Kenya: The Battle for Kisumu County governor intensified as top corporate manager join the race

Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

An accomplished top corporate manager with the most attractive tract record and wealthy of experience in managing public affairs has joined the race for the position of Kisumu County governor.

Jack N Ranguma, 57, at one time was a joint received manager for the Muhoroni Sugar Company in the Nyanza sugar belt in partnership with Githongo and Associates. He was at one time, the Commissioner for income, and later Commissioner of Inland Revenue/.Domestic Taxes with the Kenya Revenue Authority.

He is still serving as senior adviser, Tax Justices Network Africa, and pan-African organization.

Between 2002 and 2006, he was extensively involved in tax revenue administration reform of the Kenya Revenue Authority, partly giving rise to renewed tax collection improvements and funding of government programs including CDF.

For a number of years in the past Rangima was involved in several corporate recovery assignments, including Muhuroni Sugar Company. Mount Kenya Textile, Rivatex Kenya Limited,Seracoatings, Yaren Farmfresh Commodities. Kenya Gauze Limited, Kwanza Motors Ltd, Continental Bank Group among others.

As a received and manager of Muhoroni Sugar Company Limited, Ranguma participated in the recovery and reconstruction process of Muhoroni Sugar Company Limited and turned it from the run down firm to profitability.

His other activities has been coordinating director of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, economists, agronomists and financial analysts in preparation of a bankable feasibility and project for offshore funding. The project was funded by the Center for Development in Industry, a unit of the European Commission.

He has also served as the director for project to determine ways and means of improving revenue collection of the Nairobi City Council. This project was sponsored by the World Bank and aimed at removing collection bottleneck identifying additional possible revenue sources for the Council. This was a pilot project and the result was to be applied in some major local government institutions.

Ranguma was also at one time a director for design and implementation of that scheme to finance the provision of firm level consultancy services to individual exporters of manufactured products. The project study and implementation was undertaken as part of an export promotion program for Kenya and was by the World Bank.

He became the project manager jointly with SG Warburg and Company Ltd, one of the largest, European merchant banking groups in Europe, to provide advice on reconstruction plans for the Continental Bank Group to a special Presidential Committee whose aim was to minimize loss to depositors and to maintain confidence in the banking industry.

The same Ranguma was made a director for special study to develop IT strategy for the Water and Sewerage Department of the Nairobi City Council. He project developed strategies for a commercial water infrastructure.

He is also the director in the project designed to provide a valuation and financial and economic analysis of portfolios of Development Financial Institutions {DFIs}, and portfolio restructuring and need for re-capitalization of the FIs.

He is a director in a project that oversees proper utilization of multi-million EEC funding on agriculture in Kisii and Nyamira regions.

He is the accountant in-charge of design and accounting operations of the Kitale Municipal Council, to prepare the council for World Bank funding. He four-year project was funded jointly by the World Bank and the Ministry of Local Government.

Ranguma is partner i-charge of ACP-EEC study on measures to facilitate increased and more stable flow of private capital under the Lome 111 Convention. This study include the exploring the workings of International Financial market and domestic financial markets of ACP states.

A graduate with Master of Science degree and specialized in International Accounting and Management Information Systems}at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign . He did his post-graduate diploma in Finance and International Management, at the University if Illinois ay Urbana –Champaign 1991 {USA}

Ranguma is a member f the Institute of Public Accountants of Kenya {CPS}{K}. And he is also a member of the Kenya Institute of Management {MKIM}.

Born in Kobura sub-clans of the Jo-Kano in Nyando district on October 20, 1954. Ranguma is the current chairman of BOG in various secondary schools such as Lela Secondary School,Nyakakana Secondary Schools, Kobura Girls and Ahero Evangelical School of Technology.

He told this writer over the phone earlier this week, that his main concern would be to ensure that residents of Kisumu County receives piped waters in all the six parliamentary constituencies, and ensure that each and very sub-location has a well equipped dispensary. Other priorities would be to improve the rapidly declining standard of education in the region and try and ensure that each and every primary school has its own wing of a secondary school.

Other priorities would be to improve feeder and access roads, and to encourage farmers to produce h0rticultures and other cash crops so that they could make good use of the n world.

He is married with two children.


