1. John O Nyamayi


    Wuon Abila
    An agombo winjoe ni to dhout Kamagambo gin adi? To ere kaka Jokamagambo obedo gi Jokasgunga?

  2. Akuno Mago Alila

    Agoyo erokamano ahinya kuom puony mayudo e Jaluo.com.
    An iluonga ni Akuno wuod Arutu wuod Mago wuod Alila, wadak e piny miluongoni Waturi- Tanganyika,to an ja Walowa, ahero penjo niya ere kaka Walowa noriwore gi Waturi, momiyo waturi ema nyinge odhi nyime to nwalowa to ka gima opodho, to walowa emaikonowa ni ejokadongo.
    Ero uru kamano
    Wan e achiel


    Amor ahinya nyikwa RAMOGI AJWANG’ma joka NYANAM kuom puonjruok weche mang’eny ahinya mag JOLUO. Akwayo ni meduru oronwa weche mang’eny mondo wabed ka wapuonjorego wechewa mag dongruok. Erouru kamano ahinya an iluonga ni EDWARD NDEGE JACADUOGO, adak e dala ma SHIRATI e kijiji ma MINIGO ei TANGANYIKA.


    Amor ahinya kuom ng’eyo weche mang’eny mawuoyo kuom JOLUO. Dahero mana mar penjo ni ere kaka wanyalo yudo BUK mawuoyo kuom JOLUO chakre chakruok piny nyaka kawuon. Erokamano uru ahinya JOKANYANAM. An nyakwar RAMOGI modak TANGANYIKA RORYA e dala ma SHIRATI e kijiji ma MINIGO to an JAKAMOT gi lop tiend. Iluonga ni EDWARD NDEGE JACADUOGO.

  5. odhiambo Jakamagambo

    Wuod Atiga,
    An bende kaka Wuod Kamagambo gi tiende adwaro ngeyo nito Dhoudi adi mantiere ei Kamagambo? Nenore ni e sechegi koro dhoudi madongo mag Kamagambo koro Lal.Jii ma oa ooko kata welo ose medore ahinya epiny Kamagambo makoro chalo ni Kamagambo chalo ka lal.An awuon ka Onyuola ka adongo ne angeyo ni an wuod Kamagambo ma Kodero Bara. E sani koro Kodero Bara nie ei Rongo Town maen Metropolitan. Higni mabiroonge piny ma ibi luongi ni Kodero Bara ni Rongo town okawe chuth.Dhoudi madongo mag Kamagambo gin Kanyamamba, Kodero Bara,Kabuoro, Kongudi, Kanyadieto, Kongoma,Kamwango.

  6. Ager Were

    erokamano kuom thuond joluo, mak mana aneno mana chuo kende bende nenities jomamine moko?> To thuond luo gi, an’go mane gitimo mane omiyo oluonggi ni thuondi? ang’eyo kaka Jaramogi Oginga, Luanda Magere kod Tom Mboya nobedo to jomamoko ok ang’eyo. fuenyna uru mar thuondi mamoko modong’go.

  7. Gaya Omer

    Kwan mar JoKenya (2009) oseko wuok. Wan e okang’ mar ANG’WEN. Anyalo paro ni e kwan mar 1969 nene wahingo Jo-Abaluyia gi ji 100,000, kwan mar 1979 ne Jo-Abaluyia ohingo wa gi ji 100,000. Wach nene owuok ni ng’enywa nene odar odhi Uganda. Bin loch mar Onyato gi mar Moi osebedo ka ketonwa sum e chiemo? Wachore ni AYAKI nene oket ei ogandawa mondo otiekwa.’Genocide’ tiende ni ang’o? Nyikwa Ramogi mia pachu!!!!

  8. Detteh

    Ne nitie buk ma ondiki ka ok gi jago miluongo ni “Sadlak” Malo ma e piny sidho to ok angeyo maber. Bugni wuoyo kaka ne Joluo owuok Sudan (“El Bargasel’) to nyaka gi chopo South Nyanza e tiend Nam. Ok ukonya kaka da ayude!


    Wamed jiworeuru motegno gi jong’o ma chunywa kik tho ndalo duto wan nyikwa Ramogi Ajwang’ ma joka Nyanam.

