Obong’o Nyakalaga en ng’at ma nade?
Medo lero wach kuom jo-Sidho, gi kwengore ni ok gin mwache ngang’! Mano doko tim!
Wach kuom tho Ouko yudore e weche mokadho
Jiwo tich matimore ei ABICH jaluo dot kom
Yawa mane odong’ Uganda bende ooronu mos
Penjo kuom chike Luo
Jo-Afrika ma milambo bende oriwowa lwedo
Medo ngeche Luo, inyalo leronwa tiendgi bende kaka ing’eye in be!
Penjo mar Beatrice Okeyo kod Anyango nyar Kusa kod ma moko!
Penj kuom wach mar tho jonyuol kapok otieko gero ot
Lerna uru kar chakruok jo-Gem, Titus Apindi

36 thoughts on “THUOND WECHE

  1. Ouma Ragwar

    Adwaro ni ka uyie to mondo umiya ane nyinge Joluo kod tiendgi. Nying’ anying’a ma unyalo ng’eyo kod gima onyiso. Erokamono uru ahinya.

    An Ouma

  2. JAMES

    Hallo an james oduor i’m from kanyipir, kadudi village, my desire is to initiate aproject that involves all luoians with their own investments i.e bank,network,infrastructures and headquqter being kisumu city.This project may look like a dream but it can work for us.I feel very sympathetic to my people luians when some people from other tribes underestimate,underate and relegate our capabilities.I have an idea that can work for our people e.g.
    -1st i need to invest thoroughly in housing/estates that will generate an handsome amount of money to my project.
    -Doing fundraising through media houses.g ramogi fm,radionamlolwe.
    -Putting up our own television channel in english that will broadcast enviro-socio-economic issues affecting luo nyanza.


  3. Julius Odhiambo

    This is a very ambitious plan, James! I like your imaginations. And I wish we had a sizeable number of persons with similar ego.

    I am Julius. I hail from Simboi village, Konya sub-location in West Kajulu location. I feel such a plan (with transparency, accountability and committment) should be the way to go – begin small and gradually have it grow as people see and get directly involved.

    I support this idea.


  4. Julius Odhiambo

    We also need to have agricultural officers teach our people on the modern farming techniques that can enable the Luos make most profitable explotation of their number 1 naturally endowed resourse – land.

    They need to be discouraged from selling off their lands for short term gains (money) that they neither make appropriate use of! If we continue this unreasonable disposal of our land, we’ll have nothing for our own development. We need to know and practise VIABLE INVESTMENTS.

    Buying a percel of land will not be any possibility!

  5. Rubus

    who are luians? we need to sort out our English be4 out proposed TV Channe starts broadcasting in English!

  6. Julius Odhiambo

    I agree with you Rubus. We need to use the acceptable Luo language and its connotations properly, otherwise, why are we Luos?

  7. Julius Odhiambo

    I have a couple concerns that I feel should be looked into by us all:
    I keep wondering what plans we as Luos have for the education of our own who happen to be academically talented but come from very poor backgrounds – i) do we leave them to their own extended family members?
    ii) Do we feel the current arrangement in constituency bursary funds allocations is what can help us as well as the society at large, what do we do to help more directly and satisfactorily?
    I ask these because we seem to have no organization to really look into this important phenomenon almost in all Luo Nyanza constituencies.

  8. James Dudi

    I am very happy that i have been able to register my project, My project’s name is called http// serving Nakuru residendts. My recent achievement is the clean-up exercise that we did on 4th july 2010. I was impressed with the kind of impact the event had on the local residents.My future plans prior to the end of this year is to set a free medical camps in Kaptembwo and kwarhonda estates.
    Julius i have a plan to register my luo Nyanza project called http// with a mandate to bring all luoians together by next year.I expect to create economic awareness on what i call IMPACT INVESTMENT IN LUO LAND.This idea is good and as i told you it will be a big organisation that each and every luo man or woman will be able to earn $100 every month from our own LUO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK and INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENTS,TOURISM,SPORTS,FISHING,COMMERCE AND OTHERS.

  9. Julius Odhiambo

    Thanks bunches, James. Try also to involve persons at the grassroots- investment is something EVERYONE NEEDSS INVOLVEMENT in. We cannot continue to depend on others. This especially among the Luos, deters development because one working family member struggles to meet all needs of even the extended memebers of the family!

