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Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu CITY

Joseph Olita, the Kenyan whose body structure and features resembles the former despotic rule of UGANDA field Marshall Idi Amin Dada, and the man who played the leading role in the famous film ,”The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin has died aged 70.

Olita died suddenly at his rural home, which is located at Alego Kogelo, Nyang’oma village in South Alego Location, Siaya County and the family members reported that he had succumbed to high blood pressure and diabetes last Sunday. His death comes only 24 hours after the burial of his mother on Saturday.

The actor’s rural home is just situated next to the Obamas Kenya’s rural home, where the Kenyan relatives and ancestral family of the US President Barrack Obama lives.Olita had just returned home from Uganda where he has been living while engaged operating a business enterprise retailing the electronic apliances in Kampala city. He only returned to witness the burial of his mother last Saturday. His body has since been removed from the village and taken to Siaya district hospital mortuary for preservation pending the burial arrangements.

The villagers immediately established the burial committee under the chairmanship of the South Alego Ward Representative Joshua Osuri. His death came a shock and dealt them a heavy blow to the residents of Kogelo Nyang’oma who said he was a very resourceful man of cheerful personality who was very much loved. The villagers consider Oita untimely demise as a “bad omen” coming so soon after the burial of his mother a day earlier.

The towering man who during his prime life stood at six feet 5.5 inches and weighing about 150kg, bore striking resemblance to the late Idi Amin. The only different between the two was that Idi Amin was a semi-illiterate person and spoke broken crocked English whereas the late Olita was highly educated person who received his education at the prestigious St MARY’S Yala High School. .

Olita , however, will be remembered as one of Kenya’s outstanding film star for not only his sterling performance and role in the Rise And Fall of Idi Amin, but he had also acted in other movies where he featured prominently The rise and Fall of IdI Amin was prime red in Kenya in 1981. The film detailed the controversial actions and atrocities of the murderous regime in Uganda under Idi Amin blamed on the former dictator after his violent seizure of power in 1971 after ousting the civilian government headed by President Apollo Milton Obote in a bloody military coup d’état in 1971. His rule stretched to 1979, during which tie close to half a million Ugandan intellectuals, professionals and businessmen as well as politicians perished.

Idi Amin was kicked out of power by a combined forces of Ugandan exiles and the Tanzanian troops in 1979. He fled the country and lived in exile in Riad, Saudi Arabia until his death. Some of the alleged atrocities committed by IDI Amin were grossly exaggerated. For example that he had killed his own son an ate his flesh and that he had killed one of his wives and chopped her body and kept it in a fridge were all false. Idi Amin, though had unpredictable character and temper was a very friendly person. This writer visited him and on many occasion had lunch with him at the Makindie military Lodge outside Kampala

On one occasion during the annual assembly of African head of sates and government summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Idi Amin invited this writer for a coffee morning talks at the famous Gion hotel, where his arch-rival Julius Kambarage Nyerere the President of Tanzania was also booked.

And two days later while personally piloting alone one of the two helicopters from Addis Ababa to Kampala, Idi amin made a mistaken landing at the Kisumu polytechnic where a huge crowed had gathered for the visiting American evangelist Dr BILLY graham mistaking the gathering as the crowed which had come to welcome him. He made an emergency landing in an area which was six kilometers outside Kisumu Airport He saw this writer and beckoned him, after which th Nyanza Police boss and the PC. Were informed .They came and escorted him to the Kisumu Airport and then to Kisumu Hotel whereIdi Amin gave lunch to close to 10 local scribers before flying back to Kampala and after extending ,a personal invitation to this writer to visit him for an exclusive interviews. Most atrocities in Uganda were act committed by Amin henchmen, most of them semi-illiterate Nubian youth recruited from Nairobi Kibira slums and other parts of the neighboring Kenya and drafted into the most dreadful State Research Bureau {intelligence}.

Olita had served with the Brooke Bond Tea Company based in Kericho immiedtaey after completing hs high school at Yala where he was an active member of the school’s drama Club. This writer was then the Assistant public Relations manager with the same company based in Kericho.During the time of shooting the IDI Amin’s film in Kenya, Olita had privately expressed his wish for a face –to-face encounter meeting with the real Idi Amin who was then living in exile in Saudi Arabia and even wrote toa letter to the forer Uganda dictator, but got no reply until his death. He was a very cheerful and friendly personality.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

The Homa-Bay governor Cyprian Otieno Await has earned a lot of praise by the residents of the region for his tireless and concerted effort to empower the youth and women living in the region economically.

The lavish praise for the governor came as a result of his distribution of chewing machines, welding and hair dressing materials to dozens of women and youth groups in Ndhiwa constituency this week.

A Homa-Bay and Nairobi prominent politician cum-businessman Hilary Ochieng’ Alila

A while heaping a lot of praise on the governor for his concerted effort to stamp out poverty among the Wananchi appealed to the MCAs and ODM party of officials and members to give their unqualified support and backing to the governor so that the devolved government in the region could succeed in pushing the development f the region to a higher level . He said all the members of the County executives and deserves praising for working together with the governor in harmony and unity of purpose, adding that the region has a lot of potentialities and a lot of resources whch if used properly could turn the region into the hub of ,massive development.

Alila told this writer during an exclusive interview that other neighboring counties need to learn a lot from Homa-Bay county good governance.

On ODM Alila appealed to the former county branch officials who were recently voted out of office to take a sabbatical leave and vacate their offices in peace so that the new group under the former Rangwe mp Martin Otieno Ogindo could work and harmonize the party activities in the region. He urged the ousted for branch chairman Senator Grald Otieno Kajwang’ to accept the verdict of the ODM members and to stop dirty maneuvers and uncalled for agitation He urged the ousted former branch chairman Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ to accept the people’s.

Alila said he had full confidence in the new branch leadership because they were elected democratically for the p[purpose of resuscitating the hitherto falling apart branch. The new team, Alila said is capable of revitalizing the branch and should start membership drive immediately, and recruit as many members as possible in preparation for the 2017 general election. They should make the party to become the popular vehicle for winning the next elections. It is tie for the leaders with stale idea and those who have run bankrupt of new methods of organizing the party to give room for new ideas to be injected into the p[arty hierarchy, while the deadwoods who have become liability than being assets to the party should step aside honorably because no one is indispensible.

Alila advised the Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga to desist from making public pronouncements which are full of confusions over the party new in the region. Leadership. Maguwanga seemed to be uncomfortable with the new county branch officials because of the inclusion of Charles Ong’Ondo Were his arch-rival at the local parliamentary contest in the last general election. But it appeared as if he had forgotten that the new office county branch officials were elected by delegates from all the eight parliamentary constituencies that makes the HOMA-bay a county and not few from his Kasipul backyard therefore he should stop fighting the lost war and accept to work with the rest.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

Newspaper reports emerging from the Kenya’s Eastern Province says that a man has died while nine others were admitted to the Embu Level Five hospital for medical treatment after the residents of Embu, Muranga and Machakos counties feasted on the carcass of a dead hippo suspected to have died of anthrax.

The body of the dead man was taken to Embu Hospital for post-Morten examination. The police boss in the region Kyford Kibaara confirmed the incident and said they were actively investigating the matter. The deceased hails from Karuku village in Mbeere Soutth within Embu County.

The police said the dead bull of hippo was found washed on the bank of Sagana River at the boundaries of Embu, Muranga and Machakos Counts and the residents scrambled for its meat which they shared. The police said they suspected the dead hippo had anthrax which might have cause its death.

