yen chi Obu , ATIENO
Looking for Anne Okech , Winnie O.
Tudruok gi jaluo mantie e mier mag Miami , Deo Chimba
Tudruok gi joluo man USA , Simeon Otieno Ogola
Od mbu , Nyarluanda
Please translate this for me , Maureen
Tudruok gi jaluo mantie TN, GA, AL, KT gi NC , Oyaro
Osiepa Olal , Ajwala
Tudruok , Jim Harris, Jacob Otieno
Thumbe Luo machon , Vitalis Chuonyo
Thumbewa mag Luo , George Odhiambo
Daher yudo thumbegi , Deo Chimba
Kar Luo nwang’o contact , George Abudho
Nyi Asumbi, Ajosa
Nyi Luo be yudore , wuod Agar
Mos moa California USA – Rapogi High , Maxwell Otieno (Enos),
hello from New Zealand, I was on Rusinga 1980. Max
Milome. Milome, Milome!! , Paul Onyango Odera
Mbuyi mar onjelo (jo-kalenjin) , Arreddo Nyang kibaa ramba
Nyi Luo ni kure, Oluoch Gerald
Jandiko buge Luo
Nond Awuor Nya Karachuonyo
Nond Douglas Oriko Majwala
Nond BO (
Nond Okawuro Jakodero
Nond Oyaro
Nond Emily nyar Rongo

44 thoughts on “NONRO

  1. Enid

    Enid | enidsosano321@ . . . | IP:

    Hi all my luo people

    is there luo people who woul like to communictate with me purely for friendship.

    Lived in London for many years and woul like to talk about home


    Jul 5, 2:25 AM —

  2. Cyrus

    Dear Enid,

    If you tell me the specific part of home you want to know about , then I am ready to talk with you about it. Or do you want to know about home as a whole?
    with me I come from South Nyanza Province so you can communicate with me via,

    Cyrus Obuya.

  3. Agollah Ochieng


    Antie kod weche moko machanda nikech ayudo ndiko moko mawuoyo kuom kitwa gi timbewa (culture) moko ma pok awinjo tekendo gima lich en ni ginyisowa kaka joma nigi chike ma onge kod tiendgi.

    Ranyisi mar wechegi chalo kama: Bende en adier ni ka wuowi dwaro kelo nyako e simba to nyako okwa thuolo kuom wuon mare ma nyak akuong nind gi min mare?

    Wach machielo chalo kama: Bende en adier ni kangato chiege otho to ikete mondo onind e laru nyaka chieng’ olek ni onindo gi chiege eka ngimane doko kare?

  4. Ager Were

    nonro gi ber ahinya. akwayo ni mondo uorna nying ji apar mathuond (heroes n heroins) joluo

  5. judy peterson

    from judy peterson
    subjectIs me judy from (

    Hello sweetie

    My name is judy, i am 25yrs old, i’m a free minded, open hearted girl, i like to take life as easy as i could, i’m one of the few that still belives in friendship,love, trust and signs, am very much single and ready to mingle. was browsing through the internet and came across your contact at ( belive me i like what i see,it will be my sincere pleasure to be your friend if you don’t mind, i hope you will not take my request for granted, feel free to email me, i will appreciate it if you can send me some pics, i look forward to hear from you soon.

    Take care.


  6. Sir Charles D. Jnr.


    In the last Siaya University Students Association (S.U.S.A.) general meeting held
    on 16-6-2010 at Kenya Science Campus, an outcry blast manifested. The moment
    a list unrolled, a short but clear message unearthed:”Shortchanged in the C.D.F.
    arena were and are the students bred in destute homes, many of whom were born
    without ‘prayer or chance’.” We are audaciously watching. Where are you Hon. Edwin
    (Alego MP)?

    Ochieng’ Dimba

  7. Maureen Amondi

    i think its high time luo’s start loving n appreciating each other,there r a few characters who r very arrogant n wen u ask 4 a job from them they’ll tell u ni dog isom ibed gi papers unlikke wakikuyu. Luo’s wats up???????????

