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News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo In Migori Town.

The next bilection campaign battle in Suna East constituency is expected to be the touch stone of the entire Southern Nyaza region. THe constituency is a cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word. The residents are people of mixture tribal background.

He Luos are arguably the majority,but other In ethnic groups such as Luyhias, Maragolis, Kisiis and Somalis makes this electoral area a true cosmopolitan in the real sense of the word.

The incumbent MP is the controversial and outspoken Mohammed Junet, a man of Somali origin whose leadership style appeared to have been weaken by his links with political goons and hirelings. The MP who has been bragging to be the eyes and ears of the ODM and CORD leader Raila Odinga in Migori is full of political antics and gimmicks, which has so far made his popularity to wane as fast as he had won the seat in 2013 elections..

The residents accused the MP of being fond of making political rhetoric in Nairobi, but doing absolutely nothing tangible in helping the electorate overcome myriads of problem at the constituency level. On several occassions the youthful legislator has been in brawls in public, and even at one time wrestling with his perceived opponents while scrambling for microphone or address system before the huge crowd of mourners.

The man who is giving Junet sleepless is Patrick Odipo a business magnate in Migoritown who is running chain of businesses including transport and estate agency. Odipom hails from Suna Kadika in Wasweta East in Suba East Division of Migori district. Is a member of the indigenous Jo-Suna sub-clan

Another Junet’s challenger is Hezron Ondigo who is a Maragoli. His parents are living in Uriri sub-County also withi Migori , but he lives in Kakirao area. He is a former school teacher-turned businessman.

During last week burial of a retired teacher the late Angira Angira, at Nyabisawa village, it was Ondigo who turned the heat on MP Junet when he bravely challenged as the legislator to account for what he has done to to his constituents ever since he was voted into parliament two and half years ago.

His sentiments infuriated the MP prompting him to grab and switched off the micraphone as the hundreds of mourners chanted “Junet Must Go”. Sensing the danger the priest conducting the burial prayers moved in and grabbed the microphone and took it to the graveside. He then asked the mourners to move to the graveside and to leave the brawling politicians to fight on.

It was one of Junet’s opponent Patrick Odipo who calmed the situatiion and saved it from getting worse as youths supporting the waring parties were getting ready for a fight, while many mourners scampered and fled the funeral home for their safety.

Suna East is one of the richest constituencies in Migori County. The County has seven parliamentary constituencies, namely Rongo, Awendo, Nyatike, Uriri,una East, Suna West, Kuria East and Kuria West. Its economic dynamic are minerals, highly valued cash crops, which included Tobacco and Sugar cane residents of the lower parts like Nyatike and parts of Uriri sub county, but he is a resident of Kakirao on the Suna-East constituencysde.

Speaking to this writer in his Migori townm Oatric Odipo said that every generation in this country faces unique challenges. Obkthuiatory is able to judge how well they respond to it. Many residents of Suna East were raised in the context where underdevelopment and poverty were pervasive.

Odipo said, “almost every year we faces unique hard economic times. THe population in the area comprises of majority with only primary education or “O” level school dropouts with many seeking manual jobs. Their parents are left to the mercy of nature as they deliver far from the safety of hospitals.

The business tycoon went on saying, ”there is leadership, apathy and the Suna East residents must now question the circumstances and demand leadership to account for their responsibilities and resources utilization.

He added, “changing the course of history is never easy task and only the brave and committed men like myself, he said adding that there will always be some elements of antics who will say how it cannot be done and give million reasons as to to why it would be possible to achieve this. If men listen to them we would have not set foot on the mont, Odipo said philosophically., adding we “We would only pride ourselves for having walked to the next village. The great leaders not not only ask the question why but also why not.

HE said the electorate I Sua East constituency have asked him to rise up and lead them to the next level of development, and in response to the numrous requests he has accepted the challenge and decided to change the course of the constituency’s development trajectory.

Odipo said he was sure of besting the incumbent legislator and his mai agenda would be to create the wealth. He intend to launch wealth creation programme which will transform Suba East into the hub wealth and business activities to be envious to other constituencies in the region. The area lacked fresh water for heath and sanitation. It needs serious youth economic empowerment programme, major healthcare programs, introduction of new method and technology in agriculture, increase in livestock, especially graded dairy cows to increase milk output.

SUNA East constituency is partly in Migori town which it shared equally with Suna West constituency. The town’s proximity to border trades makes it a major hub for business acclivities that attract customers and business people from across the Kenya-Tanzania border

He said the current MP has been sleeping on the job. He lacked commitment to poverty eradication and has been threatening the electorate while using the name the CORD leader Raila Odinga as his protector, and his performance is lukewarm. His performance is dismal and reads zero.




Writes Leo Odera Omolo

A member of parliament has appealed to the central government of Kenya to instruct the Kenya Wildlife Service’s {KWS to conduct what he termed as mass culling of Hippo population in Lake Victoria in order to reduce the numerous attacks by these beasts which have resulted in the deaths of fishermen.

Nyatike MP Edick Omondi Anyanga Also decried of the increased population of the dreaded Nile Crocodile in River Kuja, which has become dangerous to the people and their livestock.

The MP comment came in the wake of report that a 28 old fisherman was killed by a rogue bull of hippo.The incident occurred near Muhuru Bay.The 28 year old man whose name was given as Kennedy had gone fishing with a companion when the beast attacked and hit their fishing boat and overturned throwing the two into the deep side of the water, His companion swam to the safety, while Kennedy was thrown into the water and the beast bite him savagely killing him instantly.

His badly mutilated body was later retrieved. There has been several incidents along the shoreline of the lake which have all resulted in deaths caused by hippos stretching from Sindo beach in Suba South constituency following an alarming increased in hippo’s population. The situation now calls for mass culling in order to reduce the population of these dangerous beasts .Hippos are also destructive in a way destroying food crops causing hunger and famine to the communities living along the lake shorelines.

In another unrelated incident a woman was devoured by the Nile crocodile in River Kuja near wath Ong’er trading in north Kadem location also in Migori County.

The MP pleaded with the government to come to the rescue his constituents before more people are killed by These dangerous creature. In the case of crocodile attack the body of the woman a mother of three who had gone to the to wash her clothes in the river was retrieved after three days of search, but thebeast had cut her body into two halves and the reptiles had already swallowed the other half.




Reports Leo Odera Omolo

The government efforts to stamp out thuggery in Uriri sub – county in Migori is being derailed by politicians who preening themselves and requesting the arresting authorities and courts to have the suspects released from the lawful custody before suspected criminals are punished for their crimes .

Uriri sub – county commissioner George Kibet Lagat has expressed concern saying that each time the Aps working the in area nabbed a suspect criminal and handed them to the police to prosecuted the politicians intervene by pleading with the arresting authority to released the suspect .This has made the work of the police in the area difficult and thwarted his concerted efforts to get rid of rampant waves of crime in the sub – county .

The politician, said Lagat include the unnamed MPS and MCAS. These Leaders Should allow the police to do their job. We are here to serve citizens of the area and ensure they live in peace and their lives and properties protected , we therefore need the co-operation of all the local politicians and community leaders .

The suspect criminals who earned their freedom after the intervention of t he politicians usually come back home and continue with their criminal activities while bragging of being untouchable because o f their god fathers .This must stop .The police and courts must be free to discharge their lawful duties.

Lagat cited the example of a hard-core criminal who is a suspect in several cases of burglaries,house breaking assault, robberies and other serious crimes who was recently nabbed by he APS AT Rapogi center and handed over to the police ,but ws quickly released after unnamed senior politician phoned to th arresting authority before the man could be taken to the court in Migori to answer numerous criminal charges.

