stayed away from Kasarani NDC meeting.Notable absentees included Raila”s cousin Jakoyo Midiwo {Gem}. MIllie Odhiambo {Mbita, Jared Kopiyo {Awendo}, Geoerge Oner Rangwe}, Dalmas Otieno {Rongo}, Olago Aluoch {Kisumu West}. Agustine Neto {Ndhiwa} Deng James K Rege { Karachuonyo], Silvance Oselled {Kabondo-kasipul}, David Ochieng’ [Ugenya}., Omondi Muluany{Alego-Usonga}

Another popular word, which spread like the bush fire during the campaign was the suspicion that Dr. Agnes Zabi who was campaigning for the Secretary-General position couold not be trusted with such coveted position, and this brought in picture the previous gender issues, whereby the previously trusted ladies who had held senior position in the ODM/PNU coalition government left the party in huff and joined its competitors Those whose names were given as bad example included MADAM charity Kaluki Ngilu, Dr Sally Kosgei, and Ms Rachel Shebes. Their departure had invigorated the spirit of the youthful ODM MPS from Luo-Nyanza who saw no differences between Dr Zani and the three senior ladies who left the party at the time when they were needed most.

In fact some delegates were heard saying that if Raila insist in having Dr.Zani then he should even hang himself in the nearest tree. ”But we shall not have another woman holding such a higher position in the ODM”.

Chest thumping MPS, particularly those who hails from the greater Southern Nanza region made categorically clear that Ababu Namwamba was the man to watch. But the situation even became worse when some of Raila”s adviser branded Ababu Namwambas as a jubilee mole in the ODM, something which did not go down well with the section of MPS complaining that Rala need to re-brand himself and off-load some members of hissi89then cabinet. Names mentioned frequently as those needs to be off-loaded included Braila’s own brother Dr Oburu Oginga nominated MP, Senator Otieno Kajwang’.

Other information making the round in Kisumu and its environs is that two newly formed political parties are currently waiting in the wing hopng to capitalize on the ig fallout in ODM. One such party is said to have already been registered by the registrar of the political parties, its leaders are only holding up on a technical hitch before they come out full blast. It mis called the People Action n Party of Kenya {PAP}, which is closely associated with Mrs Grace Akumu, the wife of the former Nyakach MP and one time the Secretary General of COTU James Denish Akumu.

The other party in waiting is called Kalausi {Wirlwlwind} which said to be the brainchild of about ten MPS from Luio-Nyanza, Sime of the big names being associated with it included that of the Nairoi governor Dr Evans Kidero and the Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno. There are also the names of Luo business tycoons and professionals. Its impact is yet to be assesses. It is not clear as to whether Kalausi is the new party which the chairman of the Luo Council of Elders Ker Meshack Riaga Ogalo had hinted to be in the offing a couple of weeks ago.



News Analysis By a special correspondent

This announcement made this week by the chairman of the troubled Luo Council of Elders, Mzee Meshack Riaga Ogalo, that plans are underway of launching a new political party, whose name is still being kept secret, appeared to have hit Raila Odinga and his loyalists troop soldiers below the belt.

The hot news appeared to have been most welcomed by many people, especially the frustrated and oppressed ODM members in all of the Luo-Nyanza region.

Ogalo hinted that the name of the new party will be unveiled on February 28, 2014. This meant it will coincide with the forthcoming ODM”s for the safaricom Kasarani stadium on February 28 to March 1st 2014.

The announcement did not come as surprise due to the on-going alleged fallout between the ODM Raia Odinga and a good number of the youthful MPS from Luo-Nyanza who seemed to have detested Odinga style of leadership.

The rumors making the round in both Kisumu and Nairobi is that people suspected be associated with the panned party includes Luo business magnets, professionals, youthful legislators from Luo-Nyanza, who claim they were unfairly out and out coerced from contesting for the various top positions.

The sitting MPs whose names are being mentioned as having a hand in the planned formation of a new political party included Dalmas Otieno {Rongo}, Neto Oyugi {Ndhiwa}, Milie Odhiambo {Mbita}, David Ochieng,(Ugenya), Olago Aluoch {Kisumu Town West}, Ken Obura {Kismu Central}, George Oner {Rangwe} John Mbadi {Gwassi} Joseph Ndiege {Suna West} and a good number of women representatives in Parliament from Nyanza. and dozens of Ward Representatives fro various constituencies in the region and and dozens of insignificant political activists in the region.

