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Business feature By Leo Oder Omolo in Homa-Bay Town.

Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno has come under the scathing criticism by the residents of Homa-Bay county for allegedly gross interference and trying to sabotage the planned multi billion white sugar Mill in the region

The resident are up in arms against the MP’s alleged maneuvers and canvassing against the Ministry of Agriculture and the Kenya Sugar Board recent approval of a the license for the establishment of the new sugar mill in parts of Rangwe constituency in Homa-BAY County

The residents of both Homa-BAY, Migori and Kisii Counties which stands to benefit a great deal from the planned sugar mill have vowed to petition President Uhuru Kenyatta to plead with him to intervene and ensure that the investors for the project are issued with the license as soon as possible.

The new white sugar mill ‘output when fully operational is expected to be 3000 metric tone of made sugar per day. Its construction cost is estimated to be around Kshs 4.6 billion. The new factory will offer job opportunities for close to 2,500 workers on direct employment while similar number of farmers will also benefit from their sugar cane products as out growers in the region covering Homa-Bay, Kisii and Migori counties.

The criticism of the Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno has come as the result of the recent visit by the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Felix Kosgei. The CS toured the region on July 6th. Kosgei was accompanied by the CEO of the Kenya Sugar Board Rosemary MKOK, Rngqwe MP George Oner two representatives of Homa-Bay and Migori County governments and a large number of cane farmers from Rongo,Rangwe and Southern Kisii regions. Kisi regions.

The CS led the group on a visit to the site of the proposed new sugar mill at Aoch Muga in south Gem location, Rangwe constituency in Homa-Bay county. ALso present at the public BARAZA WHICH WAS Addressed by the CS Kosgei were the representatives of the investors the entrepreneurs from Kisumu.

Kosegei disclosed at the meeting that application for the new mill would be approved. The CS said this after listening with his own ears what the residents, especially the potential out growers.

Kosgei advised the residents of the affected areas to shun politics and redouble their efforts in growing more sugar cane, and that he was satisfied that the people were yawning for the new mill to start its production the soonest.

The CSe promised that he wold write a letter of approval to the relevant authority when he get back to his Nairobi office.

However, following the publication of of news about the planned new sugar mill in the local media, the Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno is alleged to have started an aggressive canvassing with the higher echelon snd government offices and allegedly trying hard to sabotage the project under the pretext that he should be the one who should be given a license for establishing the new sugar mill in the area.

His is one song which the Rongo MP has been singing for the last 15 years, but he has never come forward with a tangible plan and a written application for the same. A source at the Nairobi offices of the KENYA sugar Board confided to this writer that their office has not received any application from Dalmas Otieno nor have received from any from any company Associated with him.

DALMAS Otieno IS CURRENTLY FACING LEAN TIME HAVIG RECENTLY DISAGREED WITH EH odm leader Raila Odinga might find it an up-hill task to initiate any sugar mill project even in his own Rongo constituency.

According to the ODM chairman in the Migori County branch Eng. Phillip Makabong’o

The Homa-Bay ‘s proposed new sugar mil has received the blessing of both Homa-Bay governor Cyprian Awiti and the Migori governor Ok0t Obado. And when operational, the mill will receive and crush 90 per cent of its row sugar cane from within Homa-Bay County with small percentage of raw materials from Migori and Southern Kisii farmers per cent from with the same percentage from out growers cane farmers from Southern Kisiii regions.

How can he come out full blast trying to stop this noble and important project which is aimed at empowering the community economically?

The MP had earlier announced for the formation of a new political movement called Kalausi, which has so far failed to take off from the ground.

Eng Makabong’o declared that Otieno is no longer ODM and the process to have him kicked out of Parliament is under way He termed the alleged MP’S interference in the proposed sugar mill project twould be a political suicide for him.



An historical feature By Leo Odera Omolo Omolo

CONTRARY to the belief by many Luos that our founding President Jomo Kenyatta was always nursing a deeply rooted hate for the members of the Luo community, the late Kenyatta was at peace with the Luos like he was with any other Kenyan communities.

In fact Kenyatta was very much fond of Luo talents and their administrative prowess. He always talked good about several academic giants of the community who had excelled in their academics fields and professionals. In order to justify this claim Kenyatta secretly ordered the release of the jailed former Permanent Secretary – – to be released prematurely before he completed his four years prison terms, and instructed him to stay out of sight of the public and to stay at his rural home not to appear anywhere in public until after the remaining period of his prison term were over.

Aloys Philip Achieng’ was the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries when he was accused of stealing from the public, convicted and sentenced to four years imprisonment. Achieng’ had taken out of his Ministry some money in the form of impress. The cash money was around kshs 70,000..

During his trial Achieng’s defense lawyer had produced documentation before the court showing that Achieng’ had already surrendered the impress money back to the Ministry. But the prosecution and the trial magistrate would not hear of this. They went on and convicted Achieng’ and consigned him to a four year prison terms.

What later transpired was that Achieng’ who was a confidant of the late Tom Mboya was the victim of a vicious circles comprising of anti-Mboya elements within the government. Mboya had died in the hails of bullets fired by an assassin in a Nairobi street on JULY 5, 1969 and his enemies were hell-bent to ensure that all his influence within and outside the government were routed completely.

After serving his prison terms for about one and half year, the information which filtered out of the Kamiti Maximum security prison was that Achieng’ was seriously down with a combined diabetic and high blood pressure and wad gradually loosing his eye sight..

When the information about Achieng’s poor state of health in prison reached South Nyanza district, a group of his friends hurriedly convened an emergency meting to find the best way possible how they could lend him a helping hand.

Most of those who attended the meeting were senior Chiefs, civic leaders relatives and top businessmen. Members of this elites were people who were personally known to President Jomo Kenyatta some of them at persona level. The group quickly resolved to draft a petition letter to president Kenyatta requesting for his personal intervention in Achieng’s case and to see to it that he was provided with a good medical doctor.

Members of this hastily organized group included Senior chief DAMIAJNUS ajwang’ {Gembe|}, senior Chief Samuel Odoyo {Kanyaea} Senior Chief Zephania Malit {Karachuonyo}, Civic leaders were councilor Wilson Lando {Ndhiwa}, Counc. George Joseph Bonga {Karachuonyo}also in attendance wete two prominent businessmen in the region, Rakwach Ochila {Lambwe} and Mzee Alfred Ogwago Opiyo {Karachuonyo}

A letter petitioning Kenyatta wad drafted and the Rift Valley P.C Isaiyah Mathenge who had served in South Nyanza as a D.C was chosen as the potential conduit for the purpose of delivery of this petition to President Kenyatta while this writer was appointed an emissary who was to deliver the letter to Mathenge at his Nakuru P.C.’s Office..

On the very day this letter was delivered to Mathenge who in turn handed it over to Kenyatta only after gauging out the President’s mood that evening. The delivery was made after the old man had enjoyed cultural and traditional dances performed by Nyakinyua women traditional Kikuyu dancers from Subukia and Rongai

Within the next two days, Achieng’ was summoned by the PRISON COMMANDER AT Kamiuti and told to get ready of going home. tHe former PS was to tall friends year latter that he could believed what he was hearing and the news came to him like a dream. The same morning he was airlifted by the Police Airwing fronm Wilson Airport in Nairobi Nairobi to Kabunde Aerodrome near Homa-Bay town..The plane touched down in the ,id-morning and there he was whisked out of sight of everyone around snd placed in a police van which drove him to his k0ochia Karamul village home about ten kilometer in the southeast of Homa-Bay town.

The next day a team of workers from the MOW visited his home to carry out a thorough renovation work on his house. President Kenyatta coughed out his personal money to the tune of Kshs 20,000. Achieng’ instructed him not to appear anywhere in public place, market place, or by the main road until after the time when his prison terms are over. Kenyatta later helped Achieng’ financially, which enable him win the a Parliamentary seat the larger Homa-Bay constituency in 1974.

For the whole duration of the period when Achieng’ was confined into his own home this writer acted as an emissary delivering messages from Achieng’ to President Kemnyata.

It was during these exercises that I learnt that Kenyatta only ideologically disagreed with his former Vice President and a close friend Jaramgi Oginga Odinga, and not the entire members of the Luo community. He loved the talent and used to speak well of the two Luo academic giants in the name of Prof; David Wasawo and Prof Alan Bethwell Bethwell Ogot, Dr William Odongo Omamo and George King Omolo George King a perfet English speaker and an educationist who had acted as English interpreter during his in famous Kapenguria trial of 1953.

Aloys Philiph Achieng’’ was a multi-talented person who was also a pilot and a sharp shooter as well as a Makarere trained fisheries spevialist.

He once shot and killed a rougue bull Hipo which was causing havoc in Mzee Kenyatta’s farm near Ruiru town. But their relations was cemented down when the emperor HAILIE Salessie of Ethiopia came visiting Kenya on a State Visit.

Kenyatta, according to Achieng’s testimony several years later was told the Emperor loved feeding ann Guinea fawls and not chicken and Jomo instructed Achieng’s with a daunting task of looking for several Guinea Fowls. The former PS moved to Kadiado with a shot guns and sh0t dead six guinea fowls. When be brought the dead birds to State House, Nairobi, Kenyatta told him that the Emperor cannot feed himself on dead birds. Achieng’s got disturbed and wondered as to where he could find the live guinea fowls. Fortunately one European resident of kilimani was breeding guinea fowls in his compound. Acieng’s visited the man and secured six live birds for which he paid dearly and brought them to Stte House amd this pleased mzee Kenyatta very much who praised him lavishly for his effort. This became the beginning of the friendship bond between the two men.

The obediency and the bond of friendship between Achieng’ and Mzees later to pay him handsomely.



Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

KENYANS are lucky for having a well schooled and dynamic President in the name of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta who in my opinion has the wealth of experience in public affairs, which if properly utilized could turn our beloved country into the highest height of economic development and growth.

HOWEVER, Kenyatta and his ruling jubilee coalition appeared to be vulnerable and easily panicking a lot about several issues of national importance, which only calls for soberly approach.

This panic has made the jubilee coalition government full of contradictions, utterances coupled with loose tank and chest thumping whose uncoordinated utterances which are only polluting the air and polarizing the existing peace and tranquility in the country.

The recent utterances from both the jubilee and the CORD opposition are only fueling further political wrangling instead of cooling down the existing high political temperatures in our country.

Any sane person and good Kenyan who have the country’s interest could see that the situation is genuinely calls for a dialogue between our national leaders from the political divide.

And while blaming Kenyatta and his team for being belligerent and overreacting to issues, which need some kind of sober approach, the opposition group under the flagship of CORD coalition calls stand blamed for poorly presenting its call for the national dialogue, which is of course a good idea while at te same time issuing threats intimidation and ultimatum to the government.

