Massive development achieved in Ndhiwa should serve as a role model to other constituencies


Ndhiwa  political profile By Leo Odera Omolo in Ndhiwa Town.

ONE typical good example of a rural parliamentary constituency in the larger greater Southern Nyanza, which has became the envy of every politician in the region is Ndhiwa, in the newly created Ndhiwa district {formerly Homa-Bay}.

Centrally situated in an area which is commonly known as “Milambo” or Ramba {Southern}, Ndhiwa has achieved record fast development within the shortest period, even surpassing neighboring  constituencies.

About sixteen years ago, Ndhiwa was one of the most backward rural constituencies in the region. But today, the area boost remarkable development and progress.

Thanks go to its hardworking and abrasive Member of Parliament, Joshau Orwa Ojode, whose sixteen years of representation of the area in parliament has turned the area into a bastion of food grains. It now boost ultra modern government aided secondary schools, close to eighteen full fledged and properly stocked health centers, and more than thirty one dispensary, dispensing medication to the population.

Ndiwa had only two administrative centers at its inception in 1962. At that time, it went under the name of Lambwe Constituency, and covered Mbita, and Gwasii constituencies and part of Nyatike constituencies.

Ndhiwa residents can be distributed into five major sub-clans, namely Kabuoch, Kanyamwa, Kwabwayi, Kanyidoto and Kanyikela.. Part of its original land, which covered Karungu Division, was sliced off Ndhiwa, and padded to the newly created Nyatike Constituency, in Nyatike district.

The two major sub-clans, namely Joka-Buoch and Jo-Kanyamwa, are interrelated with their cousins, Jo-Karungu and Jo-Kadem in Nyatike. These four major sub-clans consider themselves, together with their other cousins, Jo-Karachuonyo and Jo-Kasipul-Kabondo, as the indigenous people of Southern Nyanza. Together, they are better known as Joka-Chwanya and Joka-Onyango Rabala, who is a  brother to the great Rachuonyo. For years and ages, there was no inter-marriage between these sub-clans, who are all descendants of the Great Ramogi {III}, the son of Jok {II}. This only changed sometime in early 1940s.

Other clans are called Jo-Nyakal, meaning immigrant communities. They include Jo-Kwabwayi, Jo-Kanyikela, Jo-Koguta, Jokaguria. There are also Jo-Kajulu, Jokadhola, Maragoli, as well as settlers from other Luo sub-clans, like Jo-Uyoma, Jo-Kamenya and many others. But all form part of Ndhiwa population.

Jo-Kwabwai, the third largest sub-clans, have produced two Mps, Otieno Ogingo and Orwa Ojode, who are cousins. Kabuoch has produced one MP, namely the late Ocholla Makanyengo. Kanyamwa has produced one MP, Tom Okello Obondo. Zablon Owigo Olang is a member of the Jo-Karungu, the second largest community in Nyatike. Olang represented Ndhiwa when Kadem was part of Ndhiwa, and before it was split in the 1988, creating Nyatike and Ndhiwa.

In June 1963, the Indian trained economist and the former Principal of the ICFTU sponsored African Labor College in Kampala, Dr. Joseph Gordon Odero-Jowi, won the Lambwe constituency parliamentary seat on a KANU ticket.

But at the time, Kenya had a tri-cameral houses of parliament, namely the National Assembly and the Senate, under the Lancaster House Constitution, and also the Regional Assembly.

Both the Senate and Regional Assemblies were abolished as the result of several constitutional amendments in the National Assembly. A new parliamentary constituency was created  in order to accommodate Senator Selemiah Mbeo Onyango, who represented South Nyanza district, and thus became the birth of Mbita constituency.

Mbeo Onyango hails from Mfangano island, and was a close political associate of the late Tom Mboya, who hails from the neighboring Rusinga Island.The twin islands, together with Gwassi and Kakisingiri form the bulk of the heart of Luo-Abasuba people of Southerrn Nyanza.

Dr. Odero Jowi also switched to represent the newly created Ndhiwa constituency. Leaving Mbita for Sen Mbeo-Onyango, who became the MP for Mbita. This was in 1965.

So far Ndhiwa has had six different parliamentarians ever since its its inception. Dr.Odero-Jowi, however, lost his Ndhiwa seat in a bruising election campaign in 1969, while he was serving as the Minister for Economic Planning and Development. He had stepped into the shoes of political mentor and friend, the late Tom Mboya, who was assassinated in a Nairobi street on July 5,1969.