  8. Dika

    hello, I visit this site once in a while and just remind myself of my root, home is Asumbi, South Nyanza and that is where my heart belongs. Love being Kenyan and love being a Jaluo. i dread that one day our kids will not enjoy the story time by the fire at night and the sound of popping maize! Will be nice to meet other Luos. Ruoth Opaki!

  9. Leo Odera omolo


    Reports Leo Odera omolo.

    Lowlands Sports Association staged one of the most successful football and netball tournaments at Sindo play ground, in Kakisingiri West, last weekend.

    Shamba Boys F.C. from Kaksingiri West clinched the football trophy, after beating Saragani of Rusinga 4-2, in a post match penalty shootout.

    The runner-up was Nsekwafrom Kakisingiri West, which beat Saragani from Rusinga Island 5-0.

    A total of 19 teams, consisting of 13 football and 6 netball teams, participated in the annual events, which had brought together teams from all the five low laying locations of Gembe, Gwassi, Kakisingiri, Rusinga and Mangano islands, under the auspice of the newly revived Lowland Association.

    The match ended, goalless after the regular time, and the teams went into penalty shootout. The winner received the trophy from the Sports Association chairman, Asha Obonyo, who praised the team for their high standard performance.

    Both the football and Netball trophies were donated by Dr.Mark Matunga, of the Microsoft Computer Corporation International, who had kicked off the launching of the week-long tournament earlier in the week.

    Ragwe Rangers clinched the Netball trophy after beating their rivals Koyombe, from Gwassi North, 8-4. Chief Daniel Magadi, of Kaksingiri West, gave the netball trophy to the winners.

    The Lowland Association is a six decades old organization which was launched around 1952 by the late Tom Mboya and other educated elite from the low laying rural locations close to the shorelines of Lake Victoria and the several nearby fishing islands. Mboya was its founding general secretary, but relinquished this position in 1962 after which the late Tobia Ogweno Ogot became the acting secretary, a position which was later taken up by the late Senator, Selemiah Mbeo-Onyango, from Mfangano Island.

    Although there has been a sharp increase, in more administrative locations in the region, Dr Mark Matunga says he is committed to reviving the Association, which for many years had put the residents of the region together. It will from now onward be staging sports and cultural festivals at the same venue every December.


  10. Yogo Mlanya

    Agolla Ochieng’-ok en adier ni wuoyi kwayo wuongi thuolo mondo onind kod mingi ka odwaro ni nyako olime! Gima iparono timre chieng’ kend kata harusi eka dwarre ni mondo jomualo onind chon nikech ok onego jomalo(minu kod wuonu) kuong nu chako nindo.Ng’at ma chiege otho ok nind e laru to e agola nyaka chiege gonye(kaka ikete no) mak mana ni ng’enyne ok okaw ga ndalo mange’ny kapok dhako ogonyo ng’ato mak mana ka dakgi ne ok ber eka mon moko kumo ga chuogi bi dag e agola aming’a!.
    Okumu- Nying’ mar obonyo wuok kuom bonyo(Locusts).Ngeny jok mane ochak Obonyo mokuongo ne en in the thirties nikech mano e higa mane bonyo opong’oe piny kabisa.kata an sani an kod higni 56 to pok anenoga bonyo.Ji mang’eny paro ga ni dede(grasshopper) en achiel kod bonyo(locust) to ok en kamano.

  11. ochieng dimba

    Hi,i have just visited this site for the first time and am pretty impressed by the comments,however, am surprised that my last two names Ochieng-Dimba resembles the chairperson,interesting!

  12. Ouma Olare

    Amor kod romo kodu Joluo wetewa kar romoni. An Daktar mar Jamni to sani atimo nonro mar dhoudi mag Joluo mondo ange nonrogi matut. Bende nitie ngama nyalo konya e wachni? Alego nigi dhoudi adi? To Kano nigi dhoudi adi. Seme to nigi dhoudi adi?

