Raila Odinga: The Most Trusted Politician in Kenya

Raila Odinga: The Most Trusted Politician in Kenya
From: Christine Baraza

The infotrak Harris poll recently showed that Raila Odinga is the currently the most trusted politician in the country following strong stances that he has taken on national issues unlike leaders who have continuously pushed tribal agenda (Read KKK). The poll is a welcome development as it shows that Kenyans are slowly starting to move away from tribalism and look at national issues as important for the country. This is a move in the right direction for the country.

The poll also sent a chilling message to the so called KKK- led by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who is now lost in the tribal noise and could only manage 3 percent trust, which the pollsters said mainly came from his own tribe. He must have acquired a new name Mr 3 percent from last years Mr.10 percent. Kenyans seems to be outrightly rejecting tribalism and this must be a very good sign that this country has the potential for unity and more importantly for development.

It must also be noted all the leaders championing the tribal grouping KKK- fared the worst in terms of trust, with Ruto getting 5 percent, Uhuru 5 percent and Kalonzo 3 percent. Even Martha Karua beat these tribal warlords. Kenyans, this is 2010 and this poll should be taken as a glimmer of hope for the future, and for 2010 where we pray that we get a new constitution, and a raft of other legal and institutional reforms. Lets do our part as young progressives by shunning tribalism and moving this country forward with constructive ideas.

17 thoughts on “Raila Odinga: The Most Trusted Politician in Kenya

  1. nyagilo

    For the first time Kenyans are waking up from old lethal roots towards prosperity. initially we had tasted the wrath of tribalism in 2007 and we have known the consequences.

  2. David ochwangi

    Sorry to break it to you Professor Christine Baraza but this is as predictable as clockwork!

    This phony rubbish poll paid for by the cult designed to hoodwink Kenyans has absolutely no merit, value or credibility. Uongo mtupu! I mean you have to be a complete moron to believe otherwise, it is laughable to think that people are still so gullible to believe the shenanigans of public manipulations by the so called opinion polls.

    Angela Ambitho’s “Infotrak Harris” firm is directly linked to Raila Odinga both in funding and politically, so are we to believe that their so called findings are true? She didn’t even attempt to hide the bias; Steadman tried for a while but he was finally unearthed, lost credibility and quickly changed names to stay in business. Ambitho’s firm has taken the mantle. This “poll” is nothing but a predictable sham; a complete joke. It does not square with the facts; eti the most trusted, hahah! By?

    The IDPs who lost their livelihoods in his name? The PEV violence victims and their families? By the PEV suspects and their families?

    Is employment up courtesy of the PM? Is the economy up courtesy of PM or is it because ODM is so peaceful, well managed and epitome of good governance? Is nepotism dead courtesy of the PM?

    Did she ask the Rift Valley voters what they thought of the PM’s own statements in KASS FM when he said he is “not like a dog that gives birth and eats its own puppies” to see if they believe the PM has abandoned them with respect to the MAU and treatment of PEV suspects? Did she poll the PEV victims if they trust someone who openly said murderers didn’t do anything wrong and should be released?

    How about Mungiki victims, did she poll them too? The PM has publicly aided and comforted Mungiki’s chairman, perhaps that is the trust Ms. Ambitho is talking about, maybe?

    Did she poll the murderous lieutenants in ODM’s top leadership who helped fund the mayhem? Is trust why the PM is now turning to tribal elders and the church for political survival?

    Ms Ambitho didn’t even attempt to explain what parameters/questions the poll is based on; she didn’t say what demography she polled; the statistical sampling methodology used (mean and standard deviations), the margin of error in her results; for all we know she could have sampled Bondo and the cult itself; I mean the so called poll is flawed I can’t believe the Standard posted it as a newsworthy item.

    My point is good people, don’t fall for this nonsense, it is an age old trick well funded politicians resort to salvage their images; Raila is a master at it. Like all of them, Raila is just as tainted and immersed in an irreversible political quandary it is not even funny.

    Thank GOD this tricks and polls don’t vote, that is what matters guys and we the people will have the final say!

  3. Christine Baraza

    Kalonzo Musyoka Lost in the KKK Noise

    Since the Vice President started harping the formation of a tribal group of leaders called KKK he seems to be going down slope very fast and even trying to twist the explanation that he gave in national TV for the tribal group hasnt helped him either. The recent opinion poll only gave him 3 percent trustworthiness..this is sad for a politician who casts himself as being saved and a very good christian. He has moved from being Mr.10 percent to a Mr.3 percent.