The commissioner says the politician have their role to play in the society while the local administration and the police plays pivotal role in protecting citizens and their properties and as such should be left alone to carry out their work.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

Sleuths from the Kenya Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission {KEACC} have been dispatched  to Migori County government to investigate the alleged corruption. They have  detected and queried various loopholes in procurement, unsupported claims estimated to be  slightly in excess of colossal amount of taxpayers’ money to the tune of Kshs 400 million.

Sources both in Nairobi  and Migori quoted an official of the anti graft commission George Nyabuga as having confirmed the deployment of the sleuths at the MIGORI county offices to investigate extravagant withdrawal of money, and some payments made to phantom people and organizations.

The reports painted the County government as having gone with recklessness and extravagant spending spree.  Among the organizations considered as undeserving is the Nairobi-based Gor Mahia Football Club, which is said in the reported to have received KSHS 168,000 for unexplained reasons..

A management reports which is already in the public domain shows how a clerical officer working as Personal assistant {PA} to the governor called Caspal Obiero extravagantly claimed a total of  Kshs 16 million for traveling and accommodation allowances. The officer mentioned is reported to have at one time drawn three huge claims on one day from the cashier.

The report shows that the county staff extravagantly drew unsupported impress amounting  to KSHS 32  millions. Queries have also been raised about the air-tickets bought for the governor Zachary Okoth Obado and a delegation  for travels for local and international destinations travels.

“Payment voucher number 1842 issued on 24th December 2013 and paid for in cash money to Elsuco Tours  and Travels through Invoice  number218 dated 23 December 2013 indicates that the tickets were bought for the governor’s wife Mrs Hellen Odie Obado and 12 other persons to travel to Mombasa for the colossal amount of Kshs 616,200.”

The audit report is questioning the identities of the 12 people who had traveled  with the governor to Mombasa on the eve of Christmas their titles, role and assignment to county government.

The report further revealed that the delegation were booked at the posh hotel called Amani Tiwi Resort and the Migori County government footed the accommodation bill of Kshs 1.7 million for their accommodation and meals.

Other questionable payments which the auditor gave queried include the KSHS 147.9 million for the unauthorized purchase of motor vehicles..Abuse of Kshs 1.8for the preparation of tender documents. Kshs 15.3 million for the undelivered vehicles Such other payments include Kshs 24.4 million traveling and accommodation.  Another KSHS 10 million was spent for for the alleged hire of equipment for unspecified work. And another sums of Kshs 10 million for the purchase of plastic water tanks.

There was another trip by Governor Obado to the US WITH aNOTHER MAN Called Moses Chamwada US where the air-tickets were bought for him and another person called Moses Chamwada for KSHS 947,588.the deal has also been questioned by the auditors after the passports of the two were not provided or produced to justify and confirm the claims whether the trip actually took place.

Governor Obado on his part has rubbished and dismissed the report as witch hunting.

“The county may be buying air-tickets for people people who are not its employees,” observed the report.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo

RESIDENTS of several villages within Nyatike constituency are still in big shock following a series of incidents in which lightning struck four places and killed two pupils within two days and within a radius of eight kilometers apart.

The residents say they have never experienced similar incidents before and called upon the government to send geological experts to go and examine the ground if there are some hidden minerals on the ground that attract the thunder ball in the area.

The areas involved are those close to the closed down former Macalder and Masara gold mines. The mines which had been closed way back in 1962 had a lot o deposits gold, nickels and cooper. They were closed way back in 1962 before Kenya attained its political independence from Great Britain in 1963 and the former owners and managers packed and went away.

Small scale mining of the precious stones are still going on by small time local miners, though of late some prospectors and mining companies from Europe and South African have invaded the area and formed several mining companies.

The first incident took place early last week at Namba Kodero, Kanyarwanda sub-clan where two pupils aged 9 and 13 were struck dead. The incident came soon on the heels of the victim’s father’s funeral.

The second incident took place at Kongili village in Masara village not far from the defunct Masara gold mine. A woman and her small child were hurt as she was drawing the rains waters during the heavy downpour.

Another serious lightning incident was reported at OSIRI gold mine, which is very close to the defunct, Macalder Goldmine and the other one was near airport at a place called God Kwach. Two men who were taking shelter in a house were hurt. The survived but sustained serious bodily burns which required medical treatment.

THE AREA mp Edick Omondi Anyanga has joined the residents in requesting the government to send geological experts to go and examine the grounds in the area.

One scared resident told this writer Migori that the residents were now living in fear at all the rains which come to them. He said many have deserted their homes and moved to other villages faraway from these areas close to the abandoned gold shafts. They are just figuring it out as to whether it’s a pattern.

Many parts of West Kenya are prone to lightning attack during the short rains which begin early in August and end in December. So far the thunder ball has killed more than 12 people in various places including Nandi, Bungoma, Busia and Ksii,and Bomet regions since the beginning of last month.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo in Homa-Bay Town

Recently an ambitious power development project, in Homa-Bay County, estimated to cost Kshs 80 million, which was launched by governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti. Members of parliament representing all the eight constituencies have resolve to supplement the effort of the County government by ensuring that urban centers, market places and public institutions, including schools are connected to power either by the installation of solar light or through the main KPLC lines.

The county has five major towns, which are all by now connected to the main power lines. These urban centers included Oyugis, Kendu-Bay, Ndhiwa Mbit and Homa-Bay town which is the County’s administrative headquarters.

The region has close to ten major market places, which the eight MPS have vowed to ensure that they would receive lights. To supplement the county government’s concerted effort to ensure the trading centers and market paces received lights, the MPS are reportedly working round the clock by making use of the CDF revolving funds for the purpose of installations of solar light in all public institutions, health centers and dispensaries.

The late Joshua Orwa Ojode, formerly of Ndhiwa, had set the ball rolling when he pioneered in solar installation which is now lighting Gandhi market. The major market places included Ladonna, Riga, Moselle, Paley, Oriana’, Madel Krieger, Midi Company, Adora bondholder, Handiwork, Sin do, Haberman Awkward, Range,Indira and Ouch-Shenyang.

And while launching the ambitious power initiative programme GOV ERNOR awiti disclosed that the initiative is being undertaken by the KPLC. Once fully implemented by the governor, the project is expected to end the frequent power shortage in the region. The project is dubbed as “Boresha Umeme Homa-Bay. The project is expected to increase the electricity supply in the region six times over the current volumes. In attendance was the KPLC managing director Ben Chumo who told the gathering that the move was part of the countrywide exercise to upgrade the power supply system in the area.

The launching ceremony was held at Homa-Bay power station and the MD Chumo said that the work involved conducting master repair at existing service stations and upgrading power lines. Chumo said that in an initiative that is expected to create alternative source of power. The power utility has increased threshold is in high demand in the region by the traders who want to enhance their businesses.

Most market places located in Karachuonyo, Kasipul, Kabondo- Kasipul constituencies are on electricity connections.

The MPs representing the eight constituencies included JOHN mbadi [Gwassi}, Oyugi Magwang {Kasipul}, Augustine Netto {Ndhiwa}, Millie Odhiambo {Mbita},George Oner{Rangwe}, Opondo Kalum {Homa-BAY Town}. James Rege reg {Karachuonyo} and Silvance Oselle of Kabondo-kasipul.



Reports  By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu CITY

The hired political goons who disrupted an important consultative meeting  between the Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o and a group of MPS IN Kisumu on Tuesday this week were not strangers, but common  characters who are well known to the MPS.

These were the youths who some of the MPS have used before to intimidate or harass their political opponents before. Some of the youths were the same goons who four months ago violently disrupted the ODM elections meeting at Kasarani Sports Complex in Nairobi and forced it to be postponed indefinitely.