  10. sagire

    Nyikwa Ramogi an nyinga Fanuel toan Daressalaam Tanzania ,amor ahinya katudora ambui marwa mar nyikwa ramogi, ayie kode.

  11. Julius Odhiambo

    It starts with intellectual endowment, attitude and lifestyle!
    – Most Luos should be encouraged and supported to gain meaningful education in marketable fields.
    – Most Luos should have positive attitude towards hardwork and investment. We need not look for white collor jobs only, especially when they are not available. Most of our virgin lands for instance, lie iddle yet learned youths crowd such jobs as boda boda operation (not that I scorn this) .. do they think cultivating the land is a dirty job…..that cannot make them economically powerful? Let’s look at the agicultural produce we buy – sukumawiki, tomatoes, maize, fruits, name them; aren’t they produced from the soil? Are we happy to have our local markets – Kisumu, Siaya, Migori, Bondo, Homa Bay, Oyugis, etc flooded with farm produce from Kikuyu land for example?
    – Most Luos prefer an easy and comfortable lifestyle. This cannot be so without enough income. We have to set the financial foundation right and now if we want economic power.

  12. Bwana ja Kindu

    Jo thurwa amoso u ni okwe uro, an adwaeo mana paro nu n’gech Owino Misiani mar “Bim en Bim”, ka ok watan’g to Amolo ok ne yud teloni. Awacho kama nikech ose winjore ni PC nyaka Chiefs idwa miteko mar tich, to ka angiyo moso, to aneno ka Kibaki biro tiyo kod PC gi Chief mondo omed bedo jatelo kuom mano nyis uru Amolo Tinga ni kik onyor re iro joka Bim nimar en ok giduar mondo orit piny. Omiyo watan’g uro ahinya joka nyana. Nyasaye mondo oritu.


    yawa jokanyanam matanzania wn bende uparwae,wakia history wa maber,mar arito nyinge luo man’geny bende wakia tiendgi,nyng macalo kaka Amolo,ne ber ke joka maong’eyo mondo unyuswa nyinge luo duto gi tiendgi,erouru kamano,ato to a jakakseru modak shirati sota.

  14. Julius Odhiambo

    They work hard. They take their children to school. They invest. They help each other – not to mean they’re tribalists (but they can be?).

  15. Oby Obyerodhyambo

    I am not sure how old the people engaged in this Luo bashing discussion are. This discussion seems not to be in sync with a lot of contemporary thinking even among jo-Luo in Nyanza and in its local and international diaspora. Let us clarify that Luo fascination with education is still very much there and though it has been used to disparege the community there are regions where the youth are now abandoning academic pursuit and adopting alcohol, drugs and crime. The reality of that is painfully manifest and we need not desire for this. We need to get many more of our people educated and learned. However, entrepreneurship needs to be taught and inculcated into the populace. Our education need not make the people marketable but needs to make them inventive, creative, innovative and productive – in a word job creators not seekers!. Secondly, the idea about Luo being fixated on white collar job is repaeting a stereotype of the 60s. These so called jobs have not been there for a long time. Graduating jo-Luo do not have skills to create employment and that is the problem. I am not sure where these pristine virgin lands in Luo land are found. Miost of Nyanza is ASAL and without serious technological investment like we have seen with Domonion in Yala swamp the land is really not that productive. Those who keep repeating this phrase need to go beyond the rhetoric of, there is a lot of idle land – there is idle land in North Eastern Kenya too. Most susbsistence farmers are at the mercy of the elements and dependence on rain-fed agriculture is the bane of the region. We need to have investments in modern technology like green house and small scale irrigation farmning as well as agri-business. There are places where agricultural practices have not changed since 1910 and expectaions on yield keep rising annually!
    Finally, I wish a forum like this would avoid sterotypical cliches like Luos prefer easy and comfortable lives. If there is a lot who suffer in Kenya it is the Luo. According to the recent index Luos were topping the poverty list and also the HIV list. What comfort is there there in these stats. Let’s be a bit critical analytical and lead by example.

  16. zack

    Our professionals are also letting us down.some are arrogant and none creative.what can we do to change them? I support all efforts to see gwenge onagi olokore.