    At least the Kenyan electorate is moving in the right direction by shunning tribalistic leaders who believe that they can only survive by manipulating tribal feelings and ganging up in tribal groupings. As 2010 begins, Kenyans should be serious people and know that development can only be achieved when we straighten our politics. Its time KKK was given the contempt it deserves. Its founders like Kalonzo are running all over, trying to re-explain themselves for they have realized that the Kenyan electorate is slowly knowing that they have been misused through tribal call that only matter to individual politicians.

    Lets kick tribalism out of Kenya and out of our politics. Its gonna take time, but we have to start somewhere. We must all distance ourselves from the doomsday KKK grouping for it has nothing..no policy to offer to the Kenyan people-only disunity and hatred. We must learn a lot of lessons from 2007 bangled elections and find the best path for Kenyans politics and development. We, the progressive must start here and any useless contribution like those of Ochwangi must not be responded to for they are a waste of time.

  4. Lee Makwiny


    With all due respect, I support your sentiment that “we the people count’, not the opinion polls.

    And by the way, has it ever occurred to you that Raila has more support and is the most trusted leader even in this forum? Thats the voice of the people and it will take time to change.

  5. julia chege

    Really Ochwangi, very interesting. Can you please break it down to us how three or four poll companies, infotrak, harris, steadman etc have all been, i dont know ‘bribed’ by raila odinga, to give him favourable ratings.

    Because with all polls, even the one conducted recently by stedman, he is always ahead of the pack. If it were only one company that gave him favourable ratings, maybe, just maybe we could fall for your innuendo and blatant lies.

    Secondly, when it comes to money and corruption, we know nobody can beat pnu or even kkk, just uhuru kenyatta on his own could at any time gather more money to pay any one of these companies more than raila ever could.

    So can you please stop your desperate attempts, to deny what is staring you in the face.

    Raila is more popular and is gaining more support by the day. That hate you have for him is nothing new. He has had haters such as yourself aka ‘railaphobics’ for a while and he still keeps moving forward, …find a
    better pass time than your current one of maligning, sorry..Trying to malign agwambo.


    Ochwangi, You are pouring hot water on fire!

    We, all love Raila, we ( Including us the Kalenjin ) who are facing Dinga’s wrath, for belonging to to the wrong tribe!

    Leave dreamers alone, I know them well. I grew up in their land ( Nyanza ) So their lies are nothing new!

    Only idiots believes those, polls. One thing we know is this, when 2012, comes rolling, we, ( Kalenjin ) shall wake him up and show him how we love him, because the ” INFOTRACK HARRIS POLL ” said so!

    I can not wait to see them, mourning. We would celebrate their weeping!

    They are scared to dead about the block of the Kalenjin and the Kikuyu with the Kamba. They have always thrived when Kenyans are fragmented, and divided.

    This time around, we know them well. So let the deceitful machine go on! we should sing their song till the time comes and we shall show them how stupid their PM was!



    ” And by the way, has it ever occurred to you that Raila has more support and is the most trusted leader even in this FORUM? ”

    Yes, He has, in this forum all the support! But whose forum is this for? it is obvious who frequents it! His own home Boys. No matter what Raila does to the Luos, they have given him their total blind support! Whereas we, the not Jaluo group, have protested his actions!

    When he has left them in slums for ever and yet they do not see any thing wrong to be represented by the man who lives in light years away from them that alone is an attestation of great dogmatism!

    We will therefore not be surprised to hear all the talk of support for Raila.


  8. Dher Goro

    Raila Odinga has been in the national radar of public service since the first time he considered running for the Lang’ata seat in 1974.

    He did not enter that race but from thereon made life-long sacrifices in post-colonial independence liberation crusade during which he was prodded,humiliated and incarcerated for nearly ten years of his most productive life by Moi.

    His family went through intense emotional and physical trauma. His father,Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (now deceased) was brutally isolated. His wife, Ida,sacked from her teaching job. Their children equally suffered the isolation of pariahs. To date, he is the most criticised, betrayed and insulted politician in the country.

    Yet Raila has not shown any personal resentment or hate towards his tormentors. He fiercely defended Moi when some reactionary elements began to censure Moi after the 2003 NARC triumph. He has never commented publicly on Moi’s various excesses in 24 years of plunder of national resources. Not that he has endorsed Moi’s record, but rather accorded him the respect deserving for a former leader. Of course, Moi and his associates won’t and don’t reciprocate.

    Raila was betrayed in the NARC revolution which he championed and,later,his victory was scuppered in 2007. The majority of Kenyans know this and hold him high in the leadership rating. Why are some people so uneasy with probably post-independent Kenya’s most illustrious political profile?

