By Agwanda Saye.

Over fifteen thousand people living within the five Counties of Kenya comprising Homa Bay,Kisumu ,Siaya and Narok in five geographical areas are beneficiaries of clean water courtesy of a United States of American non-profit public organization called Just One Africa.

Speaking in Kisumu County, while distributing free water filters and meals to Widowers, widows, schools and Orphans within one of the leading slums in Kenya called Obunga Slums, the President of the Organization Churchill Clay in the company of his wife Amy said that the purpose of the organization is to make difference in the lives of orphaned children and women in need.

“Through the disbursement of financial resources, intended to fulfill the basic needs of food, water, shelter, education and hope. It is the belief that as the basic needs are met individuals can grow to meet their full potential and Just One was established to be an advocate for this process” he added

Clay further added they see their role as being a provider of both financial support and education to help enrich the lives those whom we have the privilege of serving.

The organization is currently involved with two institutions; Lenkai School which is in Southern Kenya close to Amboseli and Mt. Kilimanjaro and Salem Orphanage Ministries which is located in Western Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria.

“We have so far been able to distribute over seven hundred filters to Mbita,Amboseli,Homa Bay,Bondo and Kisuu geographical areas which makes the three Counties water filters to these locations providing 120 million gallons of clean water for over fifteen thousand people for life’ he added

He lamented that communities from these areas have struggled not only with access to water but with access to clean water but lauded his organization for being the first organization to bring in the Sawyer water filter to these areas and make clean water accessible to schools, villages, and even hospitals making Typhoid and other water borne diseases be a thing of the past as they begin to thrive.

So far Just One Africa has given out ninety thousand meals courtesy of the very generous SERVE International and we were able to distribute them to widows, in slums areas, and to those with HIV/AIDS who needed good nutritious food to take their medication with.

“In our current tour we will also conduct a free medical camp as well and we have brought school supplies and books for the children to use for their studies ensuring that their education will be higher quality and we have also brought countless other donations with us that abundantly blessed these communities and will leave a lasting impact on them for generations to come” he added

The organization together with youths from East Gate Church based in Atlanta Georgia led by their Pastor Geanne Wilde through Salem Orphanage Ministries had helped in the construction of a house at their own expenses for a widow within the county of Siaya and even bought two cows for rearing purposely for milk supply.

According to Bishop Pheobe Onyango the head of Salem Orphanage Ministries, their action was touched by the pathetic condition the old widow lived in and they volunteered to construct for her a house.

“I thank God for seeing me in old age, I now have a roof over my head which I never had “the widow said in joy.


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