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Reports Leo Odera Omolo

SECURITY along the Nandi-Luo border should be improved in order to save the lives of people now being killed every night. The situation now calls for urgent action by the higher authorities on both sides of the border to restore peace and calm.

Borders within Muhoroni sub-county is getting worse day by day. The residents have now appealed to the government to beef up police security night patrol. At the same time, politicians, especially MPS who are representing area close to the border area have been asked to hold public meeting and educate their constituents on the importance of living in peace and harmony, and to find the way o f resolving the land disputes amicably.

The people, who are believed to be member of terror gang from Nairobi, last Saturday night raided the small Police post at Ruga near Chemelil and attacked the policemen with arrows, machete and other crude weapons. The gang injured one policeman forcing his colleague to retaliate resulting in the three member of the gang being shot dead. The rest fled and disappeared under the dark cover.

The raid on the police post was staged at about 1.30 AM.

This attack came only a few hours after the revelers in a pub, which is located at Kibigori were forced to take cover following arrow attack by unknown people. Kibigori is an old, but a small town situated along the Kisumu-Nakuru railway line, but on the Kisumu Countryside.

The revelers were mainly a group of school teachers who were returning home after attending the colorful burial of their slain colleague Mr. Abira, the retired former head teacher of Nyakoko School and a Kisumu based businessman. He was shot with an arrow and killed by the Nandi youths two weeks ago. The incident took place when the retired teacher had gone to Chepsweta area to inspect his sugar cane. The deceased was given a warm send off in at the burial which attracted hundreds of friends, well-wishers and relatives at his Kajulu home. His killers have yet to be arrested.

As the teachers were enjoying their refreshment in a small bar, unknown people fired poisoned arrow into the pub. As they run helter-skelter, the bar owner went out to check in the darkness as to what was happening outside. He was shot with the arrow and another man followed suit.

No arrest has been made so far no arrest has been made.

The Kisumu Regional Commissioner Ms Lorna Odero is the only senior government official who has visited the area and preached peace to the two communities. of the border.

On the Nyanza side of the border only Muhoroni MP James OyangoK”oyoo has toured the troubled areas. He told the two warring communities to live in peace. But his Nandi Hill counterpart has yet to be seen in the area. K”Oyoo told the two communities to love one another and live-in peace and harmony.

Sources in both Muhoroni and Chemilil have confided to this writer that the latest flare up which has brought about the insecurity situation along the border between the two communities is abut some old and outstanding land disputes. One community is claiming that farms, owned by large scale farmers and those under the Settlement Schemes, were originally their ancestral land.

Settlement schemes in areas like Muhoroni, Songhor, Koru, Fort-Tennan,Kimwani were opened shortly after independent in 1965.These were the areas previously known as the White Highland, which were large scale mixed farms and belonged to the departed white settlers.


Kenya: Who pays the hefty costs for Uhuru and Ruto’s ICC cases?

From: Joseph Nyaringo

By Joseph Lister Nyaringo

Atlanta, Georgia

For any questionable expenditure malpractices in the government, we have a right as Kenyan citizens and tax payers to voice our concerns because in the long run, if we fail, it will affect the larger spectrum of our country’s economic growth.

Therefore, knowing the way the government spends our taxes is not a preserve for those in government but a responsibility for every citizen.

For purposes of fiscal accountability and effective management of our taxes by the government, those tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all is well in the exchequer need to conduct an audit to divulge how the costs incurred on the ongoing ICC case of the deputy President William Ruto, and the shuttle diplomacy for deferral are paid off.

Kenyans need to know who incurred the costs for the recent delegation to the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, whose purpose was not the good of Kenya but to rally the AU for the deferral of the cases facing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy at The Hague.

Secondly, the current delegation in New York which encompasses our national diplomats and several others from other African nations supporting Kenya for the deferral like Rwanda and Ethiopia is a costly affair. We need to know if Uhuru and Ruto are meeting these expenses and not Kenyan tax payers.

Besides, its note worthy that our two leaders are engaging the most expensive lawyers in the world in their cases. Kenyans will want to know who is meeting the hefty legal fees since not many people can afford to hire Stephen Kay, who is also the Queen’s Counsel and the combative Karim Khan for Uhuru and Ruto respectively.

Lastly, the travel and accommodation expenses for MPs who have been accompanying the Deputy President to the Netherlands, is now in a tune of millions. We also need to know who is footing the heavy bill since we all know that, life in Europe is extremely expensive which is often characterized by their strong currency- the Euro.

I’m not trying to imply that our two leaders cannot afford the said expenses but as a nation moving towards high levels of transparency and accountability in the way we conduct our national affairs, it’s better for the tax payers to know who is responsible for the high costs related to the current predicaments facing the President and his deputy.

Uhuru and Ruto are among the few billionaires we have in Kenya, but if they get a loophole to use our taxes for their cases, they may not touch their wallets. This is solid reality if the hustler’s jet scandal which cost Kenya taxpayers a whooping 25 million shillings for Ruto, is something to go by.

Since the ICC is a personal problem to the President and his deputy as they told the nation during the campaigns, wananchi don’t need to pay a penny for the delegation currently in New York and the recent one in Ethiopia. We therefore can’t pay for their personal cases when we are paying for their salaries and heavy benefits.

As taxpayers, we risk losing billions before the end of the ICC cases thus, the need not to assume that all is well, when a stitch in time saves nine.

Finally, as a concerned Kenyan, I evoke the Parliamentary Budget and Appropriations Committee, the Public Accounts Committee and the Auditor General to tell the nation the truth on the above. May they effectively monitor government spending lest we end up crying.

This is not an accusation and I do not have any evidence to conclude that our leaders have used state resources in their ICC cases.


Subject: Rehabilitation Centre

By Agwanda Saye

35,000 people living with disability from Siaya County are set to benefit from a shillings 56 million rehabilitation center to be operational by mid next year.

Of the amount,Sh 24 million will be channeled to building,2 million for purchasing equipment,5 million for acquiring project vehicle and the rest for facilitating the beneficiaries to the facility.

The referral center being supported by Association of Persons with Disability in Kenya (APDK) in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, family health department, is scheduled to construct a one stop center at the Siaya district hospital by February next year.

According to the APDK chairman Hon Moody Awuori, the facility will offer crucial service to those living and supporting people with disabilities.

“The facility once completed will help those physically challenged receive support services without travelling long distances which is costly,” added Awuori.