The local administration has since organized for mass vaccination within the region, which started this morning at Makutano Trading Center for all the people who had ate the hippo’s meat. The police explained that the residents gave them very contradictory statements on accounts of what had happened. Most of them are suspicious and fearing prosecution if suspected of having killed the animals .Investigations are still in progress to established if the animal was killed by the residents or it was found dead by the river bank. However, the police issued a stern warning to the residents against feasting on the carcasses of dead animals whose causes of its death are unknown to them.

Some of the residents told the police that two bulls of hippo were seen fighting and one of the emerged with serious bodily injuries and died. It was after this when they moved in, skinned the animal, and scrambled for its meat which they shared with their neighbors..

THE medical Superintenant at the Embu Level Five hospital Dr gerald Nderitu was quoted by the local media as saying that the nine who were admitted at the institution for treatment were responding well and some of them would be discharged to go home within the next three or four days.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo

Phares Oluoch Kanindo a one time two terms KANU MP for the larger Homa-Bay constituency has died at the Agakha Hospital Kisumu after along but undisclosed illness. He was 72. He had served briefly In the KANU government as an Assistant Minister for education. However, he did not last longer at the Ministry because he was sacked within three months after his appointment by the retired President Daniel Arap MoI following allegation that he had used his ministerial position and lured girls students at the Ogande Girls High school and took them out of the institution for an evening outing.

The most eloquent politician, especial in Dholuo vernacular, Kanindo, however, never made his maiden speech in the house owing to allegation that he was handicapped in English owing to his elementary education standard which never went beyond KAPE.

He took his early primary education at Manyatta,Pe-Hill and Luwala Primary schools between 1949 and 1961.He was one of the hundreds of Kenyan students who benefited from scholarship received by the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga from Eastern European countries then under the USSR communist and went to Yugoslavia where they were taught guerrilla tactics and warfare and how to sabotage communication infrastructure including dismantling bridges to harass colonialists. Jaramogi was a close friend and political associate of Kanindo’s late father Mzee Andrea Anindo Nyakachunga a prominent businessman at Awendo town. with the KNA developed interest in productions of disc records and became a prominent producer with his own branch of “POK” records. He prospered very fast and became a prominent businessman in both Nairobi, Kisumu and Awendo. He was later managed to win the larger Homa-Bay parliamentary electoral constituency, which has since been sub-divided into four electoral areas, namely Rongo, Awendo, Rangwe and Homa-Bay town

After losing his parliamentary seat to the late John LINUS Aluoch Polo in 1992 Kanindo served two terms as the chairman of the board of directors of the SONYSUGARcompany.

Kanindo was a polygamist with married to ten wives and left behind dozens of children, most of them grown up and grand children. On Monday morning the family and friends flew the body of the politician to Nairobi’s lee Funeral Home where it will stay pending the burial arrangement. This is an act which did not go down well with his hundreds of supporters, relatives and friends. A member of the family said the politician body would attract a lot of money in terms of donations for funeral arrangement than in Kisumu. Those who did not welcome the idea said it is wrong for the body of such a respected person to be taken to Nairobi for the use the body of a man who died peaceful near his home commercial purpose of attracting hefty donations from politicians.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

A prominent Homa-Bay politician-cum-businessman is back in the country and immediately declared that he has rejoined the ODM and would work hard with other party luminaries to promote the party activities in the region order to make it the most popular vehicles for the 2017 presidential election .

Victoryin 2017.

Alila whose business activities entail a lot of overseas travelling has been away for sometime. He gave the incumbent Homa-Bay senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ a run for his money during the March 4,2013 elections when he contested the seat on a PDP ticket after the much flawed ODM preliminaries.

He said the recent changes in the ODM county branch leadership was timely and would resuscitate the branch which hitherto has been adamant and non-performing owing to poor leadership new lease of life.

Alila said that he had full confident on the leadership of the new county branch chairmanship of Martin Otieno Ogindo the former Rangwe MP and the branch secretary Eng. James K Rege.. The new team ,he said has injected political dynamism in the branch leadership. Prior to the 2013 elections, Alila wa one of the ODM stalwarts who had sacrificed their own resources to ensure that the party wheels were well oiled in preparation of the 2013 presidential contest.

He advised all the political dead hoods who have lost their party branch [lim jobs to vacate their offices peacefully and retire honourably. In politics, no one is indispensable and the party belonged to the people, therefore once the people have decided to send someone home, such a person should vacate the office in a peaceful manner to avoid unnecessary wrangling, “he said, adding that bad leadership had killed the spirit of ODM members in Homa-Bay, which has witnessed a lot of violence in the last two years.

Alila urged party leaders to cooperate with the county governance and ensure the success of the devolution system. The same be practiced by the County MCAs who should also ensure that the is annoyed by both teams.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

FOR snubbing Dr. Oburu Oginga and sending him away without recording his statement on a highly sensitive assassination claim and referring to a relatively smaller police station at his Bondo home turf is a clear indication that our policemen e insensitive and not trustworthy.

Oginga had voluntarily volunteered to shade light on his most disturbing allegation touching on the safety and security of his younger brother and should have been given a hearing at the CID headquarters.

There is the need for good citizens to develop rapport and cordial working relations with the security personnel in this country as one way of stamping out the up surge in crimes

Reacting over the issue, the leader of the majority in the Migori County Assembly Johnson Omolo Owiro said the police in Nairobi should have acted with speed and immediately launch thorough investigation with the view to unearth the claim. Any claim touching on the life of a Kenyan citizen should be treated as a serious matter.

The Oburu Oginga allegation area aggravated by the fact that it also touch on several heads of states of the East African Community who met in the Kenyan capital two weeks ago to deliberate on the Inter-governmental Agency for Development {IGAD} on far reaching development policy affecting the EAC member states.

Those politicians and other busybodies who attacked Dr Oburu Oginga for having expressed his fears on the safety of his highly treasured brother erroneously played petty politics on otherwise a very serious issues.

Taking into account the old age saying that “Blood is Thicker than Water” the police were insensitive and erroneously played petty politics on otherwise a very serious issues.

Taking into account the old age saying that “Blood is thicker than Water’, those criticizing Dr Oburu ought to have known that there was no way the MP could have controlled himself and kept quiet after being told that the life of his younger brother was in danger, and that some prominent politician in the region had hatched a heinous plot to eliminate Raila Odinga. “Instead of vilifying the MP they should have shown him some amount of sympathy and pressurized the forces of the law reinforcement in this country to speed up the investigation about this sensitive matter, “said Owiro.

The MCA reminded Dr Oginga’s critics to remember that all the past political assassinations in this country had some elements of rumor before the perpetrators of the heinous plot executed their plans. The information about the impending plans and plots hatched to eliminate a senior, Kenyan politician had become common and reached the public domain.

Owiro who represented Central Sakwa ward in Migori County assembly praised Dr Oburu for being straightforward by voluntarily visiting the CID headquarters to record a statement, and the police in turn should have a courtesy of treating him fairly. This is what is required of a good citizen.

The police should have given the MP a hearing so that he could give his version of the matter and cleared the air. The air in this country is currently with thick cloud of rumor, taking into that Raila has a largest constituency and huge following in many parts of Kenya therefore any rumor and speculations touching on his life touched the hearts of many.

