From: Fuambo Janyandito
Date: Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 5:18 AM

The guards who prevented the family of the Business Manager of Kamagambo Adventist College from entering the college compound at night and later on almost shot them with arrows have now confirmed the suspicion that Mr. Oduor, the principal was behind the incident. They have confirmed that it was Mr. Oduor who instructed them not to open the gate.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Oduor is still struggling to wriggle out of the case and that of inciting students to go and burn the house of the Business Manager, he unilaterally appointed a Deputy Principal without authority from the college board.

He is also having a case of hitting a pedestrian with is car and running
away without reporting to the police or the insurance.

We as residents of Kamagambo and Rongo District are ashamed to associate with such a Principal and loudly expressing our dissatisfaction.


  1. Owadgi OSOGO WINYO

    Shame on Mr. Oduor. He should resign to save the name of a church institution. We have learnt that the Business Manager is a lady and you do not empoy crime to fight women. Woe unto him who claims to represent a church and goes against its teachings. We know adventists to stand for peace. What kind of an Adventist is he or has the Adventist church started employing rogues?

    Exactly what you do in church institutions is what goes on in government institutions-impunity, impunity and impunity. Woe unto them who are entrusted by Christians and God to represent him but instead the represent the devil himself. Woe unto them who play God by thinking they are above earthlings and can get away with anything.

    God save us all from the chains of impunity.

  2. odhiambo Jakamagambo

    After getting enough evidence that Mr Oduor is the one who organized the alledged atack at he College gate,The board of governors should involve the Rongo Police for more investigations and make arrests because this is an organized crime.
    Kamagambo Teachers College is one of the few first Colleges in Kenya that helped to bring lots of changes in East Africa.All SDA Sponsored Primary schools like Kodero Bara, Rapedhi,Kadika-Migori, Ranen, Kaswanga-Rusinga, Mithui-Oyugis, Nyanjua-Kisii and many more are the good results of Kamagambo College. Whoever is trying to mess up this great institute should be stopped at all costs.
    Odhiambo Omolo Jakodero Bara in USA

  3. David

    If the story is true, then Kamagambo Principal is guilty of gender based violence. He is using administrative organs to subject a woman to terror.

    He is using violence to intimidate the Business Manager because of her gender. Shoud she resign because of gender based violence, the employer would pay heavily for damages.

    We are investigating if the story is true and if it is found to be true, we are joining all like minded forces to fight this gender based violence as we have been fighting before.

  4. David

    The story about rogue Principal in Kamagamba Adventist College is confirmed to be true with new reports that he is very rare in the campus after the two incidences failed to eliminate the family of the lady Business Manager.

    We have also confirmed that Kenya police is aware of the two incidences and the Seventh day Adventist Church authorities are aware of the incidences. What is not clear yet is the steps that they have taken. We are investigating and would respond accordingly.

  5. David

    It is confirmed the college administration against the advise of the Principal stopped the contract with the security firm but the case is not yet fully investigated and disciplinary action not yet taken against those who organized the crime.

    The police have not yet arrested both those who organized the criminal acts and those who executed them.

    The first incident of inciting students has not been dealt with too and we can reliably report that the Principal incited the students against the Business Manager.

    We are therefore urging the authorities of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to take imediate action to save the name of the renowned institution. We are sure the church does not condone such ill practices.

  6. Fuambo Janyandito

    Thank you David and Jakamagambo wadwa for joining us in fighting evil practices in our society.

    It is true no concrete action has been taken to arrest the rot in Kamagambo Adventist College. We are still analyzing a series of allegations of a conspiracy to kill all adventist institutions located in luo Nyanza to give room for those in other parts of the country.

    Once confirmed, we would stand at available rooftops to shout against that kind of conspiracy until it stops.

  7. David Omulo

    If this can be true then the returning of Christ is near This Principal should be removed and disciplined. So that others should not follow suite.

  8. yergga

    i hold Mr Oduor in high esteem (CLASS OF 2009) He WAS SUCH A GENTLEMAN.but evil is evil.we hav to condemn evil in the strongest terms possibl especialy in a christian institution cald by the name of God.AN overwhol of the management and the teaching staff of the college should be done yet there are afew individuals who mean well for the institution.there are sadists too.but still i dont bliv Mr ODUOR CAN DO SUCH A THING.One is guilty until proven so beyond any reasonable doubt by a court of thing i know about Kamagambo college is ;they hav perfected the act of witch hunting and tribalism.GOD HELP KAMAGAMBO.AMEN!