  10. Olum Samson

    An abedo jajoman me Uganda joluo bende. aparo ni joluo mi kenya, Tanzania, Uganda myero gino dikiri

  11. Steve Onyango

    Amoso u nyikwa Ramogi!
    Amor ahinya ka rado gi joluo wetega ei od mbui.Kendo amor moloyo chakruok luo e kenya gi tanzania.
    Nyocha ne adhi ei bookshop mar mbalariany nairobi(university of nairobi) to ayudo buk mondik gi jandiko/japuonj Prof.Bethwell Ogot malero historia mar joluo te te miluongo ni “History of the Luo speaking peoples of Eastern Africa”(otingo historia mar oganda jo luo ei sudan gi uganda machalo padhola,acholi,lango etc ). Bugni pek ndi, otingo mang’eny ndi…mak mana beche ma ok ful.

  12. emmanuel odongi mirimbo

    an iluonga ni emmanuel odongi [machunga] an wuod waseda kamageta wadak osiri kamageta tanganyika,agombo ngeyo jodong luo mokwongo donjo ei tanganyika kaysudan


    To ere kaka wanyalo yudo dwoko mag penj ma wasiko ka wapenjo pile pile e jaluo.com ka? Koso watim nade nyikwa Ramogi Ajwang’ ma joka Nyanam?

  14. nyakwar babe

    Apenjo ni to dak ane thuond luo madongo ma ja Tanganyika kata Uganda?. Tiende ni jogo ni Kenya kende? an ja nyamuko Waturi

  15. Benta Aoko Apund

    ngwonna uru lakini history is dead, lets make our own history that those to come may have something substancial to remember us for and trace their roots to…I am a luo law student looking to be sponsored academically. any ideas? email me please. Help me make my own history too. Nyasaye ogwedhu uduto.

  16. Macharia Gakuru

    The kikuyu saying ‘ugi wi mbere ya hinya’ (wisdom is stronger than muscular person) – A Kikuyu or Kalenjin president? It makes me sick. Let’s negotiate.
    By Macharia wa Gakuru
    – ‘wisdom is stronger than strength’ – Kikuyu – English, I hope this lightens your mood for the week.