MCA Owiro reaffirmed that Migori County is the ODM stronghold and warned those involved in political tourism in the area to desist fro m doing son. He cited the leader of the PDP Omingo Magara, who is the former South Mugirango MP who recently visited the area and declared that Migori was a PDP stronghold under the false assumption that because the County governor \Zachary Okoth Obado was elected on the party ticket during the Mar4,2013 elections. He added that Obado was an ODM member ans still a member of our party.He on ly contested on PDP ticket after the much flawed ODM nomination system which had sent many other members packing and looking for green pasture in other parties.

He advised Omingo Magara not to export his PDP politics into MIGORI. He should prove his claims by producing the register containing the names of members of his party in the region failure which he should shut up his big mouth and steer off Migori



Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu CITY.

MEMBERS of the Kisumu County Assembly carried a heated debate earlier this week about the upsurge insecurity in the region.

They were debating on the report compiled and tabled by a special committee on security. The report mapped out ten security hotspots within the county.

The ten areas described as the most dangerous hotspot where the insecurity is so rampant. These areas included Sondu, Kondele, Aqasi, Ahero, Manyatta, Nyalenda,,Pandpieri,Otonglo,Milimani, KACHO junction, KIbuye and the Central Business district {CBD] and suggested that close Circuit television cameras be installed as well as street lights.

The report revealed that rape and sexual attacks are also rampant within Kisumu County,However, the report fell short of mentioning the rampant unemployment which is the major contributing factor to the state of insecurity in the region and how it could be solved.

The MCAs report also failed to mention the filthiness with which Kisumu is currently grappling with. In many part of the lakeside city refuse collection is something of the past. Heaps of waste papers and refuse littered all over the city centre in some places giving out stinking while discharging bad.odour.

The report failed to mention that ever since the County government took over the administration of Kisumu City from the former Municipal Council, the refuse collection, regular outbursts of sewerage lines, some of them at times passes through the residential estates are so common.

At the main bus terminal stinking refuse are littered everywhere.

As for security, there are several places within the City centre which have since been classified by the residents as no go areas

Despite the thorough checks at the three major gates leading into, the Tusky Mall, These checks are only good in preventing terrorists m but not the bands of pick-pockets and muggers targeting those leaving the Mall through the Tuk Tuk gate. one gate which is close to the Simba Club and overlooking the main Kondele road has become the most dangerous spot. Bands of youths masquerading as touts for the Tuk uk taxis, which are parked outside that particular gate and the motorbikes boda boda taxis parked at this particular gate fleeces the pockets of customers leaving the facility.

Those MCAs who contributed on the report of th county’s special Committee also raised the issue of the alarming increases in the incident of cattle rustling along the Kisumu Nandi County and Kisumu Kericho County. The Kisumu MCAs would arrange for the joint meeting to harmonize relations with the neighboring Counties and workout the modalities on how to stamp out the menace f cattle rustling in the region. with their Nandi and Kericho counterparts.

During the debate on the security report, Nyalenda Ward representative James Were said his ward ought to have been included in the report because thiis in areas where nine people have been stabbed and wounded within the last one week. Were further alleged that some of the village elders in his ward are colluding with criminal elements. These elders are the same people who are known to be alerting the thugs about the impending raids by the police giving them room to escape police dragnet

Another MCA cited the traffic snarl on Kondele road during busy hours as something which is contributing to day .

Another MCA attributed the insecurity in Muhoroni sub-County as caused by the landless squatters and pleaded with the County government to ensure there are no landless people anywhere in the region.

The report further revealed the rampant cases of rape and sexual attacks. She urgent the MCAs to ensure that the Sexual offence Act is reinforced to the letter within the county in order to reduce the menace.

Ape cases in the recent past have gone bringing to question the effectiveness of the gender k report desk at kisumu police Station ad at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital.

The report did not mention anything to do with the alleged existence in Kisumu if a hit squad, the gun men who have recenttly imposed dawn to dusk curfew on Kisumu City residents. The gun totting hit squad gangs is frequenting bar and restaurants and all popular eating houses. They are involved in carjacking and even in some cases have shot the motorists to death. Stolen motor vehicles are hardly recovered, and nearly all the public joins in the town have had a visit by the gun totting hit squad.




Commentary by Leo Odera Omolo.

For the devolution government to succeed, the Jubilee government should use its majority numbers in parliament and introduce a comprehensive constitutional amendment that would make the County governors become the appointee of the President

The present system in which governors of the Counties are placed under the whims of the MCAs is unworkable.

The County governors are the m0ost frustrated lots. The MCAs cannot allow them to discharge their constitutionally mandated duties and responsibilities unless the governors succumb to their whims and vested interests.

The move to impeach the Kericho governor is vehemently opposed by the electorate, while local politicians are pointing their finger at a senior politician in the region who its being all said to be holding night meetings with MCAs inciting them to start the impeachment process against the governor. Once the Kericho MCAs are through with Prof. Chepkwony similar motion will be sponsored against the outspoken Bomet governor Isack Rutoin the same fashion.

THe case in point is the last week’s motion moved by the majority leader in the Kericho county Assembly that call for the impeachment of the hard-working Kericho governor Prof. Paul Chepkwony. The reasons advanced for this action are the most trivial. The MCAs threat to the governor has provoked harsh comments from senior politicians in the region.

A Kericho veteran politician William Kipkemoi Kettienya has come out and blasted the MCA telling them not to make things difficult for the governor. He said the move has no blessing of the electorate in the region.

According to his definition of the present devolution system, Senators are In lane one, followed by MPs in lane two while the MCAs are in third lane. As such let every one stick to his constitutional mandate. If a senior politician in Kericho want the governor out, such a move could not destabilize the county governance alone, but cold as well destabilize the \central government, therefore the Kericho MCAs must leave the governor alone.

Kettienya was reacting on rumors and speculation that an agent of a senior Kericho politician has been receiving money via a local bank in town which he is dishing out to the MCAs abd locally based journalists for the purpose of inducing the scribes to write stories that is tarnishing the good name of Governor Chepkwony. According to an eye witness the last transaction of such money was done last weekend in one of the posh hotels in town.

There is urgent need to have the constitution changed so that the County governors should fall under one appointing authority who should by President Uhuru himself.

In the old constitution, the Provincial Commissi9ners, the Mayors of the local municipalities and chairmen of the County Councils were working in harmony.

In the present system, however, the County governors are at the mercy of the greedy MCAs, some of them allegedly demanding to be paid the devolved money meant for development projects, some want their kith and kin to be appointed in plum jobs in the Counties while other have variety of vested interests such as the demanding that their relatives and friends be given tenders in the County projects. All these are the major sources of conflict of interests and hence increased demand for impeachment f governors. The song is the same from Embu, Nandi, Kiambu ,Bomet, Meru and other places.

The devolution system can only work if the County governors are all safe in their tenure of office and given maximum protection by the Central government. It is even sad that all these are happening when the office of the Attorney General and the Ministry in charge of the Devolution are silent as the impeachment song rent the air. And th whole system goes silent as the governors are being subjected to blackmail and intimidation.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo

SO they came with thud winning mega construction tenders worth billions of dollars on road networks, government buildings and institutions construction while carrying brief-cases swollen with bribe cash money. However, the days of massive influence by big business people from Bringing who have dominated the construction industry in Kenya for decades is soon coming to an abrupt end.

Under the reign of the retired President Mwai Kibaki, the Chinese big business people invaded the Kenyan market

The Chinese contractors fizzled out the traditional Kenya in business partners from Western Europe, especially those from the EU nations which had dominated the construction industry ib Kenya in the pre-independence and post-independence period between 1963 and 2002,

Major construction firms like Mowlem Construction of the UK, Sterling Astaldi of Italy, Israelis solebhonen and other were swept away, as the generous Chinese big business people visited government offices in Nairobi with their hands well oiled with bribe money.