In that year’s general election, the Luo voters voted massively against all MPs from the community who were serving in KANU government, particularly members the of the cabinet, headed by the founding President, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. This was a protesting vote, as the community suspected the Mboya killing to be a state affair.

In that year’s general election, Matthews Otieno Ogingo, a former Vice chairman of the Nyanza Regional Assembly, who had also been elected in 1963 as the Ndhiwa member of the Nyanza Regional Assembly, trounced in  Dr.Odero -Jowi in 1969, in a controversial election victory. But Odero Jowi moved to the High Court, challenging Otieno Ogingo’s election victory on some legal technicalities. Ogingo’s election was nullified and a by-election called. But in the subsequent by-election, Otieno Ogingo won for the second time, this time round beating Odero Jowi with a much larger margin than in the previous election, when he had scored a thin majority.

After losing his Ndhiwa seat in Parliament, Dr. Odero-Jowi was later to be appointed by President Jomo Kenyatta to become Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, where he was instrumental in winning for Kenya the UN- UNEP headquarters, to be located in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Dr. Odero-Jowi returned to Kenya before the 1974 general election, and recaptured his seat, beating Ogingo and seven other candidates hands down on a KANU ticket. But this time around he did not complete his tenure. He absconded and abandoned the seat in 1977, joining the UN agency in Canada. Once again, a  by-election was called, and a former senior police officer, Zablon Owigo Olang’ (Gogni} won the by election comfortably.

Owigo-Olang’ successfully defended his seat in the 1979 general election, and was later appointed an Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, under the former Attorney General, Charles Mugane Njonjo as the Minister in charge.

But shortly afterward, in 1983, a group of KANU hardline parliamentarians began pointing an accusing finger at Njonjo, alleging that he was plotting  to overthrow President Moi with the help of foreign mercenaries. Olang’, with other MPs and his boss Njonjo were dismissed from the cabinet, and were also expelled by the then ruling  KANU. They were, however, allowed to remain MPs until later the same year. Following the snap election called by Moi to consolidate his power, after parting company with Njonjo, his political mentor until 1983, most of those classified by Moi’s men as Njonjo sympathizers and supporters were eventually rigged out of Parliament.

A former trade unionist and Jaramogi Odinga Odinga loyalist, the late Phillip Ochola Ogaye Makanyengo thus won the Ndhiwa seat on a KANU ticket, and was made an Assistant minister for foreign Affairs. Makanyengo, however, died half way before completing his term. His death paved the way for the return to Parliament of Matthew Otieno Ogingo, in the consequent by-election.

Ogingo also was made an Assistant Minister for Health. But he lost his seat once again during the first multi-party election of 1992, when Tom Okello Obondo won the same seat on a Ford-Kenya ticket, under the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, but immediately crossed the floor and defected back to KANU. In the by-election that followed Obondo’s defection, Joshua Orwa Ojode won the seat.

Ojode was later to win a popular vote in 1997 and repeated the same in 2002 and 2007. His repeated election victories are good signs of the highest esteem on which the electorate in Ndhiwa hold him, and a reward for his hard work to the community.

Bordering six other constituencies of Gwassi in the West, Nyatike in the South, Uriri in the southeast, Rongo in the East, Rangwe in the North and Mbita in the northwest, Nhiwa is one area which is endowed with good rainfall all the year round. It has good fertile and arable land that produces many cash crops like bananas, maize, vegetables, sorghum, millet.

Its rainfalls originate from Kitutu Chache, from Nyakoe River and Manga Hills, and traverse the river, which in Bonchari and inside Luo-Nyanza is known as Riana River. The rains traverse the Riana Valley, winding up in Kuja river, around Oria and Kanyikela areas.

A number of farmers have introduced modern farming in the area, like rearing much economically valued dairy grade animals, though the majority still keep the old zebu native cows.

Ndhiwa farmers are also growing sugar cane in large quantity, but have been complaining bitterly about the exorbitant cost of transport charges, when they deliver their crops to the Awendo-based SONY SUGAR factory, which is located about 40 to 50 kilometers away.

The problem, however, will soon be the thing of the past. A private company known as Sukar Limited is currently constructing a medium size white sugar factory in Ndhiwa, at a places called Paw-Otange, on a piece of land formerly owned by the County Council of South Nyanza. Once the factory is in full production, it will consume most of the sugar cane grown in Ndhiwa. This is expected to improve the money circulation in the area, as well as creating close to 2000 new jobs. More people will also earn money indirectly, either working as casuals, contracted cane cutters, transporters, food sellers and many other trades, and the factory is expected to improve the economy of the agriculturally rich region.