The former Vice president was speaking at the Siaya district hospital where he graced the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the facility.

Awuori who called on the County government to support the initiative,at the same time urged the locals to embrace the project lest it becomes a ghost project despite huge funding from development partners.

He challenged the County government to ensure that 30 percent of the local contracts are available to the youths adding that APDK has adhered to the same in its management and contract allocations.

Awuori added that APDK is seeking to open another branch in due course once the Siaya facility proves to be successful.


Writes Leo ODERA Omolo In Kisumu City

HUMAN – wildlife conflict is the latest subject of discontent and complaints following the numerous incidents of the reported Hippos attack in Lake Victoria which have resulted in the death of dozens of people in the recent months.

Savage attacks by the huge amphibious animals have claimed the lives of fishermen in Bondo, Rarieda, Mbita, Suba and Nyatike sub-County of Migori County. Other deaths CAUSED BY Hippos attacks were reported from Rusinga Island also within the Homa-Bay COUNTY. These series of incidents have prompted the residents of Nyanza, particularly those living along the shorelines of lake to make an urgent appeal to the Kenya Wildlife Services {KWS} and the government to come to their rescue.

Three fishermen were killed two weeks ago in Kakisingri, near Sindo CentreThe three were sailing back to the lake and the catches haul into the water.

The three fishermen made an attempt to swim to safety, but the animals followed them biting each one of them savagely thereby leaving them fatally injured and drowning in the seep waters.

According to information reaching us,the latest incident involving of hippo attack took place last weekend at Nyang”uena beach in Central Kadem Location in Nyatike sub-County within MIGORI County. There three fishermen who were among the four who had gone into the lake to check in heir nets were attacked, in this particular incident Nahashon Abiero and Kisuge Odingo narrowly escaped death. The two, however, narrowly escaped and swam to safety while their other three colleagues escaped unhurt.

Between last year and this year, close to 12 people have perished as the result of attack by hippos. The residents of lowland locations which are lying along the shorelines of Lake Victoria are up in arms and wanted the relevant government Ministry and the KWS to scale down the hippos population.

Similar incidents have also been reported in Bondo, Rarieda and in other parts of Siaya County.

Two deaths by hippos were also reported from Rusinga Island in Mbita district.

IN Rchuonyo North district, farmers who cultivate their lad near the lake have had a lot of problems with the herds of Hippos reportedly destroying 80 per cent of their grain crops in the field.Any frantic attempt by farmers to chase these animals away from their farms have also resulted in the attacks.Hippos are known to be docile animals and not so aggressive towards human being with exception of mothers nursing their calves. Experts have pointed out that hippos in lake Victoria have turned out of late to be so aggressive due ye to the scarcity of weeds and grasses on which the animals feeds on due to excessive cultivation by farmers of the land along the lake shorelines, which has destroyed the weeds and grasses. The only lasting solution I for the KWS to move in and scale down the hippos population. These animals are currently protected by the law

Under the conservation regulations aggrieved farmers cannot be not permitted to kill them, causing the animals to starvation.


Kenya: Barrick Gold’s Stock Crushed As Miner Keeps Punishing Shareholders

From: Judy Miriga

The great economic squeeze are brought by the interference of Corporate special interest monopoly and control. The opportunity for small business is the key to reviving economic growth and stabilizes Government capacity regulation to offer efficient and balanced public service delivery.

This is the way to go people……………….

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– - – - – - – - – - –

Barrick Gold’s Stock Crushed As Miner Keeps Punishing Shareholders

Investors who bet on the world’s biggest gold miner after its stock got decimated in the first half of 2013 have been given the kind of treatment that shareholders of Barrick Gold ABX -6.81% have gotten accustomed to receiving. Barrick has announced that it is going to dilute shareholders in a big way by selling $3.45 billion of shares for $18.35 each.

Shares of Barrick Gold got crushed in Friday morning trading, tumbling by about 6% to $18.22. The stock drop is coming on the heels of a 5% drop on Thursday, when Barrick announced it would suspend its Pascua-Lama mega gold mine located in the high-altitude Andes on the Argentina-Chile border. Shares of Barrick Gold are now down 48% in 2013.

With one of the biggest share offerings in gold mining history, Barrick is trying to raise enough cash to pay down some $2.6 billion of its $15 billion or so in debt that it has accumulated through reckless spending and acquisitions during the huge run up in the price of gold. While suspending work at Pascua-Lama and dealing with its debt-load might seem like a good idea, shareholders probably remember that the last time Barrick pulled off a big share offering in 2009, it raised about $4 billion by selling shares for $36.95.

Barrick has become the poster child for the gold mining sector, which has punished shareholders more than just about any other industry sector in recent years. These companies have managed to underperform gold both when it rises and when it falls—giving investors little upside in the best of environments and handing them massive losses on the way down. Gold miners have spent $45 billion on projects and acquisitions since 2010, but gold output has actually declined. Much of Barrick’s troubles can be traced to its spending on Pascua-Lama and its acquisition of Equinox Minerals.

Move up tMove down

How Gold Miners Became A Terrible Investment Nathan VardiForbes Staff

With the price of gold having fallen in the last year, the economics of many projects in the gold mining sector like Pascua-Lama don’t really work. The costs associated with moving forward in Pascua-Lama were soaring while the price of the commodity was declining. Another way shareholders have been abused: the executives of many gold miners have been paid well even as their companies destroyed shareholder value. At Barrick, former CEO Aaron Regent was paid $12 million, mostly from a severance package after he was fired. The man who was hired to potentially replace Peter Munk at the top of Barrick, former president of Goldman Sachs John Thornton, got an $11.9 million signing bonus.


By Our Correspondent

Members of a Kisumu based church are up in arms with their church head in what the term as economic exploitation by the said head who demands unrealistic financial demands from them.

The members of the church which is situated along Kisumu –Nairobi road and is being headed by a one time Kanu operative and former President Daniel Arap Moi blue eyed boy among the clergy from luoland are also calling upon their Bishop to be sincere and tell them exactly how much the blance of the car he forced them to purchase for him.

He ordered all the churches under him to contribute towards the purchase of the his official vehicle and we raised kshs 3.5million upon which he said that was more than enough only for him to start shifting goal posts against the balance saying initially it was kshs 1.3m, then kshs 1.9m and currently kshs 2.3m” the members of the church lamented.

They are accusing their Bishop of being insincere to them as they have discovered that the said vehicle is registered in the Bishop’s personal names and not in the church’s name and wondered what he is upto.