President Mwai Kibaki made several official tours and state visit of China in the company of top government officials and cabinet ministers where he signed numerous bilateral agreement on trade. These missions opened floodgate, and no sooner, the streets of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital and other urban centers were swarmed by Chinese hawkers, hawking with petty wares such as ball pens, mobile phones, radios, watches and other cheap items.

At first, the indigenous Kenyan hawkers in Nairobi streets staged a near violent protest against the Chinese hawkers,

Kenyan businessmen of African origins are up in arms against any more Chinese. The National Construction Authority, the state body that is tasked with the responsibility of regulating guidelines to check on the construction sector and to check the growing Chinese influence on the oriental’s on local construction scene last month came out with the gun blasting.

The authority’s action came as the result of numerous complaints lodged by the local African contractors that the Chinese contractors were taking the lion’s share in nearly all the big construction projects.

The authority recently issued a statement saying that the local construction companies are now edged of public infrastructure work to private virtues. The Authority said it would lobby parliament and the House Committee on delegated legislation to have rules aping the Chinese contractors participation in Kenya building industry.

It reported that both house and the team have agreed that the regulation be published after Easter Monday before being tabled by Parliament.

Among the key concerns raised in the regulation is that at least 30 per cent of the monetary value of a project should go to the locals. This will made possible through joint venture or sub contracting.

Some of the Chinese construction firms undertaking major infrastructure projects in Kenya include China Road and Bridge Corporation and China Wu Yi was to constructed to build the Kshs 4.47 billion standard gauge railway line between Kenya’s port city of Mombasa and Nairobi. But already the parliament is demanding detailed account of how this particular tender contract was dished out and has called for a probe team to be setup

China WU WAS last year named the contractors University of Nairobi’s 22 story Building Complex valued at Kshs 2.3 billion ad another Chinese company China Jiangxi International is the main contractor for the proposed tallest building in Nairobi Hazina Trade Center..

The authority regulation dictate that recruitment or employment of foreign technical or skilled workers on such contracts shall be done on occasions when skills by the foreigners are not avoidably locally..The dishing out the tenders for such project must be approved by the regulating authority. Compulsory training of lower carder construction by the NCA upgrade their standards.

All these strings now being attached to construction industry retargeting to put in check the Chinese excesses.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Migori Town.

The time is ripe for the Cabinet Secretary for the internal security to work in collaboration with the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo to collaborate together to ensure that all funeral gatherings in Luo-Nyanza are officially licensed by the police for security reasons.

This suggestion is very valid and in time. The government should act much faster before innocent blood of the peace-loving Kenyans are spilled at such gatherings. The police should be informed in advance of the individual personalities expected to deliver eulogies.

The event of last weekend when Nyanza politicians turned funeral homes into a political platforms and forums is pointing out clearly the new political dimension now taking shape inside Luo-Nyanza. And as such the government should not wait until after bloodbath is witnessed. It should act now before it was too late.

It would be too late to consider licensing all funeral gatherings in Luo-Nyanza only after some people have already been butchered to death, The Migori incident should be an eye opener. It is believed that millions of shillings was spent in hiring drunken goons and vehicles that ferried them from distant places to the funeral home at Kakirao, while some of the thugs were sounding war-cries while praising their masters and insulting their perceived political enemies.

What happened at Kakirao village near Migori on the weekend could have resulted in bloodbath had Migori OCPD and his team not acted swiftly and with speed. in averting the bloodbath.

Political goons were ferried into the funeral home in Matatus, pick-ups and hundreds of boda boda motorbikes from as far field as from Kaler in southern Kadem near the Kenya-Tanzania borders. Some of the goons looked drunkard and heavily intoxicated menacingly threatening mourners.

Others were brought in hired vehicles from the nearby Uriri district, Rapogi trading centre, Ranen market, Awndo and Rongo towns

Hundreds of motorbike taxis arrived at the funeral home while the Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo was addressing the mourners and the commotion that followed forced him to cut short his speech for close to 40 minutes.

Most of the VIP arrived while the area MP Mohamed Junet who was the master of ceremony was giving his speech. It appears as if governor Obado was not pleased with the ceremony being conducted by the MP. He took the microphone and made it clear that in accordance to the constitution, the governor was superior to the MPs in line with protocols. He said in the presence of the governor the MP should not conduct such ceremony.

Governor Obado invited Siaya Senator James Orengo who in a brief address told the mourners that Migori County was one of the areas which is under the ODM influence, and that most of the important jobs within the Migori County government should be held by the ODM members.

These remarks by Orengo did not go down well with Governor Okoth Obado who shot up from his seat and told Orengo in face to stop inciting people

Orengo’s security details sensing that their boss was in danger drew their guns at ready. Governor Okoth Obado’s body guards also moved menacingly closer with their guns at ready.

Speaking with the rage of anger governor Obado told Orengo that some of the people who have come here while claiming to be close to Raila Odinga ere the same people who were once opposed to Raila’s presidential bid in 1992. They are the same people known to be misadvising Raila and that is why he had lost the presidential race twice.

At this juncture Charles Oyugi Owino {alikowa} the host pleaded with the crowd to maintain calm and be orderly in vain. He was joined by the Migori OCPD. The pleas by both men went unheard as scuffles broke out an chairs started flying as the mourner fled in all direction.

Someone grabbed the public address system and disappeared with it, forcing governor Obado to drive to Migori town about 12 kilometers away and bought the new microphone, with which he continued addressing the mourners while Owino Jalikowa ushered most of the guests into his house.

The police threw a cordoned and created a de- militarized zone between the VIP tent and other tents to ensure that none was hurt as chairs and other missiles and objects flew all over the expansive compound.

Governor Obado supporters sung derogatory and insultive songs against Orengo referring to him as “raitor’ repeating the same words used by governor Obado.

The police were forced to call for reinforcement of more police officers from the nearby police stations in Awendo, Rongo, Kihancha andMacalder.

It was later established that the hired goons and thugs carried hoe-sticks, and stones stones in readiness for any eventualities.

The majority of goons had traveled from Uriri, the governor Okoth Obado’s home district and appeared to have received the briefing of the impending troubles before they were ushgere into the funeral home stead.

LAst Friday, a similar situation was witnessed at konyango Jieri village near Kendu bay town during th buria of Mrds Pamels Odondi Opar the former managing director of the Big Five chans of hotels in Kendu-Bay town. Fighting broke out and one local politician Whcliffe Odhiambo Ojijo was beaten up to the ground.

The hell broke out when the Homa-Bay governor Cyprian Otieno awiti had just arrived in the company of a number of VIP, mostof them members of the executive of his county government.

Hedais was parked to capacity and a local MCA Julis Gaya of Central Karachuonyo requested the local individuals to give the room so that guests from distant places could be settled at the VIP podium, Ojijo who appeared to have taken one or two and was tipsy flatly refused to give room for the visitors,

Tom Dola the rachuonyo North ODM branch chairman moved to the podium and politely requested ojijoto be have like a gentleman and move a bi so that the VIPs could be seated. Ojijo again refused and insulted Dola, As the two exchanged fists punches, ODM youth joined the fray and Ojijo was beaten up. THe commotion sent mourners scampering for their dear lives.



News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo.