The establishment of a white sugar processing factory, which is estimated to cost approximately Kshs 20 billions, and which will produce close to 3000 tons of made sugar per day, is the brainchild of the industrious and hard working Ndhiwa MP, Joshua Orwa Ojode.

Politically, Ndhiwa is one of the ODM’s stronghold regions. Orwa Ojode is always in the forefront in articulating issues affecting the party, and at times effectively defending the party leader, Raila Odinga, in an overzealous manner and to the hilt.

A most interesting thing happened to Ojode’s career soon after the referendum voting in 2005 , when President Mwai Kibaki dismissed the entire cabinet. Kibaki subsequently made a shocking announcement, excluding Raila Odinga and other Ministers who supported the Orange movement against the Banana movement during the referendum campaign period.

Surprisingly, the President kept only Orwa Ojode in his new look cabinet, as the new Minister for Environment and Wildlife. But Orwa Ojode, in solidarity with his dismissed colleagues, outrightly rejected and declined the appointment.

But when Raila Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki formed the coalition government under the national accord, Mr Odinga did not consider Orwa Ojode for any cabinet position. Instead he named Dalmas Otieno,  the MP for Rongo, to the cabinet, and also surprisingly named Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ as the new Immigraton Minister.

Politically observers and pundits had expected Ojode to clinch a full cabinet position due to his seniority, and having served in the previous Narc cabinet, as an Assistant Minister for Education, while Kajwang had not served in the government. Dalmas Otieno had also just joined the ODM, after many years of association with Moi and KANU.

Ojode was made an Assistant Minister for Internal Security, but the strange change of attitude towards him by Agwambo definitely demoralized Ojode, and killed his morale of patriotism and solidarity.

But his humiliation from Raila may have started during the ODM party’s grassroots and national elections. A local woman, who had no significant backing and support in Ndhiwa  was posted to humiliate Ojode and even allegedly provided with armed bodyguards. The same woman was beaten hands down by Ojode in the 2007 elction, when she pulled 12,000 votes against Ojodeh’s 48,000, but she immediately moved to court, arguing that she had won the Ndhiwa seat, but was robbed of her election victory by the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya{ECK}. She was covertly backed in her undertaking allegedly by members of Raila Odinga’s family, and close political associates, and the entire people of Southern Nyanza read malice.

The abrasive Ndhiwa MP is improving his popularity in the area almost everyday. His track record and effort in securing jobs for Luo youths in the government, especially in the armed forces, and other institutions, has placed him almost equal to the late Tom Mboya and the late Hezekiah Oyugi, the former PS in the Office of the President, in the eyes of his constituents. There is always beehives of activities, as  many youths and job seekers are always milling around his offices, whereas one doesn’t find the same crowd outside other Luo Minister’s offices in Nairobi.

Ojode, however, despite the common knowledge that he was relegated to a junior position by Raila Odinga in his cabinet appointment, does not speak openly against Mr.Raila Odinga, whom he regarded as good man and political friend and an associate. But he maintains privately, that perhaps “Agwambo” is surrounded by people of bad gossips, who hang around him.

At one time during the funeral of Mrs Felgona Okundi,  ther late wife of the former Rangwe MP, Eng. Phillip Okoth Okundi, from the blue moon, Raila Odinga’s elder brother, Dr Oburu Oginga, the MP for Bondo, surprisingly  launched scathing criticism of Ojode, an attack which not only shocked but also puzzled many mourners. Many residents of Rangwe constituency where the funeral was held and from the larger Southern Nyanza could not believe what they were hearing.

The attack came only a few days after Ojopde had told his colleagues during the funeral of the former Kasipul-Kabondo MP, Eng Peter Otieno Owidi, that its time the Luo abandon the idea of boycotting every successive government in this country, and find out other avenues of working closely with the government. He made this remarks only weeks after he had declined a cabinet post offered to him by President Kibaki., a sacrifice, which Ojodeh made in solidarity with Raila Odinga, and other ODM Ministers who had been sacked by the President.

The attack by Dr Oburu against Ojode at a funeral place created a feeling that members of the Odinga family are intolerant of anyone with diverse opinion. Dr Oburu remarks are always considered as reflecting the inner and feeling and attitudes of the Odinga family.