41 thoughts on “Kenya: The Battle for Kisumu County governor intensified as top corporate manager join the race

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  2. Adem Omungo

    What an admirable track record in the nation’s public and private sector. It is unfortunate that high caliber Kenyans like Jack Ranguma are consistently pushed out of powerful public offices and replaced by corrupt, inept leaders. In this country, meritocracy has been thrown out of the window. No wonder our public institutions have failed to deliver.

    With Jack as Kisumu County Governor, I believe development is on the way. Let’s get new blood in the management of our public institutions and discard the old tired politicians with no vision for their people.

  3. Concerned Kenyan

    That makes a not-so-compelling stump speech riddled with glaring half-truths (particularly on the turning around of Miwani Sugar Company..we all know the know status of the company)..And not to mention that those of us who know him,know that he has a penchant for not paying his personal debts..I doubt he’ll pass through the rigours of Chapter 6 of the Constitution if his candidature is keenly scrutinized

  4. mary wiliams

    unfortunately one of the ladies in the US he owes $40,000 is going into depression because he has refused to pay her.why dont you clear with her before you start campaining?

  5. ochieng ja muhoroni

    Jack is the calibre of leaders we require in luo nyanza sani factory tio muhoroni omera @ concerned kenyan aiye siasa let’s all focus to develop our county through credible leaders like jack. Ndalo ma siasa mar tok duka is over leo how can we meet him and give our concerns

  6. Ochara Omboga

    This was not investigative journalism. This was promoting someone’s profile by publishing his CV.

  7. Okelo Olweny

    Please Leo just get your facts right. Eve the schools you wrote about Kobura in quotes, the man did not support any development in that school even electricity which that school is yearning for.

  8. Okil Nyaseme

    What is wrong with us Jaluo? What does a good CV got to do with repaying a debt? The price of ignorance can be very expensive, especially when we let our personal relations based on our own individual historic prejudices tamper with our clear thinking. From Obama to Jakom we have managed to see the skeletons in their cupboards but that has never undermined their leadership potential nor eroded their leadership capability! The very fact that there is no suit of any kind pending before any court over non repayment of such a debt it tells you that malice is on the making.Wacha porojo! those personal prejudices can always be sorted out, better we have a qualified person like Ranguma with firm track record be my governor than have the kind of persons we have always elected out of the ‘gonya’ culture. Okwabinyieo propaganda ila no and for whatever reasons they are being generated…..

  9. domnic

    Jack should forget elective post because he failed to help miwani farmers when
    he served as a receive manager . He was working as top managers in the KRA where he was not ready to meet people from kano.He was ready to meet people of his clan. To me,jack his somebody who can not be effective governor
    of kisumu county.Let us for people like owino omollo who had been in the provicial administration with clean reords,no ciorruption of any nature. He is a born leader who can very far to fight corruption unlike who worked in his home
    area as miwani receiver manager never bothered to help his to come up economically.

    Jack should not waste his dear money to campain for governorship of kisumu county. People like us who was affected by funny decisions of jack when he cheated us to start a pool for transport are ready to use all our resources to against him.

  10. Antone LavoisaLoisa

    Mary Williams I agree with you one hundered percent. Mr. Ranguma, please pay this lady back her money. To be exact the amount was $42,000 excluding the cost of hosting that fabulous graduation party for your daughter in Allentown PA. I was present. With such an impeckable record, why are you robbing Mr. Ogutu’s kids. May I remind you sir that these kids are orphans. The mother is widowed struggling with educating her kids and here comes Mr. governor Ranguma robbing Ogutu’s kids $42000 dollars. Some of these money paid school fees for your daughter sir. Dont you think Ogutu’s kids deserve to go to school too. Please make some payment arrangements before you run for the governorship because I see you loosing really bad if you dont pay back this lady her money. We’re watching you sir.

  11. john rabat

    If Jack sincerely owes the lady that money then he should pay it first because he will lose my vote and others since we need transparent people as governors.Help the lady out of depression,am sure you know her!!

  12. ochieng ja muhoroni

    Antone I tend to agree with Okil$ 42000 usd is not pocket change to be looked for in jaluo dot com I’m sure there must have been some agreement which can stand in court let the complaint go to court otherwise this sounds more like malice which is the kind of politics that progressive reform minded luos should avoid. It is sad that we still want to vote on the premise that one has been born a leader. In 2012 let’s interrogate our leaders as Kisumu county should be the model county. From current credentials jack is still a front runner let’s not malign his name but give CV for the people we think can be an option.