The planned burial of Zeituni Abong’o Onyango Obama, the US President Barrack Obama’s aunt has degenerated a lot of controversy following the sudden surfacing of the man who claim to be her legal husband and who was earlier reported to have died long before she moved to the US .

The 69 year old man Abell Mboya Okoko immediately launched the most scathing criticism of the Obama family for trying to sideline him over the burial of his wife.

Mboya Okoko the retired employee of the City Council of Nairobi narrated how he got married to Zeituni in 1969. They lived happily as a husband and wife in a House at the Uhuru Estate in Nairobi where two of his children are still living to date.

Speaking at his rural home near Lake Simbi Nyaima in Central Karachonyo, Homa-Bay County, Okoko said he had made a frantic effort to contact his in-law in Alego Kogelo so that they could work together in organizing the burial of his wife in her matrimonial home in vain.

He disclosed that their marriage was blessed with four children – – her sons and one daughter Rukia, Felix, Pascal and Shashi. The marriage was conducted in accordance to Luo tradition. He had paid three herds of cattle and large sums of money as bride price.

What annoyed Okoko most is the news footage based on information supplied to the US based newspapers in which Musrafa Obama the half brother of President Obama who is currently living in the US was quoted as saying that the family would have loved to have the remains of Zeituni buried at her matrimonial home at Kendu-bay, but this could not be fulfilled because her husband had died.

“I am very much alive, healthy and strong like any human being.” said Okoko.

He said after Zeituni who had worked with the defunct East African Airways before the Kenya Breweries Limited as the system analysis left their home and moved to the US. He got married to a second wife with whom they had another five children.

Okoko said he was contemplating seeking legal redress through the court, and would definitely sue Mustafa Obama for having imitating his death whereas is still very much alive and active.

As this report was being written, nobody new exactly the whereabouts of the body of Zeituni which is believed to have arrived in Kenya on Thursday morning. There were strong rumors that the body has already been disposed off and buried secretly at the Kariakor Muslim cemetery in Nairobi, while other sources say it was kept at the Lee Funeral Home pending the family decision as to where it could be buried. Security has been stepped at the Obamas home in Alego Kogelo in Siaya County and not even close relatives and friends were allowed.

It has also been established that Mama Sarah Obama is not the biological mother of Zeituni as has been perceived previously, but was just a foster mother. She could have been born by one of dozens of wives of the late Hussein Onyango Obama, who is on record of having married 13 wives with the Habiba Akmu the mother of Barrack Hussein Obama Snr being the first. But he had divorced most of them.

It has also been established that ever since the death of Zeituni in US reached Kenya relatives and friends have been flocking into the home oif Okoko with condolence messages. One of the early mourners who arrived there was Asha Auma the younger sister of Barrack Obama Snr who is living near Oyugis town. The majority of those who visited Okoko’s home were the Obamas relatives from the nearby Kanyadhiang’ while another bulk were reported to have visited the family home in Alego Kogelo, though most of them were turned away owing to tight security therefore they could no access the home to pay their homage to the family.

Okoko, however, vowed that he would fight to the bitter end through the courts in order to access the body of his wife and give it proper burial.He would persue this even if it means exhuming the body from where she may be buried at the whims of his in-laws. He will follow the law to the bitter and.



Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo

By sanctioning for the registration of Posetu as the second new umbrella of trade unions this country to rival the central Organizations of trade unions[ COTU{k},The Jubilee government has erroneously shoot itself in the leg.

COTU[K} under its ablest leadership of Francis Atwoli has served the Kenyan workers diligently TO Cot ever since its inception in the middle of 1960s and after its transformation from the all powerful Kenya Federation of Labuor {KFL} to Cotu {K}, COTU{K} was established by an act of parliament, which had mandate it as the sole representatives of the Kenyan workers.

All the previous holders of its coveted position of secretary General were the most illustrious sons of Kenya. They included the late Clement Kalani Lubembe, Peter Kibisu, James Karebe and J.D.Akumu.

These were the giants who had contributed immensely towards the liberation of Kenyans from the colonial yokes.

Moreover, the Cabinet Secretary for KLabor Kazungu Kambi appeared to unfit and totally a politically mediocre and not fit to the task and heavy responsibility bestowed on him.

In this context, I maintain by allowing for the registration of Posetu to destabilize the workers organization, the jubilee government due to lack of foresight has unknowingly destabilizing itself and hence risking rejection by Kenyans.

Judging from his utterances and actions, it appears as if the Labour’s CS is not fully conversant with his role in the government, hence the uncalled for conflict of interests between the ministry and the COTU [K}’

Kazungu Kambi is openly displaying his political mediocrity and the sooner President Kenyatta shown him the exit door the better. The CS is totally ignorant of the task before him. He is more of a liability than being an asset to the government.

From the look of things, Kenyans have resolved to work closely with the jubilee government under the leadership President Uhuru Kenyatta and his equally ablest Deputy President William Ruto. This is the main reason why Kenyans from all walks of life irrespective of their political party of affiliation supports fully the government effort to stamp out terrorists groups, which has become the real menace to the peace loving Kenyans.

However, the time is ripe for President Kenyatta to crack the whip and remove the rotten eggs from his cabinet in order to restore the confidence of Kenyans and the investors alike.

There are two rotten eggs in the jubilee cabinet who should be kicked out for the sake of good governance.. These are in the names of Kazungu Kambi and Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

Why should the two be indispensable whereas their performance appear not to be up to the standard/?

The messes seen in the ministry of Lands, particularly in its district offices countrywide, which operates on photo copies without not even one single official stationery forcing the staff to install photocopying machines of their own. These offices lacked the official land transaction form or any official documents. He staff uses their own photocopying machines to produce filthy forms and document, which they are charging exorbitantly therefore fleecing the poor taxpayers, and yet the ministry has its annual allocations in the budge to cater to stationeries?

Distraught and frustrated staffers ever asking for bribe money for typing any simple document without which a member of the public may spent the whole days waiting for a simple document to be typed out and signed by the designated official. In fact the ministry of Lands offices looked like the government ministries in Ugandan government during the reign of Idi Amin in the early 1970s

Why should Kenya, a country which has trained and turned out thousands of highly educated men and women since it attained its political independence in 1963 continued to be served by inefficient and incompetent people like Kambi and Ngilu.Is it for political expediency/’ It is is indeed for regional balancing purposes, can’t President Kenyatta find suitable persons from the regions where Kambi and Ngilu hails from and appoint such persons to the cabinet.?

Many Kenya are now left wondering as to what has happened to the law of the cabinet reshuffle?

The on-going controversy whether it is COTU {K} or Posetu which workers organization should host the Labour Day celebrations is another source of shame on Kenya.

COTU[K} is a workers organizations which is recognized all over the world. It is affiliated to major world workers organizations, which have funded socio-economic projects such as the construction of the magnificent building Solidari Building now standing on the Digo road in Nairobi,and the multi-billion shilling Tom Mboya Labuor College in Kisumu. Thousands of Kenyan workers have benefited from these institutions




News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo.

What was originally thought to be a simple matter and an internal political wrangling within the ODM appeared to have taken a new dimension which could consign the party to its political dustbins and doldrums unless a quick solution.

It all started last when the officials from seven sub-branches from seven parliamentary constituencies that forms Homa-Bay County converged at theHoma-Bay Farmers Training School and unanimously voted out the branch supremo Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang’

Sen. Kajwang’ was kicked out together with his acting vice chairperson Mrs Monica Amolo. And a new branch executive commitee was formed headed by the former Homa-Bay MP Martin Otieno Ogindo with a Kasipul politician Charles Ong’ondio Were as his deputy.