Prof.Nyong’o was accompanied by MPS Fred Outa {Nyando}, Aduma Owuor {Nyakach}John Olago Aluoch {Kisumu WestT},MRS Rose Nyamunga {Women Rep}, Deputy KisumuI governor Ruth Odinga. Nyong’o reported that two other MPS who were not in attendance had sent their apology. They includeed James Onyango Koyoo {Muhoroni}, SHAKEEL ahmed SHABBIR {Ksumu TOWN east} and  Ken Obura {Kisumu Central]

According to sources in this lakeside city Senator Nyong’o and the four MPS who attended the disrupted meeting were treated with a dose of their own medicine, and as such should not blame som one else for the shameful act carried out on them.  It was further alleged that some of the MPS were the same people who had contributed immensely in facilitating the traveling logistics for the goons to attend the Nairobi meeting. It only occurred that while ejecting Nyong’o and the MPS out of the meeting, this time around the goons were dressed in their normal attired and not their dreaded “black suits”.

The group was led by the ODM activist Austine Oduor, alias Makamu who is always a frequent visitor at the home of the ODM supremo Raila Odinga’s Kisumu Milimani house. The same man was positively identified as one of the men in  “Black Suits”  at the Kasarani venue of the aborted ODM elections..

THE kisumu debacle has however, caused a lot of embarrassment to the County governor Jack Ranguma who has since came out in full force and distanced himself from the shameful act. The governor maintained that he had no prior knowledge to the shameful action of the goon s  and tendered his sincere apology to Senator Nyong’o. Ranguma, however, insisted that he had already tendered his sincere apology to Senator Nyong’o, But to apology to make to the ODM as a party because he is also a member of the same.  But he insisted that he had no apology to make to the ODM as party because he was also a member of the same party. .

From the look of things it appeared as if a group of Kisumu MCAS who are not comfortable with the new law that has made the Senators to become the chairmen of their County Development Boards respectively, which was recently constituted after President Kenyatta had assented to the County Government Amendment Act{2014} and were not happy that their MPS never put up spirited opposition to the Bill when it was introduced in parliament for debate before being passed into the new law.

The goons had hurled unprintable insults to Sen Nyong’o and the MPS before the police were summoned by Ranguma to come and disperse them. The goons cited some MPS as being jubilee moles in ODM and accused them of conspiring with the national government with intention of scuttling the devolution.

The controversial CDB has prompted the governors through their association to move to court challenging the legality ofth nre law arguing that  it is intended to deprive them the executive powers in their respective COUNTIES.



WRITES Leo Odera Omolo

The Homa-BY County Senate representative Gerald Otieno Kjanwa’g might not find it easy to chair the newly created County Development Board. The County MCAS hinted last week that they would not be comfortable to allow the Senator to chair the board which was recently created by law. They have termed its creation as illegal and unconstitutional and vowed not to allow Kajwang’ to step into their Assembly under any circumstances

The newly created boards allow the Senators to be the chairmen the County Development BOARDS. Already similar reaction has been witnessed in Kisumuy County where the rowdy youths this week prevented Senator ANyang’ Nyongo’ and a group of MPS from the region from launching the board meeting. In KISUMU.

The contentious issues came Iinto the Assembly hall last week during heated debate initiated by the Kakelo / Kokwanyo ward. Omuga Oriango said the new law was a ploy by the Central government to kill the devolution . The MCAs vowed not to chair any board meeting and vowed they would boycott such a meeting not to allow their Senator

The MCA alleged that Sen ator Kajwang’ has never stepped into the County Assembly ever since he was voted in.

Kajwang’, a close confidant of the ODM leader Raila Odinga, has recently came under severest criticism as one of the party’s leader close friends whose activities are considered to be so detrimental to the party’s unity.A group of MPs and other party leaders from Western Province issued a statement earlier this week citing him and other Luo MPS – – Raila elder brother Dr Oburu Oginga, Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo, Mohamed Junet of Suna East as among other who Raila to should sideline because they are fond of branding leaders from other regions who are supporting the part as Jubilee moles.

A groip of party officials from all the eight parliamentary constituencies that makes Homa-Bay CountY and announced that they had ousted Otieno Kajwang’; and his entire executive of the branch in County branch where he had been the chairman for a couple of years. They accused the senator for having failed to c all the party meeting to iron out a certain pressing problem.

Raila, however, insisted that Kajwang’ ousting was not in line with the party’s regulations.

In Homa-Bay politics, Kajwang’ is known to be allied to the governor Cyprian Orieno Awiti, But the governor who was in attendance did not utter any word in defense of his political friend, MCAS declared that they would not allow him to chair any board meeting in their assembly, Governor Awiti was present I the meeting, but did not utter any word in defense of his political friend.

Meanwhile, there is an un confirmed report that Awiti and the MPs have resolved to bury their hatchet and agreed to work together for the sake of development.

The agreement came in the wake of claims that the working relationship between AWITI with the seven MPs representing eight constituencies had gone Sour, except for his relationship with the Suba MP John Mbadi. The relations between the governor and Karachuonyo MP worsened after the MP made some announcement that he would contest the governor’s seat comes the 2017 instead of defending his seat.

Rege seemed to have been provoked by Awiti’s remarks during the funeral of the former AREA mp DR. paul Adhu Awiti at his Kanjira Karachyuonyo MP Dr.Paul Adhu Awiti governor Awiti was quoted as having said that Rege had represented the area for two of five years terms and that all the previous MPS for the area have served for two five years terms only .



Reports Leo Odera Omolo.

In an African society the arrival of the new rains season after along spell of the biting drought is regarded and viewed as good and promising the rural farming community of a bumper grain harvesting in the near future and food security.

However, the latest of the current short rains in many parts of Western Kenya has brought with it a lot of natural calamities and tragedies leaving many villagers in mourning mood.

Two male students were struck dead at Chepkemei Secondary School when they were struck by the thunderbolt early this week. Tragedy occurred on Monday at about 4.30 PM. It was during the game time when students were preparing themselves to go home after the day long classroom work.

Nan di County is laying about 200 kilometers north west of the Kenyan capital Nairobi and in the highlands west of the Rift Vally. It left ten other students injured and were admitted at the Moi Teaching and Referral hospital in Eldoret Town.

The Principal of the school was quoted in the local media as having said that this was the first incident of it its kind to be experienced. He said, however, that the tragedy had robbed the school two of its brightest students. The bodies of the victims were taken away to the morgue after their parents had been informed.

Within 30 kilometers away at Soy Primary in the neighboring Kakamega Count , 30 primary school pupils were injured when the lightning struck their classes. The affected pupils were in standard seven and eight. The tragedy occurred during games time and late afternoon downpour at about 5.P.M local time.

The pupils were outside in the field playing, but dashed back to clash rooms for shelter when the rains began with storms. The head teacher Wafula Nyongesa said that many pupils were now keeping out of the school due to fears. They are scared to death and unwilling to enter into their classrooms, something which could adversely interfere with their performance.

Last year ten people were killed when the thunderbolt struck in West Pokot also located in Western Kenya. The regions are prone to lightning attack, mostly during the short rains seasons which begins in August and ends in December.

Many parts of Western Kenya regions do experience thunderstorms every year, with Kisii County leading the pack, followed by Nandi, Busia, Kakamega, Uasin Gishu, SiayaI, MIgori ,Kericho, Trans-Mara Narok and Migori.

About ten years ago, the retired President Daniel Arap Moi had initiated the crash programme for the installation of lightning arrestors in schools buildings and in all other public institutions

Zimbabwe is leading the rest of Africa in lightning death at an annual rate of 280 followed by Zambia at about 186 annually. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia followed with the number being put relatively at below 100 annually.