“The vehicle should belong to the office of the Bishop and not his personal car, how comes the log book reads that it’s his personal car?” the lamented.

Our investigations reveal that the said Bishop was recently given kshs 500.000 thousand by Voice of God and Healing Church to offset the balance of the said vehicle after betraying some clergy and supported the wife of the head of the said church.

“At his age we expect him to be sincere with us and not to play that monkey business with us” they lamented.

Contacted the said Bishop said there is nothing wrong for the church to buy and complete paying the price of the said vehicle.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

SIGNS are emerging out of Luo-Nyanza indicating that relations between the Orange Democratic Movement [ODM] and the Wiper Democratic Party may be heading onto the rocks.

This could be judged by the recent events in which Members of Parliament who had won their parliamentary seat on MARCH 4, 2013 elections on WDP tickets have been placed under political siege, and are reported to be having it rough.

Both the ODM and WPD are the leading component of the CORD coalition, which also brings together other smaller parties. ODM is headed by Raila Odinga, while the WDP is under the leadership of the former Vice President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

The symptoms of the rapidly widening gap and differences between the two partners surfaced during last week homecoming party for the Alego-Usonga MP Omondi Muluany. The gathering appeared to have been boycotted by senior ODM politicians in Siaya County. The only ODM luminaries in Siaya County who attended the party included Nicholas Gumbo, The MP for Rarieda and his Bondo counterpart Gideon Ochanda.

Muluany was elected on WDP ticket. Before this homecoming party, the legislator had faced rowdy ODM youth who confronted him and shouted him down during the Mashujaa DAY event held in Siaya town the previous week,

Senior ODM politician who were notably absent included Siaya Senator James Aggrey Orengo, Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo and his two counterparts from Ugenya and Ukwala constituencies. Also absent from the gathering was Dr. Oburu Oginga the former Bondo MP and several Ward representatives from the various parts of Siaya County. The minority leader in Parliament Nyenze from Ukambani was the only senior politician from outside Luo-Nyanza who attended the gathering.

Another MP who is said to be under siege is Fred Kopiyo [Awendo}. He too was voted into parliament on a FORD Kenya ticket. The MP who is prior to his election was living in a rented house within Awendo Town is reported to have relocated to and is now occupying a rented house near Rodi-Kopany within Homa-Bay Town constituency due to pressure mounted by ODM youth in Awendo. He is reported by sources to be as rare visitor to Awendo Town

The same sources say Kopiuypo these days changes his mode of travels whenever he is visiting his rural home which is in Sakwa West Location within Awendo district. He changes vehicles at the nearby Rongo town before he proceeded home where he is reported to be putting up an ultra modern house, which is still under the construction.

Reports emerging from Awendo says that an ugly incident recently occurred at the CDF office, which is also used by the MP as his constituency office when it was invaded by a group disillusioned and frustrated ODM youth who caused a fierce fighting. The attackers are said to have gone to the office with intention of forcefully ejecting the manager and workers out of the office. The fracas left several people inured and needed medical attention. Those who sustained bodily injuries included the MP’s personal assistant {PA}

Unconfirmed reports say the MP”s constituents are finding it difficult to communicate their messages to home because his cellphones are permanent switched off. They included the Ward representatives from the various locations within the constituency. The MP also sent his donations towards funeral gathering during the burial of his fallen constituents through emissaries. The MP could not be reached for his comments over these allegations as his two phone lines are permanently switched off.

The majority leader in the Migori County Johnson Omolo Owiro who represented Central Sakwa Ward is the one who is now handling most problems within the constituency because the MP is nowhere to be seen.

Owiro, the former chairman of the defunct Awendo Town Council confirmed in a phone conversation with this writer that he is also finding it difficult to communicate with his MP, but he is not nursing any ill=feeling towards the legislator and only wished well. He denied the rumor and speculations making the round that he is nursing parliamentary ambition, and might be a candidate for the seat in 2017. Kopiyo used the ticket of the PDP party of Omingo Magara after having losing the ODM ticket during the party’s primaries to his populist challenger Walter Sirawa.

Those politicians in Luo-Nyanza who the elections using other party tickets including those parties which were perceived to be friendly to the ODM and CORD have found the going difficult to integrate smoothly with their ODM colleagues and are therefore in political dilemma.

KOyoo is currently giving sleepless to the manager of the sugar mills which are located within his Muhoroni constituency, and who he has persistently accused of fleecing sugar cane farmers on their harvested cane crops and for the unnecessary delays in paying out raw cane bill after the deliveries.

However, there is only one Luo MP who has defied these political machinations and has integrated well with his ODM parliamentary colleagues. This is the Muhoroni MP James Onyango K”Oyoo. This is due to the fact that the outspoken MP is one of the shrewdest Luo politicians in the 11th Parliament.



By Agwanda Saye

Laptrust, the pension fund for county government workers in Kenya, has opened a new branch in Kisumu as it seeks to grow revenues by strengthening its membership base in the counties.

The fund, which boasts over Ksh18 billion in assets, plans to expand to other counties and bring its services closer to members who are spread across the country.

“We have decided to open branches in every county. Kisumu is the first branch outside Nairobi we are opening in the 84 years of our existence. The decision was aimed at bringing more personalized service to our members in line with our quest to be the pension fund that serves the counties,” said Laptrust CEO Hosea Kili during the opening ceremony in Kisumu.

He added that Laptrust will soon open other branches in Mombasa, Nyeri and Garissa.

Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma said move by Laptrust would benefit pensioners who would no longer have to travel to Nairobi to collect their dues.

“My government appreciates this noble initiative of bringing services to customers in the spirit of devolution. Kisumu is the regional hub and this office will not only serve customers in Kisumu but also others in the region,” said the Governor in a speech read on his behalf by the county executive committee member Rhoda Ahonobadha.

The pension scheme, established in 1929, is targeting to grow its asset base to Ksh 22 billion by the end of this year. The fund’s net assets improved by 17.6 per cent to Ksh4 billion in 2012 compared to Ksh3.4 billion in 2011, attributable to high returns realized from liquid investments as well as quoted equities.

“Due to the positive environment in the year under review, the scheme recorded another strong of performance with the emphasis on improving revenue collection and prudent investments across a range of assets,” Kili told the fund’s members at the annual general meeting in Eldoret on Monday.

Kili said the fund was keen on further diversifying its asset portfolio comprising mainly property, government securities and quoted and unquoted equities.

