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The political war between two worst nemesis ;the sitting Kisumu Town West MP John Olga Olago Aluoch and Rosa Akinyi Buyu appears to head on after the recent Court of Appeal’s ruling in Kisumu in which Olago’s win was upheld.

The judgment appeared to have caught most of Olago’s opponents off guard as they had anticipated a bye election giving of what they had believed were credible evidences meriting the area voters to go back to the ballot box.

“Buyu has won and Olago has lost, the court is not the voters of Kisumu Town West and we are thinking of other options including going to the supreme court” swore one of Buyu’s supporters after the judgment had been read by Justice Sankale ole Kantai.

Immediately after the elections Olago said he was now going to focus on his mandate as thwe area MP as the court process had made him spend countless nights not knowing the court’s outcome.

“I am charged to go to the ground and realize the vision I have been having for the constituency, I welcome all my opponents to join me in developing the constituency, its not time to seek revenge rather we should push for forgiveness and embracing of one another despite all that I have undergone during the whole duration of the court hearing” he added

Buyu’s star appears to have risen of late giving that he was going for one of the leading posts in ODM during the recent elections which were aborted.

She appears to have no reverse gears as she is visible in nearly all funds rives within the constituency and constantly always ready to listen to the area residents problem.

“Rosa won the elections but lost to both the High Court and the Court of Appeal however Aluta Continua, we are still with her” shouted some of the youths after the judgment.

The judgment which was issued by Justices Daniel Musinga,Festus Azanglala and Sankai ole Kantai had said that Buyu’s petition lacked merit.

In the case,Buyu was the appellant while IEBC and its returning officer were first and second respondents .Olago was the third resident.

They said they considered grounds of appeal to the alleged malpractices in the conduct of the elections and the standard of proof required to establish the same and concluded that Buyu did not prove that there were irregularities.

“The appellant did not prove to the required standard that there were anomalies or irregularities in conduct of the election that affected the results as would void the same” they said.

Buyu was slapped with costs of the petition of kshs 1.5million

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