  13. Wuora

    Antone LavoisaLoisa, are you sure you’re not slandering governor, a widow who’s struggling to pay fees for her kids…also finances someones graduation to the tune of 42,000 hwo tell me if you know what you’re talking about. If Mrs. Ogutu owes you money please look for it elsewhere she could be cheating you with stories….banks lend money…and let governor be..we know the game…

  14. Omanga Paul

    We need people like JR to lead our counties. Thanks to Leo for highlighting Jacks Quality. Holo ng’ato pesa does not mean you can be a bad leader. we need to be very focussed on what we want when it comes to county governership. Nyaka wago yawuotwa kogno. JR is one of the yawuot Kisumu county who has presented himself and is fit for the position. Let others come out and we compare them.


  15. Omondi Jared

    omanga,how can you say that?we dont need leaders who con widows.wajoluo wahero mayo mond liete.kata mama motuonore kadwaro gima onyalo konyogo nyithinde!Put yourself in that woman’s shoes then advice your godfather mr Ranguma to pay his debt before he goes for nomination.Wuod luo,chul miyoni pesane mondo wagoni ombulu!!

  16. Oki Nyaseme

    Jared, i am so disappointed by the irrational angle you have taken in responding to Omanga. It sounds more of political sycophancy! Omanga only requested for ‘yawuot kisumu’ to come out for vetting. Where did the issue of godfather come from? Or are we getting dragged into early smear campaigns and propaganda to push some puppets political chicanery and selfish agenda? in my opinion is not the platform for that. We are discussing weighty matter concerning our county and candidates? Ranguma will continuously be put to test on the scale of reason and the force of reason alone,NOT malice and cheap propaganda.’Jaluo ngama riek bwana’.Can the person who dragged as into this discussions answer this questions. First, How comes this widowed poor woman is not contributing on this matter and even if she does, is this the right forum any way? Secondly, Where on earth does a POOR widowed Kenyan woman give out 3.3 million Kenya shillings without any security?Thirdly, 3.3m shillings is not pocket change are we missing something in the whole of this soap?Fourthly, What legal remedy has the widowed woman take or his active point men in advised her to take? In the absence of this answers my submission is that we stop being dragged into cheap reactionary moves and progressively move with the bid to ‘goyo kogno jowotwa’….In my opinion Ranguma you are still ahead

  17. samchel

    depression my foot was she trying to borrow the money or was she begging for the money? why would she potend 2 be a poor widow yet talk of hosting such a party. my advice 2 da widow come 2 kisumu county and see real widows who are suffering and who mr Ranguma is trying 2 help.

  18. omondi jared

    Samchel and Oki, you seem to be Ranguma sychophants that you are becoming furious and unreasonable about the comments.If you are not and are his good friends then advice him wisely because when you wait to hear the case in court then it will have adverse effects on his election.some of his good friends have tried to advice him to clear the bill before it is late but the likes of you are misleading him to think everything will be alright just because he has helped some women in kisumu etc.Remember ‘kudni achiel oromo ketho ringo’That debt is capable of ruining the good deeds done by him.I am for him but only after she pays the widow her money.”you dont con one woman to please other women”

  19. samchel

    this is a website for pointing out views and the term sychophancy should be explained 2 you well (omondi jared). by the virtue of you knowing that some of his freinds have tried advising him clearly indicates that you have a close link with him. so don’t let your personal vendetta overshadow your judgement if i may ask how was the debt connected to the profile of jr posted. politics they say is a dirty game but we are cleaning it. i am an activist not a sychophant and concerned about the county so it is a well known fact that there are always kudni maketho ring’o and this can apply to people trying to use dirty trcks to but rember its 2011 and there is (fridge) ring’o inyalo kan

  20. omondi jared

    Mr Ranguma pay your debt my friend,i dont know this woman neither do i know any of your friends, but some of your friends are misleading you by asking you to assume the lady.I only comment from what i read and i sympathize with this widow who has been conned of this big amount of money coz i know how hard she must have worked to get this amount.She must have thought she was dealing with a gentleman kumbe it was a man who was conning others for future campaign(giving handouts to widows in kisumu)like he is doing now.If you raise money for your campaign,remember to pay this woman a little portion coz ‘kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba’


    ONLY JESUS CHRIST/GOD IS CLEAN /PERFECT so let us not equate JACK’S behaviour to that of an angel otherwise HE is the right person to be the GOVERNOR,

  22. Ngala Vincent

    I come from Kisumu Rural Constituency while Jack Ranguma is from Nyando Constituency of the six constituencies in Kisumu County.