It could be that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula were carried by the huge and enthusiastic crowd of people that turned out at the UHURU park to welcome Raila home. The trio, however, In my opinion have other alternative way of constructively engaging the Jubilee government on the dialogue issue instead of issuing threat of mobilizing mass action and mob justice.

There has been a lot of reckless utterances of the Jubilee government I response to this calls. Two wrongs never made good ends. There has been a lot of hustling recklessness in speeches by those purported supporting the government, which did not go down well with the moderately thinking Kenyans who cares for the well being of Kenyan people and their hard acquired properties.

The call for a national dialogue is genuinely a good gesture, which should be deliberated in a sober manner, especially when considering the myriad of problems facing our country at the moment

Kenya is on the cross road, taking into account the thousands of sophisticated weapons now in the hands of criminal thugs. A day hardly passed without a newspaper report about a Kenyan trader having been shot and killed with these illegally acquired weapons.

And even in the usually quiet rural locations in the countryside, thugs are ruling, though its more worse in urban areas and trading centers and in market places.

The prices of the basic commodities like food, fuel, detergent etc have skyrocketed and have become unaffordable by ordinary average Kenyans rural folks.

Most Kenyan families can now ill-afford three or four meals a day. the Taveta MMP DR Naomi Shaban opening her big mouth before a huge crowd in KISII and telling President Kenyatta before a huge crowd of people in KISII that those opposition leaders pressing for the national d Kisii and telling President pack lies by saying that those opposition pressing for a national dialogue between the government and the opposition groups were liars. These kinds of sycophantic outbursts to appease the President are so opportunistic and are some of the undoing on the part of jubilee government.

I trust that President Kenyatta is capable of using his own political magnanimity to decide which way forward for Kenyans who have mandated him to rule this country, and he will make a firm and positive response response on this contentious issue of the national dialogue.

The president and his handlers also need to instill some amount of disciplined to his outspoken Deputy president whose language need to be out into a constant check. Ruto’s belligerent and quick rejoinders on some issues only amounted to loose talking and careless utterances, which nobody needs now in a situation where Kenya is grappling with myriad of problems including terrorists threat and insecurity.

Let the President not to allow his Deputy to plunge this our beautiful country into a distasteful and chaotic situation.

We are not on election mood. The elections are still four years away and I therefore concurred with President Kenyatta that he should be given time and a breathing space to implement his election pledges to Kenyans and those dissatisfied lots could wait until 2017.

ABOUT the author; LEO ODERA OMOLO is a veteran Kenya journalist ho comments regularly on topic issues



Historical feature By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu CITY.

It was indeed an historical evening that many people would wish to forget as fast as it happened more than fifty years ago.

This was a day in 1965. The place was at the D.C.’s house in Homa-Bay town in what used to be the old greater South Nyanza district Commissioner for the area was Isaiyah Mathenge a stoutly built and tough and most efficient administrator from Nyeri town.Nyanza district.

The founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was on an official tour of the district in the company of several cabinet ministers, KANU MPs, members of the defunct Nyanza Regional Assembly, chiefs, civic leaders and party operatives.

This was the day when a drunken body guard of one of his ministers forced his way into the room where the President was a having a consultative meeting with the local leaders.

The incident occurred after the founding president had made an extensive tour of the vast region where he addressed a series of public meetings.. Mzee had arrived at the D.C’S house looking a bit tired and needed sometime to rest. But before this, he was entertained by the traditional Ramogi dancers from Kochi and Karachuonyo and crowned with the a school choir from the nearby Ogande Girls Secondary School.

The entertainment left the President in a jovial mood. He was now making hearty exchange of jokes with the ministers, MPS and other leaders as the meeting progressed well.

All of a sudden, there was a big commotion at the door. One man by the name Owino Aguyo, a former Mau Mau detainee who before the coming of independence in June I fst 1963 was one of the many active KANU youth wingers in Kisumu Town who were always hanging around the then KANU Vice President Jaramnogi Oginga Odinga. Although he had no formal police training, Owino became the security detail of the MinisterI for Information and broadcasting Richard Achieng’ Oneko and was issued with a service revolver or a pistol the time usually carried by policemen guarding VIPs.

This was immediately after the formation of the Republican cabinet In December 1964. Oneko was the KANU MP for Nakuru Town He had won the seat after the JuneE 1ST 1963 independence general election.

Owino menacingly tried to force his way into the D.C’s living room where the meeting was in progress. He was then the KANU MP for Nakuru Toiwn. engaged in rowdy argument at the door with one Joseph Ouma Nis a KANU youth who was also acting at times as Tom Mboya’s bodyguard after the latter had realized that he was drunk and had a loaded pistol. The two were engaged in wrestling match and Ouma Nisa knocked Owino to the ground. The commotion alerted the security policemen who were guarding the D.C”s compound and Owino was overpowered, disarmed and taken into police custody. He was later arraigned in court, found guilty of carrying an offensive weapon in a public place and sentenced toi 18 months imprisonment by a court in KISII Town.

President Kenyatta looked a shaken man after the commotion which took close to ten minutes as more policemen moved in to arrest the drunken man. He addressed Oneko down Oneko down and told him in Kiswahili “Tafadhali sana Bwana Oneko ussije tena kwangu na mutu huyu.”Ameleta Kinyoriro mbaya hapa.”

Cabinet Ministers present at the function included S.o.Ayodo {Wildlife and Tourism} Tom Mboya {Economic Planning and Development},Richard Achieng Oneko [Information and Broadcasting}.Dr Julius Gikonyo Kiano {Commerce and Industry},assistant kello- Ministers were Benjamin Maisori Itumboocial Services} Joseph Gordon Odero Jowi { labor} and Tom Okello-Odongo {Finance}

There were also back-bencher MPS in attendance included John Henry OKwanyo {Migori}. Clement Ngala Abok {Homa-Bay},Elijah Omolo AGAR {Karachuonyo}

Regional Assembly members present were George KING Omolo {Homa-Bay}, David Okiki Amayo{Karachuonyo}. Matthews Otieno Ogingo OgingoaNdhiwa} Harrison Odhiambo Opiyo Midiang’a{ Mbita};Herman Odhiambo-Omamba}{Migori},Samson Mwita Marwa {Kuria} And Silas Abong’o Oloo {Kasipul-Kabondo}

The then Nyanza P.C was Daniel Owino. Several Permanent Secretaries were also in attendance. They included Aloys Philip Achieng’ {Fisheries}, Joel Meshack Ojal Adem{Education, and Nathaniel Oluoch Adinda of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting} Aloiys Phillip Achieng’ of the Fisheries department.

Among the elders and civic leaders were Mzee Wilson Lando from Ndhiwa, SENIUOR chief Damianus Ajwang’ from Gembe, Senior Zepphania Malit fromKarachuonyo, EX-senior Chief Simeon Wasonga From Mfangano Island, Chief Zemekiah Wakiaga from Rusinga ,Chief SamueL Odoyo , Chief Mishael Anyango RayolA {Kabondo, MZEE Paul Mbo {Karachuonyo{Kanyada,Chief Julius Ouma {Kabuoch}.

The otherwise a very cordial and friendly meeting between President Kenyatta and the Luo elders almost came cropper, when Ex-Senior Chief Simeon Wasonga of Mfangano

[Nyathi Kwach} sought to know from the President what he termed as the widely rumored and disturbing information what he termed as the very sensitive and most disturbing rumor and speculation widely spreading in both Nairobi and some parts of Nyanza and countrywide that some members of his cabinet were not comfortable and happy with the sterling performance of Tom Mboya and were actually in the process of hatching the plot for his elimination.[Assassination}

President Kenyatta appeared to have been disturbed and perturbed by this particular question and and gave an assurance that Mboya was very safe and therefore there was no cause for alarm ,adding that his government would give each sand every Kenyan citizen the maximum security protection, Mboya included, therefore there will be no harm to anybody. Briefly, there were some murmuring among participants who at first thought Kenyatta in his usual style would rebuke the EX-senior Chief, but he did not and instead gave a very polite answer to the satisfaction of everyone present at the meeting and the meeting ended in a happy and pleasant note.


SOME PARTS of this article are included in a book being prepared and written by this writer about Tom Mboya



Commentary by Leo Odera Omolo.

For the devolution government to succeed, the Jubilee government should use its majority numbers in parliament and introduce a comprehensive constitutional amendment that would make the County governors become the appointee of the President

The present system in which governors of the Counties are placed under the whims of the MCAs is unworkable.

The County governors are the m0ost frustrated lots. The MCAs cannot allow them to discharge their constitutionally mandated duties and responsibilities unless the governors succumb to their whims and vested interests.

The move to impeach the Kericho governor is vehemently opposed by the electorate, while local politicians are pointing their finger at a senior politician in the region who its being all said to be holding night meetings with MCAs inciting them to start the impeachment process against the governor. Once the Kericho MCAs are through with Prof. Chepkwony similar motion will be sponsored against the outspoken Bomet governor Isack Rutoin the same fashion.

THe case in point is the last week’s motion moved by the majority leader in the Kericho county Assembly that call for the impeachment of the hard-working Kericho governor Prof. Paul Chepkwony. The reasons advanced for this action are the most trivial. The MCAs threat to the governor has provoked harsh comments from senior politicians in the region.

A Kericho veteran politician William Kipkemoi Kettienya has come out and blasted the MCA telling them not to make things difficult for the governor. He said the move has no blessing of the electorate in the region.

According to his definition of the present devolution system, Senators are In lane one, followed by MPs in lane two while the MCAs are in third lane. As such let every one stick to his constitutional mandate. If a senior politician in Kericho want the governor out, such a move could not destabilize the county governance alone, but cold as well destabilize the \central government, therefore the Kericho MCAs must leave the governor alone.

Kettienya was reacting on rumors and speculation that an agent of a senior Kericho politician has been receiving money via a local bank in town which he is dishing out to the MCAs abd locally based journalists for the purpose of inducing the scribes to write stories that is tarnishing the good name of Governor Chepkwony. According to an eye witness the last transaction of such money was done last weekend in one of the posh hotels in town.

There is urgent need to have the constitution changed so that the County governors should fall under one appointing authority who should by President Uhuru himself.

In the old constitution, the Provincial Commissi9ners, the Mayors of the local municipalities and chairmen of the County Councils were working in harmony.

In the present system, however, the County governors are at the mercy of the greedy MCAs, some of them allegedly demanding to be paid the devolved money meant for development projects, some want their kith and kin to be appointed in plum jobs in the Counties while other have variety of vested interests such as the demanding that their relatives and friends be given tenders in the County projects. All these are the major sources of conflict of interests and hence increased demand for impeachment f governors. The song is the same from Embu, Nandi, Kiambu ,Bomet, Meru and other places.