Making the announcement Mzee Ogalo said that the new party would open its door for membership of people from outside Nyanza who may wish join it & will be devoid of malicious rumors, witch-hunting insinuations which have riddled to the ODM; rumors, insinuation and witch hunting lie the ODM, which he said is riddled with malicious rumors, undercutting and politics of sycophancy.

He said that the main intention of forming a new political party was based on the past political experience in the region.

Mzee Ogalo has been at loggerhead with the ODM and its leader Raila for the past six years ever since he was kicked out the Luo Council of Elders at the behest of some Luo MPs in the 10th parliament who had accused him of having grown the horns and was drumming support for those intending to challenge them in the 2007 general election. He moved to the High Court, which ruled in his favor, although the same position is also claimed by Mzee Eli Opiyo OtondI

Launching scathing criticism of the ODM leader Raila Odings, Ogalo said ”there has not been any democracy in Luo-Nyanza and as elders we feel that we should break away from the past and let our people have another popular political vehicle to enable them effectively engage in political Participation,”

However, the main fear being expressed by many moderately thinking Luos is the new political party emerging in this region will definitely rekindle the bloody violence experienced in the region in the early 1960s when the followers of the late Jaramogi Going Odinga and his KPU party and the supporters of the late Tm Mboya went for the throats of each other.

The news about the new party came only three days after Raila Odinga was heckled and booed by angrily and rowdy hundred of youths who had gathered in he middle of Kisumu city where they staged near violence protests against a statue which had been erected in the Central Business District Kisumu by members of the Sikh community to commemorate the 100 years of their fore fathers’ arrival in the town.

The youth had mistaken the statue to be an idol and felt it was against the Christianity. Odinga had attempted to address the youth and told them to leave the statue alone as it represented no religion, but the youth responded with accusation that he was favoring the Indians who had erected the statue and told him in the face that they want the statue pulled down

Raila has been having a hard time with the younger generation of Luos ever since the new year gathering by a section of Luo MPS at his country opoda Bar Opuk home n Bondo during which some MPs severely criticized the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero and questioned the source of the governor’s money, which he has been donating hefty in his series of Harambee tour of Nyanza.

The Homa-Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang” was reported as having kicked and spearheaded the debate on Dr Kdero who as the result of his series of Harambee fund raising has of late became the darling of many luo people.



From: joachim omolo ouko
News Dispatch with Father Omolo Beste

Fred from Kayole writes: “Fr Omolo Beste what is your take on TNA Secretary General, Onyango Oloo’s claim that TNA was closely monitoring ODM elections with an aim of conducting a massive recruitment exercise within CORD zones.

According to Oloo President Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA has set out plans to cash in the ongoing leadership wrangles in the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and the highly likely botched party’s election scheduled for February 28th and March 1st.

Oloo says ODM’s election would tear the party apart following tough stance held by the community over top seats and that it would be the right time to strike Raila Odinga and weaken his support base by recruiting his own disgruntled supporters mainly from Nyanza and Western, saying it was the only way to finish Raila Odinga’s political future and for TNA to perform better in 2017. Do you think this is possible?”

Thank you for the question Fred. I think Onyango Oloo is right, given that President Uhuru owns TNA and has the money to buy people.

If the claim that the ODM National Elections Board has produced the final list of candidates the party wants to contest for various seats in the upcoming party elections, then Oloo is right that this line up would tear party apart and TNA will definitely find its way to botch.

According to the claimed list of people ODM wants, out of the 93 candidates, only 86 were cleared to vie with the list generating heat from the disgruntled Young Turks, who have vowed to embarrass former Prime Minister Raila Odinga by failing his so called “preferred candidates”.

Here is the preferred final list of ODM contestants for all positions.

Party Leader- Raila Oding aacording to the claim is to capture the leadership and not Simba Arati. This is because Raila owns the party

Deputy Party Leader- Wycliffe Oparanya, Hassan Joho, David Songok Langat.

National Chairman- Manson Nyamwaya pulled out claiming that ODM prefer Paul Otuoma and not Nyamweya, Mpuri Aburi, Josphat Nanok and Isaac Musau Mwilu.