In some community lightning incidents are always associated with witchcrafts.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo in Homa-Bay own.

Poverty index in Rangwe constituency in general and Homa-BAY County in particular is the highest, and means and ways must be found of stamping out the abject of poverty in the area. And the only sensible and quickest way of enhancing the purchasing power of the locals is for the elected leaders in the region to support the proposed white sugar mill slated to be established in Rangwe as soon as the government give its okay for the project to start.

These views were expressed by the Rangwe MP George Oner at the weekend. Speaking during an exclusive interview with this writer in Kisumu city. He expressed the home that his fellow legislators fro the region, MCAS professionals, businessmen, traders and rural folks will join him in supporting the noble project which is said at lifting the standard of living of the residents of the regions involved.

The MP said the project has received wider support and unanimous blessing and backing from the County governments of Homa-Bay, Migori and Kisii. On completion and during its operational, the proposed new white sugar processing mills to be located at Aoch Muga in Gem West Location, Homa-Bay district will receive the bulk its raw cane material from Homa-Bay at the rate of 9 per cent, and 10 per cent from Migori, and Ndhiwa as well as the same percentage from the southern part of kisii and Kasipul constituency.

The youthful MP said the new mill will enhanced the income of the rural farming population in the region because there will be better schools, better and modernized health facilities such as private, hospitals. Rural farmer will have an easy access to market for their farm products next door as the purchasing power of the locals would be enhanced considerably.

The MP thanked the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Felix Kosgei who made an extensive toured the region on July 6th and personally listened to the pleas of the farmers and their cries for the project. The MP said he was too optimistic that president Uhuru Kenyatta’s government would soon sanctioned the licensing of the project so that the construction of the mill to start the earliest, and that the CS Kosgei would soon return to Homa-Bay County to officially officiate I the groundbreaking ceremony so that the construction work on the new mill could start immediately.

The MP also thanked the CEO of the Kenya sugar board Rosemary Mkok who accompanied the Agriculture CS Kosgei during his tour and the representative of the HOMA-bayanbd MIGORI county governments. H was also thankful to governors Cyprian Awiti of Homa-Bay and Zachary Okoth Obado of Migori county for the blessing of the new sugar project. He said the feasibility studies of the projects were completed several years ago. The developers had strictly observed the rules and regulations lay down by the KSB which stipulates that those intending to establish new sugar factory must ensure that the new facility is located in a location which is 40 kilometers apart from the existing factory in distance. In the case of the Rangwe project, it will be located about 46 kilometers from Sukari Industries in Ndhiwa and 41 kilometers from the Awendo based SONYSUGAR factory.

The MP, however, strongly abhorred the alleged secret maneuvers by an unnamed senior politician from the region who is reported to have raised an objection against the licensing of the new sugar mill under the pretext of flimsy and lame excuses, adding that such a leader should be classified and isolated as someone who is anti-development character.

Unemployment in our region is the highest and anyone who has the capacity of putting up a project of this magnitude should be highly appreciated and give the necessary assistance.

Meanwhile the former vice chairman f the defunct County council of the greater Southern Nyanza EX-Coun, Elisha Adeny Rachilo has threatened that he would mobilize about 100 elders from the region to travel to Nairobi and visit State house to petition President Uhuru Kenyatta and ask him to intervene on the matter with the view to ensure that the Homa-Bay sugar mill is licensed as soon as possible should there be any further delay in granting of the same.

Speaking on a different forum Ex Coun Adeny Rachilo said that the rate of unemployment among the youth in the region has reached an alarming proportion and because President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are known to be totally committed to economically empowering the youth of this country his team would request the President to visit the region and see for himself what his people on the ground are saying about this most important economic project, the only one of its kind I the vast region.

Meanwhile this writer made an extensive visit to Hom-Bay and Migori Counties over the weekend and conducted interviews with the stakeholders, politicians and opinion leaders who appeared to be unanimous in support of the Rngwe sugar mill project.

The writer visited Rongo, Awendo and Migori towns and wound up in Oyugis. The surety revealed that there would be close to 30,000 hectors of land readily available to be used as sugar cane growing zones, in areas covering Kodera and kotieno in Ksipul. Kagan nd Gongo Locations, Gem Central east and South locations ,Kamagambo West, north,Kitutu Chache South and North Bonchari and south Mugirango regiona. All these areas are potential for sugar cane growing and could produce as many as 60,000 hectare of sugar cane growing potential area which will br sufficient to sustain a larger sugar mill.



Business feature By Leo Oder Omolo in Homa-Bay Town.

Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno has come under the scathing criticism by the residents of Homa-Bay county for allegedly gross interference and trying to sabotage the planned multi billion white sugar Mill in the region

The resident are up in arms against the MP’s alleged maneuvers and canvassing against the Ministry of Agriculture and the Kenya Sugar Board recent approval of a the license for the establishment of the new sugar mill in parts of Rangwe constituency in Homa-BAY County

The residents of both Homa-BAY, Migori and Kisii Counties which stands to benefit a great deal from the planned sugar mill have vowed to petition President Uhuru Kenyatta to plead with him to intervene and ensure that the investors for the project are issued with the license as soon as possible.

The new white sugar mill ‘output when fully operational is expected to be 3000 metric tone of made sugar per day. Its construction cost is estimated to be around Kshs 4.6 billion. The new factory will offer job opportunities for close to 2,500 workers on direct employment while similar number of farmers will also benefit from their sugar cane products as out growers in the region covering Homa-Bay, Kisii and Migori counties.

The criticism of the Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno has come as the result of the recent visit by the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Felix Kosgei. The CS toured the region on July 6th. Kosgei was accompanied by the CEO of the Kenya Sugar Board Rosemary MKOK, Rngqwe MP George Oner two representatives of Homa-Bay and Migori County governments and a large number of cane farmers from Rongo,Rangwe and Southern Kisii regions. Kisi regions.

The CS led the group on a visit to the site of the proposed new sugar mill at Aoch Muga in south Gem location, Rangwe constituency in Homa-Bay county. ALso present at the public BARAZA WHICH WAS Addressed by the CS Kosgei were the representatives of the investors the entrepreneurs from Kisumu.

Kosegei disclosed at the meeting that application for the new mill would be approved. The CS said this after listening with his own ears what the residents, especially the potential out growers.

Kosgei advised the residents of the affected areas to shun politics and redouble their efforts in growing more sugar cane, and that he was satisfied that the people were yawning for the new mill to start its production the soonest.

The CSe promised that he wold write a letter of approval to the relevant authority when he get back to his Nairobi office.

However, following the publication of of news about the planned new sugar mill in the local media, the Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno is alleged to have started an aggressive canvassing with the higher echelon snd government offices and allegedly trying hard to sabotage the project under the pretext that he should be the one who should be given a license for establishing the new sugar mill in the area.

His is one song which the Rongo MP has been singing for the last 15 years, but he has never come forward with a tangible plan and a written application for the same. A source at the Nairobi offices of the KENYA sugar Board confided to this writer that their office has not received any application from Dalmas Otieno nor have received from any from any company Associated with him.

DALMAS Otieno IS CURRENTLY FACING LEAN TIME HAVIG RECENTLY DISAGREED WITH EH odm leader Raila Odinga might find it an up-hill task to initiate any sugar mill project even in his own Rongo constituency.