Homa-Bay County has eight sub-branches representing eight parliamentary constituencies of Mbita, Suba, Ndhiwa, Karachuonyo, Rangwe, Homa-Bay Town, Kasipul and Kabondo-Kasipul. Only Ndhiwa sub-branch was notably absent at the meeting.

The original agenda of the meeting was meant to welcome back to the party those members who had crossed over to other parties and contested the March 4, 2013 elections using those parties nomination certificates. Members had taken the nomination certificates from parties which preconceived to be friendly to CORD Coalition. The exodus was caused by the much flawed ODM Primary nomination system which was so chaotic.

However, the mood at the meeting abruptly changed and the name of Senator Otieno Kajwang’ featured prominently when some delegates accused the former Immigration and Registration of Persons minister in the Kibaki-Raila coalition government.

The songs of “Kajwang’ Must Go” rent the air with some of the delegates accusing the Senator of bad-mouthing other elected leaders. The other key position in the branch which was left untouched is that of the branch general secretary the position which is held by the Karachuonyo MP Eng. James K Rege.

Racting to the move the ODM acting leader Prof. Anyang Nyong’o was quick in dismissing the ousting of Kajwang’ as illegal and not in line with the ODM constitution. Nyong’o said that the headquarters will under no circumstances ratify the removal of the Senator from the County branch leadership. countered Prof Nyong’o’s remarks by issuing a threat that if Otieno Kajwang’is indispensable then they would walk out of ODM en mess, and leave the party to its owners who included Otieno Kajwang’.

Signs of Otieno Kajwang’ surfaced last weekend when hundreds of mourners at Konyango Jieri village near Kendu-Bay violently heckled and booed his deputy Mrs Monica Amolo forcing her to cut short her speech. He had made a veiled criticism of the Nairobi governor dr. Evans Odhimbo Kidero who waves is sweppng the luo-Nyanza region like tsunami. Mrs Amolo had cautioned the Luos against readily accepting the money whose sources is not known to them.”If one of your children brought home a huge sums of money please do not just accept it blindly without quarrying about its original source. It could turn out to be stolen money.” She thundered amid massive murmuring of disapproval.

The charged crowd jumped to their feet and began heckling, booing and making wild-cat calls.

The incident occurred during the well attended burial of Mrs Pamela Atieno Ezra Odondi Opar the managing director of the Big Five chain of hotels in Kendu-Bay town. She was buried at her family home at Konyango Jieri village about one kilometer from the town. The burial ceremony was attended by Homa-Bay County governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti in the company of dozens of his County executive members, the Area MP James K. Rege, the chairman of the Luo Council of Elders Mzee Meshack Riaga Ogalo and many ODM local and regional luminaries.

Those in attendance felt that Mrs Amolo was directing her veil criticism to the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero who of late has been criss-crossing the the entire Luo-Nyanza conducting high profile and successful fundraising for the various socio-economic development projects.

The huge crowd appeared to have been worked up when Mrs Amolo told the mourners that she was representing Senator Otieno Kajwang’ who was unable to attend the function himself. Earlier on during the week, Senator Kajwang’ had faced a near violent street demonstration by ODM youth at Rodi- Kopany town about 10 kilometers south east of homay-Bay town. The youth danced and blocked the junction of the road which is linking Ndhiwa, Rongo, Rangwe and Homay town forcing motorists to stop for close to two hours and sung anti-Kajwang’ songs using unprintable words.

Kajwang’ is a confidant of the Luo political kingpin Raila Amolo Odinga kicked off his anti-Kidero crusade last December during the end of the year get together party at the Opoda Bar Opuka rural home of Raila Odinga in Bondo when he said that people of Nyanza must question the source of the colossal amount of money the Nairobi governor was dishing out extravagantly at his Harambee fund raising meetings in Luo-Nyanza. Raila did not respond to Kajwang’s remarks, but the chairman of the Luo Council of elders {splinter Group Mzee Eli Otondi caution the people to be wary of those who might be using huge sums of ill-gotten money to divide the Luos.

So far Dr. Kidero and Raila have shared three plate forms on two occasions. and the two appeared to be getting well with no signs of suspicion on their faces. The first such meeting was the Harambee held in Kisumu City’s Kaloleni Ward and the second such meeting came last month during the fundraising in aids of the Jua Kali artisans in which close to Kshs 16 million was realized last month.

Anti Kajwang’ sentiments is so rampant in many parts of Luo-Nyanza, and if Raila Odinga cannot intervene in time and bring back sanity in the Orange party, it now threatens to split the community into two major political camps hostile to each other. The majority of Luos from the greater Southern Nyanza could easily jump the ship and join Dalmas Otieno in his still yet to be named new political party.

Raila must also instill some amount of discipline in his party by cautioning those members with loose tanks.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo

THE Homa-Bay ODM County branch chairman Gerald Otieno Kajwang was last Sunday kicked out of the branch leadership and the immediate former Homa-Bay MP Martin Otieno Ogindo elected in his place. Also kicked out was Mrs Monica Amolo, who has been the acting County branch chairperson wile Kajwang’ was contesting for the coveted office of the party’s chairman during the aborted party national elections. Mrs Amolo, however, will remain the branch treasurer.

Also named the branch vice chairman is the Kasipul politician Charles Ong’ondo Were, while the Mbita MP Miliie Odhiambo was named the branch organizing secretary. The position as the branch secretary is held by the Karachuonyo MP Eng.James K Rege whose status quo remained the same.

Delegats from all the eight parliamentary constituencies covering the entire homa-Bay county converged at Homa-Bay town where they carried out the elections to fill most of the vacant positions at the branch.

The officials also resolved to forgive all those party members who for one reason or the other had contested on March 4, 2014 using nomination tickets of other political parties and welcome them back to the ODM from now onwards.

Last Friday Mrs Amolo had faced the hostile crowd of mourners at Konyango Jieri near Kendu-Bay when she made veiled criticism of the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero questioning the source of millions of shillings, which he has been dishing out at the numerous fundraising meetings in Luo-Nyanza. Apparently angered by the unwarranted attack on Dr Kidero the hostile mourner heckled Mrs Amolo booed her forcing her to cut short her speech.

The incident took place during the well attended burial of Mrs Pamela Ezra Odondi Opar,the managing director of the Big Five chains of hotels in Kendu-Bay. Mrs Amolo who had reported that’s he had gone to the funeral home to represent her boss Otieno Kajwang’.

The ball was set rolling by a hard hitting and electrifying speech by the chairman of the Luo Councilog elders Mzee Meshack Riaga Ogalo who questioned the rationale of branding those who have ditched the ODM TRAITORS.

Mzee Ogalo said that Kenyans had fought the bloody war in the second liberation battle while fighting for the democratic space and he was disturbed to hear other saying that those with diverse opinion were dividing the Luos The community has remained united for close to fifty years, but gained nothing from such unity if purpose except abject poverty.

He told the mourner to jealously guard against those who are hell-bent to destroy democracy in the country and also at the same timeto preserve the devolution system at all costs.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

The burial of the US President Barrack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Abong’o Onyango Obama is set for Thursday, April 24,2014. It will now take place in a public Muslim cemetery I n Kisumu city.