Deputy Chairperson-is contested by Adan Keynan and Otieno Kajwang, Kajwang has expressed fear that ODM has preferred Keynan.

Secretary General is contested by Elizabeth Ongoro, Ababu Namwamba, Agnes Zani, and Nicholas Gumbo. Ongoro has claimed that either Agnes Zani or Ababu Namwamba is to be rigged in.

Deputy Secretary General- James Wandayi, Peter Ntoiyan Ole Musei, Simon Lilian, Issac Mwaura, Paul Kaika, Lawrence Gumbe

Treasurer-Simon Ogari, Ibrahim Mpohammed Omar, Timothy Bosire.

Deputy Treasurer- Omondi Anyanga, Stephen Ringera, Rachel Amolo, Diriye Mohammed Abdullahi, Rahab Robi.

Organising Secretary- Gitonga Wathanga, George Aladwa, Reuben Ndolo, Mohammed Sumra, Julius Okinda, Rozah Akinyi Buyu, Abdikadir Omar Aden, Samson Angienda, Stella Chepkurui Koech.

Deputy Organising Secretary-Seth Kakusye, Kikete Mung’ahu, Florence Mutua, Bob Njagi, Nicholas Zani, Suleiman Ramathan, John Waluke, Lukulu Sianga, Samuel Kihara Ndiba

Four MPs who plan to contest for top positions who have rejected the composition of the National Elections Board (NEB) include MPs Elizabeth Ongoro, Abdullahi Dirje (Wajir South) and Manson Nyamweya (South Mugirango).

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Facebook-omolo beste


Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

The Budalangi MP Ababu is the man tipped to clinch the coveted position of the Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement {ODM}, according to a good number of the would be delegates to the forthcoming party’s national elections schedule to form more than 2500 delegates to the NDC.

It will, however, be an up-hill task for the ODM leadership to pick up the right delegates owing to the fact that there are several branches in Luo-Nyanza with two parallel sets of leadership. Efforts made previously to have proper election in the branches where there is disputed leadership became difficult after the grass root election held three years ago was marred with complaints of rigging and favoritism.

Branches with several set of leadership included Rongo, Nyakach. Migori. Mdhiwa, Homa-Bay, Kasipul, Kabondo Kasipul, Muhoroni and other places where the grass root election were held In haphazardly or faulty manner.

Meanwhile claims by the ODM leader Raila Odinga that the election will be free and fair without interference from any quarters is taken by man delegates as a big joke and his usual political gimmicks.

A clear evidence that there are certain favored and She went to Migori in the company of the Kisumu Kaloleni Ward County representative Ms Prisca Auma Misachi who is the former Kisumu City Mayor. Both ladies addressed a section of Migori delegates in favor of Dr. Zani to win the forthcoming elections.

Other evidence of favoritism is the active participation of the seemingly unpopular Homa-Bay Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang´and the unkindest utterances made by several speakers against the so-called rebel Luo MP during the memorial of the 20th anniversary of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga at the Odinga family home at Kang’o Kajaramogi in Nyamira Bondo.

The most lethal speeches against the rebel youthful Luo position were delivered by Otieno Kajwang’, Dr Oburu Oginga, John Mbadi and Raila Odinga himself.

The man most targeted for vilification and scathing criticism was the Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno who was allegedly accused of being the Jubilee mole in the ODM with ulterior plan to rock the party’s boat from within.

What has emerged as the result of the heated campaign for the party positions is that the DOME’S invisibility is much exposed, and what is likely to emerge is the party which is divided than ever before.

It has been confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt that those who have polled out of the race did not do so voluntarily, but were coerced, The coerced which has been fiercely denied by Raila is on the card, and the ODM supporters in Luo-Nyanza be of Luo MPs or the so called “Green Horns”

There is clear evidence that the position of the ODM Secretary General will go to Ababu Namwambsa. Party leaders consider him as being witty, brave, eloquent, experience and has all is take for one to be the Secretary General of a mass political movement like the ODM.

Many believe Namwamba is mature, and has a wealth of experience in addition to his unswerving loyalty to the partly leadership. Namwamba”s victory will, however, depends on the attitude of the party’s delegates from Western Province.