According to the ODM chairman in the Migori County branch Eng. Phillip Makabong’o

The Homa-Bay ‘s proposed new sugar mil has received the blessing of both Homa-Bay governor Cyprian Awiti and the Migori governor Ok0t Obado. And when operational, the mill will receive and crush 90 per cent of its row sugar cane from within Homa-Bay County with small percentage of raw materials from Migori and Southern Kisii farmers per cent from with the same percentage from out growers cane farmers from Southern Kisiii regions.

How can he come out full blast trying to stop this noble and important project which is aimed at empowering the community economically?

The MP had earlier announced for the formation of a new political movement called Kalausi, which has so far failed to take off from the ground.

Eng Makabong’o declared that Otieno is no longer ODM and the process to have him kicked out of Parliament is under way He termed the alleged MP’S interference in the proposed sugar mill project twould be a political suicide for him.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

THE ODM Migori County branch has issued a stern warning to MEMBERS OF THE county Assembly to guard against any attempt by outsiders to divide them.

The COUNTY mcas have also been advised that they had no power of removing in any party member holding elective post from his position without consulting the county branch.

Issuing the warning the branch chairman Eng. Philip Makabong’o advised the MCAS to work in unity and to protect the party interest at all costs.

Eng Makabong’o warning in the wake of claims and statement recently made by the MCAs that they had sacked the Assembly majority leader Johnson Omolo Owiro from his position. He added that as far as his branch is concern it has received no complaints from the MCAS accusing him of Owir0 of lackluster nor dismal performance. Owiro is a forthright party members and a hard working MCA representing Central Sakwa ward in Awendo district and as such cannot be used as punching bag by the self seekers and youthful MCAS.

Owiro had moved to the High court in KISII and challenged his removal by the MCA as irregular and constitutional. Lady Justice Sitati who had the inter-party case ordered the stay of execution and called for both parties to present their case in court on July 17 o that the accusing party cold be given 21 days to file a motion and a take the date for hearing o f the cases. The Judge has set the hearing date for August 5th,2014 for full scale hearing.

But the ODM branch insist that the MCAS are not mandate to remove any elected member from his or her position unless it is with consultation with the party. \in this case, Makabong’o said the NMCAS at no time did they file any complaint with the party accusing the majority leader Owiro of any wrong doing, therefore his alleged sacking is null and void.

Meanwhile rumors making the round within migori town and its environs are pointing an accusing finger to an ODM Member of parliament who is being accused as being responsible for spreading divisive in the area. The MP who is a fast time “green horn” is said to be Inciting the MCAS against each other. He is always bragging himself as the one who is the confidant of the ODM party leader Raila Amolo Odinga and he is fond of intimidating other elected leaders including the MCAS. On one occasion this MP was accused of having mobilized youth to demonstrate against the Migori governor Okoth Oado.

The unnamed MP is among the who were recently summoned to record statements with the police on hate speeches.

Further inquiry by this writer revealed that the youthful MP is a non-LUO, but represented a constituency whose constituents are predominantly members of the Luo community.




The Migori County governor Zachary Okoth Obado has come unde scathing criticism for his recent claims that the Nyatike multi-billion shilling irrigation scheme project has been abandoned alleging that the money meant for the project has been embezzled.

These remarks which were made over the weekend in Nyatike has provoked angry reaction from the area MP Edick Omondi Anyanga who dismissed the governor’s utterances as having come out of the tots ignorancy.

He explained that the project is being undertaken by the Central government and is not the project of the Migori County government project, therefore governor governor Obado has no business visiting there.

Anyanga explained that the project in lower Kuja river is estimated to cost about KSHS 4.5 billion and is to be implemented in three phases. The phase one of the project which has cost The government KSHS 700 million and has already been implemented and the contractors have already keft th site.

Anyanga has confirm that he has invited the CS to visit the project the coming Sunday and invite all the stakeholders to be there and see for themselves the amount of work already put on the ground.

A cross section of interviewed Nyatike residents felt that Obado reckless utterances about this multi-billion shillings project amounted to gross interference..He should stop poking his nose to this project, which has nothing to do with he County government in MIgoriI. The Migori County government has squandered millions of tax-payer’s money on some not very viable projects, but the governor has never initiated not even one viable economic project in Nyatike constituency and as suh he should keep off.,said one resident enard ocholla.



An historical feature By Leo Odera Omolo Omolo

CONTRARY to the belief by many Luos that our founding President Jomo Kenyatta was always nursing a deeply rooted hate for the members of the Luo community, the late Kenyatta was at peace with the Luos like he was with any other Kenyan communities.

In fact Kenyatta was very much fond of Luo talents and their administrative prowess. He always talked good about several academic giants of the community who had excelled in their academics fields and professionals. In order to justify this claim Kenyatta secretly ordered the release of the jailed former Permanent Secretary – – to be released prematurely before he completed his four years prison terms, and instructed him to stay out of sight of the public and to stay at his rural home not to appear anywhere in public until after the remaining period of his prison term were over.

Aloys Philip Achieng’ was the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries when he was accused of stealing from the public, convicted and sentenced to four years imprisonment. Achieng’ had taken out of his Ministry some money in the form of impress. The cash money was around kshs 70,000..

During his trial Achieng’s defense lawyer had produced documentation before the court showing that Achieng’ had already surrendered the impress money back to the Ministry. But the prosecution and the trial magistrate would not hear of this. They went on and convicted Achieng’ and consigned him to a four year prison terms.

What later transpired was that Achieng’ who was a confidant of the late Tom Mboya was the victim of a vicious circles comprising of anti-Mboya elements within the government. Mboya had died in the hails of bullets fired by an assassin in a Nairobi street on JULY 5, 1969 and his enemies were hell-bent to ensure that all his influence within and outside the government were routed completely.

After serving his prison terms for about one and half year, the information which filtered out of the Kamiti Maximum security prison was that Achieng’ was seriously down with a combined diabetic and high blood pressure and wad gradually loosing his eye sight..

When the information about Achieng’s poor state of health in prison reached South Nyanza district, a group of his friends hurriedly convened an emergency meting to find the best way possible how they could lend him a helping hand.

Most of those who attended the meeting were senior Chiefs, civic leaders relatives and top businessmen. Members of this elites were people who were personally known to President Jomo Kenyatta some of them at persona level. The group quickly resolved to draft a petition letter to president Kenyatta requesting for his personal intervention in Achieng’s case and to see to it that he was provided with a good medical doctor.

Members of this hastily organized group included Senior chief DAMIAJNUS ajwang’ {Gembe|}, senior Chief Samuel Odoyo {Kanyaea} Senior Chief Zephania Malit {Karachuonyo}, Civic leaders were councilor Wilson Lando {Ndhiwa}, Counc. George Joseph Bonga {Karachuonyo}also in attendance wete two prominent businessmen in the region, Rakwach Ochila {Lambwe} and Mzee Alfred Ogwago Opiyo {Karachuonyo}

A letter petitioning Kenyatta wad drafted and the Rift Valley P.C Isaiyah Mathenge who had served in South Nyanza as a D.C was chosen as the potential conduit for the purpose of delivery of this petition to President Kenyatta while this writer was appointed an emissary who was to deliver the letter to Mathenge at his Nakuru P.C.’s Office..

On the very day this letter was delivered to Mathenge who in turn handed it over to Kenyatta only after gauging out the President’s mood that evening. The delivery was made after the old man had enjoyed cultural and traditional dances performed by Nyakinyua women traditional Kikuyu dancers from Subukia and Rongai

Within the next two days, Achieng’ was summoned by the PRISON COMMANDER AT Kamiuti and told to get ready of going home. tHe former PS was to tall friends year latter that he could believed what he was hearing and the news came to him like a dream. The same morning he was airlifted by the Police Airwing fronm Wilson Airport in Nairobi Nairobi to Kabunde Aerodrome near Homa-Bay town..The plane touched down in the ,id-morning and there he was whisked out of sight of everyone around snd placed in a police van which drove him to his k0ochia Karamul village home about ten kilometer in the southeast of Homa-Bay town.