  13. Migosi Oluoch-K'Osoreh Esq.


    An kod mor gi ilo niwira nyikwa Ramogi Ajwan’g joka Podho chien’g wayudo kama wanyalo sumore e rieko. Daher kwayo jowetewa ma kamoro osedak loka piny wasungu matinde dholuo orwenyo mondo utem atema thathni kod Dholuo, wabiro jolou mondo uwach Dholuo mon’gith….en gima chalo fulo oyudni e iro ka watwak e mbuyi kaa kod dhok ma libamba nyalo winjo…koso uparo nan’go?

    Amor kod twak madhi nyime. Jaluo n’gama nikod malin’g lin’g mare kendo en n’gama nyadhine ok doher mondo odwany e buru…warit uru nyadhiwa kod sunga mapek.

    An Migosi-K’Osoreh Esq
    Jakano, Kolwa.

  14. Aboge Alphonce

    Wach ma somo ni nti adhoga piny luo ma jo lango tiyo go omaka mana dhoga
    phoncy usa

  15. George Joseph

    subject: Re: kuom riwruok mar joluo duto kumoro amora world wide

    Oimore ahinya an to nyinga JOSEPH ODHIAMBO OKELLO OJORE .AN JA KANYAGWALA E GWENG MAR RAYWER RONGO DIVISION MIGORI DISTRICT TO KUOM SANI AN KENYA KA R CHAKRE 2008 BANG’ kibaki kwalo ne luo loch to gima ma anyalo ni joluo duto oriwre mondo wa lo next election 20.12 jo kikuyu onego ouko,jaramogi oginga,oyugi ogango ma ja kamagambo kod joluo mang’eny epiny kenya omiyo raila kik we kikuyu kual kendo ombulu nikech kikuyu osando luo an to sani an tz edala mar MBEYA .TO GIMA CHANDA EN MANA THUMBE MAG LUO TO AKWAYO TO YIE MONDO UKONYA UORNA CD NIKECH SANI POD AN KONI ASOMO MY ADRESS is wensislaus joseph chimba .S.L.P 6311 MBEYA. Oriti ahinya to ka uyudo email ni to udwoka wariwre mondo walo JOKA BIMBE GI .NO MARA EN +255757679707 oriti ahinya


    An awuod Usonga Alego to wadak egweng mar Kadem (Got-kachola).I would wish for an intergrated Luo community for being a Luo is aproffession.Therefore, ONAGI wariwre uru.

  17. Shem Obiero



    Ayudo number ni through the internet and am happy to get in touch. Mos jogo duto, Osumba Etc but specifically ask Hosea Mitema to try get in touch with me. I got his number from my sister Judith Obiero who is there but it has never gone through. Miye my number as 0714-079936 and Email as

    Thax kendo abomor ahinya kinyalo chopo otenano nyar Kager. Ngeni a nyakwar Kager.

  18. Hesbon Oyugi Ocholla (PC)

    An Hesbon Oyugi Ocholla (PC) kendo kasa ochopo abiro chung’ laro kom od bura maduong’ ma Rongo Constituency. Akwayo jo youth, mine kod wuone ni wang’ni wamiye ja youth telo mondo okonye jo youth wetene go riwo paro mar kelo dongruok ei Rongo kod engima gi giwegi. An ja Kamagambo west, location, Kanyamamba sub-location. Ero kamano.

  19. Joel onjiko osiro

    Joluo uberna matama pimo,oseyudore ni ujok mariek,mawigi liu,aseyie wuod osiro,wameduru tudore.b4 i 4get,its time we all register as voters,2012 Raila nyaka koro bed abeda jakano modak Awasi but currently a student at Moi University-Chepkoilel.jaluo nyakatiegre.oriti uru masani.