After the two incidents, some busy bodies, power-brokers and  the so-called political demagogues, claiming to be close to the Prime Minister were heard talking ill of the Ndhiwa hard working MP, alleging that he was wrecking the unity and solidarity of the Luos. But when William Ruto visited Ugenya and conducted Harambee for the area MP James Aggrey Orengo, nobody pointed an accusing finger against Orengo of undermining the unity of the Luos.

When the same Minister Ruto visited Ndhiwa and raised Kshs 3 million for the SDA churches last Ocrober, the talks filled the air in Kisumu and its environs that Ojode has become one of the ODM rebels MPS gravitating around the Minister for Agriculture, William Ruto.

In an interview with this writer last week, Ojode denied having bad blood with the Prime Minister. “My primary duty is to serve the Ndhiwa electorate to their satisfaction and by so doing I am a busy man. I really don’t have time of making any bad gossiping against Mr. Odinga. We have remained dear friends for many years, and we will continue helping each other politically and otherwise”, he said.

The Assistant Minister, however, admitted that he suspected an unnamed member of the Odinga family as the one spreading the hate gossips between him and the PM.

The same person peddling bad gossip between him and the Prime Minister is also the person responsible for sponsoring his opponents during the elections But the electorate in Ndhiwa are very much aware of these dirty political maneuvers and machinations, which stands no chance of succeeding in Ndhiwa.

Ojode, however is highly credited for having turned an area which was hitherto considered as the most backward, into a role model of massive development within sixteen years of his representation in Parliament.


23 thoughts on “Massive development achieved in Ndhiwa should serve as a role model to other constituencies

  1. Fuambo Janyandito

    While not agreeing with Mzee Odera’s style of analysis, it is true Mr. Orwa Ojodeh’s approach to utilizing CDF is worth emulating by other Luo MPs. He is also leading by example, especially showing the constituents that the climate in Ndhiwa can support modern dairy farming. His efforts in the white sugar industry is also a good step in enhancing income of the constituents.

    I wish those influential people from the greater South Nyanza team up with development minded people to help uplift South Nyanza from poverty. Philip Okundi’s effort in reviving cotton industry should be supplemented by efforts by Shem Ochuodho to influence use of ICT to boost education and trade, and to put the region in the global map. Otieno Anyango’s influence to prop up South Nyanza grown SMEs by bringing microfinance to the people, Evans Kidero and other corporate executives to spearhead an investment group, to invest in South Nyanza, and all the MPs to ensure CDF is used to prop up infrastructure and education.

    We long to have fruit processing plants in Oyugis and Migori, fish farms dotting the stretch from Muhuru to Homabay, with cooling plants along the beaches, and fish processing factories in Sori and Kendu. We long for a textile factory in Rodi, and major commercial banks in Rongo, Homabay and Mbita. We long to see modern ranches in Kadem and schools of international standards in every constituency. We also long to see research stations and universities in Rongo, Mbita and Migori preoccupied with research on local problems.

    To us, the sky is the limit, and Ojodeh is one good example whether Leo Odera’s article is subjective or not.

  2. Fuambo Janyandito

    Aneno jo Citadel oa Misri gi tiegruok, ng’eyo kod omuom mathoth ka giwaro kuonde ma gi nyalo komo e pesa. Achiel kum gik magin e ging’e yo e rang’iny mamalo en weche mag ringo gi yie mandalogi e wi nembe kod aoche. Gi lony ahinya e weche pur kod pidho chiaye ka itiyo gi pi amola(irrigation)bende.

    Jo Citadel gi ok ber ka jothurwa omako kendo gi kom mwandu gi ng’eyo ma gin go thurwa. Jo ma oseneno kaka gi kelo dongruok a tie aora Nile puoyo tijgi.

    An afuambo kendo akeyo gi chuny maler ni mondo jok man gi duol ei joluo onuang’ wachni.

  3. Bagay

    Nyaduong Odera!

    That was a well written report and a good reading.

    But in this report I read words that feels sour. Words such as ” Attack ” are not words you flout out casually.

    Words such as ” Alleg ” would meet or make your reporting politically correct and non bipartisan.

  4. leo odera omolo

    May I remind Mr Peter Makori that I am a communication man, and whatever I do to communicate news to the consumers or reading public is not geared at how much money I am paid for the job. My role is simple, to convey the message to the reading public the way I researched the the subject matter, and as such I am not performing the kind of public relations work for any particular Mp or leader for money. Ok? I am not a money maniac!!