    I will VOTE for JACK RANGUMA in 2012……period.

    No man is clean in this country Kenya;myself included, what these people from Kano are portraying is their cowardice to face issues at the grassroots level. I have personally sought to meet Jack even when he was Commissioner at KRA and was allowed in severally without any difficulties; he is open and free with all.
    Many of us want to go to someones office (eg a manager or Commissioner) during working hours to tell them how their brothers cows ate grass along his fence, that his younger sister joined Legio Maria etc utter nonsense. This ain’t the best forum to discuss petty family affairs instead go to Luo Council of Elders or Law Courts.
    Jo Kano, Jack is not to be a leader for Kano people only, we’ll also need his assistance on how to develop ourselves but not helping us by feeding everyone if anything; the lady in question is TOO RICH to be a widow from the fact that she MAY have offered such a large amount of cash to the Governor.
    Give credit where it’s due as the Bible says…”the integrity of the upright shall guide them while the perversity of the unfaithful destroys them” (Proverbs 23).

    Am pleading with you, kindly vote in Jack Ranguma for Governor Kisumu County.

  23. Voice of the Youth

    i am impressed with what our people have to say… but is that the voice f the youth and women. i believe most of us are promotion our preferred candidates based on our personal affiliations and friendship/perceptions which is good but why don’t we become very honest with each other, WHAT DOES J. RANGUMA have to offer and where is his track record in “Development” a rumored by others above? is he a leader worth voting in? why is he buying/paying off people, including hecklers and the less fortunate to try send his message across? and OMANGA true leadership is about MAKING A STAND and you have never hard one.. nor reflected any and that is why we have never considered you a true leader or taken you seriously. my stand and vote will go to the people centred professional leader, that is, Prof. J.B Okeyo-Owuor (PhD, E.B.S), whoes record not only reflect in the Current Kisumu County but also echos Nationally and Internationally for proven leadership, development, competence and management. NB. if we start which the likes of Ranguma who are more politicians than People centred person then KISUMU WE ARE DOOMED…. kisumu watch out.

  24. Amy svenington

    antone, are yo sure you have your facts? mrs ogutu is lying to you ask yourself this, if this woman is poor and is widowed with children where is she getting this extra money to give to mr ranguma? she is just a woman full of unwarranted hate, when people disagree with her she crates all these fake things this is the reason why many of her family memebers have cut her off. i am disgusted by your coments antone kerine ogutu has 3 chidren and has a husband who she married to get her green card who she is footing the bill for. she is a home care giver were does she get 42,000 from to lend to people. please get your facts straight!

  25. John Abayo

    I beg to appeal to you all to stop this issue and leave it to the 2 concerned only if there is any truth in it . Am also requesting the mentioned mrs Ogutu to confirm these allegations thereafter we will request JR to comment then all and sundry may continue with their comments . Before then we are not being fair to any of the 2 . L et us not smear people with mud who are otherwise very clean . We want to read more educating comments than what is going on in this website

  26. Gor Nicholas ''Oke- Kobura''

    I think one word is enough for a wise man. hoping that almost every voter is prudent in Kisumu county, a pray that we vote for JACK RANGUMA since this will be the first step to our development. think of work experience, think of age, think of profession and think of hospitaliy, then


    I think one word is enough for wise men.hoping that all voters from kisumu county are prudent, i am praying that may the lord open your eyes and mind to choose the right leader this season. If we center our choise on the work experience, age for our governor,educational standards, hospitality and profesion, then i think Jack Ranguma should be the right choise. i have no powers to change your feelings towards my choise, but if you oppose Honourable Jack, then who are you going to support with beter leadership qualities?. for those who think a have the right choise, please assist me in supporting development.

