Kenya: What is killing the Luo Community

From: Gordon Teti
To: “”

We shout loudest and act tactlessly without strategy. I should not be taken wrong here. I am not saying that whatever it is that made Baba dispense with Miguna Miguna during an election year was not serious enough to warrant the action taken because I do not know the reason(s) but the timing was wrong, and I was hoping that there were some lessons learnt, but it looks like it is business as usual for those jostling for favours within the King’s court with the resultant consequence of exposing the King to serious danger.

We make our actions and reactions so predictable hence our vulnerability. Let Kidero and Dalmas open the tap wider so that many of our thirsty and hungry people can quench their thirst and have something on the kitchen table for their starving children; there is completely nothing wrong with feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. Even more importantly, there is nothing untoward with educating the poor and orphans.

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