  5. Anonimous

    CORRECTION: “At one time during the funeral of Mrs Felgona Okundi, ther late wife of the former Rangwe MP, Eng. Phillip Okoth Okundi, from the blue moon, Raila Odinga’s elder brother, Dr Oburu Oginga, the MP for Bondo, surprisingly launched scathing criticism of Ojode, an attack which not only shocked but also puzzled many mourners. Many residents of Rangwe constituency where the funeral was held and from the larger Southern Nyanza could not believe what they were hearing”.

    The incident you are suffering to took place at the burial of Pastor Arunga, much later after Mrs. Okundi had been buried. Have a nice day!

  6. peter makori

    Well Mr Leo, I know you are not a pauper, neither are you a money maniac like some gutter press writers we hear those sides of Kisumo. But guess what? it would be difficult to imagine that you use your personal resources to visit these constituencies, see the developments, talk to people, write and deliver it to the net for readers. just curious

  7. mitawia dickens ouma

    Thank you Jaduong’ Leo for a very incisive and thought provoking analysis on what ails us as Luos ( and by extension Subas) from southern Nyanza.

    Interestingly, those who have made negative references to your piece are not challenging the facts. And that’s what is sickening about us jokanyanam.

    We love to politik at the expense of taking practical initiatives to improve our lot. A luo presidency will not put food in our tables. And yet look at Kisumu town…it is nearly choking in slum and slime.

    The initiatives put in place by Shabbir when he was mayor met stiff opposition arising from very parochial considerations.

    Recently when a leaders meeting was called to strategize development agenda in Nyanza, none of our leaders attended. And yet say anything negative about Jakom in Kisumu and elsewhere in Luo Nyanza, and risk being lynched.

    It is a fact that the Odinga family wants to lord it over everybody in Nyanza, and that’s why Ojode would pose a threat to their authority in Nyanza, particularly when it comes to development with practical benefits to the people.

    Ojode is just being polite when he says there is no bad relationship between him and the Prime Minister. After all, as he rightly puts it, his mandate is firstly to the Ndhiwa people.

    I don’t come from Ndhiwa, but each time I pass through Rodi on my way to Mbita, or during those occasional visits to my aunt ” motedo but aora chuodho”, I can’t help marveling at the way Ojode has mobilized his constituents to be self reliant, and to “think outside the box”.

  8. leo odera omolo

    Peter Makori,

    You remarks about the Gutter Press writer of Kisumu is full of excessive arrogance. But may I politely remind you that the DAILY NATION, which according to the proved statistics, today sells close to 5 million copies in circulation, started its business in 1959 as a Gutter Press, producing only four page pamphlets until early 1960, when His Royal Highness, the Aga Khan pumped in millions of shillings, after being persuaded to invest in the newspaper industry in Kenya, and assuring him of a better future of his investments.

    I wasn’t there in 1910 when the East African Standard rolled out its first printing press in Mombasa, but I suspect it was a smaller paper, similar to those you are referring to as Gutter Press! You seem to be uncomfortable with Gutter Writers of Kisumu. If that is so, then why can’t you deep your hands in your pocket and invest you money on these Gutter press so that you may improve the lives of the Kisumu Gutter writers? Or are you just a paper Tiger?

    The TAIFALEO, which is also a sister to the NATION had started earlier in 1958 with only two page copies, but today boost as one of the best Swahili daily, for its class of readers.

    Please do something to uplift the standard of the Kisumu Gutter writers by investing your excessive wealth in this sector, instead of hurling abuse and displaying contemptuous attitude towards these less fortunate scribes. May be you have employed many Kenyans in your enterprises or investments in other sector of the economy, but please don’t be obsessed about money. Once it disappears from you pocket your pocket and you run short of it, it may force you to commit suicide!

  9. Zecky


    I wonder how much you were paid by Ojode for this compaign you are propagating for him. Unlickily enough just to remind you coz i blv you know, you are just politely no one in the Ndhiwa politics to dictate voters

    Too often Ndhiwa constituency has been forced to compromise standards in order to move foward for the sake of pease. But by looking the other way, we end up short – changing the long term developm in some regions.

    Days of compromise are long gone and we shall face him head on.
    What do you see in Ndhiwa that makes it a a role model?

    I think all these you write here are hear says and not realistic at all.

  10. ken ochieng

    are you ojodes puppet or crony? this is purely political to popularize ojode with people who are guided by their stomachs and not by their heads like you. it is just a matter of time before you and the ojodes of ndhiwa are held accountable for their actions of impunity. just dance to his tune as the bright and elites of ndhiwa like myself are seriously thinking of how to liberate ndhiwa from ojodes opressive tactics and hooliganism.