The devolution system can only work if the County governors are all safe in their tenure of office and given maximum protection by the Central government. It is even sad that all these are happening when the office of the Attorney General and the Ministry in charge of the Devolution are silent as the impeachment song rent the air. And th whole system goes silent as the governors are being subjected to blackmail and intimidation.



News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo.

The planned burial of Zeituni Abong’o Onyango Obama, the US President Barrack Obama’s aunt has degenerated a lot of controversy following the sudden surfacing of the man who claim to be her legal husband and who was earlier reported to have died long before she moved to the US .

The 69 year old man Abell Mboya Okoko immediately launched the most scathing criticism of the Obama family for trying to sideline him over the burial of his wife.

Mboya Okoko the retired employee of the City Council of Nairobi narrated how he got married to Zeituni in 1969. They lived happily as a husband and wife in a House at the Uhuru Estate in Nairobi where two of his children are still living to date.

Speaking at his rural home near Lake Simbi Nyaima in Central Karachonyo, Homa-Bay County, Okoko said he had made a frantic effort to contact his in-law in Alego Kogelo so that they could work together in organizing the burial of his wife in her matrimonial home in vain.

He disclosed that their marriage was blessed with four children – – her sons and one daughter Rukia, Felix, Pascal and Shashi. The marriage was conducted in accordance to Luo tradition. He had paid three herds of cattle and large sums of money as bride price.

What annoyed Okoko most is the news footage based on information supplied to the US based newspapers in which Musrafa Obama the half brother of President Obama who is currently living in the US was quoted as saying that the family would have loved to have the remains of Zeituni buried at her matrimonial home at Kendu-bay, but this could not be fulfilled because her husband had died.

“I am very much alive, healthy and strong like any human being.” said Okoko.

He said after Zeituni who had worked with the defunct East African Airways before the Kenya Breweries Limited as the system analysis left their home and moved to the US. He got married to a second wife with whom they had another five children.

Okoko said he was contemplating seeking legal redress through the court, and would definitely sue Mustafa Obama for having imitating his death whereas is still very much alive and active.

As this report was being written, nobody new exactly the whereabouts of the body of Zeituni which is believed to have arrived in Kenya on Thursday morning. There were strong rumors that the body has already been disposed off and buried secretly at the Kariakor Muslim cemetery in Nairobi, while other sources say it was kept at the Lee Funeral Home pending the family decision as to where it could be buried. Security has been stepped at the Obamas home in Alego Kogelo in Siaya County and not even close relatives and friends were allowed.

It has also been established that Mama Sarah Obama is not the biological mother of Zeituni as has been perceived previously, but was just a foster mother. She could have been born by one of dozens of wives of the late Hussein Onyango Obama, who is on record of having married 13 wives with the Habiba Akmu the mother of Barrack Hussein Obama Snr being the first. But he had divorced most of them.

It has also been established that ever since the death of Zeituni in US reached Kenya relatives and friends have been flocking into the home oif Okoko with condolence messages. One of the early mourners who arrived there was Asha Auma the younger sister of Barrack Obama Snr who is living near Oyugis town. The majority of those who visited Okoko’s home were the Obamas relatives from the nearby Kanyadhiang’ while another bulk were reported to have visited the family home in Alego Kogelo, though most of them were turned away owing to tight security therefore they could no access the home to pay their homage to the family.

Okoko, however, vowed that he would fight to the bitter end through the courts in order to access the body of his wife and give it proper burial.He would persue this even if it means exhuming the body from where she may be buried at the whims of his in-laws. He will follow the law to the bitter and.



Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo

By sanctioning for the registration of Posetu as the second new umbrella of trade unions this country to rival the central Organizations of trade unions[ COTU{k},The Jubilee government has erroneously shoot itself in the leg.

COTU[K} under its ablest leadership of Francis Atwoli has served the Kenyan workers diligently TO Cot ever since its inception in the middle of 1960s and after its transformation from the all powerful Kenya Federation of Labuor {KFL} to Cotu {K}, COTU{K} was established by an act of parliament, which had mandate it as the sole representatives of the Kenyan workers.

All the previous holders of its coveted position of secretary General were the most illustrious sons of Kenya. They included the late Clement Kalani Lubembe, Peter Kibisu, James Karebe and J.D.Akumu.

These were the giants who had contributed immensely towards the liberation of Kenyans from the colonial yokes.

Moreover, the Cabinet Secretary for KLabor Kazungu Kambi appeared to unfit and totally a politically mediocre and not fit to the task and heavy responsibility bestowed on him.

In this context, I maintain by allowing for the registration of Posetu to destabilize the workers organization, the jubilee government due to lack of foresight has unknowingly destabilizing itself and hence risking rejection by Kenyans.

Judging from his utterances and actions, it appears as if the Labour’s CS is not fully conversant with his role in the government, hence the uncalled for conflict of interests between the ministry and the COTU [K}’

Kazungu Kambi is openly displaying his political mediocrity and the sooner President Kenyatta shown him the exit door the better. The CS is totally ignorant of the task before him. He is more of a liability than being an asset to the government.

From the look of things, Kenyans have resolved to work closely with the jubilee government under the leadership President Uhuru Kenyatta and his equally ablest Deputy President William Ruto. This is the main reason why Kenyans from all walks of life irrespective of their political party of affiliation supports fully the government effort to stamp out terrorists groups, which has become the real menace to the peace loving Kenyans.

However, the time is ripe for President Kenyatta to crack the whip and remove the rotten eggs from his cabinet in order to restore the confidence of Kenyans and the investors alike.

There are two rotten eggs in the jubilee cabinet who should be kicked out for the sake of good governance.. These are in the names of Kazungu Kambi and Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

Why should the two be indispensable whereas their performance appear not to be up to the standard/?

The messes seen in the ministry of Lands, particularly in its district offices countrywide, which operates on photo copies without not even one single official stationery forcing the staff to install photocopying machines of their own. These offices lacked the official land transaction form or any official documents. He staff uses their own photocopying machines to produce filthy forms and document, which they are charging exorbitantly therefore fleecing the poor taxpayers, and yet the ministry has its annual allocations in the budge to cater to stationeries?

Distraught and frustrated staffers ever asking for bribe money for typing any simple document without which a member of the public may spent the whole days waiting for a simple document to be typed out and signed by the designated official. In fact the ministry of Lands offices looked like the government ministries in Ugandan government during the reign of Idi Amin in the early 1970s

Why should Kenya, a country which has trained and turned out thousands of highly educated men and women since it attained its political independence in 1963 continued to be served by inefficient and incompetent people like Kambi and Ngilu.Is it for political expediency/’ It is is indeed for regional balancing purposes, can’t President Kenyatta find suitable persons from the regions where Kambi and Ngilu hails from and appoint such persons to the cabinet.?

Many Kenya are now left wondering as to what has happened to the law of the cabinet reshuffle?

The on-going controversy whether it is COTU {K} or Posetu which workers organization should host the Labour Day celebrations is another source of shame on Kenya.

COTU[K} is a workers organizations which is recognized all over the world. It is affiliated to major world workers organizations, which have funded socio-economic projects such as the construction of the magnificent building Solidari Building now standing on the Digo road in Nairobi,and the multi-billion shilling Tom Mboya Labuor College in Kisumu. Thousands of Kenyan workers have benefited from these institutions




News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo.

What was originally thought to be a simple matter and an internal political wrangling within the ODM appeared to have taken a new dimension which could consign the party to its political dustbins and doldrums unless a quick solution.

It all started last when the officials from seven sub-branches from seven parliamentary constituencies that forms Homa-Bay County converged at theHoma-Bay Farmers Training School and unanimously voted out the branch supremo Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang’

Sen. Kajwang’ was kicked out together with his acting vice chairperson Mrs Monica Amolo. And a new branch executive commitee was formed headed by the former Homa-Bay MP Martin Otieno Ogindo with a Kasipul politician Charles Ong’ondio Were as his deputy.

Homa-Bay County has eight sub-branches representing eight parliamentary constituencies of Mbita, Suba, Ndhiwa, Karachuonyo, Rangwe, Homa-Bay Town, Kasipul and Kabondo-Kasipul. Only Ndhiwa sub-branch was notably absent at the meeting.

The original agenda of the meeting was meant to welcome back to the party those members who had crossed over to other parties and contested the March 4, 2013 elections using those parties nomination certificates. Members had taken the nomination certificates from parties which preconceived to be friendly to CORD Coalition. The exodus was caused by the much flawed ODM Primary nomination system which was so chaotic.

However, the mood at the meeting abruptly changed and the name of Senator Otieno Kajwang’ featured prominently when some delegates accused the former Immigration and Registration of Persons minister in the Kibaki-Raila coalition government.

The songs of “Kajwang’ Must Go” rent the air with some of the delegates accusing the Senator of bad-mouthing other elected leaders. The other key position in the branch which was left untouched is that of the branch general secretary the position which is held by the Karachuonyo MP Eng. James K Rege.

Racting to the move the ODM acting leader Prof. Anyang Nyong’o was quick in dismissing the ousting of Kajwang’ as illegal and not in line with the ODM constitution. Nyong’o said that the headquarters will under no circumstances ratify the removal of the Senator from the County branch leadership. countered Prof Nyong’o’s remarks by issuing a threat that if Otieno Kajwang’is indispensable then they would walk out of ODM en mess, and leave the party to its owners who included Otieno Kajwang’.

Signs of Otieno Kajwang’ surfaced last weekend when hundreds of mourners at Konyango Jieri village near Kendu-Bay violently heckled and booed his deputy Mrs Monica Amolo forcing her to cut short her speech. He had made a veiled criticism of the Nairobi governor dr. Evans Odhimbo Kidero who waves is sweppng the luo-Nyanza region like tsunami. Mrs Amolo had cautioned the Luos against readily accepting the money whose sources is not known to them.”If one of your children brought home a huge sums of money please do not just accept it blindly without quarrying about its original source. It could turn out to be stolen money.” She thundered amid massive murmuring of disapproval.

The charged crowd jumped to their feet and began heckling, booing and making wild-cat calls.

The incident occurred during the well attended burial of Mrs Pamela Atieno Ezra Odondi Opar the managing director of the Big Five chain of hotels in Kendu-Bay town. She was buried at her family home at Konyango Jieri village about one kilometer from the town. The burial ceremony was attended by Homa-Bay County governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti in the company of dozens of his County executive members, the Area MP James K. Rege, the chairman of the Luo Council of Elders Mzee Meshack Riaga Ogalo and many ODM local and regional luminaries.

Those in attendance felt that Mrs Amolo was directing her veil criticism to the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero who of late has been criss-crossing the the entire Luo-Nyanza conducting high profile and successful fundraising for the various socio-economic development projects.