“We are restructuring our current portfolio, for instance, by investing more in private companies with strong growth potential and optimizing our property investments,” explained Kili.

He added that the fund was keen on reducing debt owed by contributors and had successfully recovered Ksh4 billion in debts by the end of last year. The number of pensioners benefiting from the scheme rose from 4,294 to 4,450 in 2012.

The fund’s membership grew from 22,685 in 2011 to 23,458 as at December 31, 2012. Kili says the improved revenue collection was also partly attributable to improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer service.

The fund’s membership comprises mostly county government employees, previously working for the defunct local authorities.



To: jaluo

By Agwanda Saye

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has filed a suit to eject from office Traffic Commandant Mr. Samuel Kimaru over increased tragic road accidents.

LSK has also included the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) as respondents in the suit filed at the High Court, sitting in Mombasa.

The suit seeks a declaration that the Traffic Commandant is unfit to hold office following omissions, actions, abuse of power and gross neglect of Constitutional and Statutory duties.

It further seeks an order directing the NPSC to sack Mr. Samuel Kimaru as an employee of the Service.

According to the plaint (legal papers) drawn and filed by Ndegwa Muthama Katisya & Associates Advocates who are representing LSK, thousands of lives are being lost on roads.

“Neglect of duty by the Traffic Commandant and the NPSC leads to loss of over 3,000 lives on the road annually,” says LSK in the plaint.

LSK told the High Court that over 9,000 people are maimed for life annually, 26,000 vehicles and other property destroyed annually and billions of shillings spent on hospital bills and funeral expenses.

“Over 1,725 people lost their lives on the road between January and July 16, 2013 alone,” LSK said in the plaint.

LSK said that unlawful omissions and actions of the Traffic Commandant and NPSC have significantly contributed to the Police Service becoming the most corrupt institution countrywide.

“The Kenya Police service has consequently been nationally and internationally recognised as the most corrupt institutions,” LSK said.

LSK said that the respondents are in gross violation of the National Police Service Act No. 11 of 2012.

“The Traffic Commandant has failed to maintain law and order on roads, protect life and property, investigate, prevent and detect traffic offences, apprehend offenders, and enforce of all traffic laws and regulations,” LSK said.

In violation of Section 49(3) and (4), of the National Police Service Act , the Commandant has failed to make reports of all daily occurrences and incidents encountered in the discharge of the statutory function and submit the report to superiors.

Under Section 49(10) of the National Police Service Act, the Commandant has failed to respect the law, regulations, Service Standing Orders and to prevent violations thereof.

“The Traffic Commandant is professionally and vicariously liable for the neglects, unlawful omissions, and commissions of the officers working under his command.” LSK said.

LSK has argued that as a result of the Commandant’s failure to remove defective vehicles from the roads, a substantial number of vehicles with visible defects or violations of the Traffic Act pass through Traffic checkpoints.

LSK said that the visible defects or easily discernible defects and or violations include vehicles without both or any head-light being driven for long distances at night without being removed from the road.

Others include public service vehicles with dangerous worn out tyres, overloaded public service vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Some of the vehicles illegally emit heavy obnoxious petrol or diesel fumes, public service vehicles without speed governors, vehicles without identification number plates are habitually used in Kenya roads.

LSK said that many vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers and kerbs have been converted into parking and garages for repairing broken down vehicles.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

The over all influence and popularity of the Orange Democratic Movement {ODM} Inside Luo-Nyanza is gloomm following the recent deadly rumors and speculation of in-fighting Within its rank and file in both the national office and local branches.

The situation is aggravated and worsened by the latest widely spread newspaper reports that some of the Orange party luminaries are not comfortable with the performance of the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Otieno Kidero. and ware actively plotting for the governor’s downfall.

The news about clandestine under current activities against the Nairobi governor, if true, could split the ODM in Luo-Nyanza.

The same could rekindle the old near violence confrontation which was witnessed in the region in the middle of 1960s and early 1970 when the two political giants in the region and heroes of the struggle for independence burst into open and caused a major split between the LUOs of Central and those of then greater Southern Nyanza

The close to violence confrontation between the late Jaramogi Oginga Oding and Tom Mboya did not only destabilized, but also polarized the region when the supporters of the two went for each others neck.

Luos living in Central in Central Nyanza rallied behind Jramogi while those of SOUTHERN nynza supported Mboys. The two traversed the region addressing series of rallies while tearing at each other’s style of leaders. These wrangling only came to ubpru0t end following Mboya”s assassination on July 5,1969. Thereafter Jaramogi became the undisputed and overall leader of the community.

CORD and ODM stalwarts in Kisumu and rural areas have been heard making malicious and wild allegations against Kidero to the effect that he was betraying CORD because of he is working in close relations with President Uhuru Kenyatta and other Jubilee leaders, and as such undermining the CORD the party which had sponsored his election as the City governor during the March 4, 2013 general elections.

Other accusations which are so common is that Dr KIDERO is currently warming up towards the jubilee leader Raila Odinga comes the year 2017 general election by contesting the presidency of the Republic.

Kidero only sin is having ushered President Kenyatta for a luncheon at his palatial Muthaiga upper market residence and for having travelled in President Kenyatta”s entourage during his recent state visit to Russia an China.

Those speaking in defense of Nairobi governor have dismissed these allegations and claims as cheap and petty and only based on nothing, but naked jealousy. Kidero supporters have been heard purring up the strong but logical argument that Nairobi County is the seat of the national government of Kenyan which is headed by President Kenyatta and as such the protocols requires the governor to work closely with the government of the day.

Kidero, according to the majority of CORD members has done nothing wrong to warrant such bashing, which are based on negative suspicion. Others are saying that that Raila has had enough backing for the community, though owing to bad luck he has failed to capture the presidency having contested thrice for it, and that it was time he gives up his presidential ambition and pave then way for another youthful Luo to take over the mantle of the community political leadership.

KIDERO who has a Suba ancensestry background hails from Gem Location in Rangwe in the Central region of the votes-rich greater Southern Nyanza.

Prior to his joining Nairobi politics he had served for well over a decade as the Chief Executive of Mumias Sugar Company in Western Province, which had successfully turned around from loss to profit making. the most dynamic , prolific speaker and uncompromising champion of the struggle for Kenya’s freedom. It is indeed in the lips of many Kenyans that the late Mboya whose life was cut short by the bullets fired by an assassin in a Nairobi street on July 5, 1969 was the true architect of Kenya’s political independence. he died while serving as the Minister for Economic Planning and Development in the post independent cabinet and also the Secretary-General of the then ruling KANU party a position, which he had ever since its inception in 1969.