The next day a team of workers from the MOW visited his home to carry out a thorough renovation work on his house. President Kenyatta coughed out his personal money to the tune of Kshs 20,000. Achieng’ instructed him not to appear anywhere in public place, market place, or by the main road until after the time when his prison terms are over. Kenyatta later helped Achieng’ financially, which enable him win the a Parliamentary seat the larger Homa-Bay constituency in 1974.

For the whole duration of the period when Achieng’ was confined into his own home this writer acted as an emissary delivering messages from Achieng’ to President Kemnyata.

It was during these exercises that I learnt that Kenyatta only ideologically disagreed with his former Vice President and a close friend Jaramgi Oginga Odinga, and not the entire members of the Luo community. He loved the talent and used to speak well of the two Luo academic giants in the name of Prof; David Wasawo and Prof Alan Bethwell Bethwell Ogot, Dr William Odongo Omamo and George King Omolo George King a perfet English speaker and an educationist who had acted as English interpreter during his in famous Kapenguria trial of 1953.

Aloys Philiph Achieng’’ was a multi-talented person who was also a pilot and a sharp shooter as well as a Makarere trained fisheries spevialist.

He once shot and killed a rougue bull Hipo which was causing havoc in Mzee Kenyatta’s farm near Ruiru town. But their relations was cemented down when the emperor HAILIE Salessie of Ethiopia came visiting Kenya on a State Visit.

Kenyatta, according to Achieng’s testimony several years later was told the Emperor loved feeding ann Guinea fawls and not chicken and Jomo instructed Achieng’s with a daunting task of looking for several Guinea Fowls. The former PS moved to Kadiado with a shot guns and sh0t dead six guinea fowls. When be brought the dead birds to State House, Nairobi, Kenyatta told him that the Emperor cannot feed himself on dead birds. Achieng’s got disturbed and wondered as to where he could find the live guinea fowls. Fortunately one European resident of kilimani was breeding guinea fowls in his compound. Acieng’s visited the man and secured six live birds for which he paid dearly and brought them to Stte House amd this pleased mzee Kenyatta very much who praised him lavishly for his effort. This became the beginning of the friendship bond between the two men.

The obediency and the bond of friendship between Achieng’ and Mzees later to pay him handsomely.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

The Kenyan press reported this morning that three police officer and two security guards escorting close to Kshs 78 million from a commercial bank located in the suburb of the city of Nairobi disappeared with the largest amount of money last night.

The police have mounted one of the biggest man-hunts for their missing colleagues and the colossal amount of money.

The officials at the Central BANK OF Kenya where the money was being taken to were quoted as saying that the money was still in transit therefore did not belong to them until it is safely delive5ed to them.

The incident is the latest in which huge sums of cash money in transit has gone missing in Kenya. In 2012 more than Kshs 40 million, which was in transit from NAIROBI TO THE South Sudan capita, juba went missing in similar circumstances.

The money was part of the USD 500,000 of cash collected at the Kenya commercial Bank, Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

In the same year, 2012 another large sum went missing after the police escorting guards transporting the cash from the Western Kenya towns of Busia and Kisumu abandoned the vehicle mysteriously by the roadside and disappeared with no trace.

The CENTRAL bank of Kenya has recently devised the new method of safe delivery of bank from the inter-bank transactions, but the situation has remained unchanged as the latest heist attracted the persons entrusted with the escorting and safe custody of the cash are the one who in turn disappeared with it.



Writea Leo Odera Omolo.

ODM officials in Homa-Bay County branch have strongly refuted claims that there was a political wars between the Homa-Bay governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti and the Karachuonyo MP Eng. James K. Rege.

The allegations about the perceived rift between the two top politicians in Karachuonyo constituency within Homa-Bay county contained in an article which appeared in one of the weekly newspapers early this week.

It claims that the disagreement between the two top party officials has come about following individuals interests in the recently concluded preliminary nominations. The by-election was called to fill the vacant KibiriI MCA’s ward following the murder three months agoof its former incumbent the late Boaz ondiek, who was gunned down by unknown persons at night while a sleep in his rural home.

The result of the nomination exercises which were held at Kandiege secondary School and supervised by two officials sent from the party’s headquarters at the Orange house in Nairobi and also by the County branch officials was described as one of the most peaceful and democratic nominations ever held in the region in the recent years.

The publications complained off had stated interalia that Governor Awiti was backing one aspirant while MP Rege was supporting the other. But the article allegedly written by one Jeff Otieno Aguko did not mentioned specifically as to whose favorite candidate had won the nomination to contest the election proper which is scheduled for August 7, 2014.

The ODM head office had posted one Juma Nyabinda to go and supervise the exercises. He was assisted by the former Nyakach MP MP Peter Odoyo while the County ODM branch team was led by the branch chairman Martin Otieno Ogindo, the branch secretary, Eng James K.Rege and treasurer Achilla Gogo and others.

The officials rubbished the report dismissing it as the work of super-extortionist and propagandists. Party officials at the branch and members alike, however, advised all the elected persons to respect one another and work together harmoniously while avoiding sponsoring slanderous articles against each other.

ODM as a party, they said, would not hesitate from taking a stern disciplinary action those involved in clandestine activities and the spreading of malicious propaganda. Governor Awiti and MP Rege have the responsibility to display a high quality of dynamic political leadership and at the same time avoid working while panicking in fear of each other. There is no elections coming soon in the area until the 2017 therefore the two are still having plenty of time to deliver the goods to the electorate thereafter which they would be qualified to attract the electorate to elect them back to their respective offices when the time comes

Awiti and Rege should cultivate a working friendly relationship in order to ease any tension that could have arisen as the result of the malicious publications and at the same time ensure that they restrained their supporters and aides from acting emotionally in manner which could be viewed as being tantamount to harassment..

The article has elicited a lot of controversies and raised political temperatures nib Karachuonyo sparking off claims that governor Awiti and his close political associates might have overreacted over a non-existence issues. The two should also thrive to discourage idle talkers and rumor-mongers and instead redouble their effort in development activities.

The Karachuonyo electorate wanted nothing from the two but the delivery of goods to the electorate.

The cross section of those interviewed residents of Karachuonyo alleged that of the office of the governor at Homa-Bay is full of loiterers and loose talkers, they should be engaged on constructive activities that could promote development an growth, while MP Rege is busy legislating in Nairobi and has shown less interest in the governor’s work.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City
The rate of daily deaths in Kenya at the hands of foreign sponsored terrorists has reached the most alarming proportions which now calls for a quick solution.

A Homa-BAY politician Hilary Ochieng’ Alila has said that if the dialogue which is sought by the opposition group could save the country from further bleeding to death, then such a meeting is necessary and must be held urgently before any more deaths.

Alila who is also a businessman in Nairobi spoke to this writer by phone from Dubai where he had gone for business. He said he was disappointed to read the disturbing news of fresh terrorists attack in Mpeketoni in Lamu which has left 48 Kenyans dead and property worth millions of dollars destroyed. ”We have lost so many precious lives in Kenya in the last ten years. We now say enough is enough. “This is a very serious issue and there is joking about it. Our leaders must come forward and save the lives of Kenyans.”