  20. Liz

    Nade uru jothurwa. An to an dala. Awero Gospel songs gi dholuo. My first album is soon out.
    Agombo biro wer kono donge unyalo konya with this. Or unyalo tudae gi joma nyalo bedo interested in this. Thanks jothurwa al appreciate your help in this. Liz

  21. Omondi

    To all who enjoy Benga Music or Luo Rumba Music
    As a joint effort of numerous individuals who love and enjoy Benga music, we invite you to join us in a new online Benga music discussion forum listed below:
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    • Hot new releases
    • Links on where to purchase Benga music (Both on/off offline)
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    • Daily happenings in the Benga world
    • Hot news from within the corridors of your favorite Benga Bands
    • Latest musical genres spawned by Benga music
    • Biographical information on the “who is who” of Benga
    • Concert reviews
    • Interviews with Benga maestros
    • Sharing of promotional audio and or Video releases
    • Interviews with Kenya’s top Benga DJ’s and soon to come online Benga radio station
    Through this forum, we hope to provide our members with an opportunity to share their unique perspective and be heard, as well as to learn about the insides of Benga music. We will strive to instantly share important information that we can use in efforts to fiercely promote this wonderful music genre.
    Sign up here for free – – and follow the simple step by step process to become a member of the new Benga Music forum. Please help us bring together hundreds of our neighbors by passing on this invitation and visiting the website today – to sign up for free.
    Join Us!
    Benga Music Forum Administrator
    P.S. If you have any trouble signing up, simply e-mail – – with “Benga Music sign on” in the subject with your full name and you will receive prompt assistance.

  22. wesislaus joseph chrmba


  23. Nick

    Ne juluo tee.
    Antie gi Lit ahinya ka ne aneno, masira ma igoyoe ngato e club mar jaluo wadwa…. Sunsport club Kondele. Imagine 2 bouncers punching 1 person….reason. hakulipa bill. my major concern u will only be serverd after paying. so onge kaka ne ngato nyalo bedo gi bill of around 700. The worst thing bouncers carried broken dusty chairs(2 plastic chairs) eti bwanano ne oturo.

    Yawaaa aluoro club mar SUNSPORT KONDELE koro joluo tee ka idwa bilo matin e club to think twice. kik loki punching bag to idhi madho pesa ni… and if u av a girlfriend? they beat u n take ur sweet heart. Be careful on Valentino

    Nick….. Kisumu

  24. Joab Filberts Oluoch (Ndege Jakombewa)

    I am a Jakombewa with roots confirmed. Now with a domicile at Nyagowa near Nanga Koker Primary School. Before my late grandmother died, she narrated to me how a brother to my late grandfather Jeremiah Oluoch (popularly known as Oluoch Ndege because of his wrestling prowess) was taken for second world war duties never to return. Is it possible through this forum to get a list of the young men from Luo land who went to either US or Russia on the same mission so that through this forum, we can expand our portfolio truly to the dispora?

  25. evance sekedy ouma

    jo clas abirio duto mag SENA PRIMARY SCHOOL man enamb lolwe ehiga mar elf 2012 som uru matek mondo ubed jomadongo epiny kenya.

  26. omolo mwanda

    Aduoko erokamano maduong ahinya kuom riwruok mar
    Joluo, kendo amor ahinya mar winjo weche mabeyo mag dongruok
    An ayudora edala mar England, joluo watudore uru mondo wager

  27. Joyce Schnur

    From: Joyce Schnur
    Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 6:00 AM
    Subject: Hi


    Nice to reach you..! How are you doing hope you are doing pretty great. I am Joyce Schnur, Female, 27years of age from Boston in the United State of America, I work in a Non Governmental Organization,(YMCA). However if you wish that we know each other better kindly reach me back through ( .

    Bye for now and remain in touch.

  28. George Owira Ja Usonga

    Usonga gweng’ man gi nyadhi ruok. We mine Grade One Sand from River Nzoia. Waruakou Uduto…


    An japur kendo to ngufu manyalo purogo large scale aonge go to agombo ngat manyalo purogo kendo obed ngat man thuolo manyalo konya for more call me on 0715-776476

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