The huge crowd appeared to have been worked up when Mrs Amolo told the mourners that she was representing Senator Otieno Kajwang’ who was unable to attend the function himself. Earlier on during the week, Senator Kajwang’ had faced a near violent street demonstration by ODM youth at Rodi- Kopany town about 10 kilometers south east of homay-Bay town. The youth danced and blocked the junction of the road which is linking Ndhiwa, Rongo, Rangwe and Homay town forcing motorists to stop for close to two hours and sung anti-Kajwang’ songs using unprintable words.

Kajwang’ is a confidant of the Luo political kingpin Raila Amolo Odinga kicked off his anti-Kidero crusade last December during the end of the year get together party at the Opoda Bar Opuka rural home of Raila Odinga in Bondo when he said that people of Nyanza must question the source of the colossal amount of money the Nairobi governor was dishing out extravagantly at his Harambee fund raising meetings in Luo-Nyanza. Raila did not respond to Kajwang’s remarks, but the chairman of the Luo Council of elders {splinter Group Mzee Eli Otondi caution the people to be wary of those who might be using huge sums of ill-gotten money to divide the Luos.

So far Dr. Kidero and Raila have shared three plate forms on two occasions. and the two appeared to be getting well with no signs of suspicion on their faces. The first such meeting was the Harambee held in Kisumu City’s Kaloleni Ward and the second such meeting came last month during the fundraising in aids of the Jua Kali artisans in which close to Kshs 16 million was realized last month.

Anti Kajwang’ sentiments is so rampant in many parts of Luo-Nyanza, and if Raila Odinga cannot intervene in time and bring back sanity in the Orange party, it now threatens to split the community into two major political camps hostile to each other. The majority of Luos from the greater Southern Nyanza could easily jump the ship and join Dalmas Otieno in his still yet to be named new political party.

Raila must also instill some amount of discipline in his party by cautioning those members with loose tanks.



Business feature By Leo Odera Omolo

East Africa regional leaders have agreed to set up a regional oil refinery in Hoima town in western Uganda and a pipeline in Lamu on the Kenyan coast.

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda struck the deal at a recent meeting held in the Rwandan capital, Kigali. Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatt, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda were in attendance during the mini-summit which was held on April 6 , 2014.

Discussion centered on the oil refinery at Hoima stated presidential joint strategic communications unit issued after the meeting.

The regional leaders also agreed on joint construction of a crude oil pipeline from Hoima to Lamu in Kenya.

The regional refinery and a crude oil pipeline to Kenya’s seaport of Lamu are among a raft of agreements that are covered in a trilateral pact signed last year.

The pact, however, left room for the three states to decide whether to pull resources for the refinery and how to do so.

Uganda and Kenya have both confirmed commercial quantities of recently discovered oil and both are currently sprucing up their midstream capacities

Kenya closed down its aging Changamwe based oil refinery last year citing inefficiencies that made locally refined fuels more costly than imported finished products

The assets of Kenya petroleum Refinery Ltd were also found to be unstable in refining the waxy oil discovered in both countries. The Changamwe based facility was built to handle urban demand and oil from the middle east. As a result, regional leaders have been favorable to pipeline and refinery options when the oil find came online.

Experts, according to media reports, have however warned that a pipeline for waxy oil is likely to be a very expensive undertaking. Concerned states therefore, will not only have to invest in an …heating system to keep the crude flowing, but also ensure its security from sabotage.

South Sudan and Ethiopia are also expected to join the initiative at a later stage as it professes flow at the Lamu port.

Meanwhile EAC countries traded more with each other than with any other trading blocs on the continent, boosting an average intra regional export as a percentage by destination of 19.5 per cent.

Comparatively, southern African Development Community (SADC), is second with an intra regional trade export average of 10.9 per cent, followed by intergovernmental authority on Development, at 0.92 per cent, and West African Economic community (ECOWAS), coming fourth at 8.6 per cent.

However intra EAC trade still suffered hiccups arising from several barriers evicted by member state. For example the latest scorecards on EAC trade launched in February show that Tanzania and Burundi have retained the highest number of restriction to cross boarder trade and flow of foreign direction investment in the East African Region.

Since the common market protocol was implemented in July 2010, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania have introduced at least 10 restrictions on the movement of capital in service. Several new restrictions have been introduced – – at least 10 restrictions to cross border on the movement of capital In service. Several new restrictions have been introduced or carried over into laws.

And for the case of goods, since…the enactment of the custom reunion on January 1, 2005, 51 non tariff barriers arising from regulatory measures by governments were identified between 2008 and June 2003.

The UNECA argues that the average intra regional export members are low and more needs to be done to help push them up.

While in the recent past there has been a focus on approving infrastructure by EAC heads of states, it remains a major aim to increasing intra- organization trade. Both roads and railway network are still not well established to allow the easy movement of goods and services.

UNEAC further says that intra- regional trade promotes cohesion and strengthens the barganing power of African countries as a critical of factor when negating trade agreements with rich nations.

The deal which increased intra-regional trade would also help Africa gain more from its measures. Usually the developed world buys raw materials from African Nations to manufacture goods and later sell to the continent at exravegant prices.

“Dependence on commodity prices and in some cases mineral extraction makes growth vulnerable to external shocks,“ says Andrew Mold, a senior economic affairs officer at the sub-regional office for Eastern Africa.

Economics and observers believe a diversified economy will help East African countries more from a traditional agriculture based economy to one industrial one




News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

RAMPANT corruption biased dishing out of tenders to selected contractors related to some MCAS,por system of recruitment of workers massive ripping off of public funds are among the major cause of animosity with the County governments.

Other factors contributing to hostilities and protracted internal political wrangling, embezzlement and misappropriation of devolving government money meant for the development of socio-economic projects.

There is also the reported intensified scrambling for the extravagant use of the billions of shillings loosely disbursed to the County governments by the Central government without putting in place the proper supervision and proper financial management by experts posted by the government.

The last one year has witnessed the extravagant usage of the government’s money on not intended projects, which are also not properly documented. The Ministry in-charge of the devolution in conjunction with the treasury should workout a tentative plan of seconding government’s financial experts to the County governments for the purpose of safeguarding the taxpayers money and ensuring that the same is put into proper use in line with the guidelines of County government’s expenditure.

MCAs are currently competing to access the County government’s funds, which they are known to put into reckless use. They have resorted to get rich quickly activities. Some have opted to purchase Lorries, tractors and motor vehicles for personal use with no relevance to the benefit of the taxpayers.

Other areas of massive corruption is through the procurement and suppliers. Prices of items such as vehicles, graders, tractors and trucks are highly inflated to create space for “Kick-Backs”.

Some of the above reasons could have contributed largely to the last week’s shooting to death of the 27 year old Kibiri Ward MCA in Rachuonyo North district, within Homa-Bay County.

The killers of Boaz Odhiambo Ondiek seemed to have been not ordinary criminal thugs, but a hired execution squad.And the police have an up-hill task to tack down the MCa’s killers and bring them to book

Taking into account that the assailants did not steal anything from the house is pointing out an accusing fingers that it was an inside work of the cowards plotters within the County government. Homa-Bay County government has been bedeviled with serious of internal wrangling ever since it was established last year. Despite the political magnanimity and dynamism displayed the County governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti, there has been some of the most unwarranted desputes over the recruitment of workers involving the workers employment board members and the governor. Some of the disputes only got resolved through the courts. But in spite of all the myriads of problems governor Awiti stands out to be the best inside Luo-Nyanza whose administration has envisaged and lined up several important projects such as ultra modern roads, infrastructure meant to benefit the rural farmers, fishermen and the rest. His administration has earmarked multi-million projects for road network, covering all the eight parliamentary constituencies.

There is also the need for the County governors in this region and elsewhere to discard the use and deployment in their offices of the idlers masquerading as power brokers. These power brokers are the same people fueling rumors and hatred among the County officials. They have become the most powerful wheeler=dealers permanently idling around governors offices in search of handout cash money from anyone who has a business to do with the County, and even visiting some suppliers and contractors as well as spreading malicious and dangerous rumors. Power-brokers are commonly found at the Kisumu, Homa-Bay, Migori and even in Nairobi offices of governors, though they have no official business to be there. The majority of the so-called power-brokers political failures or those who have tried their hands at either parliamentary and senatorial or MCA, but failed to garner enough support to propel them to the position of MPS. These people have stick to the governors like ticks and could be seen accompanying them to all the official functions officiated by the governors.

The power-brokers are also blamed for fleecing professionals and other workers seeking employment with the Counties. Some of them accept bribes money under the pretext of talking good to the governor, MCA and members of the executive committee for the purpose of securing employment. But because members of the public had seen them in the company of the governors and MCAs, members of the public targeted for conning usually believe, and cough out thousands of shilling while seeking their patronage And support.

The Siaya governor Rasanga Amoth is the only person who is credited for operating his office free of the idle power-brokers.




News Analysis By leo Odera Omolo

NEWS EMERGING OUT OF Migori County indicating an area where political temperature has risen sharply following the recent Court of Appeal decision that saw the former governor Zachary Okoth Obado‘s election victory nullified and fresh polls ordered.

Governor Obado has, however, moved to and lodged an appeal with the supreme Court of Kenya challenging the appeal court’s Decision.

Indications are that the outcome of the Supreme Court judgment is likely to create dilemma for the ODM, which is arguably the dominant political party in the region. Going by the weekend utterances attributed to Migori Senator Wilfred Machage, sharp division and fallout between the two main communities sharing Migori County namely the Luos the majority and the Kurias the minority there in the impending tug-of-war as to who should be the running mate of an ODM candidate should the court throw out the case filed before it by Obado and order for fresh polls.

According to Senator Machage’s statement the 70,000 Kuria voters will settle on nothing less than one of their own being the running mate of an ODM candidate.

During the March 4, 2013 election ,Governor Obado had picked up a Mr Nyamhanga as his running mate on the PDP ticket. At the same time PROF. Edward Akongo’ Oyugi had picked Mrs Anne Omondho Anyanga from Nyatike as his running mate. The two had jointly petitioned the court against Obado’s election.

He has received unanimous support, and even all the The popular opinion in Migori is that Prof. Oyugi should be given direct ODM party nomination and should not be subjected to the primaries.

This suggestion that Prof Oyugi be exempted from primary has received unanimous support of the electorate. This suggestion has also backed by all the ODM MPs representing various constituencies within Migor county with the exception of one namely the rebellious Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno ,who has since declared that he had ditched the party and is currently in the process of forming another political party in the region to rival the ODM

Sources at the ORANGE House the Nairobi based headquarters of the ODM have confided to us that the decision to issue Prof. Oyugi with the direct party nomination is high on the card.

All the indications are clear that the PDP, the party on whose ticket Obado and Nyamuhanga had contested the governor’s election as running-mates and won has since then abandoned the CORD coalition and now an affiliate of the jubilee. PDP which is headed by the former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara was previously allied to the CORD coalition. And in the event of the fresh elections being called by the IEBC, the duo will have to look for another party’s ticket to contest the election.

