Njugu ma oswagi e pany
Chak mopoto
Mor dhiang’
Ratuon (Ok ochunore)

Kaw chak mopoto
Riw gi njugu mayom moswagi e pany
Lung’gi e aguch tedo aye iket e mach
Rit ma chwakre
Med mor Nyaluo (Mor dhiang’)
Ket ne welo gi rabuond nyaluo


6 thoughts on “NJUGU GI RABUON


    An okil kamaloka mohero tedo. Koka lok ne gi wach e kot to aloko gik moko e jikon. Ayie gi fomula muchiu mar njugu gi rabuon kendo nyak a teme ma aduok nu wach

  2. An nyinga Ben Waweru. ta angeyo dholuo nkechan advocate ma yie gi gima aa somo manyiso ni tribal ploitical alliance dhi ketho nwa piny. Onego wan kaka wan youth wachak local tourism mond wapuonjre mila mar regions te.

    I would like all of us to learn as many languages (local) as possible so that we call reduce the gaps between these our tribes.

    That is why i have taken the trouble to learn Luo as the second largest spoken tribe in Kenya.


  3. Fushatie mhonie

    Am impressed by the website. Am reminded of the two “cancers” called ‘DECI’ and ‘RODESA’ ! ever heard about them? Yawuot Luo madongo dongo have taken off with millions of shillings belonging to their own people in the name of development. We need to move ahead, but trust has been eroded. I want to link up for development but have more fear than trust. An encouraging words from anywhere.

  4. Chief Nzeh

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  5. Jakateng

    En gi maber madhi nyime e mbuyi ni, I adwaro ng’eta ka? Be nitie nyiluo ma ohikore mondo ochak dak? Nyako ni nyaka bed gi Degree ,mar ariyo nyaka obed ja adier, onyalo bedo gi nyadhi achiel kende kan’geny. ka in oko kanyo to itudri koda machiegni mondo wang’ere. Nyako ni nyaka bed ja higni 24- 30.

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