Another randy Kisumu pastor caught in sexual act

Another randy kisumu pastor caught in sexual act.
By Shem Kosse

The clergy men appear to have turned the lakeside city of Kisumu to “Sin city”, similar to the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

Barely a month has gone by since a pastor was caught red handed, making love to somebody’s wife. Today, another pastor of legio Maria sect (name withheld), was caught pants down, having a “good time” with someone’ wife, in one of the houses at the Kisumu Lower Railway estates.

It all started when the aggrieved husband to the woman (name withheld), who had all along, heard about the affair through third parties, mounted a well oiled intelligence network, to prove the highly rumored blossomed ex-marital affair of the duo.

Acting on a tip off, the man journeyed to the town centre, and positioned himself strategically opposite the lovers favorite meeting point, to witness the unfolding scenario.

The amorous pastor, adorning the yellowish sect gown, arrived with the man’s wife in tow, at one of the low keyed downtown food kiosks, and ordered for their finger licking gala meal. Feeding each other, drinking, sounds of glass cheers renting the air, the lovebirds were obviously having a good time.

Having re-charged their energy, to sustain the pending natural “exercise”, the two proceeded to their hideout, arms locked together, unaware that the clock was ticking away, towards their 40th day and hour of reckoning.

The husband gave the duo about 20 minutes, possibly to ensure that the affair was happening, without leaving any doubt. Then the angry, fire spitting husband, banged the door,and demanded for it to be opened immediately, his shouts and banging drawing the attention of the public, and the nearby boda boda cyclists.

The woman, smelling serious danger, and still stark naked, jumped through the rare window and ran at an alarming speed, with street boys hot in her pursuit, shouting at the top of their voices, “what a beautiful woman! She must also give us!”.

Thanks to her athletic prowess, she managed to escape and sought refuge in one of the heavily guarded compounds, leaving the sexy pastor at the mercy of her husband and the wrath of the public, who had now cordoned the house.

The besieged pastor ultimately opened the door, panting and sweating heavily. “This is the work of Satan!’’, is what the pastor muttered, before the husband let loose his flying kicks and blows, with members of the public joining the fray. Some demanded that he be stripped naked and have him walk in his birth suit.

No amount of sympathetic pleas by the pastor to the wild public could deter them to spare him. All manner of brutal beatings were rained on him constantly, as he was being frog matched along Jomo Kenyatta highway, towards the police station.

The Pastor surrounded by an irrate mobAn attempt by one irate mob, who reached his gown collar, in a bid to unclothe him, was thwarted by the police officers who arrived at the scene, and whisked him away.

But before the pastor was fully into the police car, a bunch of protective devices (condoms) and libido enhancers (Viagra) fell from his pocket, to the amazement and amusement of the onlookers.

Meanwhile, the other randy Kisumu pastor, who recently grabbed headlines in the cross section of the press, after being caught making love to someone’s wife, and nakedly shepherded together with the woman, in broad day light, has now embarked on litigation.

Mr. Maurice, the taxi driver who drove the husband of the woman to the pair’s hideout, was nabbed by the police, and made to record a statement, on grounds that the clergy launched a complaint to the police, that the taxi driver was the one who incited the public, who inflicted severe physical injuries unto him.

The amorous clergy, who is currently undergoing self- imposed- house arrest, to avoid the public eye, is reportedly literally chasing away the consolers, who turn up at his homestead, with messages and gifts of sympathy.

Rocked by mass exodus of his flock, from his donor funded church, after the expose’ of the sex scandal, other sources close to him disclosed that he is perplexed, and seriously weighing options of either going full throttle and apologize publicly, or shun pastorhood, and retreat to the underworld. His latest police action move is largely seen as the kicks of a dying horse.

Shem Kosse.

6 thoughts on “Another randy Kisumu pastor caught in sexual act

  1. ayeni kayode

    i prayed for all the readers that the temptation that befell this man and woman that maketh this occurrence a success in their life. i pray that when all the readers come in contact with such a temptation, they will will have grace to overcome it. Amen.

  2. Pst.Samuel kajo joshua

    I use this avenue to pray for all pastors all over the world that the lord will equipe and arm them with extravagant grace.pst.Sam.kajo Joshua-NIGERIA

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