Zeituni’s mother Mama Sarah Obama made an announcement in her Alego Kogelo home in Siaya County. She disclosed that the body of her daughter who died in the US two weeks ago will be flown from the US to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi on Thursday morning and thereafter will be flown further to Kisumu about 400 kilometers south west of Nairobi.

From the Kisumu airport the body will be taken to the main Muslim Mosque in the city center for prayers and will then be buried the same day at the town’s Muslim public cemetery.

It was previously hinted that Zeituni was to be buried at her matrimonial home at Kendu-Bay. The place where she was married. She has four children three sons and one daugfter all grownups. And according to Luo traditional norm and virtue, a married woman either divorced, separated or otherwise is required to be buried in her matrimonial homestead. It could be that the negotiations between the two families which could have seen her being buried her Kendu Bay did not materialize.

Since the death of Zeituni in the US was broken at her rural home I Alego Nyang’ma Kogelo there has been a big influx of friends, relative and well wishers as well as mourners to the home to condolence the family.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo

Information emerging from Arusha says the East African Business Council has elected Felix Mosha, a Tanzanian, as its new Executive Chairman for 2014/2015.

Mosha now succeeds Virnal Shah a Kenyan who had served the umbrella of private sector organization since May 2013.

Mosha, who is an Economist, will be tasked with ensuring that non-tariff barriers are eliminated as they are main uniting factor to the growth of the private sector and are slowing down the integration process.

The region also needs to speed up the integration process for the benefit of its citizens.

Mosha has outlined key privileges that he will focus on during his tenure.

They include free movement of persons across the region, movement of services, ensuring food security across the region, elimination of NTBs, free and speedy acquisition of work permits, domestic taxes, harmonisation, improving EABC viability and mobility enhancement.

Other Board members elected were Vice Chairperson Nyumbere of Burundi, Olive Kigunga of Uganda and Denis Kabera of Rwanda.

A report released by the EAC Secretariat that cover he past 55 NTRS were resolved from 36 that were resolved in 2012.

The World Bank doing business 2013 report highlighted NTBS as one of the key challenges the region faced with. Inadequate infrastructure, particularly roads, railways and energy, have also hindered the process.

Established in 1992, the EABC is the apex body of business associations of the private sector and corporates from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. It also aims to protect the environment conducive to business and growth.

Meanwhile other new items came out of Arusha based secretariat of the EAC syas that a push to remove unnecessary trade barriers and develop key infrastructure progrests has driven trade between East African countries to new heights.

New data by the United nations (EAC) ensurer that between 2000 and 2012.



Business feature By Leo Odera Omolo

East Africa regional leaders have agreed to set up a regional oil refinery in Hoima town in western Uganda and a pipeline in Lamu on the Kenyan coast.

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda struck the deal at a recent meeting held in the Rwandan capital, Kigali. Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatt, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda were in attendance during the mini-summit which was held on April 6 , 2014.

Discussion centered on the oil refinery at Hoima stated presidential joint strategic communications unit issued after the meeting.

The regional leaders also agreed on joint construction of a crude oil pipeline from Hoima to Lamu in Kenya.

The regional refinery and a crude oil pipeline to Kenya’s seaport of Lamu are among a raft of agreements that are covered in a trilateral pact signed last year.

The pact, however, left room for the three states to decide whether to pull resources for the refinery and how to do so.

Uganda and Kenya have both confirmed commercial quantities of recently discovered oil and both are currently sprucing up their midstream capacities

Kenya closed down its aging Changamwe based oil refinery last year citing inefficiencies that made locally refined fuels more costly than imported finished products

The assets of Kenya petroleum Refinery Ltd were also found to be unstable in refining the waxy oil discovered in both countries. The Changamwe based facility was built to handle urban demand and oil from the middle east. As a result, regional leaders have been favorable to pipeline and refinery options when the oil find came online.

Experts, according to media reports, have however warned that a pipeline for waxy oil is likely to be a very expensive undertaking. Concerned states therefore, will not only have to invest in an …heating system to keep the crude flowing, but also ensure its security from sabotage.

South Sudan and Ethiopia are also expected to join the initiative at a later stage as it professes flow at the Lamu port.

Meanwhile EAC countries traded more with each other than with any other trading blocs on the continent, boosting an average intra regional export as a percentage by destination of 19.5 per cent.

Comparatively, southern African Development Community (SADC), is second with an intra regional trade export average of 10.9 per cent, followed by intergovernmental authority on Development, at 0.92 per cent, and West African Economic community (ECOWAS), coming fourth at 8.6 per cent.

However intra EAC trade still suffered hiccups arising from several barriers evicted by member state. For example the latest scorecards on EAC trade launched in February show that Tanzania and Burundi have retained the highest number of restriction to cross boarder trade and flow of foreign direction investment in the East African Region.

Since the common market protocol was implemented in July 2010, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania have introduced at least 10 restrictions on the movement of capital in service. Several new restrictions have been introduced – – at least 10 restrictions to cross border on the movement of capital In service. Several new restrictions have been introduced or carried over into laws.

And for the case of goods, since…the enactment of the custom reunion on January 1, 2005, 51 non tariff barriers arising from regulatory measures by governments were identified between 2008 and June 2003.

The UNECA argues that the average intra regional export members are low and more needs to be done to help push them up.

While in the recent past there has been a focus on approving infrastructure by EAC heads of states, it remains a major aim to increasing intra- organization trade. Both roads and railway network are still not well established to allow the easy movement of goods and services.

UNEAC further says that intra- regional trade promotes cohesion and strengthens the barganing power of African countries as a critical of factor when negating trade agreements with rich nations.

The deal which increased intra-regional trade would also help Africa gain more from its measures. Usually the developed world buys raw materials from African Nations to manufacture goods and later sell to the continent at exravegant prices.

“Dependence on commodity prices and in some cases mineral extraction makes growth vulnerable to external shocks,“ says Andrew Mold, a senior economic affairs officer at the sub-regional office for Eastern Africa.

Economics and observers believe a diversified economy will help East African countries more from a traditional agriculture based economy to one industrial one



Reports Le Odera Omolo.

FIGHTING broke out at a high profile and well attended funeral at Kendu-Bay town last Friday. The scuffles briefly sent the mourners scampered in all directions for their dear lives.

The chaotic situation erupted during the burial of a prominent business woman at Konyango Jieri village in Central Karachuonyo Location Homa-Bay County . It was during the tearful sending off of Mrs Pamela Atieno Ezra Odondi Opar ,the managing director of the Big Five chains hotels, which are located at Kendu Bay Town. Pamela was the wife of Ezra Odondi Opar also a businessman in the same Kendu Bay town, which is located only a kilometers from the funeral home.

The trouble started when the Homa-Bay County governor Cyprian Awiti had just arrived in the company of several members of the County executive committee {cabinet} and were being ushered in to sit at the VIP main dais.

A local politician who appeared to have taken one or two was politely requested by the master of the ceremony to push his seat a side at the dais to create space for more visitors [VIPs}. To be seated. The man called Wycliffe Odhiambo Ojijo flatly refused to follow the instruction prompting the ODM chairman in the constituency Tom Dolla to intervene. Instead the drunken man insulted Dola sparking off fist exchange of punches. Party youths and other mourners joined the fray and descended on the man with kicks and punches. He was beaten up savagely to the ground.

Earlier on the mourners had angrily booed and heckled the County nominated MCA Mrs Monica Amolo forcing her to cut the speech short and sit down. The had lunched scathing criticism of the Nairobi governor Dr.Evans Odhiambo Kidero by way of questioning the source of the huge sums of money he was dishing out at the various fund raising meetings in Luo-Nyanza. She said the LUOs were easily and readily accepting money without knowing its source and were therefore being bought cheaply.

