By Our Reporter

A weird incident was witnessed within Nyando District in Ahero Kochogo village when the corps that was being transported home “refused” to reach home.

The incident occurred at when the bereaved family was ferrying their loved one home before a number of complications were reported.

The deceased was being transported from Nairobi to a village in Butere before the family started developing a number of difficulties that resulted into accidents.

The corps who to the family was the cause of all these “never wanted to go home” and that’s why there were a number of hiccups in the journey.

The journey that entailed the entire family and even some relatives had difficulties in commuting when most of them could not even believe the unfolding events.

The family explained that the deceased has been sending mixed signals even before the real day of the journey that the journey would be full of difficulties which they ignored.

When commenting on the incident, the driver of the van that was involved in accident said he just surprisingly saw a huge black creature before wind screen, an issue that forced him to wheel out of the road.

The family was forced to convince the corps whom they talked to using some traditional words just to allow them reach home.

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