  17. Dika

    Oby! I agree with you. i do not see alot of potential for agriculture where most of our land is ASAL. Perhaps the best would be to start up a borehole drillign project, with water, the opportunity for to improve agricultural productivity will be high. just my view. by the way…yoru name is familiar, not sure why…went o Homabay Boy’s/Gendia or Agoro?

  18. James Dudi

    I am James Dudi, i there was a time i talked a bout initiating a multi-million luo project called LUCODEP(LUO PEOPLE ECONOMIC COMMUNITY PROGRAMME) this organisation will function as follows:
    Ok, in Nyanza( luoland) we now have 4 counties, therefore in this 4 counties we shall county coordinators and constituency project managers working with the society to deliver more services.

    Kisumu will be the H/Q of LUCODEP and it will be built a long Nyamsaria-Rabuor road.
    The main vision of LUCODEP is to transform Kisumu and its periphery a techno -commercial city with proper infrastructures and education,health,tourism and sports and entertainments spots.

    I would like to see small towns in Nyanza like Kendubay,Homabay,Siaya,Ahero,Mbita,Migori,Awendo etc, turning into cities with immediate effect.

    I would also like to see Kendubay connecting with Kisumu city to boost commerce I MEAN THERE MUST BE A SUPERHIGHWAY CROSSING THE LAKE FROM KENDU-KISUMU-HOMABAY, FROM LUANDAKOTIENO-MBITA.

    I would like to see luoians involving themselves in agri- business to boost the economy, this will bring farming technology like planting green houses.



  19. Akoko kouma

    Bravoh,James Dudi Dhano paro ne ber.Chuo ematemo if all comes out and sing Harrambee together.

  20. Horace Oduor Odera

    I can see that as luos we are constantly getting worried of our situation. However it is important to know that a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. I therefore urge you to start by adopting that orphan near you or just buy her uniform and some books so that she can go to school and the bigger plans will follow automatically.

  21. Oby Obyerodhyambo

    Amosou joka nya’naam. Ayie gi paro ni Luo Kitgi gi timbegi ema onego bed kaka wawuotho. Sani nitiere nyithi Luo ma yande okalo maber e sikul moro Seme ma iluongo ni St.Peter’s Kajulu. Gin nyithindo abiriyo ma ka okony to nyalo dhi e university to ka ok ores gi to gibiro mana nywore. Agombo ng’eyo jogo ma nyalo chiwore mondo wagol nyithindo go oko, jonywol gi onge nyalo gise temo kaka di ginyal. Nitiere nyako ma oyudo: B= e English, B e Kiswahili, B+ e kwano, A- e Biology, B e Chemistry, B+ e historia, C+ e Geografia, A e Business Studies. Nyako ni wagombo ni odhi osom laktar. Nitiere bende rawera ma oyudo: B e English, C e Kiswahili, A e Maths, B- e Biologia, B e Physics, A- e Chemia, C e Geographia gi B- e Bisness Studies! Ma en jalo ma nyalo dhi somo laktar kata engineer to ka ok wanyuako ne to obiro mana dong. Koro akwayo ni Luo Kitgi gi Timegi olokre tim mondo nyithindo gi odhi e dala tiegruok.


    jokanyanam bang’ Amolo to ng’ama ene telnwa? wang’eyo ni wageno tinga omin Oburu to kama koro wadhie kachieng’ oti here ng’ama biro riwowa kaka Amollo Maina wuod Nyagasi.

  23. Lincoln Ocham

    I totally agree with development minded people. lets come together as Luo brothers and bring development to luo Nyanza. We can do it brothers, this has been my dream for along time. Lets think of small ways of changing our society then we will improve as time goes by.

  24. Gadafi Akodhe

    Kindly,as a Luo,i have a Burning desire to know the meaning of RANGWE because one day i was ashamed to be asked it’s meaning and failed to answer.Kindly assist.

  25. Olum Onyango

    Is it true Rateng Kotiende has been arrested? I got the shocking news last evening that Sam was arrested in Oyugis Town. He will be facing charges of obtaining money by false pretense. He had conned his local chief some times last year. Word also has it that Otunga who is Kevin Owidi’s brother has influenced the political huddle to favor his brother who is also eying Kasipul parliamentary seat. They both hail from the same clan.

  26. levin onyango

    I like ,the kind of project,we need 2 invest,these can really help us .lets keep proposing important project.gud all of u.

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