    ‘Gakuru I want to leak the ruling for ICC to you before anyone else,’ a friend of mine rang me to inform me of the ruling at Criminal court in the Hague, Netherlands, ‘Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Francis Muthaura and Mr Sang are to face trial. Koskey and Ali are free. Bye.’
    I knew who had called me and I was very pleased that our many hours of analysing Kenyan politics on ICC issue was now mature enough to predict the outcome vey close to the judges ruling.
    I started to look for news from all the websites that I knew that had interest in this case. BBC was the first to put the news on their website, five minutes after I had received the call. From here I started putting a news piece together but the story line kept changing.
    Shortly after the President announced a commission team to deal with ICC suspects and then a shocking Attorney General Prof. Githu Muigai came on with a very silly announcement. Mr Githu Muigai said that the government would wait for the outcome of the appeals that the suspects have said they will file against the International Criminal Court ruling before deciding whether to ask them to leave office. “The suspects are appearing in their individual capacity. The government cannot speak on their behalf on what to do and what not to do,” said Mr Muigai. My heaven broke loose.
    I thought the ‘smiling man’ the former Attorney General Amos Wako was a joke but now we have a ‘serous clown’ in the Attorney Generals’ chamber. I knew Kenya had made a mistake. This Attorney General might be another DCJ, Nancy Baraza who this time round pinched the Kenya Law’s ‘nose’ and he needs to be kept under watch. If he is not careful his days may be numbered. By this pronouncement he committed a crime against the constitution of Kenya as quoted by a courageous Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo and I quote, “I am totally convinced that Chapter Six and Article 75 of the Constitution demands that someone who is accused of such offences steps aside pending determination of the case. Their stay demeans the integrity of their offices.” I think that Prof Githu’s case is decided.
    But it looks Kenyans have politically matured fast. Contrary to Prof Githu’s words Francis Muthaura and Uhuru Kenyatta ‘stepped aside’ form their public offices as Mutula Kilonzo had publicly advised. Uhuru retained ‘his head’ in the government while his legs are out campaigning for presidency. I think for this we need to consult Kilonzo again as he looks to have a more sober mind on our constitution than AG. I have some advice for Uhuru and his followers.
    Now let us give the Kenyan political look a deeper scrutiny. We all know that Kenya is very tribal and it is this tribal politics that we live by. For sure I was born in Kikuyuland and therefore I am a Kikuyu by tribe. I never chose where to be born but I am a very proud Kenyan living in Europe. The most important issue for all the people of Kenya is a stable country that all will be treated as equal by law. We seem to have made great steps towards this. Suspension of Nancy Baraza, and stepping aside Uhuru Kenyatta and Muthaura is truly a sign of the New Kenya.
    Knowing Kenya where justice is bought with money and favors will a Kenyan tribunal bring to justice IDP’s and over 1200 that were brutally killed during 2008/9 elections? The answer is no. If it were not for the Hague, Ruto will be vomiting on us all as he produces and directs more of his ‘strange movies’ for the Kenyan public political theatres for us to see. Kenyatta would be banging tables and calling people names dreaming to be better than his father and keep the family legacy going. Let us call a spade a spade – we need wealth and power to be spread all over Kenya. An empowered community is good for us all. We want every Kenyan to feel proud to be a Kenyan and the opportunity that Kenya brings.
    ‘Truth is naked’ and I want mine to be. I have the privilege of associating with a wider Kenyan population outside my own tribe therefore I have a feel of what the resentment of the other tribes about another Kikuyu president. Kikuyu’s have held presidency twice in the independent Kenya, both times with the ‘blessings’ of the family of late Jaramogi Odinga Oginga. We may easily forget the proclamations of Raila Odinga in 2002 while Kibaki was ill in the hospital, ‘Kibaki tosha’ or ‘no Uhuru without Jomo,’ by Raila’s late father Jaramogi Odinga Oginga.
    Let us not forget former President Moi, a kalenjin by tribe ruled Kenya for 23 years and he is the ‘father’ of William Ruto’s wealth and ego today. Kenya does not need these two people and their ambitions for presidency, not now. Let us show love to our country, sensitivity and respect for the other tribes that Kenya is also theirs. They too can rule and make Kenya a better place for us all.
    Whether we accept it or not we cannot be so selfish and quoting from Michela Wrong’s book, ‘It’s Our Turn to Eat,’ let Kikuyus and Kalenjin give others their turn to eat if you like. It is the truth of our living though this is changing and changing quick. No one will be taken for granted and therefore the need for us to work together and negotiate our eating position without making other so uncomfortable that they will gang up and through us out form the feast – let us apply wisdom, half bread is better than no bread at all.
    Finally may God give us wisdom for the sake of our nation and her unity. If I were Uhuru or (Kibaki in secret) for that matter I would form a council of elders from Kikuyu land and drive or fly them to Kisumu, the home of the late Jaramogi Odinga Oginga. Everyone in the area would be suspicious – ‘what have this delegate of Ukuyu come to do in Nyalgunga,’ they will ask.
    Being a guest of a prominent Luo, the Luos will show you their wealth and make sure their guests are treated like kings and queens. Mercedes benz, Hummer and expensive dressing suits will be worn for the day. The host will welcome you with their generosity of nyuka (uchuru) before the giant well made kwon (ugali or ngima) is ready. These days with everyone being aware of ‘eat your greens’ osuga (terere) will be on the table, with those looking for white meat wondering what aluru (ndutura) is on the table for. The meal will not be complete without omena (tuthamaki tunini) for those looking to build ‘brain muscle.’
    The ceremony will start. Across the table would be Raila facing Uhuru and the tensions will be high. Raila would start his usual style. ‘Today we are playing at home. We want our visiting team to eat first. I want to tell them we never play a hungry team. There is no nyoyo (githeri) in the menu and for those who like mukimo they will have stay hungry for now. My name is Kimundu and I am the captain of the home team.’ Everyone bust in laughter.
    Kalonzo will have had the gossip and having sneaked through the back door he will start praying in tongues. Nobody closes their eyes in suspicion of his presence. After all he is a wiper, and knowing Kisumu it rains all the time. It is left and right even when the sights are clear that it is a hot sunny day, the wiper is on.
    Raila moves quickly sits and eats from the same plate as Uhuru as everyone bends down to eat avoiding the scene just in case it turns ugly. Nothing is left on the table as the tensions slowly withers away. Nobody knew they were business partners.
    ‘What brings nyumba ya Mumbi to the Dholuo land?’ asks Oburu.
    SK Macharia stands to speak, he is one of the elders. ‘Hon Raila we have a kikuyu saying ‘mugi ni mwire,’ you are muthoniwa. Please I will leave that for the interpretation of your in-laws. I will tell you Hon Raila ‘ma mucii ti chomo.’
    ‘….. I know that one,’ Hon Raila shouts as he leads some elders including Uhuru to the inner chamber of his house. A deal is struck. The pain between Kikuyus and Luos of the past are buried in this meeting.
    Hon Raila Odinga becomes the 5th president of the republic of Kenya and in their graves the late Jomo Kenyatta visit the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Kenya prospered thereafter with peace and tranquility. This is wisdom, let those who have eyes see it.

