By a special Correspondent

Reports emerging from the northern Kenya town of Moyale, which is close to the Kenya – Ethiopia border in Marsarbit county has its 48,000 people displaced following incessant fighting between rivals tribal militias groups have left the town in dissolute state.

Out of the 12 locations that make up Moyale sub-county of Marsabit County only a two people have remained in their homes which the track of the turn’s population estimated to about 82,000 have fled leaving only a few people behind following incessant fighting between the tribal militias groups, which has claimed dozen of lives in the recent past

The rural militias groups represented the various different communities which included Gabra and Burji on one hand and the Borans on the other.

It is only in three locations of Bori, Dabel Somare and Nana locations where people are still holding on to there properties. These areas are mainly occupied by members of minority Gorse and Sakuye communities who are not taking part in the ethnic war.

The regional parties’ boss in the area confirmed that the fighting had erupted in the area way back in July this year and has continued intermittently with properties worth millions of shillings destroyed.

At the same time the government has announced plans to disarm the armed police reservists operating in the war ravaged county. The deputy regional commissioner Kanunyaan Chedotum said the reservist who are commonly referred to as home guards, are reported to have been taking sides in the fighting on tribal line while using their licensed guns.

The home guards are supposed to supplement the work of the police but most of them have been tribal militias using the officially licensed guns which fighting alongside their tribal militias.

Moyale is the Commercial border town that connect Kenya with Ethiopia, is reported to the admires on its knees, especially from December 4, when the war erupted for the first time.

So far houses belonging to Boranas and Burji have been burned down.

The fighting recently intensified as the militias taught for close to five consecutive days using heavy artillery, and the train in those areas are said to be rugged making it impossible for security personnel to reach trouble spots. It is rushed into deep hills and valleys that are impassable. The region is rugged with deep hills and valleys that are impassable.

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