Alila criticized those who he described as amateurish politicians who instead of acknowledging the existence of Jihadists terrorists in Kenya were shifting the blame on to the CORD opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He said Odinga has been out of Kenya for close to three months, and during his absence from this country, there were more than 20 terrorists attacks in Mandera, Mombasa, Likoni and Nairobi in which innocent Kenyans lost their precious lives. He told those tasked with the responsibilities of protecting Kenyans and their properties to take the responsibilities and quit their jobs with immediate effect to take responsibility for the complacency and laxity.

The on going blames gamed and irresponsible comments from amateurish politicians out to attract cash handouts are some of the factors in undoing things. “Kenyans from all walks life must be patriotic enough to protect their beloved motherland, and its hard-worn independence.

Alila pointed out that it is was wrong to places all the security responsibilities in the hands of people from one ethnic background. This has made the security of our country becoming compromised. And this has resulted in the lapses of security apparatus in this country. The government must ensure that the posting of the key security men carries the face of the entire Kenyan society..

Alila warned those bad mouthing the others to tread carefully. They should only make their constructive contributions towards the need for a genuine dialogue between the opposition and the government. Some of the sycophants around the president have since coined the word, that Raila wanted to overthrow the government of President Kenyatta.

The politician did not say he had read the statement by the Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku via CNN news footage and felt that the man is not up to the task nor is he capable of holding the so important security docket. Ole Lenku should quit and go home to take care of his herds of cattle instead of making big blunders in a such life threatening situation in KENYA. He appeared not to know what he is doing. In such important docket with the government security docket

Turning on ODM politics, Alila heaped a lot of praise on Raila Odinga for having met with then Nairobi governor Sr. Evans Odhjiambo Kidero to iron out a few contentious issues affecting the party and its members in the City. Yhe Raila / Kidero meeting was a healthy and fruitful one. Leaders must consult one another in a friendly atmosphere and discuss issues affecting the wananchi This is why I am supporting to the hilt the idea of the proposed meeting between President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga so what they should work out a road-map to permanent peace and tranquility in this country..

Alila at the same time advised theODM HOma-BAY county branch officials who were recently ousted from the leadership to take things easy. They should go home and re-brand themselves resolved to come back and claim the leadership in the future. But for now, the team which was formerly led by Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ are no longer in the picture..



Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

KENYANS are lucky for having a well schooled and dynamic President in the name of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta who in my opinion has the wealth of experience in public affairs, which if properly utilized could turn our beloved country into the highest height of economic development and growth.

HOWEVER, Kenyatta and his ruling jubilee coalition appeared to be vulnerable and easily panicking a lot about several issues of national importance, which only calls for soberly approach.

This panic has made the jubilee coalition government full of contradictions, utterances coupled with loose tank and chest thumping whose uncoordinated utterances which are only polluting the air and polarizing the existing peace and tranquility in the country.

The recent utterances from both the jubilee and the CORD opposition are only fueling further political wrangling instead of cooling down the existing high political temperatures in our country.

Any sane person and good Kenyan who have the country’s interest could see that the situation is genuinely calls for a dialogue between our national leaders from the political divide.

And while blaming Kenyatta and his team for being belligerent and overreacting to issues, which need some kind of sober approach, the opposition group under the flagship of CORD coalition calls stand blamed for poorly presenting its call for the national dialogue, which is of course a good idea while at te same time issuing threats intimidation and ultimatum to the government.

It could be that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula were carried by the huge and enthusiastic crowd of people that turned out at the UHURU park to welcome Raila home. The trio, however, In my opinion have other alternative way of constructively engaging the Jubilee government on the dialogue issue instead of issuing threat of mobilizing mass action and mob justice.

There has been a lot of reckless utterances of the Jubilee government I response to this calls. Two wrongs never made good ends. There has been a lot of hustling recklessness in speeches by those purported supporting the government, which did not go down well with the moderately thinking Kenyans who cares for the well being of Kenyan people and their hard acquired properties.

The call for a national dialogue is genuinely a good gesture, which should be deliberated in a sober manner, especially when considering the myriad of problems facing our country at the moment

Kenya is on the cross road, taking into account the thousands of sophisticated weapons now in the hands of criminal thugs. A day hardly passed without a newspaper report about a Kenyan trader having been shot and killed with these illegally acquired weapons.

And even in the usually quiet rural locations in the countryside, thugs are ruling, though its more worse in urban areas and trading centers and in market places.

The prices of the basic commodities like food, fuel, detergent etc have skyrocketed and have become unaffordable by ordinary average Kenyans rural folks.

Most Kenyan families can now ill-afford three or four meals a day. the Taveta MMP DR Naomi Shaban opening her big mouth before a huge crowd in KISII and telling President Kenyatta before a huge crowd of people in KISII that those opposition leaders pressing for the national d Kisii and telling President pack lies by saying that those opposition pressing for a national dialogue between the government and the opposition groups were liars. These kinds of sycophantic outbursts to appease the President are so opportunistic and are some of the undoing on the part of jubilee government.

I trust that President Kenyatta is capable of using his own political magnanimity to decide which way forward for Kenyans who have mandated him to rule this country, and he will make a firm and positive response response on this contentious issue of the national dialogue.

The president and his handlers also need to instill some amount of disciplined to his outspoken Deputy president whose language need to be out into a constant check. Ruto’s belligerent and quick rejoinders on some issues only amounted to loose talking and careless utterances, which nobody needs now in a situation where Kenya is grappling with myriad of problems including terrorists threat and insecurity.

Let the President not to allow his Deputy to plunge this our beautiful country into a distasteful and chaotic situation.

We are not on election mood. The elections are still four years away and I therefore concurred with President Kenyatta that he should be given time and a breathing space to implement his election pledges to Kenyans and those dissatisfied lots could wait until 2017.

ABOUT the author; LEO ODERA OMOLO is a veteran Kenya journalist ho comments regularly on topic issues




Writwea Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

RESIDENTS of KISUMU city are up in arms against the county government headed by governor Jack Ranguma of spending the taxpayers money extravagantly by sponsoring foreign trips for MCA’s with no material gains to the residents

The issue has raised political temperatures in this lakeside City, which is now stinking in filth owing to non-existence of refuse and garbage collection. With waste paper littering the town streets and broken and sewerage lines goes unrepairable for weeks, some of the broken sewerage lines passes through the residential estates thereby posing health hazard to the residents.

Some of the MCAS who are scrambling for inclusion into the numerous foreign trips are semi-illiterate persons who can gain no experience that could be beneficial to the residents due to their communication problems’. The Kisumu governor Jack Ranguma seemed to have been captivated by the MCAs and is therefore unable to control the county government’s budget making millions to go to waste.

Discontent has arisen following the revelation that sixteen Kisumu MCAs have left the country for the tour of the State of Israel amid public protest against these fruitless and no value added foreign trips by MCAS which have no value to the residents. However, sources have revealed that when the sixteen return home, another 25 MCAs will also make yet another money fubbling trip to Singapore. Later this month. These trips, says the residents, could gobbles being stinking and giving bad dour everywhere include a Central Business district {CBD}, these valueless trips could cost the Assembly as much money as Kshs 30 million, which goes to the wastes and yet the City lacked basic amenities such as street lights, persistent acute shortage of water and poor system of refuse collection which as contributed to the City to be in bad state of stinking due to left and uncollected garbage and waste papers.

Those who are reported to have traveled to Israel are members of the County who have nothing to learn in the ultra modern Israeli farming system due to their communication problems. Some of them were petty kiosk traders with no elementary education before they were elected from the various town wards to the Assembly.

They include the Assembly Speaker Ann Adul and the Clerk Nelco Sagwe. The same Assembly Speaker Ann Adul last year squandered the sums of Kshs 694,847 when she was sponsored by the Assembly to attend a conference in Atlanta, US.