  28. mercy kosindo

    with Jack being a good manager and exercising good management principles and skills, i think Kisumu county will have chosen the right person to lead them in the next five years, rather than dwelling on the past politicians who does not know management skills. Being a governor needs a Manager but not a leader. we are behind you Mr. Jack Ranguma

  29. SiasaKweli

    Jack should tell us why he was fired from his previous position at the Revenue Services. He was very corrupt and amassed a lot of money that went down the drain in pursuit of a lavish lifestyle. he was never a people person and is now looking for employment by acting as a leader. The writer is a known promoter for hire. Pay the lady her $ 42,000 sir.

  30. oti ja nyamkebe

    mr. jack what do u have 4 the people of nyando as the constituency going to support ua side in struggling 4 governors post?we have swampy areas in kabonyo and kobura such as,nyakalewa,dakrao,oware.oriamatera,and the one in we embrace the use of technology in our modern life,how will u help people living around this places to benefit both in agribusiness and conservations of wet lands?how will u curb corruption which is deeply rooted from grass root level upto district level?when there r things 2 b given to the elderly people and vulnerable will u make sure those things reaches the right hands?how will u help in fighting the aids epindemic in the area as it is going to finish half the population of nyando?needy children who need busery support but can not get due to nepotism and money exchanging hands,how will u make it available to the correct individuals?how will u raise the standard of education of the people especially katho location?what do u have 4 the youths?

  31. Joshua odongo onono

    “I have publicly joined the race for governorship in kisumu county in 2012,the youth revolution is our solution”kibaki’s government had all the brains in 2002 but what we can at least boast of is infrustructural reforms and the forced constitution.We dont need track records,what we need is the desired structural change kenyans and especially kisumu residents have yearned for,i wish you good luck”

    joshua odongo onono
    kisumu governor 2012

  32. Yugi Charles

    JR 4 Governor 2012!
    We are behind Jack for this elective post, with his past record he is amongst the best persons suited for this job. What we need in Counties is revenue collection, I remember him telling us immediately he was appointed Income Tax Chief at KRA that the Govt was poised to improve its revenue through the systems they were putting in place. He became a threat to many powerful people hell bent on on taking all the credit they got and stifling revenue collection and development.
    We need individuals like Jack to be able to prosper. Vote wisely brothers & Sisters

  33. Owinyo mboga

    Quite a good literature about this guy. Its good 4 jokisumo to have such characters to choose from. Time will tell.

  34. MICHAEL GUDAH - ja nyamkebe

    ts fine what i do Undastard is that Jack Ranguma Should start showing leadership qualities as from Home, When JR applied for KRA top job He was left out and only 6 were short listed of the 37 applicants meaning he has some questions to answer. this in on Last weeks thursdau Daily Nation. This also shows that jack is still interested in Jobs and he is a job seeker whom we cannot trust to serve the people of this county. For govenor we dont need those who try out their chances.
    We have more educated and seriouse people in this county to take the mantle. Let him serve in agricultural industry where he has really employed our youths in cane cutting and rice cutting.

  35. Benjamin Koyoo (GWAKO)

    Great, guys go slow and let interested people come out. We have read the CV of JR and will appreciate reading others (if available) and let stop unnecessary “ketho nying” . Mama try another forum to get your money from JR if you did host him. JR go for it.

    Jack Onono thank you for joining the race. Please tell us something about yourself. We always learn from known to unknwn — your past achievements will help us undertand your future.

  36. wuod kisumu

    Ranguma for Governer is a BIG joke, we have more n better qualified people…. Go through othe CVs before u say much. Charity begins at home what has he done? If his own backyard community doubts his credibility…

  37. OWEN

    this is crap..we have better people with bright many pple have suffered as a result of Ranguma’s leadership.

  38. Ean Wuod Luo

    Hi folks ,this is Stockholm ,the northerly outpost.My beef is why should we be beholden to anyone ,when we have been disenfranchised .
    Let those who have double, or as it is known duality of domicile be ready to put our best foot forward to lodge petitions around the globe .At the embassies and consulates ,let us make our presence be felt by those representing the Green horn.. We have as collective whole ,irrespective of whether you live in the the north ,south ,east or west,the common heritage is Kenya we never asked nor bargained for.If i had my way ,Jaluo can on and be alone ,but do i say .So let lwt the Rangumas be morally upright before they take the podium to address our greviences.Mano Ean

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