Dr Kidero had traversed many parts of Luo-Nyanza while giving hefty cash donations towards the various economic project, and at first many people in the region thought he would contest one of the parliamentary seats in Southern Nyanza, but having born in NAIROBI he finally settled for the City governor position.

So far the ODM leader Raila the has kept mum, not to uttering anything in regard to the on-going reported under current and undercutting activities against Kidero by other party luminaries. including some Luo MPs.

However, those privy to ODM have been heard as saying that the issue is likely to boil up in the near future unless Raila himself come out in the open and restrain his supporters from making uncalled for criticism of Kidero who is said to be doing a good job for the Nairobi people.



By Our Reporter

A Pastor with a Kisumu based church situated along Kisumu-Nairobi road attempt to seduce a fellow man took another dimension when the man he had intended to seduce reported the matter to the police resulting to the Pastor’s arrest and subsequently being charged in court.

The Pastor who is called Erick Osewe alias Dominic Oloo and pastoring in one of the branches of the church whose head is locally branded as a political prayer Bishop who once served as former President Moi errand boy within luoland has since been charged in a Kisumu with improper use of mobile phone.

He appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Samuel Atonga and was charged that on October 28th while at Dalc International Hotel within Kisumu County he sent an sms to Walter Amatta

“Through the republic of Kenya by means of a Safaricom mobile you sent a messege to Walter Amatta saying” hi swity si u be part of mine” read the charge.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on a bond of Kshs 60,000.

The case will be mentioned on November 11 .

As a result of his conduct the few church members have since left the church leaving the Bishop with only his wife, few children and relatives in that church


From: AKR|Association of Kenyans Living in Rwanda

Proudly Kenyan,

On behalf of the AKR Executive committee, accept our sincere gratitudes for getting time, albeit the short notice and the heavy rain, to come and meet our dear President yesterday.

We had a record turnout of 732 !!!

Meanwhile, we are in the process of organising for the “Kenya at 50″ Celebrations to be held in December 2013 and shall keep you posted.

Well done and God bless you, God Bless our lovely Kenya.

Boniface Mutua
Chairman, AKR


from: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste

It is very unfortunate that the Westgate Mall looting has gone tribal. Gen Julius Karangi says Victor Otieno and Victor Ashiundu had to be sacked and jailed for looting during the Westgate shopping mall terror attack. The third soldier, Isaiah Wanjala is under probe over the allegations.

According to Gen Karangi the soldiers were found with mobile phones, cameras and chargers that were “stolen” from the mall during the siege. It contradicts his previous statement that soldiers had only taken water during the four-day siege.

The Jubilee Government, through the Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Ole Lenku, on the other hand has rubbished the Jicho Pevu exposé by KTN’s investigative Journalists, Mohammed Ali, and, John Allan Namu, which exposed how the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) looted the Westgate Mall.

Speaking on Saturday, Lenku maintained that KDF never looted the Westgate Mall, saying they are very professional and highly trained soldiers who cannot engage in any act of lawlessness during an operation.

This comes even after the CCTV footage showed KDF soldiers “illegally doing shopping” (looting) and leaving the mall with their loot in white Nakumatt paper bags. The question now is, why only three soldiers, all from Western Kenya have been identified?

Speaking earlier on, Asman Kamama of Security and Ndung’u Githinji of Defence noted that KDF never looted at Westgate contrary to earlier allegations by shop owners. Instead, Jubilee MPs alleged that the shop owners at Westgate Mall took advantage of the terror situation to loot their own shops to fleece insurance companies.

Members of Parliament in the joint Committee on National Security and Defence have also changed their mind saying the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) may have looted at the Westgate Mall during the terror attack last month.

Previously Parliamentary Committees, which jointly investigated the Westgate Mall looting absolved KDF from looting allegations and cleared them of any wrong doing at the Mall.

But later on Defence Committee Chairman, Ndungu Githinji, confirmed that KDF may have looted the Westgate Mall contrary to their earlier statement that had cleared them, noting that during their investigation they were never given or viewed all the CCTV footage at Westgate and that the new footage is very compelling and clearly shows KDF looting.

The big question however, since Karangi is giving it tribal oulook, will the MPs get the truth when they go back again to the table to ascertain the truth about KDF soldiers and their operation at Westgate as they have promised?

Up to now Karangi is unable to satisfactorily explain why his men not only assisted but took over operations within the mall despite President Uhuru Kenyatta putting the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo in charge.

Apart from the three suspects, Karangi has also failed to satisfactorily convince Kenyans that when CCTV footage displayed soldiers walking out of Nakumatt with paper bags and then stopping by a mobile phone counter, was that water?

And even if the soldiers took water, why carry them out when they were supposed to drink them inside? And by the way soldiers are supposed to carry all the necessary items require when they go for any operation, why were they in the first place carry water from Nakumatt?

Again outside the mall there were charitable people who were providing food and water to the security and journalists, why could they not carry water with them inside instead of taking water of the supper market without permission?

Karangi has also failed to explain clearly what caused the second floor parking lot to collapse. Instead Karangi maintained that the building was brought down by mattresses the terrorists burnt and not the anti-tank gun they used to expose the terrorists.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
E-mail omolo.ouko@gmail.comFacebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ
UN Disarmament
Conference, 2002

Kenya: Oh, so the election was rigged, finally the cat is coming out of the bag!


“Oswago and his comrades in crime are said to have swindled the Government millions of shillings by buying substandard BVR and EVID kits to be used in the last general election without proper documentation, which collapsed in the process leading to rigging of election in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto.”


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from: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste

This is credible. I have never received many e-mails and Facebook like-as I have received following my dispatch of yesterday entitled: “Our turn to eat that exclude other tribes in Uhuru’s eating camp”. This demonstrates how Kenyans are fed up of democracy based on numbers and tribal favour.

Alex from Awasi, Kisumu County was very practical. He writes: “Father I am a Kalenjin and I do agree with you that after 10 years Uhuru’s people will not allow Ruto to succeed him, just like what late John Michuki said that Kenyans don’t need new constitution because what they wanted was to remove Moi so that the presidency goes back to the house of Mumbi.