  11. Zack

    Jaduong Leo

    Think about engineers,accountants ,lawyersand other proffesionals Ojode cant give them jobs instead he employs PI teachers and police men.How much shares does he own in that sugar factory?find out and report to us.

  12. Modeste Calvin

    Eventhough Ndiwa has made some steps towards development, we still have more ground to cover especially in terms of infrastructure and bursary allocation to students in both tertiary and secondary schools.

  13. felix

    Jaduong Leo in Kenya it is professional tittle that works . Which one does Ojodeh owns 2 get him to the minister’s position? Find out and let us know….

  14. charles

    ….But politics a side, the luos must avoid politics of hatred,lets talk about good roads, electricity, water and others. if any politician is working towards that, let’s support him! Ndhiwa is fast overtaking constituencies like rangwe if the roads like rodi-oyugis cant be constctd. each person should try to make our luoland a better place to dwell in.
    Opapo friends academy

  15. Pinto Kisambi

    With the due respect that I may accord you Mr.Leo,I think you should stop cheating the general public because that’s not the the true picture on the ground.At the current rate of development we have in our constituency,we need more than 100 years to be at par with the vision please stop cheating us,we are no longer ignorant.


    I thank God today i got online forum a bout my constituency.please JADUONG LEO it seams you know much about our constituency.please,please tell me what to do in order to get the college bursaryy.i am a student at moi university taking barchelor of education art,1st year.Jadoung,i am a total orphan and life here is very unbearable if you have no financial support.please let me know if you are in a position to help me secure can even call.0729039943.if its possibble.i magine i have been applying several times,with death certificates of my parents attached,but i have never gotten a bursary.WHICH CRITERIA DO THEY USE IN BURSERY ALLOCATION?.I am comming from;KAWERE VILLAGE,KAGURIA SUB-LOC,KAMENYA LOC.PALA DIV.NDHIWA DISTR.And in the whole of kaguria location,i am the first person to go to the university.but its now very unfortounate that i am an orphan and cant get the bursery.i think these are the kind of issues you are supposed to address,instead of posting some opinions that raises other people`s eyebrows.i hope you or anybody else who is touched by my story will take up the task and help me in getting the bursary or in any other way.i will be always to give you any information that you may require.either write to me or call me and i will be very greatful.

  17. Rose

    Thanx so much Mr. Odera, at least I know my constituency though am a resident of KIsumu. I must try to go back to homeland and be employed there.

  18. Ochieng Obuya

    Thanks for A good piece Leo.
    I hail from kanyamwa South of Ndhiwa.
    I am a proffessional accountant working in Mombasa and i agree with like 98 percent of what you said. those critisising you would add value to their criticism by stating the truth as they know it. Its true ojode mainly gets jobs for policemen and P1s, but its beacause proffesionals can find jobs by themselves and as such need no help.
    We all know how police recruitement is done in a biased way.
    The sukari industries is a godsend to residents of Dnhiwa. if Ojode owns shares in the company then it makes ojode even a better MP because he invests in his area hence promoting them economically.

    the no. of Schools in the area have greately increased under Ojode to an extent we have a secondary school for almost every village, and its Ojode who mobilises the residents to statrt the schools. cases in point are Okok, Andiwo, Pala, Ramoya Ojode-Unga et al.

    Leo Odera, one thing you failed to mention which to a large extent fuelled animosity against Ojode is the fact that almost the whole cabinet went to his fathers funeral.
    What is so wrong in the Likes of Ruto attendind a funeral ? We may not like Ruto but he was one of the best performing ministers in the Kibaki Govt. From the way he managed agriculture (save for the maize scandal) to the way he was about to bring pragmatic changes to universities caricula.

    Most of the Luo Nyanza mps are stooges very good at boot licking and tailwagging. They easily feel challenged when one shows indeopendence of mind.

    All said i think the only bad side of Ojode is the filling up of the CDF comitte with Corrupt retirees Who give Kshs 100,000 cdf bursaries to their children paralel medical college programmes while the other people get Kshs 5,000 to pay university fees.



    Netto is has also tried in the developments including the disbursing of bursaries, Dhiwa mbele milele

  20. maurice

    At the moment, the people of ndhiwa are disillusioned by the so called Sukari Company Limited characterized by inefficiency n corruption and the poor political leadership.

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