The weekend remarks made by Senator Machage has earned him scathing criticism from the electorate and ODm leaders in Migori who have told the Senator to immediately desist from making parochial statements, which only made ODM leaders in the region and supporters to question his loyalty to the party.

Sen.Machage was given direct nomination in 2013 at the insistence of the ODm leader Raia Odinga, by all the standards had sacrificed the former Migiori ODM county branch chairman J.Magaiwa who was prevailed upon to stand down for Machageion the undersadig that this would persuade all the kuria voters to cast their votes for Raila Odinga in his presidential bid. The plan did not work and Magaiwawh had withdrawn his candidature for the Senate seat in anger moved to the URP, though he did not contest the election he used his political clout and influence to drum the Kuria support for the jubilee coalition of TNA/URP collation. Magaiwa’s efforts yielded the fruits that saw all the two parliamentary seats in Kuria East and Kuria West won by the URP/TA coalition. Raila Odinga the votes sharing arrangement and plan which had been brokered by Dalmas Otieno flopped and Raila Odinga garnered the least number of the presidential votes in the region where President Uhuru Kenyatta harvested the highest number of the 70,000 or so votes within the Kuria community.

Odm leaders this week warned Sen. Machage that stern disciplinary action might be considered by the party against him for tying to coerce ODM to nominate a non-member as its running mate ON ITS ticket.

“If Sen. Machage had any other party has something mind that would guarantee him a Kuria tribal running-mate for the governorship then he is free and within his democratic rights to quit ODM altogether with the Kuria voters and join that party, but he should not try to rock the boat from within.. There are well over 280,000 registered voters in Migori county and the 70,000 votes in Kuria region are like just a peanut and a small fraction in this cosmopolitan Senatorial electoral constituency and as such the ODM can still easily emerged the victorious with or with9ut Kuria votes ,said an ODM MP who requested for his anonymity.

MPs who are reportedly backing the direct nomination of Prof. Oyugi included the outspoken Mohamed Juneet [Suna East}, Eng Kobado {Uriri}. Joseph Ndiege [Suna West], Edick Omondi Anyanga {Nyatike and Jared Koopiyo [Awendo}

In the March 4, 2013 election aspirants who vied for the senate on ODM ticket, but were prevailed upon to withdrew their candidature in favor Machage included J.Magaiwa, Ochieng’ Mbeo and Oluoch Kanindo. The trio reluctantly withdrew their bid after having deposited the colossal amount of money with the ODM head office.



Political feature analysis By Leo Odera Omolo

POLITICAL power brokerage has always been the major cause of discomfort among members of the larger Kalenjin community ever since early 1960s

The practice got heightened during the early part of the reign of the retired president Daniel Arap Moi in early 1980s and immediately after the latter’ accession to power and in 1978 following the death of the founding president Jomo Kenyatta on August 22, 1978.

These political brokers become part of life particularly among the residents of the South and North Rift especially among the Kipsigis and Nandi sub – tribes.

It becomes the source of discontent and instability among the members of the most populous Kipsigis sub-tribe .This is the most populous sub-tribe of the larger Kalenjin ethnic groups.

There was one time when emerged one by name of Isaak Kipkorir Salat a former junior clerk with one of the multinational tea companies operating in Kericho and Bomet Districts .

At first he become the brief case carrier of Moi when the latter was serving in the post – independence cabinet as the vice President and minister for Home affairs another person to emerge as the political power broker during Moi’s time was the former Belgut MP Ayub Chepkwony who happens to be related to Moi by marriage – After Chepkwony then emerged another political broker in the region in the name of Prof. Jonathan Ngulalu Arap Ng’eno while during the same period of time in the North Rift emerge one Mark Kiotarbei Arap Too in Uasin Gishu and Nan district In the same region also emerged the former soldier Ezekiel Bargetuny as another powerful political broker also in Nandi and Uasin Gishu regions

Anyone who rubbed shoulder the wrong way with these gentlemen was in for big trouble .The four had entrenched themselves in the Moi KANU regime and were the one calling shots in almost every political issue affecting the Kipsigis and the Nandi communities

One memorable act committed by Salat was when the Moi regime had envisaged a multimillion shilling plan to have the LondieniKikellion, Muhoroni and Kisumu road termacked . The road if constructed could have cut down the Kisumu-Nairobi by distant nearly close to 40 kilometers short.

The project was designed to branch off at Londiani junction on the main Nakuru- Kericho road at Londiani and traverse through this agricultural region through Kipkelion Railway station, Chulwa , Kenya all, Fort –Tennan , Koru Muhoroni and to link up with Kericho – Kisumu road at Awasi.

Acting at the behest of Kericho town wealthy Indian traders Salat publicly advised President Moi in a public address that the road was not viable and would be a waste of money because the road project would only benefit the Luos of Nyanza who were in opposition to the KANU government.

The project was abandoned and never saw the light of the day.Salat won Bomet parliamentary seat in the 1974 general elections and was appointed by Moi to be an Assistant Minister in the office of the President.

In the 1979 Moi called for snap elections .This time around salat and Prof Ngeno had decided that early , Kipsigis nationalist Dr Taaitta Araap Toweett who had featured prominently during the struggle for independence must vacatehis Buret parliamentary seat and go home. Dr. Arap Toweett who was then the Minister for Education, and perhaps the best Education Minister Kenya has ever had must go Toweet twas then the KANU MP for Ruret.

Moi went to Kapkatet an area which is the heart-beat of the Kipsigis politics and to surprise and shock of the mammoth crowd made an announcement that it was time for Taweett to rest or to vacate the Buret Seat and pave the way for a new blood .Moi told Dr. Tawett in his face to have a rest Inspire of the loud murmuring of disapproval by the huge crowd in attendance at the rally.Moi went and stood his ground. Toweett who looked shocked and disappointed reluctantly accepted the verdict and went home and quietly went home a disappointed man.

Prof Ngeno who was by then working for the Nakuru Millers a company asociated with Moi got the KANU ticket and was elected the new Buret MP and consequently appointed the new Education Minster in place of Dr. Towett though he performed dismally and was later relegated to the Housing Ministry

However, Prof Ngeno did not last longer in the seat. In the response to the protest of the elected as the treatment meted out on Toweet Moi later half heatedly made him a nominated MP. It is indeed imperative to remember that Moi and Toweett were age-mates, and there was no way theother became tired while the latter was still going strong snd serving as the head of state. Therefore Moi’s reasoning for the removal of Toweett from his job was irrelevant in this case.

Ngeno was himself in 1983 kicked out of the Parliament and in his place came the farmer Kapsabet Resident Magistrate. Timothy Arap Mibe an ex school teacher t Getarwet primary School who was later trained as a lawyer at the Dar Es Salaam University. At the time around Salat was gradually phased out and then emerged Ayut Chepkurony the Belgut MP who was made an Assistant Minister for Housing. Chepkwony was related to Moi by marriage .He was the husband of the younger sister to Mrs Lena Moi

Meanwhile Mibei who served in the cabinet briefly as the Minister for Works was hounded out of the Buret seat paving the way for for the return of Prof Ngeno in who later represented the constituency until in 1992 when he was he was beaten hands down by the former Tengecha High school’s principal Paul Arap Sang (Chamian Buch)

It was during the late 1997 when Donald Kepkamoe Arap Kones emerged as the most powerful politician and a power broker in Kipsigis and after winning the Bomet parliamentary seat and Kones was appointed by Moi as the minister of state in the office of the president.

Kones emergence saw Ayub hepkw being phased out. Kones and Moi parted the compnay and this gave the way for the return of Ngeno his cousins. Both Kones and Prof Ngeno were member of the Kapecherek sub-clan meaning the people with mixed of Kalenjin – Kisi blood.

As for now a Kericho Senatr Charles KETER who is a political associate DP William Ruto HAS Emerged as NEW power broker in Kipsigis land to the chagrins of the elected leaders of Kericho and Bomet Counties.Keter’ is allegedly openly displaying his dislike and hatred of the two governors, namely isaak Ruto of Bomet and Prof. Paul Chepkwony.

Like the late Kones who with others who were reported to have financed and fed the now infamous Kalenjin Warriors of the 1992-1997 launched simultaneous armed attack against the Luos, Kisiis and Luhyias because these communities were in opposition to the Nyayo KANU regime of Moi. Keter recently faced scathing criticism from the Nyakah MP Aduma Owuor who linked him to the recent out break of tribal skirmishes between theLuos and the Kipsigis along the Kericho-Nyakach borders. Which left six uos dead and close to 50 houses set ablaze destroying property worth millions of shillings.

THe Kericho Senator, however, has yet to come out with the convincing reasons of innocence to the problem,and has only rudely challenged the Nyach MP to make his allegations in report to the police.


Other known power broker had a group her during Moi’s 24 years president included Mark Mark Kiptarbei Arap Too Ezekiel Bargetuny also in Nandi and Hosea Kiplagat in Baringo,Nicholas Kiprono Kipyator Biwott who was acting as the principal political strategist of all the time during Mois 24 years presidency and was credited of all and was credited to have been the highly educated power broker in rule the North Rift where other were semi literate outfit.



News Analysis By a special Correspondent.

The last week’s Appeal court disqualification of the firmer Migori governor Zachary Okoth Obado was an act of blessing in disguise for the Oranga party {ODM}, which is the party of choice in the mineral rich County whose relationship with the governor is known to have gone sour ever since his first day in the office.

Immediately after the court’s judgment delivered in crowded court room of Kisumu, Obado rent his anger at the ODM by way of arrogantly launching scathing criticism of the party and its leader Raila Odinga while reiterating his decision to work with the Jubilee government.

Governor Obando who personally attended the court and brought a large number of supporters all the way from Migori to Kisumu in four hired vehicles, which included school buses and sleek cars immediately made it known that he would be lodging an appeal in the Supreme court of Kenya to challenge the decision.

Also present in Kisumu was the petitioner Prof Edward Akong’o Oyugi and his running-mate in the March 4, 2014 election Mrs Anne Omodho Anyanga, the firebrand who is the wife of the Nyatike MP Edick Omondi Anyanga who expressed her satisfaction with the judgment by saying that justice has been Observers of Migori politics and political pundits were quick in saying that the huge crowd of people transported to Kisumu from Migori to cheer him up was an act of the governor’s arrogance and a display of his financial mightiness which might boomerang and work against him should his much touted appeal fail in the Supreme court and a fresh by-election ordered to be held.

There was a brief commotion outside the court when a group of Prof. Oyugi’s supporters made a spirited attempt to block governor Obando from entering his official vehicle, arguing that since he was no longer the governor he was not supposed to used the County vehicle. However, Obado supporters retaliated and protected him from being molested. Police had to intervene and restored orders before the two groups dispersed.