My question Father is why did Ruto accept to be used when he would have known the trick best? And Father do- you think if constitution is amended so that we follow American voting system of college vote it will stop rigging in Kenya? Otherwise I indeed like your blog because it an eye opener to blind Kenyans”.

Alex William Ruto knows about these tricks very well than you do. The only reason he settled on Uhuru Kenyatta is not because they have a confluence of vision for Kenya but because of ICC paranoia.

The term paranoia is a thought process heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself.

So this paranoia is an important move by Uhuru and Ruto in confronting ICC charges. They use Kenyans as their shield to protect and defend themselves from charges. This exactly what is happening now, they want Kenyans and African Union to defer the case.

Alex even if constitution is amended for president to be declared a winner, not by numbers but popular vote just like what they do in America those who want to stick to power will always find their ways in how to rig themselves in.

In the United States, a system called the Electoral College periodically allows a candidate who receives fewer popular votes to win an election. Electoral votes are based on congressional representation — the sum of senators and representatives. The total is 538, and 270 votes are needed to be elected.

Should there be an electoral vote tie (such as 269-to-269) or no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes (such as 268-267-3), then the U.S. House of Representatives must go into session immediately to select the President.

The U.S. Constitution limits the House to selecting from the top three Presidential candidates. A candidate must receive an absolute majority of the votes (26) to become the President-elect.

If no candidate for Vice President receives an absolute majority of electoral votes, then the Senate must elect a Vice President. The U.S. Constitution limits the Senate to selecting from the top two Vice Presidential candidates. At least two-thirds of the Senate must be present for balloting to take place.

That system cannot work here in Kenya where the IEBC Servers and the IEBC vote tallying computer system disc-space are completely made to malfunction and collapse failing to respond in correct downtime.

Like in March 4 presidential elections foreign players particularly the West, were accused of crashing the IEBC computer system by deploying the virus through the VPN infrastructure by Safaricom from abroad.

The number of rejected votes when the IEBC was using the electronic tallying system was nearly 300,000 at the 5million total votes cast mark, a very significant number that makes a case in the total vote cast.

When IEBC took up the manual tallying system the total number of rejected votes was 39000 at the 4.6million total votes cast mark, this is a disturbing significant decline in the electronic figures compared to the manual figures.

Deployment of viruses from secure computers to network servers was reported by Strategic Intelligence where Western spy agents deployed Red-October to mine vital data from government computer systems and data bases.

Viruses/computer bugs are used to mine and manipulate data from computer networks, servers, and computer memory facilities including data-centers, hence can mine crucial data including emails, conversations, and files.

The Petition filed at the Supreme Court of Kenya by Raila Odinga’s lawyers gives a glimpse of how rigging the presidential vote was executed. It alleges that TNA and IEBC outsourced ICT services from Kencall EPZ Limited- specifically web hosting for transmission of vote results from polling centres to their respective national tallying centres at Gatanga road and Bomas of Kenya.Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
E-mail omolo.ouko@gmail.comFacebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ
UN Disarmament
Conference, 2002


From: AKR|Association of Kenyans Living in Rwanda

Fellow Kenyan,

As you may be aware, our president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta arrived in Rwanda this morning to attend the 3rd Tripartite Infrastructure Summit today and the transform Africa summit tomorrow.

We have sent a request if and when the President can meet Kenyans in Rwanda and shall revert once we get any information. If our request is granted, this may be on very short notice and would request that, you be on high alert, to meet our president and his entourage.



From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste

Bernard from Bomet County writes: “Dear Editor, I read your blog yesterday with great shock. I didn’t know that all advisors of President Uhuru Kenyatta are from his tribe and his TNA party apart from one who comes from William Ruto’s URP party.

They are Mrs Nancy Gitau, Chief Political Advisor, Mutahi Ngunyi, Senior political advisor and former Cheranganyi MP, Joshua Kuttuny. My concern is that since they are from Uhuru’s tribe and TNA party as well as Ruto’s tribe and URP party, can they really advice the president objectively”?

Bernard your concern is the concern of every Kenyan. I do agree with you that it is very difficult to advice the president objectively when his advisors are from his ethnic communities, TNA or Jubilee coalition.

That is why I always said on this blog that it is very dangerous to form a government elected by numbers and not merits. It is what John Githongo says in his book that such governments are formed in order to eat and not to serve.

Githongo was the perfect man to clean up the mess of the culture of corruption in Kenya but like Uhuru, since Mwai Kibaki’s advisors were practically from his tribe or party they advised him wrongly to the extent that Githongo’s life was in danger. He had to run in exile to save his life.

Githongo’s book on ‘Its our turn to eat’ explains how it works- The first president after independence was a Kikuyu, Jomo Kenyatta, and the Kikuyu grew rich. After Kenyatta’s death, anti-Kikuyu tribes joined forces and Daniel arap Moi became president. He was a Kalenjin. Kalenjin politicians bought Mercedes, their wives shopped abroad.

The Kikuyu, desperate to get to the trough again, persuaded other anti-Kalenjin tribes to join with them, and the Kikuyu Kibaki was elected. After Kibaki the number had to be used to make sure that Uhuru Kenyatta becomes the president. He used William Ruto to help him get that required number and it eventually worked.

Uhuru will rule for 10 years, but knowing the politics of Kenya very well, Ruto is to forget it. Uhuru’s tribe men will never allow him to succeed him, for it is our turn to eat is to continue.

Githongo was immediately removed from his work as anti-corruption and ethic secretary when he tried to tell Kibaki that it was wrong to eat on Anglo Leasing, a Finance Company Ltd. Registered in Britain, it had 18 contracts with the Kenyan government for the supply of everything from a forensic laboratory to a navy frigate and jeeps: 16 percent of the government’s expenditure in 2003-04 went to Anglo Leasing.

The book compares Kenya’s corruption to a huge garbage dump that has grown higher and higher over the years. “Each stratum has a slightly different consistency – the garbage trucks.

In general, Githongo’s well-documented exposé of the Anglo Leasing corruption was treated with disdain by Kikuyus, who felt he had betrayed his own, and passively accepted by donors. Githongo wanted to demonstrate that Kenya is bigger than a tribe.

What Bernard is not aware of is that it is not only Uhuru’s advisors but also security directors, practically all from Uhuru ethnic communities, the CID, NIS and armed forces chief of the general staff.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s committee to look into the issues of the Somali’s refugee camps in Kenya with view of closing them down are also been accused of tribal or party favor.