  9. Jackton Asewe

    Hi guys we will be going to Kama to celebrate 100 year during the week of 13th -20th of May 2012 and 20th will be the cllimax. This date have been confirmed by the Principle of Kamagambo College/High School. Lets plan for that.

  10. Fuambo Janyandito

    100 years since 1912. We join Kamagambo in thanking God for the 100 years and happy that this important event shall take place without the rogue principal.
    All neibours of the college and the community at large wish it well and long for the time when it will become a university.

  11. Fuambo Janyandito

    Following reports of students’ unrest in Kamagambo Adventist College last week, an investigation has been done and we can now report from a point of knowledge. The following have been found out:

    1. Only TTC second year students were causing problems allegedly to protest against charges for late registration. We found out that the ‘protests’ were taking place 2 months after the charges were levied. At the time of communicating and leving the charges, there were no protests.
    2. The strict compliance to the long standing practice of charging late registration fee affected a number of tutors in TTC who have the habit of receiving fees from students but not remitting the fees to the college in time. With the charging, these teachers were put to task by their victim students. They in turn told the students that the charges were not authorized. They went ahead and incited the students.
    3. We found out that the charges were indeed authorized by the board and duly communicated to the students. This is the reason primary pupils, highschool and TTC 1 students have not had issues with the charges.

    4. There is a general breakdown in discipline of both staff and student in the college with staff more interested in using college resources for business instead of teaching. The discipline standard is so poor that one of the demands of students is that night and dawn studies be abolished. In addition, more than half of the student population report 2 weeks after opening dates.

    5. Compared with other institutions, both public and private, the fee charges by the college are generally on the lower side.

    6. The incitement was at a time when the board had not appointed a substantive Principal. Some tutors are understood to have ploted to create anarchy due to pending cases they have with the administration. We have evidence and we can name these teachers who are telling everybody around Rongo and students that they will make the institution ungovernable.

    For the sake of the institution, we are going to name them

  12. Vincent Nyauma

    it is sad and not worth celebrating. We just do not know how to pass the message across. Coming from around the college and being an high school alumni, we are not amused at what has been happening from around 1987. The current administrators could just be victims of precedent that was set then.

    What happened is this:

    Due to a false sense of nationalism, a number of foreign staff were abruptly sent away leaving behind staff who had not mastered the way the missionaries used to manage the college. There was no regard for competence and we still remeember how a missionary business manager was replaced by a bursar and the financial resource base started to erode. Soon after, we witnessed the collapse of the big dairy and poultry. Pr. Njagi came with all the good intentions but that would never make Kamagambo rise again. Then Prof. Agoki came with a good vision and reallt tried with a Junior College and the High School performance was revived. But he did not survive. Then frequent changes in high school managemand ensured its performance went down, then the indispline of staff has ensure tha TTC is down.

    Most of the satff currently in the college were recruited during the period of weak internal control system where they could do anything they wanted and pinch anthing they wanted from the college.Attempts to revive the old structure and have a strong administration is rubbing them the wrong way.
    From their comments, they have never appreciated th e need for very stringent resource management in a private college whose tutors are not paid salaries by TSC and that the facilities in the college are so
    The solutions we can propose are:

    The board to bring in a new Principal who thoroughly understands and appreciates the governance policies.

    The board to act on errant staff members. We do not need to name names but those with pending cases are at the forefron of incitements.

    The Principal to initiate a strong alumni association and have them create a strong link with the college.

    The Principal to initiate right sizing of staff members and faculties and have performance based contracts with them.

    A performance based allowance be included on top of the the pay structure.

    A strong student and independent evaluation system be instituted and carried out on a termly basis to put teachers in check.

    Other funding sources be developed to support development and the fee be used for salaries and boarding.

    The college should initiate more ways of utilizing the vast resources it has. The facility has huge potential.

  13. emisele

    i have stayed in kamagambo for over 12years and all that is said may be not exactly true,,what is true is that people are gred and hungry for leadership

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