Obado had won the Migori governor’s seat on the ticket of the little known People’s democratic Party {PDP}, which is led by the former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara after loosing to Prof Oyugi in the {ODM} flawed primary nomination. Th PDP was one of the many amalgamated political parties allied to the CORD’s coalition But the Mgara’s party since bolted out of the CORD coalition and joined the jubilee. This latest move has no exposed Obado to be at the mercy o the ODM and now own

Anothger credible and important politician has also gone sour following reports that he is in the process of launching his own political party to rival the ODM in Luo-Nyanza and the wide spread allegations tha he was dividing the Luos of South Nyanza from their cousins in Central Nyanza for selfish interests.

The dismissal of Obado by the appeals Court has created a new political dimension in Migori County politics. It could see many political big guns joining the race for the vacant governor’s seat in the event of the fresh elections are called by the ICEB. On March 4, 2013 election, Obado had banked on his strategy to win over the M candidate the support and backing o the minority voters in two Neighboring Kuria districts and had enlisted the support and the backing of a Kuria man from Kihancha as his running mate and eventually made him the Deputy governor. This came at a tie when members’ o the marginalized Kuria minority community had problems with the ODM over its direct nomination of the former Kuria MP Dr. Machage to contest trhe Migori Senate seat at the chagrin of both Kurias and Luo voters.

Among the big guns whose names are being floated by the electorate In Migori as the possible succors of governor Obado in included that of the former cabinet Minister George Ochilo Ayacko, who was one time two times the Rongo MP and the former Mathare MP Gilbert Ochieng’ Mbeo who had also served as the Kenya’s representatives to the East African legislative Assembly [EALA} and Eng. Mark Nyamita.

Ayacko and Mbeo, which might work against Obado is his reported worsened relationship with the elected Migori MPs. He is said to be at loggerheads with the MPs over allegation of poor governance and favoritism and nepotism other contentious issues in the terms of recruitment of the County workers. The former governor, as the allegations goes, Obadon has employed his own brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-law in the County services at the expense off other job seekers. There are also unconfirmed claims and allegations that for one to be short listed for an interview for employment one must cough out a cool Kshs 300,000

Other shocking allegations included the rumors that the businessmen and traders who submitted their tenders to be contracted by the County on its development project agreeing required to dish out cash money as part of “kick-backs”.

The on-going construction work for at the Awendo sub-district hospital and the MTC In Migori were described as the ”milk cow”.

THE OTHER Migori MPs included Mohmed Juneet [Suna East], Joseph Ndiege n[SunaWest}, Eng Kobado {Uriri}, Jared Kopiyo {Awendo} Edick Omondi Anyanga {Nyatike} and Dalmas Otieno who is being counted as having gone out of ODM. Kopiyo who is also an PDP MP is reported to be allied to the governor. In Kanyamkago where Obado comes,thereis sharp division between the Jokawere sub-clan with his own JokaAtieno and the Maragolis and the Luhyias.The area current MP Eng. Kobado is a member of the Jokawere sub-clan.

For Obado to make it back to his plum governorship job would be an up-hill task and a pipe dream, because he has any questions to answer from the electorate.



Industrial feature By Leo Odera Omolo

It is indeed encouraging that the government of Kenya welcomes and encourage both foreign and local investors wiling to invest their money in the agro – based and manufacturing sectors, therefore the time is ripe for the government to set up certain conditions which must be met by the investors willing to invest their money in this country. The time is ripe for the government to set up certain conditions and terms conducive to employment regulations and rules before their investments kick off.

As for now, the multinational Tea companies operating in Kericho and Nandi Hills regions are the ones which have set up good examples by way of making sure that senior management positions are in the hands highly skilled and semi skilled in indigenous Kenya Africans.

The British multinational tea manufacturing companies, like the uniliver (formerly Brooke Band Tea) in Kericho, and the Finlays tea and Flowers in Kericho, and the Finlays tea and Flowers, also operating in Kericho and bomet counties have engaged the highly trained local personnel . The two terms even have promoted to high and middle management positions, some of them trained on-the-jobs.

The same could be said of Eastern Province tea company which own chains of tea plantations and processing factories in Nandi Hills, Kericho and Sotik Highland and Kibabet tea companies in Sotik region of Kericho county.

In most of the above multinational tea companies nearly all the top managers, engineers, doctors, Chief Accountants, Financial Directors positions, are held by indigenous Africans with the exception of the positions involving foreigners who are specilaized on highly technical work.

These British multinational tea Multinational companies had introduced a crush training program immediately after Kenya attained political independence in 1963. They embarked in phasing out foreign expatriate managers, technician artisans. The two expatriate who stayed on their jobs were compelled to train Africans to understudy the expatriate previously employed on lucrative and plum jobs and replaced Them with the local personnel.

What is happening in the tea industry is reflecting the true picture of job creation in a country like kenya where unemployment situation has reached as alarming proportion. It has at large become the source of rising crime waves. The government policy on job creation and employment regulation in Kenya not exceptional. This is something which is happening every where on the globe.

Certain conditions must be set up for the purpose of scrutinizing rogue investors who discriminate and enslave the locals in their establishment.

In this context, I am referring to the pathetic employment conditions in the sugar mills especially where he investors use local African workers like slaves, petty casuals without approximant letters and term and conditions of services etc.

I have in mind the five sugar companies owned by Indian investors.

To be specific and more clear ,the sugar companies owned by Indians include West Kenya and Butali sugar companies which are based in kakamega county ,while Sukari industries is located in Homa – Bay County , Kibos sugar and Allied industries based in Kisumu county and the latest is the Trans – mara sugar company based in Narok County Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries is situated in Kisumu County with the latest and the newest sugar mill being the Trans-Mara sugar Company in NAROK county

In all the five sugar mills the investors have embarked in engaging foreign expatriate workers with impunity. The Investors in the sugar mills have engaged the largest number of expatriates workers to the chagrins of locals. These expatriate workers, most of them imported from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, are semi-illiterate. Expatriate workers from India. Pakistan and Bangladesh are the ones who are running petty jobs such as time-keeper, junior clerks, cane yard clerks and top jobs from the top and down to messenger and … even cooks for making Indian dishes for the top Indian top managers

The whole set up looked like the modern day apartheid racial segregation in an independent Kenya .some of the positions held by the expartriates involved simple clerical jobs which the forum four school learners cam even perform better than semi-literate expatriates.

African workers are kept in the periphery. While working only as subordinate and manual workers, but with no letter of appointment. In the case of those local comparison to what their expatriate counterparts earns, some of the mills produced negligible tons of sugar per day but have employed close to 200 expatriates compare with the Mumias ugar company which turns the highest amounts of sugar per day, is the highest in the country, at 96000 tons per day . But the mill is managed exclusively and efficiently by the local African Manager from the top to the down trodden office messengers and sweepers

Since the terms of its former contracted management of Booker Agricultural international expired two decades ago and the expatriate left the have turned the company around from the the profit losses to a vibrant facility that is a profit making it rather shameful for Kenya, a country which has been independent for 50 years and has trained and truned out thousands of highly skilled personnel, to make the dumping for illiterate and oldest Indian workers who cannot be employed even in their own country .These undesirable Indian expatriate workers have flooded our sugar sub sector of the economy.

The majority of Indian expatriate workers were told they cannot be subjected to the mandatory safety deduction such as NSSF al NHIF as are allowed to export their package back home to their families .Why should the key a government allow the kind of modern day slavery where in citizens are being subjected to discrimination on few opportunities that are available.



Poliical historical feature By Leo Odera Omolo.

It was sometime on a date in June 1961, and while serving in the brief KANU/KADU coalition government as the Minister for Lands Settlement and Housing, the deminutive Kipsigis pioneer politician Taaita Araap toweett bravely told a huge crowd during a political rally in Kericho that those who wanted land for free should as well go to the Sahara Desert where there was plenty of land for free.

The rally was held at Sosiot trading centre in Belgut, Kericho district. The tough talking Toweett whose Kalenjin Political Alliance party was affiliated to KADU had just won a bruising election battle during the snap elections called by the then governor of Kenya Sir Patrick muir renson on a KADU ticket poling the largest number of votes, 58,796 a record which for years remained never to be to-date by any other Kenyan politician.

It is believed that only Ngengi Muigai had garnered the highest number of votes and came close to the equal one received by TOWETT IN 1961. Muigai polled 48,000n when he contested he Gatundu South constituency in 1972 Gatundu South constituency on a KANU ticket

Toweett contested the election against two challengers, one Mister Mister Arap Korir of KANU and A Former chief Inspector of Police Tamason Barmalel, a Nandi man who had migrated from his native Nandi and settled I Chepalungu This was a straight contest between KANU and KADU

Toweett first one a seat in the Colonial and white settlers dominated legislative Council in 1958 under what was then known as Lenoxboyd Plan which gave the African population six additional seats in the Legco bringing the number to 14. This was in addition to the first eight African members who were voted in in march 1957. Toweett had won the Southern electoral, which covered some parts of Kericho, trans-Mara and Kericho.

The famous pronouncement by Toweett came at the time when the densely populated members of the Kipsigis community were clamoring for additional land and pestering the colonial authorities to open up the white highland, which was exclusively forth white settlers at the time.

Other Legco members who were elected together with Toweett in 1958 included David Ngati Mumom [Ukambani], Justus Kondit Ole Tipis, {Central Rift], J.J. Nyagah {Embu}, Francis Joseph Khamisi] and Dr. Julius Gikonyo Kiano {Central]. {Mombasa]

Toweett’s answer to the anxious crowd sparked off a lot of murmuring among the ing for it can at a later stagas the time goes be kicked out of the same land plot by any powerful neighbor who can grab it forcefully but the one who had paid adequately for his land is the one could be sure of owning his property permmnently. The Sosiot rally almost broke up in chaos amid protest by the huge crowd..

However, it was later transpired that the majority of the kipsigis people well received Toweet message. They formed land buying companies. Other moved in families and bought land in many settlement schemes which were launched by the post-independent government headed by the founding President Jomo Kenyatta. The community also responded well to President Kenyatta’s famous call of “Back to the Land’.

Many members of this community, a sub-tribe of the larger Kalenjin ethnic group moved and purchased land previously owned by white settlers in Sotik, Rongai, Subukia, Trans-Nzoia, Uasin-Gishu, Nakuru, Molo, Elburgon, Londiani, Fort-Tennan, Koru and other places. Members of the Kipsigis can now be found in far fields like Laikipia, Nyahururu, Naromoru, Gilgil and Elmentaita and Cheranganyi where they have since prospered and became excessively wealthy following their acquisition of large scale farms in the “White Highland’.

During the same period of time Jaramogi Ogings Odinga, who was then repr5esenting the largest electoral constituency of Central Nyanza was telling his Luos that once independence comes, the land will be for free, and that luo herdsmen could go and graze their herds of cattle as far as Eldoret Molo, Kipkarren and other white settlers area without any problem.