  9. Fuambo Janyandito

    Infotrack Harris published their poll results and I cannot pretend to verify if it is representative enough, unless I comb through their sampling methodology. I cannot therefore support or dismiss the poll results.

    I’m just wondering if my brother Ochwangi and Tekere Jelule have looked critically at the methodologies employed by Infotrack. What basis do they have to dismiss poll results?

    The major problem we have in Kenya is tribalising and politicizing every issues. I thought poll results are statistical issues based on sampling and if the sampling techniques used are erroneous, then Ochwangi and Tekere are free to point them out.

    However crying wolf against luos, Raila, ODM will not wash away Tekere and Ochwangi’s lack of objectivity and minds infested by the tribal bug. Polling and the subsequent statistical analysis the world over is not kindergarten stuff, and an attempt to critique them by empty heads end in the absurd, just as we are witnessing in this forum.

    Tekere and Ochwangi, expel the tribal bugs causing the biases in your critique of the poll results, and question the pollsters’ methodologies before embarrassing yourselves.

  10. smakau

    I for a second dont believe these so called polls. They are not even scientific and we know Raila bribes and corrupts everybody and the polls to show that he is popular. That is mere BULL SHIT

  11. smakau

    Like a friend said earlier these Jaluos are scared to ” DEATH” by the prospect of the Kalonzo,Uhuru, Ruto alliance.Thats why they are so desperately trying all sorts of tricks to hoodwink Kenyans that R.Ojinga is the most popular politician.Raila is the most corrupt politician in Kenya today.He is a skimmer and a chamelion and uses people for his political gain.When he needs you, he will praise you profusily but when you disagree with him he will call you all sorts of names.That happened with Kalonzo, with Ruto, with Kibaki, with Moi and I believe with Uhuru.This is an Evil person

  12. smakau

    I really hope and pray that this man Raila will Never rule Kenya because he would be the worst dictator Africa has ever known. Imagine if you cant say anything against him now and he is just a PM what would happen if he is Preaident.And all the Jaluos follow him like “sheep” and whatever he says to them “is the law”He has paid ,”the daily nation”,”east african standard” to portray him as an angel and to “sugar coat” everything about him and to scandalise all other politicians who dont agree with him.Even when he is lying in hospital they say “Raila is as fit as fiddle” Ha,ha,ha ha,ha

  13. smakau

    Something is seriously wrong with my fellow Kambas.Is it because they suffer from inferiority complex. Some Kamba idiots including the psedo academic Makau Mutua are the staunchest suppoter[ or so they imply] of this mad man called Raila and, after all, all the hell he and his Luo kinfolk have given Kalonzo Musyoka. They have called Kalonzo all sorts of names and done everything to belitle him. Kalonzo is a peaceful man, corrupt free, and a true Democrat. Apart from Kibaki he is the longest serving MP. He has served both MOI and KIBAKI faithfully.Railas political history is “0”

  14. Wambua Kaloki Wakenya


    I am ashamed of you. The opinion polls did not mention anything to do with Luos, Kambas or any tribe. Why do you introduce ethnicity to analysis of opinion polls. When we criticize Kalaonzo, we do not see him as a fellow Kamba. we are telling him to pull up. I used to support him but pulled out when he started he started to push for his annoinment in ODM-K instead of competing democratically with the others…………………………, when he hastily joined PNU at a time Kenya was burning, he lost it. As if that was not enough, he dirtied himself in the peckinh order power games and before we forgot the ugly pecking order games he was sleeping with Uhuru and Ruto in the KKK bed…………………. We do not suppport such recklessness and we do not care whether he is a fellow Kamba.

    When Kenya is burning due to poor leadership, it does not matter whether the President is fellow kamba, even kambas will burn.


  15. bule

    What are you people arguing about? May the best leader ascend to the presidency whether, Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru, Ruto or whoever. Right now, the state house is not vacant, there is a president in this country guyz! We have a year to elections, time will tell it guyz. One President at a time for Kenya no tribes. As for pollsters, that is their job to inform or misinform. The voting is done by you. So what will it be???

  16. Isaac Combar

    Raila Odinga is the most popular leader in this county.Several people icluding his paliamentatry colleagues have tried to tarnish his name using the Ocampo six,some have even called him “kimundu”,kehee,and allsort of slurs ,come 2012 they will see dust and shame.These people are exposing themselves to Kenyas they think we are fools.
    Keeep up Raila kenyans are with you.

  17. welikhe robert

    Rails u have always fort marginalized communities in Kenya , u have love every one in Kenya hate tribalism trying to unify the country u take stands which costs politically really ur man to celebrate in Kenya and Kenyans shd give u a chance to lead them

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