This is after the National Assembly, through the Committees on National Security and Administration, together with that of Defence, recommended immediate closure of the refugee camps after the Westgate Mall attack, because they had become breeding grounds for terrorists.

Here are the names of members of the committee;-

Daniel Njuguna Waireri

Vice Chair:
Joyce Wanja Mburu

Joint Secretaries:

Wamuyu Mang’ondu

Gladys Njoki Muhia

Nyokabi Githiora

Charles Karanja Thingira

Elizabeth Nyanguthii

Stephen Kiraithe

Athanas Gichuki Mwathe

Christine Agatha Waitherero

Hosea Kimkung Maiyo

Research team:
Dr. Githinji wa Muoka

James Lee Mukora

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
Facebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ
UN Disarmament
Conference, 2002


From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste

Vivian from Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County writes: “Fr Beste I know you are the best political analyst who can help me understand how this Jubilee government operates. I am sure you have read the newspaper of today.

The paper has reported that a section of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government is facing a major credibility crisis just six months into the Jubilee administration with no less than six top government officials facing investigations by Parliament and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

They include Cabinet Secretaries Charity Ngilu, Joseph ole Lenku, Raychelle Omamo, Attorney General Githu Muigai, and Chief of General Staff Julius Karangi, Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo and Director General of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Michael Gichangi, all under scrutiny following emerging scandals and apparent lapses under their respective dockets.

What is your take, do you think Uhuru Kenyatta can fire them if they are found incompetent in their duties? I am just confused to tell you honestly?”

Vivian since in Kenya democracy is defined in terms of numbers, and most appointments are made on political ‘good will’ I don’t see President Uhuru Kenyatta firing these government officials even if they are found incompetent.

In that parliamentary committee they are to face the majority are from Jubilee coalition government. They have the number so they will protect them. Again this will depend on Mrs Nancy Gitau who is Uhuru’s Chief Political Advisor and former Cheranganyi MP, Joshua Kuttuny, who has since been appointed as Uhuru’s political advisor. Nancy is Uhuru’s TNA while Kuttuny is William Ruto’s URP. Both are affiliate of Jubilee coalition.

Until her appointment, Mrs Gitau was former President Mwai Kibaki’s Political advisor who worked under Prof Kivutha Kibwana who was Kibaki’s Constitution Affairs Advisor. Gitau is the chief advisor to president Uhuru and I don’t see her advising him contrary to the party.

That is also why the directive by the parliament one of its standing committees to assess whether President Uhuru Kenyatta broke the law by appointing former Treasury PS Joseph Kinyua to the newly created position of Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service without the necessary approval is a waste of time and taxpayers money.

Uhuru’s latest appointments in the last one week are:-Lee Maiyani Kinyanjui – Chair, Board of the National Transport and Safety Authority, Mbui Wagacha – Interim Chairman, Central Bank of Kenya (awaiting presidential appointment), Arthur Igeria – Chair, Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration, and Joseph Kinyua – Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service.

Other appointments include former Naivasha Mp John Mututho, the Chairman of Nacada, the country’s drugs control body, Kiragu wa Magonchi – Chairman Teachers’ Service Commission, and Mutahi Ngunyi – Senior Political Advisor. Mututho replaces Dr Frank Njenga whose five year term has elapsed.

Since Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu was one of the politically appointees, is why, even though she is accused of appointing and vesting the powers of signing title deeds in the holder of the office to Peter Kang’ethe Kahuho against Kenyan constitution, nothing is going to happen to Ngilu.

It is also why, even though Parliament’s committee on Defence and Foreign Relations and that on Administration and National Security summoned Mr Lenku, Ms Omamo, Mr Kimaiyo, Gen Gichangi and Gen Karangi to explain what they knew and what they did about the Westgate attack, all these are just a waste of time.

This is not to mention a security audit carried out in the aftermath of the Westgate terrorist attack which revealed massive fraud in the issuing of identification documents to foreigners for as little as Sh40,000. Big people concerned cannot be fired because they are either politically or ethnically appointees.

Part of the investigation revealed that a senior registration clerk had set up an office in a bar in Nairobi’s Huruma area where he issued identity cards to Somali nationals. Police officers who force their ways to investigate such big people are immediately transferred elsewhere or redeployed.

In most cases people who are fired are small people like in recent one where minister concerned only fired three senior assistant directors of immigration, Martha Ikiara (JKIA), Joseph Musili (in charge of investigations and prosecutions at Nyayo House) and Javan Bonaya (JKIA).

Others are assistant directors and include James Chege (Wilson airport), Victor Oduba (headquarters), Mose Peter K. (JKIA), Kiprotich Keter (Nakuru office), Solomon Gakuo (Nakuru), Fauziah Abdalla (JKIA), Richard K. Rono (JKIA), Alex Kisiangani (JKIA), Carol Muhenye (JKIA) and John Duba (JKIA).

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
Facebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ
UN Disarmament
Conference, 2002

Kenya: ICC process will end in empty justice, says Frazer (Sunday nation)

From: maina ndiritu


The ICC cases facing President Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and radio journalist Joshua Sang should be dismissed because the prosecutor did not conduct credible investigations and the process will end up in “empty justice,” a former US diplomat on Africa has said.

Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer says the African Union request to the UN Security Council to postpone the cases for a year should, in fact, be replaced with a dismissal of the cases.

Dr Frazer was in office at the time of the disputed 2007 election results and the violence and political agreements that followed what is characterised as one of the darkest chapters in Kenya’s history and was one of the diplomats working to resolve the crisis.

“I think the cases are so weak they should be dismissed. Deferral just keeps a cloud over the head of the leadership. But that said, I think you can’t have a case where you are asking the President and the Deputy President to be at The Hague. That doesn’t make any sense to me,” she said.

Dr Frazer revealed in an interview with the Sunday Nation that she hired a lawyer “close to the ICC” specifically to look at the evidence against President Kenyatta who, she says, informed her current position.

She asked for the legal opinion because she found the case was not consistent with the US embassy briefings from the time of the crisis and her subsequent meetings with Mr Kenyatta at the time.

“It did not seem consistent with my meetings with him during the post-election violence; it did not seem consistent with any of the cable traffic coming out of the US embassy at the time. They (lawyers) looked into the case and they said it’s all hearsay,” she said.

She then attacked the office of the prosecutor: “Where are the forensics? Who did the actual investigation? … I feel that the victims will be most served by having cases that have real forensics so that people who actually killed them can be brought to justice and that’s not happening. The victims aren’t going to get any justice from the ICC.”