Odinga instead of encouraging the Luos to spread their wing and acquire the kland in other farming regions and settlement scheme launched the infamous “Cham-Gi-Wadu”n a scientific socialistic slogan loosely translated that one must eat his your neighbor

And when the government finally opened new settlement schemes in Muhoroni, Koru, Songhor, Chemelil and other parts of Nyanza, the Luos were reluctant to buy land and settled in those schemes. The few who braved the taboo and defied traditional culture and bought land in the schemes, quickly abandoned their newly acquired farms and moved back to their ancestral land in the rural locations inside Luo-Nyanza. Those who persevered later abandoned the land and left their land laying fallow, though the few who Luos who took farming seriously and engaged in sugar cane farming have since prospered, although Odinga himself became a large scale farmer Songhor in Tinderet Nandi and in Miwani where the family now owns a large track of land and growing sugar cane. But the poverty index in the region still remains the highest.

In this context Toweett who died a few years ago in a motor vehicle accident did not fear losing his political popularity, but had told his people nothing but the truth the truth without fearing paying the political prices of losing their support.



News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

CAMPAIGNING for his second term re-election in 2007 the retired president Mwai Kibaki made a pledge that his PNU government would create 500,000 jobs for youth and school leavers annually.

Indeed several half a dozen of newly established industries sprung up during the period of 2007-2013 giving Kenyans the hope for more employment opportunities.

Five new sugar mills were established during the period under review with an opening up of close to 1500 employment opportunity for Kenyans. This was in the agricultural sector where new five sugar factories were established and commissioned to be begin their production operation.

These factories included Sukari Industries in Ndhiwa, Homa-Bay Count, Trans-Mara Sugar Company Limited in Trans-Mara, Narok County, Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries limited based at Kibos near Kisumu City, West Kenya Sugar Com0-any and Butali SugarCompany both located near Kakamega town in Kakamega County. The sixth sugar mill is the relatively much smaller Soin Sugar Works , which is located in Ainamoi constituency within Kericho County.

Most of the investors in all these facilities were locally based entrepreneurs and Indians from India.

However, the dream of many Kenya technocrats of securing jobs in these new sugar mills were dashed, when the investors arms-twisted the PNU/ODM coalition government headed by two principals in the name of President Mwai Kibaki and the Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and made sure that they imported their Indian kith and kins from India ,Pakisan and Bangladesh for all senior managerial positions.

Strange things happened. The very government which issued hundreds of work permits to hundred of expatriate workers in the new facilities, leaving Kenyans with nothing to be proud of.

The most shocking thing, however, is the categories of imported expatriate workers. Most of them are said to be semi-illiterate consisting of motor vehicle and electrical mechanics, store-keepers, account clerks, time keepers, cane yard clerks, cashiers, salesmen, warehouse clerks, messengers and the like.

The existing laws and regulations governing the employment of expatriates in Kenya were flagrantly ignored. The existing law says that expatriates may be engaged to fill up a vacancy on jobs categories where a local indignant Kenyan African is not available to take up the position.

The man who was at the helm at the Ministry Immigration and registration of Persons in the coalition government was none, but Raila Odinga right hand man Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ who is currently the Senator for Homa-Bay County.

Expatriate workers, from Indian, were issued with work permits through the back door and within five years they flooded the five sugar factories. In one factory, the proprietors even imported a Cooke specialized in Indian dishes to be In hand to prepare the meals for their expatriate foreign Indian managers and other Indian workers.

This is a very said situation taking into account that after 50 years of independence, Kenya has trained and turned out thousands of technocrats, artisans and so many skilled workers in excess of its industrial output. These highly skilled personnel are jobless while many unqualified foreign workers sits on plum jobs in their doorsteps

A survey recently carried out by this writer revealed that more than 60 Indian are working at the West Kenya Sugar Company, 47 Indians are engaged at the Butali Sugar mill .The two mills are located in Kakamega County. 49 Indians are engaged In KibosSugar and Allied Induaatries ,which is located at Kibos near Kisumu City, 50 are working at the Sukari Industries in Ndhiwa, Homa-Bay County while 45 are engaged on jobs at the Trans=Mara Sugar Company in Narok County.

These expatriates are earning between Kshs 40,000 and 85,000 per month and do repatriates their salaries back home to their families without being subjected to mandatory deductions such as NSSF and NHIF.

All these anomalies happens while the outspoken Secretary General of the COTU{K} Francis Atwoli, who is also the General Secretary of the Kenya Plantations and Agricultural Workers Union is keeping a total mum. Also silent is the Secretary General of the Kenya Union of Sugar Plantation Workers Francis Wagara.

The few lucky African who got top jobs such as supervisors, clerks and in most cases Human Resources Managers, their salaries are so discriminative in comparison with the salaries earned by expatriates. The highest paid African only take home between Kshs 6,000 and 25,000 per month. And in most cases their employment is treated as casuals without any letter of appointments. Some of the expatriate workers are too old and arguably pensioners in their home of origins.

In this context the Kenya government is silent while its citizens are being discriminated on a few jobs which are available and being enslaved in their own motherland with their elected government is keeping mum. And at the same time speaking loudly about its plans to attract foreign investment with the purpose of jobs creation, and yet it cannot give the direct to the existing firms of foreign investors, Who are flagrantly and defiantly contravening the labor laws of the country?

Do we really need clerks, mechanics, fitters, welders, plumbers cookes, account clerks, cane yard clerks and time-keepers from India?

The government should send a team of experts to the five Indian owned sugar mills to carry out a thorough surgery and jobs evaluation so as to ascertain if the hundreds of foreign expatriate workers are necessarily required.



Commentary by Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

The move made by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto by voluntarily offering 20 per cent of their monthly salary reduction in order to relieve the country out of overburdening huge wage bill is a good gesture should be appreciate by all Kenyans of goodwill.

However, it must be taken into account that the President at a personal level is not feeling the heat of the current skyrocketing inflationary situation, which has pushed the prices of the basic commodities beyond the reach of many Kenyan families.

As the sojourner of the of prestigious State House, the President and his family are enjoying free supply of rations free medical facilities and free education of his siblings, all the bills footed by the state unlike thousands of the ordinary Kenyans who can now hardly afford to put their food on the table.

Nevertheless, it is my passionate appeal to him, to consider the options of abolishing so many money guzzling commissions, though all this would require political will. This would require the backing of both the Senate and Parliament.

The government should draft and introduce radical surgery involving a major constitutional amendment abolishing nomination seats in parliament and the national assembly as well as the luxury of nominated MCAs. With the present 290 parliamentary electoral constituencies, 47 Senate representatives and 47 women and as such the electorate in this country are well represented in all important legislative organs. In this context the only essential groups that need special representation and perhaps a few nominations are those people with physical disabilities. The huge wage bill which Kenya is currently under the obligation to meet the payment is the civil servants

It is also time the for the new constitution had explicitly abolished under the devolution processes.

It is worth for Kenyans to remember that during his election campaign for his re-election to his second term, the former President Mwai Kibaki made a big political blunder by dishing out the “political districts”, the erratic move which had seen New administrative districts recklessly being created in some areas which were previously administered by the locations administrative chiefs being promoted made district. Some of the Kibaki districts should be scrapped and revert to their former areas of jurisdiction. The creation of the new districts had inflated the pay bill for civil servants by nearly 35 per cent.

As a resident of Nyanza Province I can offer the example of old Migori district in the greater Southern Nyanza. Migori, which is now a County has new eight districts. There used to be only four, which include Kuria, Rongo and Migori. But today there are eight administrative district, which included, Rongo, Awendo, Uriri, Suna East, Suna West and Nyaike plus the two Kuria East and Kuria West. In all these new districts there are D.Cs, Dos and Chiefs and their assistants. What a crazy kind administrative arrangement is this?

Members of the Provincial Administration are redundant and idle and should either be redeployed into other government Ministries or be sent home with immediate effect.

His EXCELLENCY President Kenyatta should make a bold step and brig the Administration Police and the regular police under one command of the Inspector General of Police instead of maintaining the APs as different entity and yet they are supposed to be offering the same service.

At the same time the government should cut down unnecessary seminars, workshops and conferences at all levels of the national government and the counties. Uncalled for foreign trips, which of late have become a burden to Kenya taxpayers should be discouraged. And also non-performing Cabinet Secretaries, particularly those whose ministries are reportedly bedeviled with corruptions should be axed immediately.

Cabinet Secretaries should attend the meetings of both Senate and Parliament and be always available to answer the members questions. A certain category of public servants working for the Counties should be on secondment from the national government allowing the Counties to recruit only the lower cadres of workers for their purpose of maintaining efficiency in service delivery by the county governments. I am sure President Kenyatta meant well for the down trodden Kenya and he should also instruct his aides to be mindful of other Kenyans who are wallowing in abject poverty.


Signed by Leo Odera Omolo.

About the author: He.Is a retired veteran journalist who comments occasionally on topical issues.


ASK Leo Odera Omolo in Kisumu City

THE six million question currently being asked by many people in this City and its environs is the whereabouts of the several dozens of Moi-made Luo millionaires who were created by the regime of the retired President DanieL Arap Moi before his regime was hounded out of the office in 2002.

The Moi made millionaires were individual professionals, business tycoons, politicians and KANU operatives who were then the ones calling shots inside Luo-Nyanza. The majority of them have died mysteriously leaving behind huge bank debts said to have overburden their families.

Only a few are still surviving, who have kept very low profiles. Leading the pack was Kassim G Owango, an economist who had established an enterprising land valuers business enterprises in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumuj, John Linus Aluoch, joel Nyaseme, Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi,Isaack Omolo-Okero, Okumu Aroko, Eng. Maxwell Otieno Odongo, Sam Okello, Edwin Ochieng” Yinda, Tom Okello Obondo Dalmas Otieno.Peter Castro Oloo Aringo, Ouma Okendo, Orwenjo-Umidha, Mijoma a trade unionist, Arap Onyango, David , Paul Demaco GogoDavid Okiki Amayo, Hertbert Ojwang”,Tom Okello Obondo ,Okumu Aroko, W. Onyango Ayoki, Eng.Phillip Okoth Okundi, Z\blon Owigo Olang and other political luminaries of the KANU regime under Moi.

Some of the Moi-Made millionaires traversed the full length and width of Luo-Nyanza dishing our hefty donations toward many socio-economic projects, while at the same time delivering Moi hefty personal donations.