  17. David Ogunyo Ondiek

    Umora jodalawa malich a hinya.Onagi ber ahinya ka wangi duol madundo ma wakelo weche wa kanyakla kendo ka wapuonjore.

  18. Maurice Dominic

    Donge en adiera ni wan kaka Joluo ne wan kod mon mathuondi? Ne nitie miyo moro mane iluongo ni Oloo Makaka nyar Kanyonian
    g’. Kuom jo ma ok olony kod wachni, Nyoniang’ en gweng’ moro ei Kanyamkago. Ne yawa ma olony e yore sigend Luo, tem uru ane manyo sigand miyo ni. Ne en nyar dhoot Katieno e anyuola mar joka Owuor wuon Olielo. Ka idhi Sakwa e dala mar Odongo Oer, ibiro yudo dala moro kanyo ka Oloo Akugo. Akugo ne en wuod Oloo Makaka.Nyathi Oloo Makaka moro to ne onyuol e piny Kanyamwa.

  19. Maurice Dominic

    Ne jokanyanam,

    Bende en adiera ni the presidency of this country should be decided along tribal lines? Why this issue of Luo,Kikuyu and so on? Whoever is fit should be elected not because his/her tribal background.

    We know all too well that these are the same reasons why some Kenyans are going to the ICC and yet ” Luo,Kikuyu, Kalenjin,e.t.c”

  20. David B Choka

    Joluo wedena,korwa koni wan bende newan gi joma nomako joluo kaka jomadongo,jogg nong kwondegi kaka rwodhe pinyni.Jadwon’g Kagose ma Waturi,Jadwon,g ,Nyatega,Jaduon,g Watai gin jodongo man’geny japo hawavumi.Yo Uganda kiigik Kitgum nitie got miluongo ni Agoro, kidhi yoo guru ntie lwanda miluongo ni Pon’gdwong.kaikalo karumaforce yo pa kwach ntie joluo mailwongo ni Aluru. Yo Tororo ntie Jokadhola kikalo Soroti idhi Lira gweng’ gi Milton Obote kiiweyo lang’o nitie Kumam korgi ilwongo ni kabramaido jogo gin luo jogo duto nago leke gi auchiel mano piny Uganda.katakamano ntieAchol gi Lang’o.


    Nyikwa Omogi Ajwang’ wetena, to ma koro KER osetamo Agwambo KENYA koro bende chieng’ wabiro yudo ker moro amora e AFRIKA ka? Wanonre uru ane Jokanyana!

  22. amani yoyo

    Nyikwa Ramogi an be an wuod kakremba maka Aluoch ma odak e dala ma Minigo aTanganyika.
    kuom paro mara to aneno ka wach ker to osetamore nekech RAO kende r ma uande wageno ni mojdooting nying luo kaka wuodwa ma Barack Obama koro omiyo dhano oluoro wa piny ngima nyaka jarachar ma wacho dho bwanan.
    Amor ahinya wa wamedore paro kod tiegruok kod oganda dutomaoro penj kanyakla gi JAKA ADUOGO

  23. David Ondiek Ogunyo

    Jokanyanam bende uneno kuma wachiko esiasa tamo wang’a.Donge uneno kaka jaluo nene otelo e somo,e siasa kendo e chiemo to Kori sani jaluo ema yua goro egimo amora.
    Donge jowadwa kaka joma nene okuero tech tinde chamo.Monde tinde chiemo etawo gi jotok kodera.Ayaki tieko jothurwa jowadwa.

  24. Meshack Obayo Ayieko

    joluo owetena,
    an Meshack Obayo wuod Ayieko ja Nyakach Kadiang`a daher kwayu u nimondo waduoguru ir nyasaye gi chunywa tee to gigo mwadwaro wabiro yudo.

  25. Barack Awuor Mujuka

    Amoso jokanyanam te,aakwayo ni Obongo nyakalaga mondo odonj echunywa wabed eachiel kuom paro gi riwruok makelo DONGRUOK e pinywaka.

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