Amolo who is an ODM official at the County branch said she had gone to the funeral place to represent her boss Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang,’ who is the county branch chairman of the ODM, and heckled the county nominated MCA, Mrs Monica Amolo, forcing her to cut down her speech.

These remarks appeared not to have been taken lightly by the mourners who appears to be supporting Dr Kidero

Also in attendance were two prominent members of the Luo Council of Elders led by chairman Ker Meschack Riaga Ogalo and elder Nyandiko Ongadi. Don Opar an unsuccessful parliamentary aspirant, arachuono, in the March 4, 2013 election, Achills Gogo who contested the position of Deputy governor and Charles Ong’ondo Were another unsuccessful parliamentary aspirant for Kasipul seat in 2013.

Karachuonyo MP Eng James Rege appeared briefly at the funeral but left immediately after reporting that he was feeling unwell and therefore was being rushed to Nairobi to get quick medical treatment .

Also booed and asked to sit down was the perennial election loser in Karachuonyo Adipo Okuome who was given a chance to address the mourners, but instead said that he had won the March 2013 election but was robbed of his election victory. The crowd shouted back telling Okuome that he had lost the election because he was fairly defeated at the polls.This forced him to drop the microphone and sit down.

It was later established that homa-Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ was to attend the the burial of Mrs Odondi, but after surveying the area and discovered that the mood of the people and the area was that very hostile ground. He skipped it and instead sent Mra Amolo. Sen Kajwang; of late is having lean time and seemed to have lost touch with the peole in Homa-bay County following his recent recklessness in attacking the Nairobi governor Dr Kidero who has become the darling of the people in most parts of Luo-Nyanza.



Writes Leo Odera Omolo

The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commissions {EAACC} and the Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga have been urged to probe the hasty and suspicious decision by the Migori County government to construct the road leading to the home of a Supreme court judge.

Migori residents are suspicious that the work which started last weekend is coming immediately after the embattled Migori governor Zachary Okoth Obado had lodge an earlier judgment by the Appeal Court had nullified his election on march 4,2013 as the governor and recommended that a by-election be held.

Obado has since lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court of Kenya seeking to overturn the Appeal court ruling and the case is scheduled to be mention on April 23.

The road construction is viewed by Migori resident as aimed at circumvent justice.The work not only ill-timed, but is also in bad taste giving bad innuendo to justice system

The work sparked off street demonstration by the ODM youth in Migori town last Saturday. The youth demanded that the work is ill-timed and therefore should be cancelled until after the hearing and determination of the court case.

The work began within three days only after the Supreme Court had suspended the dismissal of governor Obado and allowed him to resume his work as the Migori governor pending the hearing and determination of his appeal case.

The work sparked off a street demonstration by a group of rowdy DM youth in Migori town last Saturday.

The road which is branching off the Awendo-migori main road and leading to ogwedhi Is leading to the rural home of the Supreme Court judge Jacton Ojuwang’ Boma.The youth said the construction of this road by thr county government when the area governor is embroiled in protracted legal tusle before the same court where justice Ojwang’ is a member of the bench would portray the court in bad picture. and should be cancelled in the interest of justice.

Justice Ojuwang’ Boma is the husband of the PSS for Science and Technology Prof. Corette Suda. However, a top county executive official ln-charge of Roads Erustus Nyamori dismissed the complaints by the youth as unwarranted, arguing hat the PSS Prof Suda had applied to the County to repair the road last August “At that time the work was approved we didn’t know she was married to the judge. The repair work is normal”

The construction work began last weekend only a few days after governor Obado returned from Nairobi and resumed his duties. The County truck were seen busy delivering murrams while the workers were digging drainage on the site

Other unconfirmed sources said the County was also laying water pipe to connect the home with water supplies and that the whole exercise would cost the County government close to Kshs 30 million.




News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

RAMPANT corruption biased dishing out of tenders to selected contractors related to some MCAS,por system of recruitment of workers massive ripping off of public funds are among the major cause of animosity with the County governments.

Other factors contributing to hostilities and protracted internal political wrangling, embezzlement and misappropriation of devolving government money meant for the development of socio-economic projects.

There is also the reported intensified scrambling for the extravagant use of the billions of shillings loosely disbursed to the County governments by the Central government without putting in place the proper supervision and proper financial management by experts posted by the government.

The last one year has witnessed the extravagant usage of the government’s money on not intended projects, which are also not properly documented. The Ministry in-charge of the devolution in conjunction with the treasury should workout a tentative plan of seconding government’s financial experts to the County governments for the purpose of safeguarding the taxpayers money and ensuring that the same is put into proper use in line with the guidelines of County government’s expenditure.

MCAs are currently competing to access the County government’s funds, which they are known to put into reckless use. They have resorted to get rich quickly activities. Some have opted to purchase Lorries, tractors and motor vehicles for personal use with no relevance to the benefit of the taxpayers.

Other areas of massive corruption is through the procurement and suppliers. Prices of items such as vehicles, graders, tractors and trucks are highly inflated to create space for “Kick-Backs”.

Some of the above reasons could have contributed largely to the last week’s shooting to death of the 27 year old Kibiri Ward MCA in Rachuonyo North district, within Homa-Bay County.

The killers of Boaz Odhiambo Ondiek seemed to have been not ordinary criminal thugs, but a hired execution squad.And the police have an up-hill task to tack down the MCa’s killers and bring them to book

Taking into account that the assailants did not steal anything from the house is pointing out an accusing fingers that it was an inside work of the cowards plotters within the County government. Homa-Bay County government has been bedeviled with serious of internal wrangling ever since it was established last year. Despite the political magnanimity and dynamism displayed the County governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti, there has been some of the most unwarranted desputes over the recruitment of workers involving the workers employment board members and the governor. Some of the disputes only got resolved through the courts. But in spite of all the myriads of problems governor Awiti stands out to be the best inside Luo-Nyanza whose administration has envisaged and lined up several important projects such as ultra modern roads, infrastructure meant to benefit the rural farmers, fishermen and the rest. His administration has earmarked multi-million projects for road network, covering all the eight parliamentary constituencies.

There is also the need for the County governors in this region and elsewhere to discard the use and deployment in their offices of the idlers masquerading as power brokers. These power brokers are the same people fueling rumors and hatred among the County officials. They have become the most powerful wheeler=dealers permanently idling around governors offices in search of handout cash money from anyone who has a business to do with the County, and even visiting some suppliers and contractors as well as spreading malicious and dangerous rumors. Power-brokers are commonly found at the Kisumu, Homa-Bay, Migori and even in Nairobi offices of governors, though they have no official business to be there. The majority of the so-called power-brokers political failures or those who have tried their hands at either parliamentary and senatorial or MCA, but failed to garner enough support to propel them to the position of MPS. These people have stick to the governors like ticks and could be seen accompanying them to all the official functions officiated by the governors.

The power-brokers are also blamed for fleecing professionals and other workers seeking employment with the Counties. Some of them accept bribes money under the pretext of talking good to the governor, MCA and members of the executive committee for the purpose of securing employment. But because members of the public had seen them in the company of the governors and MCAs, members of the public targeted for conning usually believe, and cough out thousands of shilling while seeking their patronage And support.

The Siaya governor Rasanga Amoth is the only person who is credited for operating his office free of the idle power-brokers.