In January, this year, the County government coughed out the colossal amount of money when it sent 47 MCAs on a six days educational tour of the neighboring Uganda at the average rate of Kshs 3000 expenses per day each, The Assembly was also on spot for s trip to Germany for eleven MCAS who were paid Kshs 3000 each per day expenses per day.

Upon these MCAs return from such luxury trips, they offer no explanation of the experiences they gained in those countries, which could be of benefits to the Kisumu residents. These MCAS only come home quietly without calling either a press conferences to explain the gains and experiences they had acquired as a result of their expensive trips abroad. The residents of Kisumu now viewed and maintains that these trips are amounting to naked looting of the Assembly resources and therefore must be stopped. The Central government should ma pout the plan governing foreign trips by MCAs. The Office of the President must also initiate the system of giving clearance for such trip in conjunction with the relevant ministry in charge of the devolution .

The residents now call upon the Central government to intervene and to ensure that these luxurious Childish and useless foreign trips by KISUMU MCAs are stopped forthwith.

There is also a disaster in waiting in KISUMU. The dumpsite, which is located between Kachok and the Moi’s stadium, has attracted a lot of birds, feeding on the filth. The dump site is located right in the middle of the town. It is on the direct routes of the aircraft flight coming and leaving the recently much improved Kisumu International Airport. And the risk of the bird strikes on aircraft is there. This is because the dump site is on the direct route of aircraft coming and leaving the recently expanded Kisumu International Airport. Therefore there is an urgent need fr the KISUMU County government to look for another suitable dump site. Air disasters have occurred in other countries caused by birds hitting the airplane engines in flights and causing death and injuries to the passengers.

It is even causing amusement to leaned that the Assembly is currently using street urchins [Ninjas} for the purport of refuse collections in the town. Why? This kind of negligence is impacting negatively on the residents of KISUMU. The main Kisumu Bus terminal is stinking with dirty garbage and the same is sighted n Henderso,Lumumba, Ondiek, Kaloleni and Maakasembo and other residential estates



Historical feature By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu CITY.

It was indeed an historical evening that many people would wish to forget as fast as it happened more than fifty years ago.

This was a day in 1965. The place was at the D.C.’s house in Homa-Bay town in what used to be the old greater South Nyanza district Commissioner for the area was Isaiyah Mathenge a stoutly built and tough and most efficient administrator from Nyeri town.Nyanza district.

The founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was on an official tour of the district in the company of several cabinet ministers, KANU MPs, members of the defunct Nyanza Regional Assembly, chiefs, civic leaders and party operatives.

This was the day when a drunken body guard of one of his ministers forced his way into the room where the President was a having a consultative meeting with the local leaders.

The incident occurred after the founding president had made an extensive tour of the vast region where he addressed a series of public meetings.. Mzee had arrived at the D.C’S house looking a bit tired and needed sometime to rest. But before this, he was entertained by the traditional Ramogi dancers from Kochi and Karachuonyo and crowned with the a school choir from the nearby Ogande Girls Secondary School.

The entertainment left the President in a jovial mood. He was now making hearty exchange of jokes with the ministers, MPS and other leaders as the meeting progressed well.

All of a sudden, there was a big commotion at the door. One man by the name Owino Aguyo, a former Mau Mau detainee who before the coming of independence in June I fst 1963 was one of the many active KANU youth wingers in Kisumu Town who were always hanging around the then KANU Vice President Jaramnogi Oginga Odinga. Although he had no formal police training, Owino became the security detail of the MinisterI for Information and broadcasting Richard Achieng’ Oneko and was issued with a service revolver or a pistol the time usually carried by policemen guarding VIPs.

This was immediately after the formation of the Republican cabinet In December 1964. Oneko was the KANU MP for Nakuru Town He had won the seat after the JuneE 1ST 1963 independence general election.

Owino menacingly tried to force his way into the D.C’s living room where the meeting was in progress. He was then the KANU MP for Nakuru Toiwn. engaged in rowdy argument at the door with one Joseph Ouma Nis a KANU youth who was also acting at times as Tom Mboya’s bodyguard after the latter had realized that he was drunk and had a loaded pistol. The two were engaged in wrestling match and Ouma Nisa knocked Owino to the ground. The commotion alerted the security policemen who were guarding the D.C”s compound and Owino was overpowered, disarmed and taken into police custody. He was later arraigned in court, found guilty of carrying an offensive weapon in a public place and sentenced toi 18 months imprisonment by a court in KISII Town.

President Kenyatta looked a shaken man after the commotion which took close to ten minutes as more policemen moved in to arrest the drunken man. He addressed Oneko down Oneko down and told him in Kiswahili “Tafadhali sana Bwana Oneko ussije tena kwangu na mutu huyu.”Ameleta Kinyoriro mbaya hapa.”

Cabinet Ministers present at the function included S.o.Ayodo {Wildlife and Tourism} Tom Mboya {Economic Planning and Development},Richard Achieng Oneko [Information and Broadcasting}.Dr Julius Gikonyo Kiano {Commerce and Industry},assistant kello- Ministers were Benjamin Maisori Itumboocial Services} Joseph Gordon Odero Jowi { labor} and Tom Okello-Odongo {Finance}

There were also back-bencher MPS in attendance included John Henry OKwanyo {Migori}. Clement Ngala Abok {Homa-Bay},Elijah Omolo AGAR {Karachuonyo}

Regional Assembly members present were George KING Omolo {Homa-Bay}, David Okiki Amayo{Karachuonyo}. Matthews Otieno Ogingo OgingoaNdhiwa} Harrison Odhiambo Opiyo Midiang’a{ Mbita};Herman Odhiambo-Omamba}{Migori},Samson Mwita Marwa {Kuria} And Silas Abong’o Oloo {Kasipul-Kabondo}

The then Nyanza P.C was Daniel Owino. Several Permanent Secretaries were also in attendance. They included Aloys Philip Achieng’ {Fisheries}, Joel Meshack Ojal Adem{Education, and Nathaniel Oluoch Adinda of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting} Aloiys Phillip Achieng’ of the Fisheries department.

Among the elders and civic leaders were Mzee Wilson Lando from Ndhiwa, SENIUOR chief Damianus Ajwang’ from Gembe, Senior Zepphania Malit fromKarachuonyo, EX-senior Chief Simeon Wasonga From Mfangano Island, Chief Zemekiah Wakiaga from Rusinga ,Chief SamueL Odoyo , Chief Mishael Anyango RayolA {Kabondo, MZEE Paul Mbo {Karachuonyo{Kanyada,Chief Julius Ouma {Kabuoch}.

The otherwise a very cordial and friendly meeting between President Kenyatta and the Luo elders almost came cropper, when Ex-Senior Chief Simeon Wasonga of Mfangano

[Nyathi Kwach} sought to know from the President what he termed as the widely rumored and disturbing information what he termed as the very sensitive and most disturbing rumor and speculation widely spreading in both Nairobi and some parts of Nyanza and countrywide that some members of his cabinet were not comfortable and happy with the sterling performance of Tom Mboya and were actually in the process of hatching the plot for his elimination.[Assassination}

President Kenyatta appeared to have been disturbed and perturbed by this particular question and and gave an assurance that Mboya was very safe and therefore there was no cause for alarm ,adding that his government would give each sand every Kenyan citizen the maximum security protection, Mboya included, therefore there will be no harm to anybody. Briefly, there were some murmuring among participants who at first thought Kenyatta in his usual style would rebuke the EX-senior Chief, but he did not and instead gave a very polite answer to the satisfaction of everyone present at the meeting and the meeting ended in a happy and pleasant note.


SOME PARTS of this article are included in a book being prepared and written by this writer about Tom Mboya