At the start of investigations in 2010, Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, deputised by current Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, promised that he would follow the evidence and nothing more.

“We will investigate the crimes, protecting the victims and respecting the rights of the suspects. We will follow the evidence, and we will prosecute those most responsible,” Mr Moreno-Ocampo said.

The decision on the quality of evidence will be decided by the trial judges currently handling the matter but Dr Frazer seems unconvinced and says ICC kowtows to Western powers.

The straight shooting former diplomat is pessimistic about the outcome of the request by the African Union to the Security Council on the Kenyan cases because “It’s the exact same countries who have been manipulating the ICC. The prominent five are there and this is the problem of the institutions that we have today … that they cannot serve all of us equally.”

The “prominent five” are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council who have the power to veto any decision. They are China, US, Britain, France, and Russia.

“And that’s how the ICC has gone so terribly wrong. Just give me one case that’s not African. They won’t go after Assad because Russia won’t let them,” she said.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was recently suspected of using chemical weapons against civilians in a civil war in his country in which thousands have died.

The US stopped short of a military strike over Russia’s opposition to such an eventuality and after an agreement that President Assad would cede his chemical weapons to international watch.

Dr Frazer referred to the Syrian scenario as part of the ICC failures and called the court a “broken institution” whose prosecutor had no capacity to properly investigate crimes against humanity and had ended up with only Africans in the dock.

“I think that people conflict the ICC with justice. I don’t care what the ICC decides in the Kenyan case, there will be no justice. There is no justice when it’s a political case. It was a case brought by politicians essentially failing to act because it was politics,” she said.

“If somebody wants to feel empty justice, go right ahead and believe that the ICC represents that for you. The ICC is a broken institution.”

She said the ICC and especially the prosecutor’s office should be reformed for it to properly accomplish its mandate.

“The people who believe in international justice should be worried that the ICC is a broken institution. The people who are worried about impunity should be saying we should do something about the office of the prosecutor. Give them the real capacity to investigate crimes against humanity, not to selectively choose politicians to bring forward,” she said.

During the interview in Nairobi, Dr Frazer, however, said her views should not be taken as endorsing impunity.

“The assumption is that you can’t be against the ICC and against impunity. I’m against the ICC and against impunity. I’m very, very worried about impunity which is why I’m upset with the ICC and the reasons it’s gone so terribly wrong. If the ICC was a serious court and the office of the prosecutor was a serious office, then I would have more confidence,” she said.

Dr Frazer was the first high ranking diplomat to fly into Kenya after the break-out of the post-election violence in 2008. She told the Sunday Nation this week that the Bush administration for which she worked for, knew that the election contest was a close call and that most likely, the loser would cry foul but the speed and scale of the violence took Washington by surprise.


“We knew that the race was very close and any time you have a close race you have the potential for discord. It’s typical in Africa that the loser is going to say there was cheating especially if the race is tight up to the very end. That wasn’t a surprise but the quickness of the descent into violence and the scale of that violence was shocking,” she said.

“I was stunned because when I was flying through Europe and I stopped to buy some gadget … I gave my boarding pass to the shop owner and he said “You are not going to Kenya, are you?” And then when I got on the plane, it was largely empty and that’s when I really knew that things were bad. The planes coming to Kenya are always full of people and no one was coming in such a short period of time,” she said.

She had been dispatched to Kenya by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to find President Kibaki and his main challenger, ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga, holding different positions.

On the one hand, she said, President Kibaki said that anyone who disputed the official results should go to court while, on the other hand, Mr Odinga said he did not have any trust in the existing institutions and that his victory had been stolen.

She was confident that there would finally be a truce but she returned to Washington without a breakthrough. Dr Rice would later fly to Kenya and meet the opposing sides and it would take her efforts and that of African Union and regional leaders to finally craft agreements and bring a truce.

Dr Frazer says the emotions among the people who accompanied President Kibaki and Mr Odinga to meetings was palpable.

“There was definitely anger. I wouldn’t say that I saw anger in President Kibaki or even Raila but the people around them had a lot of passion,” she said.

“(But) I always believed a truce was possible because they all knew each other and they all had been with each other. The thing about Kenyan politics is that people change alliances rather easily.”

She criticised former UN chief Kofi Annan, who brokered the Kenyan deal, saying he should not have used “the ICC as an instrument of mediation”.

“That to me doesn’t seem like the criteria for an ICC case. An ICC case is that you have to raise to a certain level of atrocities sustained over many, many years. It’s not a tool of leverage in a mediation process,” she said.

Dr Frazer said that the Obama administration should not peg US relations with Kenya on the ICC cases because Washington deals with countries with major outstanding issues.

She cited Russia, which she said had committed atrocities in Chechnya, China’s feud with Tibet and Saudi Arabia and said that the US has its own problems in places like Iraq.

“Who really are we? We are not in fact a party to the Rome Statute.

Why would we undermine our national strategic interests in terms of the relations between the US and Kenya because of a very weak case which should not have been before the ICC in the first place?” she said.

Why should we not all live in peace and harmony ? we look up the same stars, we are fellow passengers on the same planet and dwell beneath the same sky , what matters it along which road each individual endeavours to reach the ultimate truth ? the riddle of existence is too great that there should be only one road leading us to an answer *

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Kenya: Goat Thief buried Alive in Kilifi

From: Maurice Oduor

This is overkill. Burying someone alive for stealing 3 goats !!!! God have mercy !!! On the other hand, he did take those goats via robbery. Robbing people tends to get them very angry.

This goat THIEF faced the consequences…… BURIED ALIVE in Kilifi

The Kenyan DAILY POST County News 14:49

Friday 25th October 2013 – A 40 year old man from a village in Kilifi County was buried alive for allegedly stealing three goats.

Angry villagers of Girimacha area in Langobaya stormed the house of Kesi Muhamba and forcefully threw him out. Muhamba was accused of raiding a homestead alongside two other men and stealing three goats before tying them on a motorbike and escaping.

The owner raised an alarm and the two were cornered by neighbours before going far.

The two escaped leaving Muhamba, who was carrying the goats at the mercy of the mob. He was stoned and after getting unconscious, buried in a shallow grave.

The area police boss who confirmed the incident said that the suspect died from suffocation. He condemned mob justice urging locals to shun violence. The body was retrieved by police and is lying at the Kilifi District hospital mortuary.