Kenya: We needed Kibaki & Raila to Reform Kenya! NOT TRUE…..VICE VERSA IS TRUE

from Elijah Kombo

This is a terrible lie! Its a lie to say that its Raila and Kibaki who steered Kenya towards the reform path. I will reserve my remarks on Raila since his record speaks clear. He has been an oppositionist all through and for the last few years in power – he has demonstrated gross inefficiency and lack of self-confidence. He has been tagging people along his reform path. But however, he has played a significant role in the reform process…destroyed the Moi rulership and one party rule etc

However, Kibai has done nothing significant. Let me twist this a little bit in another way. The Mount Kenya Mafia withheld capital and swindled funds out of the country, stacked them in foreign accounts. They made Moi rulership hell of time. The economy was on its knee. From central ban to commercial banks, insurance companies to biug corporation – they ensured that state coffers were empty and the semi-literate President self declared Professor couldnt contain the inflation. The crunch began in Kenya long ago before the global one started! It was all the rich, famous and elite class mostly fdrom Mt Kenya that controlled Kenya’s economy for ages. Moi had only to obey and repay them back – Uhuru Project!

When the Uhuru Project failed, the Mt Kenya mafia was divided – whether to support Mwai ibaki or vote Raila. The first round was without hitch since the wealth and status quo will still remain within the boundaries of the Mt Kenya and its invasion of other territorries. The second round was with a terrible hitch and glitch. Elections were stolen while we watched on out sets that Raila won the elections. Mt Kenya mafia stole the elections to maintain the status quo.

Now here is a good story. The funds that were stacked in foreign accounts were now brought back to Kenya to paint the Kibaki Administration as efficient and pro-development. Economic intelligent reports indicate that some of these funds invested in China, Turkey, Sudan and UAE is what has made significant but little progress on the economy.,Basically, part of the money that is being used now are proceeds/profits ffrom the funds that have stayed in foreign accounts.

On the other angle, if Raila was to win Presidency – the mafia would have also withheld funds for his administration to fail and fall with economic shudder. Kenyans should praise Kibaki for he has made the rich class to invest and thus recoupo the funds they stole and stashed in foreign accounts for some progress, however little. Raila Odinga is having hell of time trying to convince the mafia that he can protect their status quo if he becomes the next President. He will have to have a balance and ensure he keeps the mafia’s top strategists to ensure that the next administration doesnt touch, reveal and dispose their ill got wealth at the dispense of 40 million plus Kenyans.

Its therefore not judicious to conclude that Kenyans needed Kibaki and Raila to reform KENYA. But Kenyans needed these two men to keep the status quo as we slowly progress to full political and economical freedom.

Kombo Elijah

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— On Thu, 12/15/11, Evans MACHERA wrote:
Subject: We needed Kibaki & Raila to Reform Kenya!

The current constitution was passed by Kenyans after the PM and the President joined hands to reform the country.This is after false engagements on the issue of reforms that saw the bungled elections of 2007.

Suppose Raila went to petition the courts for irregularities of 2007 presidential results,could we have had;-

1.The current constitution at hand!
2.The changes towards reform such as in the judiciary and police among other institutions.
3.The current recruitment processes that even parliament can say NO to nominees ( case of graft tzars).

Now,where are the presidential candidates who will exhibit political will for real implementation of the constitution after application for the administration of the country!

In spite of being prisoners of “their men”,we needed Kibaki and Raila to trigger the real reforms that kenya has been yearning for.

One is hyper (Raila),while the other has a gentlemanly mien ( Kibaki).

One is none assuming(Raila),the other can assume to the extent of ignoring (Kibaki).

Both can decide to agree and join. hands from where we are able to move.

Without the two,the reform agenda could have been a pipe dream.Fate had it that in 2007,we were to encounter a process that engages kenya to a real change.


One thought on “Kenya: We needed Kibaki & Raila to Reform Kenya! NOT TRUE…..VICE VERSA IS TRUE

  1. bazil nyagilo

    However bitter or sweet we have to first of all know that there is time for everything, Kenyans have been so adapted and more so addicted to tribalism that in no day,place will they accept what is good so long as it is from another the problem will ever be there. There is a class that will never accept reforms so they use all means more so their tribes to maintain statures qua
    There is a Swahili saying -MKUKI KWA NGURUWE NI TAMU KWA BINADAM NICHUNGU. So long as we still continue believing and thinking on tribal line, no change will be made.

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