Other had become excessively arrogant and bullies to an extent that anyone who crossed swords with them were in for hot soup. The group polarized The region and even made the D.C.s who were serving in the various administrative district in Nyanza wetting on their trousers on simple phone calls from the men

However, only a few of these Moi’s men made it to the August House inspire having made numerous attempt to garner votes in heavily funded election campaign in various parliamentary constituencies. These were John Linus Aluoch {Rongo}, DalmasandDalmas Otieno.Otieno{Rongo}, Tom Okello Obondo Ndhiwa}, Ot. Edwin Ochieng’Yinda{Alego-Usonga}, David Okiki Amayo{Karachuonyo}, W. Onyango-Ayok,Okumu Aroko {Kisumu Rural} JOHN henry Okwanyo {Karachuonyo} {Karachuonyo Peter Clever Otieno Nyakiamo {Mbita}, Wyciffe Onyango Ayoki [Kisumu Rural}, Sam Odoyo {Nyakach}.Eng Philip Okoth Okundui

Our research has revealed that out of dozens of the Moi-Made Luo millionaires who are still thriving in active business are quite a few. The Moi|s men who had the easiest access to the State House were treated by so many lucrative government tenders,in some cases with payments in advance before the work is done and completed contrary to the government procurement regulations.They were known to be dishing out in return colossal amount of money earned from these contract back to the KANU campaign kitty each tie the election were called.

Those whose businesses are known to be still thriving on and enterprising include Paul D. whom is the CEO Sifa Insurance, Peter Nyakiamo who is a retired CEO of the Barclays Bank of Kenya, Edwin Ochieng’Yinda who is a business magnate in the coastal city of Mombasa and perhaps one of the wealthiest Luo,Eng Philip Okundi whose Asego Investment business flagship is running and managing enterprising Cotton Ginneries, real estates and other businesses. Orwenjo Umidha, the former Siaya mayor who is running real estate businesses in Siaya town, and perhaps controlling had of the business premises in that town.Herbert Ojwang” who is running and owning several businesses in Nairobi and Kabondio-Kasipul as well as in Kisumu.including road transport. Zablon Owigo Olang/ is also reported to be still in business.

Reports emerging fro Siaya say Mijoma died about ten years ago a pauper, the same could be said of the late Mathews Ogutu the former Tourism Minister,the late Ouma Okendo the generous man from Uyoms died while living moderately and an average rural life. Henry Okwanyof9rer Minister for Water Development left behind a well organised family who included the County Commissioner for Pokot Peter Okwanyo and a large family ,living well in hid Migori home, and the same could be said of Samson Odoyo a humble man and forme Nyakach Mp. His son Peter Odoyo served in the Raila -Moi meger government ads an Assistant Minister for Foregn Affairs and he is still an active ODM politician though of limited influence in Nyakach.the former long-serving Minister for Power and Communication is living comfortably in his palatial Ulumbi-Gem rural home, The rest either died in mystery or perished while wallowing in abject poverty

Those Moi”s men who made into parliament only succeeded in their ambition after defecting to the either the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s Ford Kenya, Rala ODM dinga’s LDP and ODM , but not on a KANU ticket.


News Analysis By a special correspondent

This announcement made this week by the chairman of the troubled Luo Council of Elders, Mzee Meshack Riaga Ogalo, that plans are underway of launching a new political party, whose name is still being kept secret, appeared to have hit Raila Odinga and his loyalists troop soldiers below the belt.

The hot news appeared to have been most welcomed by many people, especially the frustrated and oppressed ODM members in all of the Luo-Nyanza region.

Ogalo hinted that the name of the new party will be unveiled on February 28, 2014. This meant it will coincide with the forthcoming ODM”s for the safaricom Kasarani stadium on February 28 to March 1st 2014.

The announcement did not come as surprise due to the on-going alleged fallout between the ODM Raia Odinga and a good number of the youthful MPS from Luo-Nyanza who seemed to have detested Odinga style of leadership.

The rumors making the round in both Kisumu and Nairobi is that people suspected be associated with the panned party includes Luo business magnets, professionals, youthful legislators from Luo-Nyanza, who claim they were unfairly out and out coerced from contesting for the various top positions.

The sitting MPs whose names are being mentioned as having a hand in the planned formation of a new political party included Dalmas Otieno {Rongo}, Neto Oyugi {Ndhiwa}, Milie Odhiambo {Mbita}, David Ochieng,(Ugenya), Olago Aluoch {Kisumu Town West}, Ken Obura {Kismu Central}, George Oner {Rangwe} John Mbadi {Gwassi} Joseph Ndiege {Suna West} and a good number of women representatives in Parliament from Nyanza. and dozens of Ward Representatives fro various constituencies in the region and and dozens of insignificant political activists in the region.

Making the announcement Mzee Ogalo said that the new party would open its door for membership of people from outside Nyanza who may wish join it & will be devoid of malicious rumors, witch-hunting insinuations which have riddled to the ODM; rumors, insinuation and witch hunting lie the ODM, which he said is riddled with malicious rumors, undercutting and politics of sycophancy.

He said that the main intention of forming a new political party was based on the past political experience in the region.

Mzee Ogalo has been at loggerhead with the ODM and its leader Raila for the past six years ever since he was kicked out the Luo Council of Elders at the behest of some Luo MPs in the 10th parliament who had accused him of having grown the horns and was drumming support for those intending to challenge them in the 2007 general election. He moved to the High Court, which ruled in his favor, although the same position is also claimed by Mzee Eli Opiyo OtondI

Launching scathing criticism of the ODM leader Raila Odings, Ogalo said ”there has not been any democracy in Luo-Nyanza and as elders we feel that we should break away from the past and let our people have another popular political vehicle to enable them effectively engage in political Participation,”

However, the main fear being expressed by many moderately thinking Luos is the new political party emerging in this region will definitely rekindle the bloody violence experienced in the region in the early 1960s when the followers of the late Jaramogi Going Odinga and his KPU party and the supporters of the late Tm Mboya went for the throats of each other.

The news about the new party came only three days after Raila Odinga was heckled and booed by angrily and rowdy hundred of youths who had gathered in he middle of Kisumu city where they staged near violence protests against a statue which had been erected in the Central Business District Kisumu by members of the Sikh community to commemorate the 100 years of their fore fathers’ arrival in the town.

The youth had mistaken the statue to be an idol and felt it was against the Christianity. Odinga had attempted to address the youth and told them to leave the statue alone as it represented no religion, but the youth responded with accusation that he was favoring the Indians who had erected the statue and told him in the face that they want the statue pulled down

Raila has been having a hard time with the younger generation of Luos ever since the new year gathering by a section of Luo MPS at his country opoda Bar Opuk home n Bondo during which some MPs severely criticized the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero and questioned the source of the governor’s money, which he has been donating hefty in his series of Harambee tour of Nyanza.

The Homa-Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang” was reported as having kicked and spearheaded the debate on Dr Kdero who as the result of his series of Harambee fund raising has of late became the darling of many luo people.



Sugar industry feature By Leo Oder5a Omolo in Kisumu City

Sugar millers in West Kenyan have huge stockpile of unsold produce in their warehouses.

The millers have reported that they are unable to sell the commodities as the local market is currently flooded with cheap sugar imported from Brazil and Egypt finding its way into Kenyan market via unscrupulous folk working in cohort with sugar barons who are reportedly importing cheap sugar from foreign sources. The sugar barons are said to be having connections with the powerful government officials in high places.

The traders in question are the same people responsible for poor cane prices but the Kenya Board, which is the industry regulating body is unable to intervene.

Farmers and millers have appealed to the KSB to come out of its slumber and rescue the sugar industry from totally collapsing.

Frustrated Millers are now said to be in the process of declaring thousands at their workers redundant because of sugar worth millions which the companies were unable to sell in the local market which is currently flooded with imparities sugar. The situation is so pathetic as it threatens to drive Kenyan workers in the sugar industry out of their jobs while we are exporting our money to benefit came farmers and workers in Brazil, Egypt and other sugar producing foreign countries.

Perhaps the Jubilee government headed by the hard working President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is kept in the dark about multiple arts of economic sabotage through the malfeance the dumping from regions outside COMESA .

A structure deficit exists in COMESA with their surplus from domestic sources and weak compliance for that portion destined to Kenya.

There is urgent need for Kenya key players in the industry to lobby for the exclusion of sugar from rules of origin teamwork and only all our COMESA FTA countries with surplus trafrom domestic production to expert to Kenya.

SNC of Egypt, a government corporation, imparts on government authorization from Brazil over one million metric tones annually for local market supply stabilization and the export the sugarcane into COMESA FTA under rules origin; a glaring loophole must transfer economic welfare to Brazil and producers at the expense

Kenyan sugar cane farmers in the Lake region and western Kenya SIIC of Egypt, a government corporation, imports an government authorization to aim Brazil over one million metric tones annually for it local market supply stabilization and le-export the same quantity into COMESA FTA under rule of origin, a glaring loophole that transfers economic welfare to the Brazilians producers at the expense of the Kenyan sugar cane farmers in the Lake region and in Western province.

It is worth to be remembered that. Egypt is pursuing a mixed economic model of country and free market approaches.

Tax evasion, which is so rampant among private millers who under declare production and sell sugar-un-invoiced. Immigration breaches on work permits through the use of low skilled migrant labor from India and Paikstan…is prevalent in some privately owned sugar mills………some process sugar millers who under dealer production and sell sugar uninvoiced immigration measures on work per unit through the use of low skilled migrant labour train Pakistan and India is prevalent in privately owned sugar mills.

These breaches of fair labour practices allow transfer across traction mixing through inflated repatriated remuneration and contribute to you unemployment in the country

Transfer prices for imported parts and materials act through our country’s own incorporated supplies companies in the UK and India.

Dumped sugar from UAE and Somalia, India, Brazil is fueling crime through financing it. Contraband dumped sugar is used to under through “duty money.”

Incorporate businessmen from Somalia community posing as large sugar traders are the one funding crime from sugar trade, which 15 million Kenyans who depends on locally produced sugar supply chain both directly and indirect arein danger of t of further impoverishment if order is not restored.

Sugarcane farmers / producers have suffered a deadline in farm produce prices from Kshs. 4,300 to Kshs. 3,200 per t0n of produces in the last 18 months and is in danger of further declare to Kshs. 2,500

Unprecedented counterfeiting of packaging for leading sugar brands of Mumias Sugar Company and Sony Sugar is blatantly being carried out by contrabands and sugar traders dumping the non-COMESA sugar in local market.

The produce packed in counterfeit packaging of these two leading companies are openly sold in the coastal towns, North Eastern and part of Eastern, Rift valley and Mount Kenya regions of Kenya. The government therefore should out a thorough investigation about the source of repacked and trended sugar calling in the main supermarket outlets and tact for wholesomeness.

The government should also address public health concerning that radioactive waste and harmful heavy metal could be released to un-susceptive consumer public in Kenya.

Surplus production stocks from prior years, kept in open shortage in countries such as Brazil, India one reproduce of choice for dumping to countries with weak regulatory regimes. The open manner of handling could expose Kenyan Public Health concerns since such sugar is meant for further KRA and KEB’s are powerless in contending the vice involving trip money in Kick back.